The Long Family Bible was first owned by Robert Long of Adams County, Illinois. Its history is unknown. It is currently in the possession of an antique dealer in Quincy, Illinois. The Long Bible was printed in 1852 and has four short pages of family records.


Robert Long married Harriet Long December 24, 1849


Joseph Long born January 10, 1850
Harriet Long born August 17, 1852
Robert Long born July 30, 1854
Emmy Long born December 1, 1857


Joseph Long departed this life September 18, 1852
Emmy Long departed this life April 19, 1860
Andrew Long departed this life November 23, 1861 – aged 50
Robert Long departed this life April 1, 1870 – aged 55
Harriet Long, wife of Robert Long, departed this life January 23, 1911 – aged 86

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