bds-boards. n ex-northern extension of s ex-southern exension of
bet-between. ns-north side. ss-south side.
(col)-colored. nw-north west. sw-south west.
cor-corner. res-resides and residence. w-west of.
e-east of. n-north of. ws-west side.
es-east side. ne-north east. s-south of.
    se-south east.

F Surnames

Faerber Jacob, cooper, 9th ws 5 n Maine; res 30 Tenth es 3 s Maine.
Fagen Thomas, painter; res 22 State ns bet Third and Fourth.
Fahndrich Michael; res Tenth ws 1 n Maine.
Fairchild Francis M., farmer; bds 163 Hampshire.
Fairlie John F., book-binder, 114 Maine; bds 33 Jersey us 6 w 3d.
Fallon Patrick, laborer; bds Second ws 3 n Hampshire.
Falskinse Frank, wagon-maker; res Fifth es 1 s Jefferson.
Farley James, engineer, nw cor Front and Del.; res 36 Ohio ss 2 w 4th.
Farley Michael, laborer; res Twelfth ws 3 s Hampshire.
Farley Thomas, peddler; res Elm ns 3 e Tenth.
FARMERS’ HOUSE, 19 Fifth n Hamp.; John A. White, proprietor.
Farmers’ Home, 121 Hampshire; William Miller, proprietor.
FARMERS’ & MERCHANTS’ INSURANCE COMPANY, ne cor Fourth and Hampshire.
Farwell Henry A., firm of Drake & F. ; bds sw cor 8th and Broad.
Farrell Michael, carpenter; res Ninth es 3 n J ‘ ersey.
Farwerk Heinrich, well-digger ; bds 70 Fifth ws 7 n Vine.
Farwerk Joseph, cooper; res 70 Fifth ws 7 n Vine, shop in rear.
Fassel Christian, peddler; res nw cor Fifth and Maiden Lane.
Fechter & Kipp, (G. F. & W. K.), merchant tailors, 208 Hampshire.
Fechter George, firm of F. & Kipp ~ res Ninth ws 3 s Hampshire.
Fedkamp George, laborer; res Eleventh es 2 s Spring.
Fee Charles W., clothing clerk, 82 Hamp.; res 100 Jer. ss 5 w 7th.
Fee Andrew, carpenter; res 100 Jersey ss 5 w Seventh.
Fees Anton, teamster, 91 Hampshire; res State ns 4 e Fourth.
Fei Joseph, laborer, Hampshire ss 5 e Tenth; bds same.
Feigenspahn Adolf, butcher, 130 Hamp.; res 252 Hamp. ss 10 e 10th.
Feigenspahn Gottlieb Gustav, painter; res Payson avenue ss 2 e 8th.
Feisel Heinrich, shoemaker, Maine us 4 e 7th; bds 45 9th n Maine.
Feisen Johann H., shoemaker; bds 45 Ninth ws n Maine.
Feld Anna Maria, widow of Friederich W.; res Jackson ns 3 w 9th.
Feld Christian, laborer; res Washington ns 1 w Ninth.
Feld Heinrich, cooper, 8th ws s Jefferson; res Adams ss 4 w Eighth
Feld Johann Heinrich, laborer; res Jackson ss 2 w Seventh.
Feld Joseph, drayman; res 83 Sixth ws 4 s Jersey.
Feld Wilhelm, baker, Hamp. ns 5 e 7th; res 173 Jer. ns 5 w 10th.
Feldkamp Hermann, Co. H, 151 111. Inf.; res State ns 8 w Ninth.
Feldmeyer Heinrich, laborer; res Seventh ws 3 s Kentucky.
Feldner Albert, entry clerk, 79 Hamp.; bds 28 Seventh es 5 n Maine.
Fell James C., city express; res Walnut alley n Spring 3 e Sixth us.
FELLER ISRAEL, saloon, 146 Hampshire; res same.
Felson Harry, (col) at livery, 83 Maine; bds 57 Vermont ns e 3d.
Felt Friederich, firm of Meyer & F.; res sw cor Eighth and Ohio.
Felt Johann Friederich, teamster; res sw cor Eighth and Ohio.
Felt Peter; res 54 Sixth es 3 n Maine.
Felts Ansker N.; res 26 Eighth es 4 s Hampshire.
Felts Kindred S.; res 26 Eighth es 4 s Hampshire.
Fendrich Amand, cooper; res 25th es 3 s Broadway, East Quincy.
Fendrich Gustav, cooper, 11th es 2 n Broad.; res Maine ss 3 w 11th.
Fenteiger Hermann, laborer; res Linn ss 1 w Eleventh.
Fenton George W., steamboat engineer; res Kentucky ns 1 e Fourth
Fenwick Cornelius C., painter; res Vine ss 1 w Twenty-first.
Ferguson Felix H., printer, sw cor 4th and Maine; res 218 Hamp.
FERGUSON RICHARD T.; res 218 Hampshire se 5 e Ninth.
Ferguson Robert, carpenter; res sw cor Fifth and Maiden Lane.
Ferris George W., rectifier ; res sw cor Sixth and Vermont.
Ferris Hudson; res Sixth ws 2 s Vermont.
Feth Mariana, widow of Ludwig; res 78 Fifth ws 2 s Elm.
Fick Adam, chair-maker, Maine ss 2 e 2d; res Maine ss 4 e Ninth.
Ficker Hermann, cooper, cor Fifth and Walnut alley; res Fifth ws 2 n Cedar.
Field Henry, (col) laborer; res nw cor Spring and Olive.
Field John, deputy county clerk, court house; res Ver. ns 2 w 7th.
Field Joseph B., jr., clerk, hats, &c., 45 Fourth; bds Quincy House.
Field Lydia A., widow of Lyman, dress-maker; res Broad. ns 2 w 7th.
Fihr Adolph, cooper, 11th es 2 n Broadway; res Sixth ws 3 s Vine.
Fihr Juliana, widow of Carl; res Sixth ws 3 s Vine.
File John, teamster, nw cor 4th and Broad.; bds Madison e Sixth.
Finkenhofer Casper, laborer; res Oak ss 4 e Eleventh.
Finkhaus Adolph, laborer; res Monroe ns 1 w Seventh.
Finkle Elias B., moulder, Front s Delaware; res Third ws 2 n Del.
Finkle John, at foundry, Front s Delaware; res Third ws 2 n Delaware.
Finlay Matthew B., firm of Powers & F.; res Hampshire no 2 e 15th.
Finley Mrs. Ellen; res Maine ss 4 w Twelfth.
Finley Sylvester, stock dealer; bds Kentucky House.
Finnigan James, laborer; res 26 Ohio ss 1 e Third.
Finnigan Michael, laborer; res 36 Ohio ss 2 w Fourth.
FIRST NATIONAL BANK, ne cor Fourth and Hampshire.,
Fischer Carl; res 28 Vermont ss 1 e Second, in rear.
Fischer Catharina, widow of John; res Washington ss 5 e Sixth.
Fischer John, carpenter; res 166 Vermont ss 1 e Tenth, in rear.
Fischer Walburg, widow of Johann; res 48 Fifth es s Maine.
Fisher Catharine, (col); res Tenth ws 4 n Spring.
FISHER CHARLES C., dealer in lumber, shingles, lath and posts, nw cor Fourth and Broadway; res 131 Vermont ns 3 e Eighth.
Fisher Charles C., carpenter, cor 6th and Jer. ; bds 70 6th s Maine.
Fisher James, dlr. dry goods, &c., 26 Fourth; res 4th ws 2 s Jersey.
Fisher John A., clerk, bakery, &c., 148 Maine; bds 124 Hampshire
Fisher John C., moulder, 5th ws s Jer; res Washington ns 4 w 7th.
FISHER & KINKEL, (J. H. F. & W. K.), wholesale and retail bakers and confectioners, 148 Maine.
Fisher John Henry, firm of F. & Kinkel; res Maine ns 3 w Tenth.
Fisher Joseph, moulder, 5th ws s Jersey; res Washington ss 5 e 6th.
Fisher Miss Mary J., shirt-maker; res Sixth ws 2 s Maple.
Fisk Edward, iron-moulder; res 38 State ns w Fourth.
Fisk William P.; res Spring ss 2 e Eighth.
Fitch John C., mechanic, 45 Sixth s Hampshire; bds Adams House.
Fitch Samuel, teacher; bds Adams House.
Fitzjerrald James, laborer; res Spring ns 4 e Ninth.
Fitzjerrald John, employee, C. B. & Q. R. R.; res Jer. ss 2 e 11th.
Fitzpatrick John, proprietor Pennsylvania House, 131 Hampshire.
Fitzpatrick William, at C. B. & Q. freight house; res 8th ws n Oak.
Fitzpatrick William, laborer; res Chestnut ns 3 w Sixth.
FLACHS F. & CO., wholesale dealers in drugs, medicines, chemicals, paints, oils, window glass and glass ware, fancy goods, notions, &c., 110 Maine.
Flachs Ferdinand, firm of F. F. & Co.; res Eighth ws 3 n Spring.
Flachs Edward, book-keeper, 110 Maine; res 73 Sixth ws s Maine.
Flachs Maria, widow of Henry, notions, 6th es 1 n Maine; res same.
FLAGG NEWTON, office Fifth ws 1 s Maine;, bds Quincy House.
Flaiz Xaver; res Eleventh es 3 s Maine.
Flanders Eliza, widow of Ezekiel, boarding house 48 Seventh es 3 a Jersey.
Fleer Johann F. W., cooper; res Sixth ws 2 n Washington.
Fleer Johann, laborer, quarry, s ex Front; res Adams ss 2 e Eighth.
Flehr Gottlieb, laborer; res Ohio ss 2 w Eleventh.
Flehr Peter H., Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res Jackson ss 4 e Eighth,
Flehr Wilhelm H., laborer; res Jackson ss 4 e Eighth.
Fleischbein Anton, cabinet-maker; res 91. State ss 5 e Sixth.
FLEMING MARIA, widow of John, dress and cloak making and stamping, 124 Maine; res same.
Flemme Henry, sawyer, cor 5th and Ohio; res sw cor 11th and Ohio.
Fletcher Adam, cook, Adams House; bds same.
Fletcher Orrin, J.; res 4 Seventh es 5 s Spring.
Fletman Frederick W., moulder, Front s Del.; res Mon. ns 2 w 9th.
Flettner Christoph, blacksmith, 129 Maine; res Ninth es 2 s Maine.
Flick Sarah, widow of Isaac; res Eighth ws 1 n York.
Flieg Joseph, butcher, cor Third and Hampshire; bds 122 Fifth es 3 Maiden Lane.
Floyd William W., city express; res Twelfth ws 2 s Vermont.
Flynn James, laborer; res ne cor Front and Washington.
Foeman Jane, (col) widow of William; res ne cor Front and Jersey.
Fohrmann John H., teamster; res sw cor Eighth and Monroe.
Follansbee Gilbert; res 110 Broadway ns e Seventh.
Folmer Daniel, malster, s ex Front; res Monroe ss 3 w Seventh.
Folmer George, laborer; res ne cor Fifth and Jefferson.
Foote Charles H., C. B. & Q. yard-master; res Second es n Spring.
Foote Rev. Horatio, pastor, Centre Congregational Church; res ne cor Third and York.
Foote Lewis, harness-maker; res Jersey ns 2 e Tenth.
Foote Reuben, ship carpenter; res Front es 4 s Spring.
Foote Silas K., ins. sol., Fifth es s Maine; res 99 Ver ns 3 e 12th.
FORCHE AUGUST, blacksmith, shop and res Broadway ss 1 mile e Twenty-fourth, East Quincy.
FORCHE CARL A., tanner and furrier, Delaware ss 1 e Fifth; res same.
Ford John, cooper, cor 5th and Wal. al.; bds Broadway House.
Foreman Sarah, (col) widow of Lemuel; res Olive es 2 n Elm, in rear.
Fork & Stuckmann, brick-manufacturers, Sixth es, 2d yard n Elm.
Fork Heinrich, brick-maker; res sw cor Fifth and Cedar.
Forster Frederick, barber, 155 Maine; bds Jersey us 5 w Tenth.
Fortkamp Heinrich, laborer; res se cor Sixth and Elm.
Fortkamp John Henry, tinner, 30 Fourth; res Sixth es 4 s York.
Fortman & Knufman (B. F. & F. K.), dealers dry goods, &c., nw cor Eighth and Maine.
Fortman Bernard, firm of F. & Knufman; res 46 9th es 1 n Maine.
Fortney Benjamin F., dry goods clerk, 93 Hampshire; rooms same.
Foss George E., firm of George W. F. & Son; res Vermont ns 2 w Thirteenth.
FOSS GEORGE W. & SON, (G. E.), fire, marine, life and accident insurance agents, 33 Fifth, es s Hampshire.
Foss George W., firm of George W. F. & Son; res Ver. ns 2 w 13th.
FOSTER RALPH H., pork-packer, Hampshire ss bet Second and Third; bds Quincy House.
Foster Soloman, fireman, C. B. & Q. R. R.; bds Third ws 5 a Ver.
Fountain George T., (col) barber; res 59 Third ws n Maine.
FOWLER HENRY L., watchmaker and jeweler, and dealer in guns and pistols, 51 Fourth; res us lane s Broadway 2 e Twenty-fourth, East Quincy. –
Fowler Robert M., laborer; res York ns 3 w Seventh.
Fox Alice, widow of Peter; res alley s York 2 w Third ss.
Fox Calvin E., painter, 30 Sixth es 4 n Hamp.; res Ver. e Fifth.
Fox Franz J., quarrier, s ex Front; res Madison ns 1 w Eighth.
Fox James B., dry goods clerk, 81 Hamp.; res 7th es 3 n Spring.
Fox Margaret, widow of Thomas; res 52 Kentucky ss 2 e Fourth.
Fox Thomas D., tobac. rol., cor Front and Del.; res Ken. as 2 c 4th.
Fox Thomas L., firm of Crutcher & F.; res Seventh es 3 n Spring.
Frageman Joseph; res 271 Hampshire ns 5 e Eleventh.
Frageman Heinrich, laborer; res 226 Vermont ss 6 w Thirteenth.
Frague Augustus, porter, Metropolitan Hotel; bds same.
Frame George, blacksmith, Q. & P. shop; bds 37 3d ws 3 s Ver.
Francis Edwin S., merchant; res al. ss bet State and Ohio 1 w Fifth,
Francis Mary, (col) widow; res Twelfth es 3 n Elm
Francis Thomas W., book-keeper; res ss alley s State 1 w Fifth.
Francis William M.; res Maine ss w Third.
Francis William W., clerk; res ss alley s State 1 w Fifth.
Franke Emil J.; rooms 63 Hampshire.
FRANKE JULIUS, wholesale and retail dealer in men and boys’ clothing and gents’ furnishing goods, 63 Hampshire; rooms same,
Franke Wilhelm, cooper, 2d es 2 s Ver.; res 23 Maid. L. us 2 w 3d.
Frankenhoff Anton, yard man Quincy House; res Broad. ss 6 e 8th.
Frankenhoff Maria E., widow of Bernhardt; res Broad, ss 9 e 8th.
Franzen Johann, tailor, shop Eleventh es 4 s Spring; res same.
Franzmann Wilhelm, laborer; bds Broadway House.
Fraser John W., stewart Quincy Rouse; res 89 York ns 3 e Fifth.
Frazier James R., dry goods clerk, 130 Maine; bds 98 4th es 4 n Ken.
Frawley Bridget, widow of Simon; res Walnut al. ns 4 w Seventh.
Frawley John, laborer; bds Tenth es 4 s Main.
FREDE WEST HERMANN H., foreman boiler shop, cor Second and Broadway, and saloon and res se cor Front and Spring.
Freese Frederick W., brick-maker; res Ohio ss 4 w Fourth.
Freiburg Friedrich, lab’r, Front es s Jer.; bds se cor 11th and Ramp.
Freiburg Friederich A., cabinet-maker, 164 Hamp.; bds 193 Maine.
Freiburg Gertrude, widow of Christoph; res Seventh ws n Spring.
FREIBURG HENRY, boot-and shoe manufacturer and dealer, 193 Maine; res same.
Freiburg Kasper, shoemaker, 166 Maine; res Seventh ws n Spring,
French Thomas, carpenter; res York ss 6 c Sixth, in rear.
French Thomas N., carpenter; res 171 Hampshire.
Fericks George, teamster; res Oak ss 3 e Eleventh.
Frese Johann, laborer; res Adams ns 2 c Eighth.
Frese Joseph, laborer; res Spring ss c Eighteenth.
Frey Augustus B., book-keeper, 117 Maine; bds 120 Vermont.
Friederich Jacob, blacksmith, 101 State; bds 99 State ss e Sixth.
Friedhof Balthaser, saddle-tree shop, Twelfth ws 2 s Jersey; res Jersey ss 2 w Twelfth.
Friedsam Aaron, clothing clerk, 94 Hamp,; bds 111 Jersey.
Frierson John R, book-keeper; bds sw cor Fourth and York.
Fries Adam, stone-mason; res Seventh ws 2 s Kentucky.
Fries Ludwig, distillery, n ex Front; res Hamp. ss 2 w Tenth.
Frohlich Heinrich, tailor, shop and res 62 Fifth es 5 s Jersey.
Frohock Charlotte A., widow of John S.; res Fourth ws 9 n Hamp.
Frost Griffin, printer, sw cor 4th and Maine; res State ns 5 e 8th.
Frye Clemens, blacksmith, nw cor Twelfth and Hampshire; bds se cor Eleventh and Hampshire.
Fuchs Catharina, widow of Jacob; res 87 State ss 3 e Sixth.
Fuchs Henry, laborer, se cor Sixth and State; res 87 State ss 3 e 6th.
Fuchs Jacob, laborer; res Madison ns 1 w Eighth.
Fuchs John W., carpenter; res Ohio ns 6 w Seventh.
Fuchs Joseph, cutter saddles, &c., 109 Hamp.; res Jer. ss 3 w 8th.
FUCHS WILLIAM, cigar manufacturer, and wholesale and retail deale in cigars, tobacco and leaf, pipes, &c., 113 Hampshire; res Kent cky ss 6 w Fifth.
Fuhrmann Friederich, firm of Ruff, Bro. & Co.; res ne cor Twelfth and Adams.
Fulkufois Wilhelm, hostler, Adams House; bds same.
Funem Caspar H., tobac. rol., cor Front and Del.; res Adams ss c 8th.
Funk Catharine, widow of Amos B.; res 63 Hampshire w Fourth.
Funke John E.., tailor, shop and res Eleventh ws 2 n Vermont.
Furlong James H., runner, Adams House ; bds same.
Furlong Ann (col) widow of Jacob; res 25th ws 2 n Maine, East
Furness James E., real estate broker; res Tenth ws 3 s Maine.
FUTTERRER JOHANN B., distiller, rectifier and grocer, Broadway ss 3 c Twenty-fifth, East Quincy; res same.