bds-boards. n ex-northern extension of s ex-southern exension of
bet-between. ns-north side. ss-south side.
(col)-colored. nw-north west. sw-south west.
cor-corner. res-resides and residence. w-west of.
e-east of. n-north of. ws-west side.
es-east side. ne-north east. s-south of.
    se-south east.

A Surnames

Abbe John, Cooper, 11 Third ws 5 s Broad.; res 1 0Third es 4 s Broad.
Abbott Samuel, Cooper, cor Vine and Olive; res 185Jer. ns 4 c 10th.
ABBOTT SAMUEL B., house, raiser and mover; res Walnutalley ss 1 e Sixth
Abbott Samuel L., employee T. W. &W. R’y; resWalnut al. ss 1 e 6th.
Abbott Thomas, cooper, cor Vine and Olive; res 185Jer. ns 4 e 10th.
Abbott William H., fruit store and residence Frontes 5 s Spring.
Acherpohl John H., blacksmith, cor Seventh and State;res 129 State ss 3 w Eighth.
Achorpohl Wilhelm, Co. H.,43d Ill. Inf.; res ne corEleventh and Payson avenue.
Achterath Heinrich, teamster; res 150 Spring ns 3e Tenth.
Achterrmann Edward, cigar mannf.. 122 Hampshire; ressame.
Ackerley Ralph, watchman, C. B. & Q. depot; res40 Broadway ns 2 w Third.
Ackermann Carl, carpenter; res 49 Ninth ws 3 s Maine.
Ackermann George G., harness maker, 109 Hamp.; res49 Ninth ws 3 s Maine.
Ackermann Heinrich, lard drawer, n ex Front; res Fifthn Cherry.
Ackermann Johann M., well digger; res Kentucky ssw 10th in rear.
Ackermann John M., machinist, 67 Fifth. res Kentuckvss w 10th.
Adair George, rope maker, 12th es s Maine; res 587th ;s 8 s Jer.
Adair Henry L., carpenter; res 58 Seventh es 8 s Jersey.
ADAM ERNST, manufacturer of boots and shoes, 112 Hampshire;res 152 Hampshire.
Adam Henry, shoemaker, 112 Hampshire; res 156 Hamp.In rear.
Adams Miss Catharine, dealer in produce, 56 Hampshire;res same.
ADAMS HOUSE, 151 Hampshire; A. M. Warner, Proprietor.
Adams G. & J., grain dealers, &c., Sixth es2 n Hampshire.
Adams George, firms of G. & J. A;, find J. B.Roberts & Co.; res 10 Eighth es 2 n Vermont.
Adams George, (col) laborer; bds ne cor Front andDelaware.
Adams James, firms of G. & J. A., and J. B. Roberts& Co.; res Eighth es 3 n Vermont.
Adams James E., forwarding and commission clerk, corFront and Maine; res Eighth es 3 n Vermont.
Adams Jane F., widow of Alexander, homoeopathic physician;office and residence Third ws 2 s Kentucky.
Adams John Q.; res 10 Eighth es 2 n Vermont.
Adams Thomas, city express; res 56 Hampshire w Fourth.
Adams Thomas L., law student; bds Maiden Lane ss 5c Fourth.
Adams William, produce buyer, 6th es 2 n Hamp.; reg8th es 2 n Ver.
ADAMY JOSEPH CHARLES, restaurant, beer and wine saloon,sw cor Sixth and Maine; res Maine ns 2 w Ninth.
Adler Siegmund, fancy goods peddler; rooms 169 Maine.
Aferkamp Terese; res 102 Sixth es 3 n Kentucky.
Aferkamp Wilhelm, porter; res 102 Sixth es 3 n Kentucky.
Agan John, laborer; bds 32 State ns bet Third andFourth.
Ahalt Emanuel S., clerk; bds 84 Fourth es 2 s York.
Ahaus Hermann, laborer; res nw cor Seventh and Spring.
Aheren Richard, laborer; res 288 Hampshire ss 4 eTwelfth.
Ahern William, contractor; res 139 Jersev ns 6 e Eighth.
Ahern Patrick, laborer; res Eighth ws 1 n York.
Ahrens Bernhart, laborer; res Spring ss 2 w Eleventh.
Ahrns Heinrich, shoemaker, 170 Maine; res 272 4 e llth.
Albrecht Julius, grocery and saloon, 23 Front; ressame.
Albright Henry, teamster; res 134 Jersey ss 4 e Eighth.
Aldag Henry A., cigar nianuf., 154 Maine; res 12thws 3 s Maine.
Aldredge Thomas C., brick layer; bds 167 Maine.
Aldrich Edmund K.; res 92 York ss 6 w Sixth.
ALDRICH FREDERICK H., storage, forwarding, commissionand produce merchant, and Agent for the Northern Line Packet Co., 45 Front;res Fifth ws 2 n Elm.
Aldrich Hanna, widow or Dunbar; res 92 York ss 6 wSixth.
Alldrich Joseph, druggist; bds 73 Fifth ws 1 s York.
Alexander Jane E., widow of’ George N.; res 202 Mainess 5 e 7th.
Alexander Joseph, grocery clerk, 161 Hamp.; res Vermontns 3 e 7th.
Alexander Lewis, (col) Porter, Sixth es 2 n Hampshire;res sw cor Third and Spruce.
Alexander Margaret, widow of Charles; res Vermontns 3 e Seventh.
Alexander Mary, (col) widow of’ Jeremiah; res sw cor3d and Spruce.
Alexander William, teamster; res Vermont ns 3 e Seventh.
Alford Elizabeth, widow of’ Chauncy W.; res York ns2 w Eighth.
Alford Pliny Lee, farmer; res York ns 2 w Eighth.
Alford Tracy, farmer; res York ns 2 w Eighth.
Allen Ann, (col) widow of Daniel; res,166 Broadwayns 3 e Eleventh.
Allen Anna, widow of Mathew; res ne cor Eleventh andBroadway.
ALLEN CHARLES E., wholesale and retail dealer in foreignand domestic Hardware, – guns, pistols, carriage material and trimmings,leather and rubber machine belting, Fairbanks’ scales, machinists’.
goods, seeds, &c., 111 Maine; res Hampshire ns1 e Fourteenth.
Allen Daniel P., firm of Gould & A.; res Fourthes 1 n Chestnut.
Allen Mrs. Elizabeth, dress maker; res 64 Vermontss 1 w Fourth.
Allen Ethan; res Maine ns 4 e Eleventh.
Allen Ethan A., plasterer; res 64 Vermont ss 1 w Fourth.
Allen George L., (col) farmer; bds 25th ws 2 n Maine,East Quincy.
Allen George W., farmer; res Kentucky ss 3 e Fourth.
Allen Henry, res 68 Jersey ss 2 w Fifth.
Allen Leonard, painter, 30 Sixth es 4 n Hampshire;res Twentysecond 2 s Vine.
Allen Margaret, widow of Hugh B.; res 64 Vermont ss1 w Fourth.
Allen Mary, widow of Chapin; res 14 Fourth es 2 nVermont.
Allen Patrick, teamster; res Vine ns 2 w Sixth.
Allen William F., baggage master Q. & P. R. R.;res 5th es 3 s Oak.
Allmeier Heinrich, baker; res State ns 8 w Ninth.
Ally Henry, (col) laborer; bds ne cor Front and State.
Allye William, (col) laborer, saw I mill, n ex Front.
Alps Alfred, teamster; res York ss 4 e Sixth.
Alps John F., city express res York ss 4 e Sixth.
Alenheim Carl, teamster; res Eighth es 1 s Paysonavenue.
Altgilbers Heinrich, laborer; res Vine ns 2 w Tenth.
ALTHANS GEORGE WILLIAM, wood carver and manufacturerof cabinet work, 44 Ninth es 3 n Maine; res same.
Althans William J., watchmaker, 112 Hampshire; bds44 Ninth es 3 n Maine.
Altheide Bernhard, laborer, lime kiln, Delaware eFront; res Jefferson ss 3 e Seventh.
Altheide Heinrich, laborer; res Ninth es n Elm.
Altheide Heinrich, laborer, lime kiln, Delaware eFront; res 129 Ohio.
Altheide Johann H., laborer; res 129 Ohio ns 3 e Eighth.
Altheide Johann H., laborer; res Madison ns 7 e Eighth.
Altheide Joseph, cabinet maker, 95 Jersey ns e Sixth;res Madison ns 7 e Eighth.
Althoff Bernhart, plasterer; res Sixth ws 2 n Ohio.
Althoff Henry, bakery and residence, Maine ns 3 eEighth.
Altmann Clemens, laborer; res 168 Jersey ss 2 w Tenth.
ALTMICKS JOHN & BROTHER, (Louis), dealers in drygoods and groceries, rectifiers, and wholesale and retail liquor merchants,ne cor Tenth and Oak.
Altmicks John, firm of John A. & Bro.; res necor Tenth and Oak.
Altmicks Louis, firm of John A. & Bro.; res necor Tenth and Oak.
Altrogge Conrad, bar tender, 152 Hampshire; bds same.
Altvater Eva Maria, widow of Andreas; res 288 Mainess 2 w 11th.
Altvater Friederich, plasterer; res 288 Maine ss 2w Eleventh.
Altvater Lndwig, plasterer; res 288 Maine ss 2 w Eleventh.
Altvater Philipp, plasterer; res Hampshire ns 3 eNorth.
Alvord.Serrena, widow of Harry; bds Third ws 1 s Maine.
Ambil Joseph, laborer; bds Farmers’ Home.
Amburn Hiram W., pressman, sw cor 4th and Maine; res3d ws 2 s 0.
Amburn Wm. H. H., farmer; res 75 Maine ns w Fourth.
AMERICAN EXPRESS OFFICE, 43 Fourth: freight officesC. B. & Q. R. R. depot, Front n Hampshire, and West Quincy.
Ames Alonzo, river pilot; res Seventh ws 4 n Broadway.
Ames Charles, boat calker; res Seventh ws 4 n Broadway.
Ames Jane, widow of John I.; re,3 Second ws 4 n Broadwiy.
Ames William, photographer; bds Quincy House.
Ames William G., ship carpenter; res Seventh ws 4n Broadway.
Anderson Alexander G., Capt. Co. G, 58 Ill. Inf; res33 Jersey ns Sixth w Third.
Anderson Daniel C., carpenter; res Spring ss 5 w Eleventh.
Anderson Elizabeth W., widow of John; res Sixth es6 n Hamp.
Anderson Francis, (col) laborer; bds 116 Fifth es2 s Maiden Lane.
ANDERSON LEVI R, merchant tailor, and dealer in gents’furnishing goods, 100 Maine; res 70 Third es 1 n Jersey.
Anderson Marcus; res 5 Fourth ws 2 s Broadway.
Anderson Merrah F., ex mes, 43 Fourth; res 33 Jer.ns Sixth w 3d.
Anderson Oliver, student; res 35 Fourth n Maine.
ANDERSON & ROBERTSON, (T. L. A. & J. M. R.),attorneys at law, 104 Hampshire.
Anderson Thomas L., firm of A. & Robertson; bdsBroad. ns 7 w 5th.
Anderson William S. M., ex-circuit clerk; res ne corFifth and Ches.
Andrews Frank E., dry goods clerk, 33 Fifth; bds 7thes 2 n Spring.
Andrews James, carriage painter; res 194 Hamp. ss8 e Eighth.
Andrews John F., watchmaker, 118 Maine; res 12th ws1 n Maine.
Andrews Mary, widow of Charles; res Twelfth ws 1 nMaine.
Andrews Morillo S.. carriage painter, 159 Maine; res194 Hamp. ss 8 e Eighth.
Andrews William B., firm of Bruckman & A.; bdsQuincy House.
Andrus Rev. Reuben, pastor Vermont street M. E. Church; res se cor Eighth and Vermont.
Appler Comfort M., tobacco roller, cor Front &Del.; bds Walker House.
Apsley William N., iron moulder, Front s Del.; bdsThird ws 2 n Del.
Arends August, laborer; res Madison ns 8 e Eighth.
Arends Gerhard, carpenter, cor 9th and Hamp. ; res166 Vermont ss 1 e Tenth.
Arens Cath,,trina, widow of Hermann; res Pay. 3 w Fourth.
Aring Benedict, laborer; res Vine ns 3 w Tenth.
ARMBRUSTER CIIRISTIAN, saloon and boarding house,134 Hampshire.
Armor George; res 186 Vermont ss 2 e Eleventh.
Armor Jacob B,, bookkeeper, 105 Maine; res 109 Verns 3 w 7th.
Armor Joshua, carpenter; res Vermont ss 6 e Twelfth.
Armstrong Francis, miller; res Maiden Lane ss 1 wThird.
Armstrong Gustavus, mechanic; bds Vermont ns 3 w Second.
Armstrong John S., carpenter, agricultural works,n ex Front; bds Vermont ns 3 w Second.
Armstrong Joshua, policeman, court house; bds AdamsHouse.
Armstrong Robert K., carpenter, shop Broadway, ss,6,,res 7 e Twentvsixth, East Quincy.
Armstrong William, carpenter; res 161 Broad. ss 4e Tenth.
Arning Gottlieb blacksmith, cor Sixth and Pays. av;res ne cor Fifth and Payson avenue.
Arning Mary A., widow of John; res 90 Sixth se corYork.
ARNING WILLIAM, blacksmith and wagon-making shop,ne corner Sixth and Payson avenue; res same.
Arnold Gilbert L., teacher book-keeping, Sixth ws1 n Maine; rooms Broadway ns 5 e Seventh.
ARNTZEN & RICHARDSON, (B. A. & J. H. R.),attorneys at law, 35 Fifth.
Arntzen Bernard, firm of A. & Richardson,- resMaiden Lane ns 5 w Fourth.
Arntzen Edward, firm of L. & E. A.; res ne corSeventh and Jersey.
ARNTZEN L. & E., dealers in dry goods and notionsand cloak manufacturers, 146 Maine.
Arntzen Leopold, firm of L. & E. A.; res sw cor20th and Spring.
Aronson Albert; res sw cor Sixth and York. .
Arrowsmith Flavius G., printer, 38 Fourth; bds 59Ver ns 9 e Third.
Arrowsmith George farmer; res Broad. ns 6 e 24th,East Quincv.
Arrowsmith John, farmer ; res 1 n Broadway 1 milee Twenty-fourth, East Quincy.
Arteburn Samuel, teamster; res se cor Fourth and Kentucky.
Arthur Isaac II., clerk books &c., 106 Maine;res 48 York se cor 3
ARTHUR JAMES & CO., ( J. K. & J. A. Van Doorn,U. S. Penfield), manufacturers and dealers in hard wood and pine lumber,shingles, lath and posts, northern extension of Front.
Arthur James, firm of James A. & Co.; res 48 Yorkse cor Third.
ARTUS JOSEPH, office and rooms 109 Maine; bds QuincyHouse.
ARTUS SAMUEL, office and rooms 109 Maine; bds QuincyHouse.
Asay Alexander B., carpenter; res Sixth ws 2 n Vine,shop in rear.
Asay Hervey H., carpenter; res Sixth ws 2 n Vine.
Asbury George, lst Lt. 13th U. S. heavy art.; resMaine ns 2 e 16th.
ASBURY & HUNT, (H. A. & G. A. H.), attorneysat, law,.sw cor Fifth and Maine.
Asbury Henry, firm of A. &- Hunt i res Maine ns2 e Sixteenth.
Asbury Henry, Jr., Capt. 3d U. S. Inf.; res Mainens 2 e Sixteenth.
Aschemann Conrad, laborer; res Keyes alley ns 2 wFifth.
Aschemann John, iron moulder, Front s Del.; res Keyesal., ns 2 w
Aschemann Joseph, barber, 70 Hamp.; res Keyes alleyns 2 w Fifth.
ASCHENBRENNER JOHN, dealer in groceries and provisions,nw cor Seventh,and York.; res same.
Aselage Wilhelm, laborer – res sw cor Eleventh andSpring.
Ashby Martin, machinist, C. B. & Q. shop; resVer. ns 2 w Second.
Asher Bartlett, farmer; res Twenty-fifth ws 3 n Maine,East Quincy.
Asher James, farmer; res Twenty-fifth ws s 3 n Maine,East Quincy.
Assebrock Louis, shoemaker; res 77 Seventh s York.
Assebrock Mrs. Sophie, milliner, 77 Seventh s York;res same.
Atkinson Christopher, coppersmith and boiler-maker,cor Second and’ Broadway; res Jersey ss 4 w Seventh.
Atkinson William, bricklayer; res 213 Vermont 4 wThirteenth.
Atwood Joseph R., fruit tree agent; bds Farmers’ House.
Aubke Loisa, widow of Franz; res Eighth es 6 s Maine.
Augustin Johannes, stone quarry, s ex Front; res same.
Aumann Christian, firm of Cusack & A.; res Eleventhes 6 n Broad.
AUMANN CLEMENS, blacksmith, shop and res ne cor Tenthand Jersey.
Austin Anna, widow of Reuben; res Jersey ns 2 e Sixth.
Austin Thomas, firm of J. T. Baker & Co.; resJersey ns 2 e Sixth.
Austmeier Adolph, wagon-maker, State ns 3 w Seventh;res Payson avenue ns 1 e Eighth.
Avise William E., firm of C. R. Richardson & Co.;res Maine ns 8 e Twelfth.
AVISE WILLIAM M., manufacturer of flour sacks, anddealer in all kinds of bags, twine, wrapping paper, tents, wagon covers,&c., 30 Fourth es n Hampshire; res Fifth ws 7 n Broadwiy.
Awerkamp Adolph, carpenter; res Linn ss 1 e Nineteenth.
Awerkamp William, clerk grocery, 71 Hamp.; res Sixthes 1 n Ken.
Ayres Joseph E., machinist, 10 Front es n Broadyway;bds Walker House.