George W. Alexander, who is filling the position of Fireman at Dick’s Brewery, was born in Quincy, February 22, 1856, and has always resided in this city. His parents were George Noble and Jane Emily Alexander, the former a native of Scotland and the latter of County Monaghan, Ireland. The mother came to America when a little maiden of seven years and was married in Quincy in 1853. Her death occurred in November, 1903, when she was seventy-two years of age. The father was a soldier of the Civil war, having enlisted in 1861 in Company D, One Hundred and Nineteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and when hostilities ceased he was honorably discharged on the 15th of  September, 1865.

To the public school system of Quincy George W. Alexander is indebted for the ducational privileges he enjoyed, and on putting aside histext-books he began earning his own living, having since been dependent upon his own exertions. He has been variously employed butis now fireman at Dick’s Brewery.

On the 15th of September 1886, Mr. Alexander was united in marriage to Miss Octavia Frances Roland, who was born February 14, 1860, and they have become the parents of five children: Lee Early, the oldest, was born July 12, 1886. Glenn Roland, born July 5, 1888, died when three and a half years of age. Lillian Bell, born May 22, 1891, died November 14, 1898; Chauncey Arthur was named for Chauncey Castle, a well known business man of Quincy; and William Bryan, who was born June 14, 1900.

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