FUNK, James,

wagon maker and plow maker, Beverly; was born in Adams county, Ill., in 1842; was married to Annetta Kelly in 1873. She was born in 1848. They have two children: Mary Frances and Florence Effie; commenced the manufacture of wagons, carriages, plows, and all kinds of agricultural implements in the year 1867; makes on an average about twenty-five wagons and carriages a year; value of property about $1,600. Mrs. F. is a member of the M. E. church and he is a Republican.

FUNK, Jacob S.,

undertaker and lumber dealer; sec. 21; P. O. Beverly; was born in Lancaster county, Penn., in 1818; came to Adams county in Sept. 1835; married to Mary Sykes in 1838. She was born in 1815 and died in 1877; has had nine children, six of whom are living: Mary A. (now Mrs. Shepherd), James, William, John, Frank and Nellie. Mr. F. carried on the undertaking and lumber business in Beverly and is always ready to supply the demand for coffins, of all sorts and sizes, at prices to suit the times; also keeps a stock of the best Chicago lumber, which he will dispose of at reasonable prices; makes contracts for carloads for other parties, owns 200 acres of land, worth $8,000; value of stock in trade $5,000; is a member of the M. E. church and politically is a Republican. (Family Group Sheet for Jacob’s wife, Mary Sykes)

FUNK. William,

tenant farmer; sec. 32; P. O. Beverly; was born in Pike county, Ill., in 1854; parents both dead; married Alice Predmore in 1873. She was born in 1858; have one child: Jessie, born in 1875. Mr. F. follows farming for an occupation, and is classed as one of the best in the township; is a Democrat.

Source: The history of Adams County, Illinois, p 814; by Murray, Williamson & Phelps, Chicago, pub., 1879.