1831, and was only five years old when brought to Illinois by his parents, Rev. Horatio and Abigail (Kirkland) Foote.  He grew to manhood in this state and made his home in Adams county from 1840 until called to the world beyond on the 6th of June, 1900. For twenty-eight years he lived at The Pines on North Twenty-fourth street, where he owned a good farm of forty acres, just a mile and a half north of the city limits.  One half of the tract was devoted to fruit and as a horticulturist he met with excellent success.

On the 25th of September, 1850, Mr. Foote married Miss Catherine Kahelenbrink, who was born in Prussia, Germany, April 15, 1830, and is a daughter of Frum and Mary (Whitbuilt) Kahelenbrink, also natives of Prussia.  Her father, who was a pork merchant, came to the United States with his family in 1847.  Landing at New Orleans, he came up the Mississippi to St. Louis, where he was engaged in the pork business until 1850, and then removed to Quincy, where he was similarly engaged for a time.  Later he turned his attention to the grocery business and on disposing of that he purchased a farm in Melrose township, where he set out one of the first vineyards in Adams county.  He died in this county in 1883.  Those of his children who are still living are Mrs. Minnie Steigmill, of Belleville, Illinois;  Mrs. Richard Janson, of Chicago; and Mrs. Catherine Foote.  Unto Mr. and Mrs. Foote were born eight children but Frank H. and B. B. are now deceased.  The surviving members of the family are Horatio K.;  Paul K.;  Thomas M.;  Mrs. C. A. E. Gantert, of Quincy;  Mrs. H. F. Weingartner, of Belleville; and May, at home.  The sons now carry on the farm.

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