The Scheid Family Bible was owned first by Henry Scheid. It was then passed along to his son, William F. Scheid, then to William’s daughter, Laura Scheid Lee and then to her son, Fred Lee, the current owner. The bible was printed in 1871 and contains four short pages of records.


Henry Scheid married Louisa Klein March 14, 1871
Frederick William Scheid married Johanna Emma Wich March 9, 1904
Harold Arthur Lee married Laura Louise Scheid March 3, 1930


Henry Scheid born February 19, 1848
Louisa Scheid born July 23, 1852
Phil Clark Henry Scheid born May 16, 1873
Frederick William Scheid born November 11, 1874
Laura Louise Scheid born October 26, 1911
Harold Arthur Lee born February 11, 1904
Marilyn Louise Lee born September 14, 1931
Frederick Henry Lee born August 20, 1932


Phil Charles Henry Scheid died September 20, 1873
Johanna Emma Scheid died August 23, 1920
Louisa Scheid died May 23, 1928
Henry Scheid died December 15, 1932
F. Wm. Scheid December 28, 1943
Christian Klein died June 23, 1950