bds-boards.n ex-northern extension ofs ex-southern exension of
bet-between.ns-north side.
(col)-colored.nw-north west.sw-south west.
cor-corner.res-resides and residence.w-west of.
e-east of.n-north side.
es-east east.s-south of.
  se-south east.

D Surnames

Dahlen Peter Joseph, cook and waiter, 167 Maine; bds same.
Dailev James, laborer; res Walnut alley ns 4 e Fifth.
Dailey Michael, laborer; res Eighth ws 5 s Maine.
Dailey Patrick, at C. B. & Q. freight dep.; res Vine ns 2 e Sixth.
Dalbey Daniel R., carp. and builder; res Third es 4 n Ohio.
Dalbey Joseph, carpenter; res Third es 2 s State.
Dalgarn George W., city express; res State ns e 8th.
Dale William F., photographer, 81 Hamp.; bds 106 Broad. ns 6 e 7th.
Damhorst Bernbart, brick-moulder; res Ver. ss 2 e Twelfth.
Damhorst Casper. brickyard. cor Sixth and Elm; res Elm ss w 10th.
Damhorst George, brick moulder; res Vine ns 7 w Tenth.
Damhorst, Peter, laborer; res Eighth es 3 s Elm.
Damhorst Stephen, brick-yard, cor 6th and Ches.; res Vine ns 6 e 10th.
Daniel John, (col) laborer; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Daniels David D., railroad man; res Commercial allev 1 n Vermont.
Danks Harvey, express mess., C. B. & Q. R. R.; bds l24 Hampshire.
Danner Maria, widow of Joseph; res State ns 8 w Ninth.
Darcy Mary, widow of Patrick; res 72 York ns 3 w Seventh.
Darcy James, employee C. B. & Q. R. R.; res sw cor Fifth and Oak.
Darnell James, at ex. office W. Quincy; res Keyes al. ns 4 e Third.
Darnell Henry H., carpenter; res 10 State ns 1 e Front.
Darnell Margaret, widow of William H.; res York. 2 w Eighth.
Darnell William, at wood-yard, Maine w 3d; res York 2 w Eighth.
DASBACH HENRY C., manufacturer tin, copper and sheet-iron ware and dealer in stoves, lamps, &c., 142 Maine; res same.
Daul John, barber, 115 Hampshire; res 136 Hampshire.
Davidson Cornelius G., supt. Quincy Ferry; rooms 104 Hampshire.
Davidson James M., eng. T. W. & W. R’y.; res Third ws 1 s Spring.
Davis Catharine, (col) widow of Jeffrey; res Eighth es 2 s Chestnut.
Davis Emmor R., engineer, Front ws s Del.; res State ss 3 w Third.
Davis Hope S., firm of Goodwin & D.; res 5 Eighth ws 2 n Broad.
Davis Greenlief H., firm of Stockwell & D.; res ne cor Fourth and Hampshire.
Davis Samuel S., carriage-trimmer,. Sixth ws s Maine; res Ohio ns 6 e Fourth.
Davis William E., cigar-maker, 41 Fourth; res State ns 8 w Ninth.
Davis William H., employee H. & St. Jo. R. R.; bds York ss 8 w 3d.
Davison Lewis, dealer clothing, &c., 59 Hampshire; res same.
Davison Smith N., land agent, 106 Maine; res ne cor Sixth and Vine.
Dawson Armstrong, millwright; res Fifth es 2 n Linn.
Day William, stock-dealer; bds Metropolitan Hotel.
Dayton James R., dlr. books, &c., 106 Maine; res 222 Me. ss 4 e 8th.
Dayton Rhoda, widow of John; res 222 Maine ss 4 e Eighth.
Deaderick David F., book-keeper; res 4th es 2 n Maiden Lane.
Dean David, marble-cutter, nw cor 3d and Maine; bds Ver. ss 2 e 4th.
Deary John E., carpenter, cor 5th and Ohio; res 44 State ns 2 e 4th.
Decker Eli, engineer C. B. & Q. R. R.; res Vine ns 4 e Sixth.
Decrow Seth, teamster; res 58 Vermont ss 6 e Third.
Dege Henry, wagon-maker; res ne cor 6th and Washington.
Dege Scharlotte, widow of Henry; res ne,cor Sixth and Washington.
Degitz George, cooper; res Eighth es s State, shop alley in rear.
Dehm Johann Jacob, tailor 135 Maine; res 8th es 3 s Harrison.
Dehner Anna Maria, widow of Carl; res Ninth es 2 n Jersey.
Dehner Severin, wood-turner, 164 Hamp.; res Hamp. ss 2 e 8th.
DELABAR CHARLES, saloon 22 Front, and proprietor of Quincy Brewery, and res Twelfth es bet Monroe and Adams.
Delabar Pantalion, brewer, cor 12th and Adams; res 12th es s Adams.
DeLapp Mary E., widow of John, milliner, 66 Hamp.; res same.
Delaware Frank, carpenter, cor 5th and Vine; res 45 3d ws 6 s Ver.
Delebar J. & Co., (C. Becker),. meat market, 132 Hampshire.
Delebar Joseph, firm of J. D. & Co.,; res Sixth es 1 s Kentucky.
DE LESCLUZE CHARLES, agent Connecticut Mut. Life Insurance Co.; 114 Maine; res Warsaw road n city limits.
Dell George W.; res 104 Jersey ss 3 w Seventh.
Demaree Albert, firm of J. P. Cadogan & Co.; res Chest. ns 2 e 5th.
Demaree Miss Elizabeth C.; res Broadway ns 6 e Eighteenth.
Demaree David, carpenter shop Seventh ws 2 n Broadway; res nw cor Seventh and Broadway.
Damaree James S., firm of C. S. Livingston & Co.; res nw cor Seventh and Broadway.
Demaree John S., b’k-keeper, 161 Maine; res nw cor 7th and Broad.
Demes Maria, widow of Bernhart; res 226 Maine ss 6 e Eighth.
Demes John, chair-maker ; res 226 Maine ss 6 e Eighth.
Demont August, drug clerk, 12? Maine; bds 79 Fifth ws 3 s York.
Denman Aaron C.; bds Adams House.
Denman Matthias B., land agent; res ne cor Ninth and Broadway.
Denning Thomas, at livery 73 Maine; res 12th ws 3 s Spring.
Denning William, C. B. & Q. route agent; res 12th ws 3 s Spring.
DENNIS & TURNER, (L. S. D. & E. S. T.). dealers in groceries and provisions, 161 Hampshire.
Dennis Livingston S., firm of D. & Turner res 53 York ns 4 e 3d.
Dent Walter C., insurance agent res 34 State ns e Third.
Deppler Jacob, laborer; res 157 Ohio ns 3 e Ninth.
Depot Hotel, Front es bet Spring and Oak, J. F. Quarles; proprietor.
Derliesner Gerhard, newspaper carrier; res 166 Ver. ss 1 e Tenth.
Derry Patrick. teamster; bds 54 Hampshire e Third.
Derry Stephen, laborer res Third es 2 s Spring.
Derwine John, fisherman ; res Oak ns 1 e Third.
DeShazo George W., painter; res sw cor Sixth and York.
Desmond Ellen, widow of Michael; res Delaware ns 5 w Fourth.
Determann Henry, teamster; res, Payson avenue ss 3 e Sixth.
Deters Andrew Wm., harness-maker, 109 Hampshire; res 182 Maine.
Deters Henry, Brick-mason ; res 182 Maine.
Dettle Leopold, cooper; York ns 2 w Third; res 10th ws 4 s Maine.
Dettle Max, cooper, York ns 2 w Third; bds 54 Hampshire.
Deuerlein George, shoe-shop and res Broadway ns 7 e Eighteenth.
Devlin Michael, works restaurant, se cor Fifth and Maine; bds same.
Dewenbrock Hermann; res 64 Fifth ws 3 n Vine.
De Witt Alonzo, butcher, 187 Hampshire: bds 48 Seventh.
Dewyer John, laborer; res Twelfth ws 3 s Spring.
Dexheimer Phillip, laborer, brewery, se cor 9th and Har.; bds same.
DEXTER GEORGE W., manufacturer of female supporters, ne cor Twelfth and Vermont; res same.
Dezang Caroline, widow of Charles; res Jefferson ss 2 e Twelfth.
Dick Jacob, firm of D. & Brothers; res Maine ns 3 e Twelfth.
Dick John, firm of D. & Brothers; res se cor Ninth and York.
DICK & BROTHERS, (Matthew, John and Jacob)., proprietors city brewery and malsters, se cor Ninth and York.
Dick Matthew, firm of D. & Brothers; res se cor Ninth and York.
Dicker Hermann, laborer; res 249 Hampshire ns 5 e Tenth.
Dickerhoff Andrew J., physician and surgeon; bds Farmers’ House.
Dickerson Charles Denny, printer; bds Missouri Home.
DICKHUT CHRISTIAN C., dealer in drugs, fancy goods, paints and oils, se cor Seventh and State; res 127 Jersey ne cor Eighth.
Dickhut Christoph W.; res Broadway ns 5 e Eighteenth.
Dickhut Elisabetha, widow of Wilhelm; res Washington ss 3 e Sixth.
Dickhut Friederich W., clerk; res Broadway ns 5 e Eighteenth.
Dickhut Henry E., dry goods clerk, 146 Maine; res 89 York ns 2 w 6th.
Dickhut John C. H., carpenter, cor Sixth and York; res Washington ss 3 e Sixth.
DICKHUT WILLIAM, dealer in lumber, shingles, lath and posts, sw cor Fifth and Broadway; res 89 York ns 2 w Sixth.
Dickhut William; res 237 Maine ns 7 e Ninth.
Dickinson Beverly W., cashier T. W. & W. office; res se cor Third and Spring.
Dicks Ernst, laborer; res Monroe ss 5 e Eighth.
Dicks Friederich, laborer, mill, Front es n Hampshire; res sw cor Ninth and Monroe.
Dicks Johann F., laborer; res sw cor Ninth and Monroe.
Dicks Johann H., laborer; res se cor Seventh and Monroe.
Diefenbach Michael, ice dealer; res Broadway ss bet 22d and 23d.
Dicker Gerdrud, widow of Bernhart H.; res Maine sw cor Tenth.
Diener Andrew, omnibus driver, 85 Maine; bds ne cor 4th and Olive.
Dietrich Christian, laborer; res Olive es 3 n Vine.
Dietrich Franz, laborer, nw cor 9th and Hamp.; res Maine ns 2 w 11th.
Dillingham Michael T., bar-keeper, Metropolitan Hotel; bds same.
Dillo William H., currier, Fifth ws 2 n Hamp.; bds Missouri Home.
DILLS HARRISON, Post Master, sw cor Sixth and Maine; res 163 Maine ns e Sixth.
Dills George A., clerk, post-office, 150 Maine; res 163 Maine.
Dills John R., steamboat engineer; res 163 Maine.
DIMOCK G. B, & CO., (A. Knight & J. B. Russell), proprietors city foundry and machine shop, Front bet Broadway and Vermont.
Dimock Gershom B., firm of G. B. D. & Co., and Brown, D. & Co.; res se cor Third and Jersey.
Dingeldine George, dry goods clerk, 44 Fonrth; res Oak ns 4 w 11th.
Dingeldine Sebastian; res Oak ns 4 w Eleventh.
Dinneen John, stone-mason; res se cor Olive and Elm.
DINSTUHL & STOCKSICK, (W. D. & F. S.), file cutters, Maine ss 4 e Ninth.
Dinstuhl Wilhelm, firm of D. & Stocksick; res Maine ss 4 e Ninth.
Dirkers Franz A., laborer; res State ns 2 w Tenth.
Disseler Joseph, blacksmith, 129 Maine; res Tenth ws 2 n Maine.
Disseler Gertrude, widow of Theodor; res Tenth ws 1 n Maine.
Disseler Paul Henry, blacksmith, cor 10th and Maine; res 270 Maine.
DISTELRATH HENRY A., pork packer, northern extension of Front, bds Tremont House.
Distin William L., express messenger, 43 Fourth.
Dittei Leopold, cooper; res Tenth ws 4 s Maine.
Ditzler Benjamin S., resuscitator physician; bds Pennsylvania House.
Dix Henry A., firm of A. H. Lacy & Co.; res se cor 7th and Monroe.
Dix John B., butcher, 84 Maine; bds ne cor Eleventh and Maine.
Dixon Brantley J., cooper, cor Vine and Olive; res 4th ws 8 n Hamp.
Dixon James C. B., fisherman; res Eighth es 7 s Maine.
Dixon James M., cooper, cor Vine and Olive; res 4th ws 8 n Hamp.
Dixon Joseph, machinist; res Olive ws 2 n Spring.
Dloyd Francis M., wagon-maker, 45 Sixth; bds sw cor 5th and Ver.
Doberer Heinrich, tailor; res 123 State ss 6 e Seventh.
Doerr Henry, merchant; res 136 Hampshire.
Doerr Valentin, firm of H. Krins & Co.; res ne cor Sixth and Ver.
Doht Heinrich, cabinet-maker, 164 Hamp.; res 8th es 1 s Jackson.
Dold John, machinist,Front es n Hamp.; res Jersey ns 6 e Ninth.
Dolt Anton, porter, 122 Maine; res alley e Sixth s Kentucky ss.
Donneley Patrick, saddler; bds Third ws 5 s Vermont
DONNELLY CHARLES H., physician and surgeon; office and rep Fifth es 1 n Hampshire.
Donoho Patrick, at livery, 4th ws ? s Maine; bds 644th es s Maine.
Donolen Terence, laborer; res ne cor Ninth and Oak.
Donovan Thomas, saloon and boarding house, 37 Hampshire.
Donovan Thomas, at T. W. & W. depot; res Vine ns 2 w Sixth.
Donovan Thomas J., laborer; res 108 York ss 2 e Sixth.
Doolan Edward, laborer, res 22 Front, in rear.
Doolan Sarah, widow of Edward; res 32 State ns w Fourth.
Doolan Albert, (col,) 13 Kentucky Artillery;, res 11th ws 2 n Broad.
Doolan Adaline, (col) widow of Washington; res 2d ws 3 n Hamp.
Doolan Harrison, (col.) Co. A, 29 Ill. Inf.; res Chestnut ss. 3 w 10th.
Dooley Albert, (col) porter, Virginia House; bds same.
Doren John, horse collar maker, 75 Hampshire; bds Adams House.
Dornan Mary, widow of William; res Third ws 4 s Vermont.
Dorsey Anthony, (col) soldier; res Elm ns 6 e Thirteenth.
Dorsey Catharine, widow of Mathew; res Ninth es 3 n Jersey.
Dorsey James, (col) laborer; res nw cor Spring and Olive.
Dorwin Orville W., employee, H. & S. J. R. R.; bds Ver. ns 3 w 2d.
Doud Patrick, at T. W. & W. depot; res sw cor Fifth and Oak.
DOUGHER & McCAMPBEtL, (J. D. & -R. S. McC.), proprietors Metropolitan Hotel, se cor Front and Broadway.
Dougher John, firm of D. & McCampbell; res Metropolitan Hotel.
Douglas Drady, (col) widow of Felix; res Chestnuts 2 w Eighth.
Douglas Felix, (col) laborer; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Douglas Garrett, (col) teamster; res alley n Hampshire 2 e Fourth.
Douglas Henry, physician; res Jersey ns 2 e Seventh.
Douglas Lucy, (col) widow of John; res alley n Hampshire 2 e 4th.
Douglas Stephen, (col) soldier; res Chestnut ss 2 w Eighth.
Dow John I., painier, 157 Maine; bds 167 Maine.
Doway Michael, physician; res Vermont ns 1 w Sixteenth.
Downey Timothy, laborer; bds Tenth es 4 s Maine.
Downham Lovedy, widow of Daniel; res 267 Hampshire ns 3 e 11th.
Downs Patrick, boatman; res Second ws 3 n Hampshire.
Doyeu Charles S.; res Broadway ss 2 e Sixth.
Doyen Frank E., dry goods clerk, 93 Hamp.; res Broad. ss 2 e Sixth.
Doyen Mary, widow of John S.; res Broadway ss 2 e Sixth.
Drain Albert E., painter; res ne cor Third and Vermont, shop in rear.
Drake Allen I., cattle dealer; res York ss 3 e Sixth.
DRAKE & FARWELL, (A.G.D. & H.A.F.), attorneys at law, and dealers in land and real estate, 146 Maine.
Drake Archibald G., firm of D. & Farwell; bds ne cor 7th and Ver.
Drake Henry J., painter; res York ss 3 e Sixth.
Drake Susan M., widow of Abraham; res York ss 3 e Sixth.
Drallymeyer Frederick, cigar-maker, 5th es 3 s Maine; res ne cor Tenth and Kentucky.
Dreier Hermann H., laborer; res Ohio ss 2 e Sixth.
Dreier Johann Hermann, laborer; res Ohio ss 2 e Sixth.
Drew Prentiss W., telegraph operator. Q. & P. office; res Commercial alley 1 n Vermont.
Drew William C., clerk, Q. & P. office; res Commercial al. 1 n Ver.
Drochter Herman J.; res .125 Kentucky ns 2 w Ninth.
DRUDE FRANCIS, physician and surgeon ; office and residence, 48 8ixth es 6 n Maine.
Dudley Edward A.; res Eighth es n Locust.
Dudley Jeptha, farmer; res Twelfth ws n Locust.
DUFF THOMAS, attorney at law; res Tenth es n Hampshire.
Duff William F.; res Tenth es n Hampshire.
Duff William L. ; res se cor Eighth and Hampshire.
Duffy James, firm of White, Bonnet & Co.; res 33 Ken. ns 4 w 4th.
Duker Elisabeth, widow of Hermann; res ne cor Seventh and Maine.
DUKER FRANK, undertaker and city sexton, and furniture manufacturer and dealer, 206 Maine; res same.
Duker & Reichl, (H. D. & E. R.), dlrs. dry goods, &c., ne cor Seventh and Maine.
Duker Henry, firm of D. & Reichl; res no cor Seventh and Maine.
Duker John H., firm of D. & Bro.; res Maine ns 5 e Eighth.
DUKER & BROTHER, (T. &.J. H.), dealers in dry goods,. groceries, &c., 208 Maine.
Duker Theodor, firm of D. & Brother; res 208 Maine.
Dukrieger Christian, laborer; res 7 Tenth es 3 s State.
Dukrieger Peter, painter, 159 Maine; res 7 Tenth es 3 s State.
DULANY BROTHERS, (D. M. & W. H.), manufacturers of all kinds plug tobacco, Delaware bet Third and Fourth.
Dulany Daniel M., firm of D. Brothers; res 84 York ss 5 e Fifth.
Dulany Thomas D., tobacconist; res York ss 5 w Third.
Dulany William H.. firm of D. Brothers; res York ss 5 w Third.
Duncan Emma S.; res Ohio ns 5 e Fourth.
Duncan James, saloon and res Front es 1 n Vermont.
Dunham George M., laborer; res Twelfth ws 2 s Vermont.
Dunker Anton, laborer; res 248 Hampshire ss 8 e Tenth.
Dunker Heinrich, laborer, Front es s Jersey; res Spring ns 3 e Ninth.
Dunker Hermann, cooper, alley n Maine e 10th; res 248 Hamp.
DUNN JAMES E., depot and baggage master, C.B. & Q. R.R. depot, and proprietor boarding house, ne cor Fourth and Vermont.
Dunn Richard; res nw cor Third and Broadway.
Dunn Spalding, restaurant and res Front es 2 n Hampshire.
Dunn Wesley, tanker; bds Depot Hotel.
Dunsmoor Abner G.; res nw cor Fourth and Maine.
Dunsworth James, fireman, C.B. & Q. R.R.; res Oak ns 1 e Fourth.
DURANT & KULL, (T.E.D. & J.E.K.), manufacturers of saddles, harness, collars, bridles and trunks, 109 Hampshire.
Durant Thomas E., firm of D. & Kull; res ne cor Sixth and Spring.
Durfee Cyrus R., express messenger, 43 Fourth.
Durfee William, carpenter and builder; res 109 Maiden Lane 2 w 4th.
Durhold Heinrich, soda water factory and res 101 7th ws 2 s Ken.
Durhold Henry, cigar-maker, 122 Hamp.; res 101 7th ws 2 s Ken.
Durle Franz, shoemaker, 112 Hampshire.
Durrstein Michael, firm of J. Luther & Co.; res Sixth es 3 s State.
Dusdieker Casper, laborer; res Monroe ns 6 e Eighth.
Dusdieker Casper H., laborer; res Van Buren ns 3 w Eighth.
Dussel Margaretha, widow of Jakob; res 111 Seventh ws 3 n State.
Dustin Charles, (col) wood-sawyer; res Delaware ns e Fourth.
Dustin David, agent; res Third ws 4 s Ohio.
Dwight Theodore T.; res sw cor Fourth and Broadway.
Dyer Isaac T.; res 236 Hampshire ss 2 e Tenth.
Dyer Jacob E., farmer; res Eleventh ws 1 n Hampshire.
Dyke James, stone-mason; res Twelfth es 3 n Hampshire.
Dyke Thomas P., blacksmith, Jer. ss 3 e 5th; res 12th es 3 n Hamp.