bds-boards.n ex-northern extension ofs ex-southern exension of
bet-between.ns-north side.
(col)-colored.nw-north west.sw-south west.
cor-corner.res-resides and residence.w-west of.
e-east of.n-north side.
es-east east.s-south of.
  se-south east.

H Surnames

Haar Bernhard, laborer; res Hampshire ss 10 e Eighth.
Haar Henry, laborer ; res Payson avenue ss 2 e Sixth.
Haas Friedrich, laborer; res Madison ns 5 e Eighth.
Haas Lambert, laborer; res 157 Jersey ns 2 e Ninth.
Hackett Mrs. Bridget Al. C., teacher, Fifth es s York; bds nw cor Second and Hampshire.
Hackmann Friedrich Wilhelm. druggist 151 res 267 Maine e 10th.
Hackney Aaron G., shoemaker; res nw cor Fifth and Oak.
Hackwood Mary A., widow of George 1 res 69 York ns 7 w Fifth.
Hade Catherine, widow of Patrick; res State ns 3 w Fifth.
Hade John, conductor Q. & P. R. R.; res State ns 3 w Fifth.
Hade Margaret widow of Patrick; res Delaware ns 5 w Fourth.
Hadenhorst Casper II., blacksmith, 45 6th; res sw cor 18th and Ken.
Hadley Elisabeth, widow of Lawrence; res 136 Spring ns 2 e Ninth,
Hadley James; bds Virginia House.
Haefer Gottfried, laborer; res Maiden Lane ns w Fifth.
Haele George, tailor; res 84 Jersey ss 5 w Sixth.
Haerle Christian, tailor, 114 Hampshire; res 84 Jersey ss 5 e Sixth.
Haffarnan William, teamster; res 7th es bet Oak and Vine,
Hagan William, cooper; res 10 State ns 1 e Front.
Hagemann Friederich. laborer; res ‘Madison ss w Ninth.
Hagemann Gottlieb, Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res 197 State ss 1 w 11th.
Hagemann Hannah, widow of Bernhart; res 159 Ohio ns 4 e 9th.
Hagemann Ludwig, cooper; res 159 Ohio ns 4 e Ninth.
Hagenbruch John, cooper, 68 Sixth; res Oak ns 1 w Eleventh.
Hague John, harness-maker, 97 Hampshire; res Jefferson ss e Twelfth
Hague William, carpenter; res Jefferson ss bet 13th and 14th.
Hahner Nicolaus, shoe-shop, 11th es 3 n Broad., in rear; res same.
Haire Margaret, widow of Sylvester; res nw cor Seventh and Jeff.
HAIRE THOMAS, dealer in dry goods and groceries, provisions, &c., 164 Maine ; res same.
Haire Timothy, clerk, dry goods. &c 164 Maine ; res nw cor Seventh and Jefferson.
Haley Joshua P.; bds 64 Fourth es s Maine.
Haley Mary, widow of James; res Tenth ws 2 n Spring.
Hall Aaron J., moulder, Fifth s Jersey; res York ns 3 w Sixth.
Hall Eliza J., widow of Oliver C.; res Maiden Lane ss 5 e Fourth.
Hall James; res 112 Vermont ss 3 w Seventh.
HALL JOHN & CO., (J. Mansaw), proprietors of teams; office at residences.
Hall John, firm of John H. & Co.; res Vermont ns 4 w Third.
HALL JOHN P., agent Star Union Fast Freight Line, sw cor Fourth and Maine, and C. B. & Q. R. R. transfer agent, West Quincy; res 37 Vermont e Second.
Hall Moses S., mate, steamboat; res Sixth es 1 s Sycamore.
Hall Peter A., laborer; res Hampshire ss 5 e Twelfth.
Hall William, (col) cook; res 241 Maine ns 9 e Ninth.
Hall William B., clerk H. & St. Jo. office; res 37 Vermont e Second.
Halland Heinrich, laborer; res Madison ss 4 e Seventh.
Halle August, blacksmith, ne cor Sixth and Pays. avenue; bds same.
Halle Mention, blacksmith, Front s Del.; res sw cor 8th and Adams.
Haller Ludwig, carpenter; res Fifth ws 2 s Elm, shop in rear.
Hamaker Samuel J., clerk, clothing, 36 Fourth; res 112 Ken. e 7th.
Hamall Philip, laborer, distillery, s ex Front; bds near same.
Haman James M., painter, 30 6th es 4 n Hamp.; bds Farmers’ House.
Hamilton James, mach. C. B. & Q. shop; res ne cor 5th and Spring.
Hamilton John W., dry goods clerk, 33 5th; res 93 5th 2 n Ken.
Hammer Antony, shoemaker; res 96 State ns 4 e Sixth.
Hammerschmidt August, cabinet-maker, 95 Jersey; res 44 Maiden Lane 4 w Fifth.
Hammonds Henry, (col) farmer; res 25th ws 2 n. Maine, East Q.
Hammonds Martin, (col) laborer; bds 25th ws 2 n Maine, East Q.
Hammonds Rufus, (col) farmer; res 25th ws 2 n Maine, East
Hampton Mrs. Sarah; res alley ss s York 3 w Third.
Hanauer Simon, firm of Stein & H.; res 135 Ver. ss 5 e Eighth
Hanback Charles, laborer; bds Hampshire ns e Sixth.
Hand Philip, teamster; res n ex Front.
Haner Peter, painter, 164 Hamp.; res nw cor Eighth and Adams.
HANKE ERNST, cigar manufacturer and dealer in tobacco, cigars, pipes, snuff, &c., 52 Hampshire; res same.
Hanna Robert W., miller, nw cor Front and Del. bds State ss e 2d.
Hannibal & St. Joseph R. R. depot, West Quincy.
Hanover Gerhart H., cooper; res Elm ns 1 e Tenth.
Hanover Johann B., laborer; res alley e Tenth n Maine.
Happkotte Friederich, grocery, Vine ss 1 e Eighteenth; res same.
Harbes Bernhard, laborer; res Hampshire ss e Eighth.
Hardenbrook Mary W., widow of George; res 82 5th ws 11 s York.
Hardin Thomas A., clerk F. & M. Ins Co.; bds ne cor 6th and Oak.
Harding Eliza, widow of James; res 157 Vermont ne cor Tenth.
Harding John, quarrier, s ex Front; res Sixth es 3 s York.
Hare George W., portrait painter; res Eleventh es 2 s Maine.
HARGIS & SOMMER, (J. 11. H. & A. S.), proprietors of nursery and flower garden, sw cor Twenty-third and Maine.
Hargis Joseph H., firm of II. & Sommer; res sw cor 23d and Maine.
Harling Friederich, laborer; res 27 Monroe ns 4 e Seventh.
Harlow David, omnibus driver; bds Union House, 68 Maine.
Harman Peter, bar-tender; bds 73 Fifth ws 1 s York.
Harmann Bernhart, laborer; res Eleventh ws 5 n Broadway.
Harms Charles C., clerk, bakery, 125 Hampshire; bds same.
Harms Julius, carpenter; res ne cor Ninth and Ohio.
Haringer Joseph H., laborer; res 62 Fifth ws 2 n Vine.
Haronty Patrick, laborer; res nw cor Elm and Olive.
Harper Barnet, sack-maker; res Fifth ws 5 s Vermont.
Harper E Erasmus, teamster; res 67 Hampshire e Third.
Harper Thomas; res Fifth ws 5 s Vermont.
Harper Susan C., widow of Alexander; res 67 Hampshire e Thrid.
Harr Hermann, teamster; res Broadway ns 1 e Twenty-first.
HARRIG AUGUST, dealer in dry goods, groceries and provisions nw cor Seventh and Ohio; res same.
Harrig Mary L., widow of Joseph; res 261 Maine ns 6 e Tenth.
Harris Allen, stock dealer; bds Metropolitan Hotel.
Harris Charles W., clerk, bakery, sw cor Third and Maine; bds same.
Harris Daniel, firm of J. R. Harris & Co.; res 69 York ns w Fifth.
Harris Daniel, carpenter ; res Ninth ws 2 s Vermont, shop in rear.
HARRIS & BROTHER, (D. P. & J. R.), wholesale and retail dealers in tobacco, cigars, pipes, &c., 57 Hampshire.
Harris Daniel P., firm of H. & Brother; res 57 Hampshire.
Harris Edwin T., eng. C. B. & Q. R. R.; res se cor Oak and Olive.
Harris Hosea, tobacconist; res Fifth es 2 n State.
HARRIS J. R. & CO,, (D. Harris, A. Beebe, & J. H. McVeigh), tobacco manufacturers, sw cor Fifth and Ohio.
Harris Jacob R., firm of J. R. H. & Co.; res Jersey ns 4 w Third.
Harris John It., firm of 11. & Brother; res Fifth es 2 n State.
Harris Robert, tobacco-roller; res 69 York ns 7 w Fifth.
Harris William H., general agent Illinois Soldiers’ Monument Association, 104 Hampshire; bds Tremont House.
Harrison Daniel, homoeopathic physician; bds 70 Sixth es s Maine.
Harrison Henry, clerk, billiards, se cor Fifth and Maine; bds ns alley s Jersey w Third.
Harrison Thomas E., Co. H, 151 Ill. Inf.; res 70 Sixth es s Maine.
Harrison William Henry, cooper; res Fifth es 2 n Jefferson.
HAM & GRETHER, (F. H. & A. G), wholesale distillers, rectifiers and commission merchants, importers of foreign wines, liquors, &c., 116 Hampshire.
Harry Frederick, firm of H. & Grether; res 116 Hampshire.
HARSANT THOMAS, carpenter and builder Sixth se cor alley bet Washington and Jefferson; res Jefferson ns 2 e Sixth.
Hart Joseph, cigar-maker, Fifth es 3 s Maine ; res sw cor Seventh and Washington.
Hart Thomas, clerk, livery, 73 Maine; bds 88 Vermont e Fourth.
Hart William H., book-keeper; res 50 York ss 3 w Fourth.
Hartley Joseph C., pattern-maker, Front n Ver.; res Wash. ss 2 e 6th.
Hartman Bernhard, ornamental painter; res Hamp. ns 7 e 12th.
Hartman Bernhard H., laborer; res 299 Hampshire ns 7 e Twelfth.
Hartman Emanuel, firm of Kingsbaker & Co.; bds 124 Hampshire.
Hartung Casper, cook; res 180 State ns 3 w Tenth.
Hartung Gottlieb, blacksmith, cor 8th and State; res State ss 3 w 8th.
Hartung Justinus, laborer; res 18 Seventh es 1 n Ohio.
Hartung Lorenz, blacksmith, 129 Maine; res 129 State ss 4 w 8th.
Hartung William, cigar-maker, 154 Maine; res Maine ss 2 w 10th.
Hartwig John B., teamster; res Sixth ws 2 s Washington.
Harvey Edward T., bar-keeper, 146 Hampshire; bds same.
Harvey Samuel, gardener; res lane es 2 n Broadway, East Quincy.
Harvey William, C. B. & Q. freight, clerk; res 101 3d ws 3 n Ken.
Hascall Leonidas H., printer, sw cor Fourth and Maine; rep, Fifth ws 2 s Maiden Lane.
Hass John, pbotographer, 197 Maine.
Hastings Joseph, brick-mason; res State ns 5 e Front.
Hastings Joseph I., marble-cutter, 66 Maine; res State ns 5 e Front.
Hatch Reuben B.; res so cor Third and Jersey.
HATCHER WILLIAM L., captain ferry-boat Rosa Taylor; res 95 Third ws 2 s York.
Hatchet Saram, (col) laborer; res Eighth ws n Elm.
Hatebak Carl, quarrier, Front s Jefferson; res State ns e Third.
Haubrock Carl, Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res Jefferson ss 3 w Ninth.
Haubrock Casper H., tailor, 135 Maine; res sw cor 7th and Pay. av.
Haubrock Franz H., tailor; res ne cor Seventh and Washington.
Haumesser Johann N., laborer; res 250 Hampshire ss 9 e Tenth.
Haumuller Dietrich, laborer, nw cor Ninth and Hampshire; res Vermont ns e Tenth.
Haumuller Heinrich, carpenter, nw cor Ninth and Hampshire; res Vermont ns e Tenth.
Haupt Henry, shoemaker, 84 Hamp.; res 103 Fifth ws 4 s Ken,
Hauser Charles; res se cor Front and Maine.,
HAUSER DAMIAN, ice merchant; office and residence se cor Front and Maine.
Hauser Isaac, teamster; bds 37 Third ws 3 s Vermont.
Hausner Heinrich, shoemaker; res Sixth ws 3 s Vine.
Hausner Rudolph F., bar-tender, 35 Fifth; res Ninth es 5 s Ken.
Hauter Ludwig, laborer; res Eighth ws 1 n Kentucky.
Hantop Wilhelm, blacksmith. 45 Sixth; res Kentucky ss 6 w Tenth
HAWORTH, BAUGHMAN & CO., (W. B. H., G. B. & W. B. Larkworthy), architect, superintendent and builders, se cor Sixth and Jersey.
Hauworth William B… firm of H., Baughman & Co.; res Sixth ws 1 s Jersey.
Hawes Albert D., agent, pumps; bds Farmers’ House.
Hawkes Benjamin J., insurance agent; res 50 Jersey ss 2 e Third.
Hawxhurst James W., musician; res Broadway ns 3 w Seventh.
HAXEL CHARLES, druggist and dealer in paints, oils, coal oil lamps, glass and glass ware, fancy goods, perfumery, toys, &c., ne cor Sixth and Maine; res Sixth es 5 s Jersey.
Haxel Hannetta M., widow of Philip H.; res Third ws 1 s Spring.
Haxel John F., clerk, drugs, &c., 120 Maine; res 3d ws 1 s Spring.
Haxel Philipp, clerk, drugs, &c., 120 Maine; res 150 Hampshire.
Haydon Peter, carpenter; res Payson avenue ns 2 w Seventh.
Hayes Cornelius. laborer; res Chestnut ns 1 e Eighth.
Hayes William, laborer, bds ne cor Front and Washington.
Hayner Levi. moulder, 10 Front; res 81 York ns 2 e Fifth.
Haynes Anaky, (col) widow of Jerry; res Twentieth ws 2 n Oak.
Haynes George W., C. B. & Q. shipping agent,; res 2d ws 2 n Broad.
Hayte William B., moulder 5th s Jersey ~ res Ohio ss 4 w Fourth.
Hayward John, machinist, Front s Delaware; res Ohio ss 2 w Third.
Hazelton Tinman W., engineer, C. B. & Q. R. R. ; bds 35 Third.
HEAD HENRY, sr,, saddle and harness manufacturer, 135 Hampshire ne cor Sixth; res Broadway ss 2 w Seventh.
Head Henry, jr., harness-maker, 135 Hamp. ; res Broad. ss 2 w 7th.
Healan John, laborer; res 145 Jersey ns e Eighth.
Hebblewaite William, city express; bds 54 Hampshire.
Hebel Carl, cabinet-maker; bds Hampshire ss 2 w Tenth.
Heberling Hiram A., pattern maker, Front n Hampshire; res Spring ns 3 w Fifth.
HEBERN DR., cancer and consumption physician, 106 Maine ; res se cor Fourth and Elm.
Heckenkamp Bernhard, teamster; res nw cor, Ninth and Kentucky.
HECKENKAMP FRANK W., dealer in dry goods and groceries, so cor Seventh and Kentucky; res same.
Heckenkamp Henry, cooper, Vine ns 2 w 21st; res Hamp. ss 5 w 13th.
Heckenkamp John B.; res so cor Seventh and Kentucky.
Heckle Benjamin, bar-tender, 133 Maine; bds same.
Heckle Edward, butcher, 179 Hampshire; bds Tenth es 5 s Maine.
Heckle Max, firm of Wichmann, Bernbrock & Co.; res Jer. ss -2 w 8th.
Heckle Theodore; res Sixth ws 2 s State.
HEDGES JONAH, forwarding and commission merchant, Front es 1 s Hampshire; res York ns 5 w Third.
Hedges Lester A., foreman livery, 149 Hamp. res Ver ss 3 e 6th.
Hedges Mary, J., widow of Joseph; bds 90 Third es, 2 s York.
Heeb Heinrich, tin-shop and res 252 Maine ss 8 e -Ninth.
Heelan John, laborer, Front es s Jersey; res 145 Jersey.
Heer Johann II, laborer; res Payson avenue e Sixth.
Hefer George, butcher; res se cor Front and Spring.
Hegebaume Friederich, laborer; res Jackson ss 5 w Eighth.
Hegebaume Friederich Win., laborer; res Jackson ss 2 w Eighth.
Hegebaume Gottlieb, laborer; res Jefferson ss 2 w Eighth.
Hegebaume Heinrich, emp., Q. &. P. R. R.; res Jefferson ss 2 w 8th.
Hegebaume Peter Heinrich, carpenter; res Jefferson, ss 3 w Eighth.
Hegebaume Philip, laborer; res so cor Fifth and Harrison.
Hegebaume Philipp, laborer ; res Jefferson ss 2 w Eighth.
Heidbreder Charles H., firm of H. 11 & Bro.; res se cor 8th and State.
Heidbreder Friedrich Wilhelm, brick-layer and cooper; res 154 Washington ss 3 w Eighth.
Heidbreder Heinrich, teamster; res 7.1 Seventh ws 2 n Washington.
Heidbreder Heinrich, teamster; res Eighth es 1 n Washington.
Heidbreder H. & BRO., (C. H.), dealers in dry goods and groceries, sw cor Eighth an d State.
Heidbreder Hermann, firm of 11. 11. & Bro.; res so cor 8th and State.
Heidbreder John P., Co. H, 43 111. Inf.; res se cor 8th and State.
Heide Friederich, laborer; res nw cor Twenty-second and Oak.
Heidelof Adam, cooper; res Fourth es 2 n Vine.
Heidemann George, firm of Moss & IL; res sw cor 11th and Hamp.
Heidemann Heinrich. watchman; res Tenth ss 3 s Oak.
Heidemann Hermann H., tailor; res Payson avenue ss 1 w Fifth.
Heidemann John W., book-binder, 114 Maine; res Pay. av ss 1 w 8th.
Heidenreich Carl, tailor, 98 Maine; res Eighth ws 2 s Washington.
Heidenreich Ernst H., stone-mason; res Eighth ws 2 s Washington.
Heighton Susana, (col) widow of Henry; res 171 Hampshire.
Heil Heinrich, laborer; res State ns 4 e Seventh.
Heimann Bernhard, laborer; res York ns 3 w Eighth, in rear.
Heine & Hemmer, (A. H. & H. H.), cigar manuf’s., 102 Hampshire.
Heine, Anton, firm of H. & Hemmer; res Walnut alley ns 2 w 7th.
Heine Anton H., cigar manufacturer, 186 Maine; res same.
Heine Catharina, widow of Anton, sr.; res Walnut alley ns 2 w 7th.
Heine Friederich, bds Second ws 2 s Chesnut.
Heinekamp Conrad J., school 9th es 3 n State; res State ss 6 e 10th.
HEINEMEYER WILLIAM manufacturer and dealer in willow baskets, willow furniture and willow ware, 154 Hampshire; res 215 Vermont ns 3 w Thirteenth.
Heintz Nickolas, clerk, boots, &c., 84 Hamp.; res 9th ws 2 s Broad.
Heintz Phillip, saddler.; bds 238 Maine ss 2 e Ninth.
HEIRS TOM J., local editor Herald, sw cor Fourth and Maine; res Vermont ns 3 e Fourth.
Heisler Johann, cooper; res se cor Second and Vermont.
Heisner Henry, shoem’kr, 137 Hamp.; res 6th ws bet Oak and Vine.
Heithold Johann G., lab. C. B. & Q. frei’t dep.; res Mon. ss 2 w 8th.
Heitkamp Peter, bricklayer; res se cor Thirteenth and Broadway.
Heitlage Heinrich A., laborer, gas works; res Jersey ns 3 w 11th.
Heitland Heinrich, carpenter.; bds Washington ss 1 w Ninth.
Helferig Cathrina, widow of Adam; res 116 5th es 2 s Maid. Lane.
Heller Elizabeth, widow of George P.; res 156 Hampshire.
Heller George H.; bds Walker House.
Heller George P.; res 156 Hampshire.
Heller John A. pastry cook, Quincy House; bds same.
Hellhake Caspar, cigar-maker, 186 Maine; res sw cor 7th and Oak.
Hellhake Heinrich, laborer; res Seventh ws 2 n Spring.
Hellhake Hermann, cooper, cor 5th and Wal. al.; res Oak ns e 6th.
Hellhake Sophia, widow of Heinrich, sen.; res 7th ws 2 n Spring.
Hellmer Adam, firm of H. & A..; res York ns 5 w Fifth.
HELLMER H. & A.; barbers, 115 Hampshire.
Hellmer John Henry, firm of H. & A. H.; res Ninth ws 4 n Ver.
Hellstern Alois, cabinet-maker, 95 Jersey; res 210 Maine e 7th.
HELLSTERN FIDEL, cabinet-maker, shop Maine ns 3 e Ninth; res Maine ss 3 e Ninth.
Hellstern Wendelin, laborer; res Kentucky ss 3 e Fourth.
HUMBOLDT JOHN A., proprietor Two Mile House, Broadway ss 8 e Twenty-fourth, East Quincy.
HELMS EDWIN D., physician and surgeon; office and res Third es 1 s Vermont.
Hely Miss Deborah artist; bds 94 Jersey ss 3 e Sixth.
Heming Bernard H., watch-maker and jeweler, Maine ns 4 e Seventh; res same.
Hemker Franz H., tailor, shop and res Hampshire ss 10 e Eighth.
Hemker Johann, cooper, 70 Fifth ws 7 n Vine; bds same.
Hemmer Henry, firm of Heine & H.; res 7th bet Spring and Oak.
Hempelmann Ernst H., tailor, 114 Hamp.; res Wash. ss 3 w 8th.
Hemstrat Lemuel, carpenter; bds Maind ss 4 w Second.
Hender Henry, porter, 37 Fifth; res Fifth w 5 n Oak.
Henderson Amanda (col) widow of Dennis res Elm ns 5 e 13th.
Henderson Edward, (col) U. S. N.; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Henderson Jackson. B., laborer; bds Vermont ss e Second.
Henderson John H., engineer, C.B. & Q. R. R.; bds ws 5 s Ver.
Henderson Lotta, (col); res Elm ns 5 e Thirteenth.
Henderson Moses (col) whitewasher res York ss 4 e Sixth.
Hendrick Miss Sarah L., gymnastic academy, 130 Maine; bds 110 Broadway ns 4 w Eighth.
Hener Christian, laborer; res 241, Maine ns 9 e Ninth.
Heninger George, watchmaker, 118 Maine; bds nw cor 4th and York.
Henkle John F., wagon-maker, 50, bds 54 Hampshire e Third.
Henrich Franz, dealer dry goods, sw cor 11th and Broad.; res same.
Henrich John, teamster; res Spring ss 2 w Fourth.
Henrich Peter. teamster; res Spring ss 3 w Fourth
Henrich William, laborer; res Spring ss 3 w Fourth.
Henrichsmeier George, laborer; res Linn ss 2 e Fifth.
Henry Charlotte (col), widow of Jackson; res nw cor Spring and Olive.
Hense Heinrich; res Kentucky ns 3 e Seventh.
Herbst Wilhelm, blacksmith, 45 Sixth, res State ns 2 e Fifth.
Herchenroder Friederich C., carpenter res sw cor Tenth and Ohio.
Herdemann Albert; bds Vine ns 3 w Twenty-first.
Herdon Thomas, laborer, res 194 Hampshire ss 8 e Eighth, in rear.
Hering Hermann tailor, 135 Maine; res Hamp. ss 2 w Thirteenth.
Herlemann Catharine, widow of Wm. Andreas; res 94 Hampshire.
Herlemann Jacob; res Maine ss 1 e Twenty=fourth, East Quincy.
Herlemann Jacob, shoemaker, res State ss 5 w Seventh.
Herlemann Leonhard, garderer; res Maine ss 1 e 24th, East Quincy.
Herlemann Nicolaus, teamster; res ne cor 14th and State.
HERLEMANN WILLIAM. blacksmith, horse-shoer and wagon manufacturer, State bet Sixth and Seventh; res 99 State ss e Sixth.
HERMANN DAVID, merchant taolor and dealer in ready-made clothing and gents’ furnishing goods, 37 Fourth; res Fifth es n York.
Hermann Friedrich, laborer nw cor Ninth and Hampshire; res Sixth ws 4 s State.
HERMANN GOTTLIEB, book-binder and paper-box manufacturer, 38 Fourth; bds nw cor Seventh and Washington.
Hermeling Johannes, carpenter; res 23 Seventh ws 6 n Spring.
Hermes George laborer; res Adams ns 1 w Ninth.
Hernden James N., express messager, 43 Fourth.
Herndon Jackson L. runner Metropolitan Hotel; bds same.
Herndon James A., clerk saddles, 109 Hamp.; res Broad. ss 2 w 11th.
Herndon John R., laborer; res ne cor Sixth and Kentucky.
Herndon William; res 238 Hampshire ss 3 e Tenth.
Herold Charles, chair-mkr, sw cor 9th and Ver. res 12th es 4 s Hamp.
Herold Johann G., laborer; res Twelfth es 4 s Hampshire.
Herrick Harold C., watch-maker, 125 Maine; res State ns 6 e Front.
HERRICK JEROME D, dealer in fine watches, jewelry, clocks, silver and plated ware, 125 Maine,; res State ns 6 e Front.
Herrit Francis, tinshop, Broadway ss 3 e Eleventh; res same.
Herrman Jacob, harness-maker, Fifth ws 2 n Hampshire; res nw cor Fifth and Cedar.
Hertlein Johann, quarrier Front s State; res 6th ws 3 n Payson av.
Hervers Gottlieb T. res Sixth ws 2 n Washington.
Herwig Johann Michael, laborer; res 161 State ss 4 w Tenth.
Herzog Friedrich. chair-maker, Maine ss w 3d; res Hamp. ss 7 e 8th.
Herzog Philip, laborer; res Jefferson ss 1 e Seventh.
Hesch George, boatman ; res 51 State ss e Fourth.
Hesling Wilhelm, drayman; rew 66 Fifth ws 4 n Vine.
Hesselmann Heinrich, laborer; res alley n Elm 1 Ninth.
Hessey Randolph, clk., U.S. Ex., Front; bds 4th ws 9 n Hampshire.
Heubner Bernhard, shoemaker, 112 Hampshire; bds 134 Hampshare.
Heuer Bernhart, laborer; res Spring ns 2 w Sixth.
Heuer Elisabetha, widow of Bernhart; res Spring ns 2 w Sixth.
Heuer Henry, harness-cuttter 75 Hamp.; bds sw cor 12th and Jer.
Heumann Wilhelm, mason, res 41 Ninth ws 4 n Maine.
Hewitt Perry, teamster; res 49 State ss e Fourth.
Heymann Frank, porter, Tremont House;. bds same.
Hibbitt Peter, fireman, s ex Front; res Jefferson ns 3 w Seventh.
Hickey Edward C., saddler; res Walnut alley ns 5 e Sixth.
Hickey Thomas, laborer; res 36 State ns e Third.
Hicks Charles J., printer, sw cor 4th and Maine; bds Adams House.
Hicks Charles H. , harness-mkr, *117 Hamp.; res Maid L. ss 5 e 4th.
Hicks Henry L., saddler, 5th ws 2 n Hampshire; bds Walker House.
Hicks William D., land agent, sw cor Fifth and Maine; res sw cor Twelfth and Spring.
Higgins Andrew, laborer; res Elm ns 1 e Third.
HIGGINS DAVID, contractor; res so cor Seventh and Spring.
Higgins Dennis, laborer; res Spring ns 2 e Tenth.
Higgins Morris, laborer, Jersey ns 3 w Sixth; bds same. gg
Higgins William, saddler, Fifth ws 2 n Hampshire; res se cor Seventh and Spring.
Higgins William, machinist, C. B. , Q. shop; res Seventh es n Oak.
Higgins William T., moulder, Front s Del.; res 7th ws 1 n Wash.
Hightower John, (col) laborer; res Chestnut ss 3 w Eighth.
Hilbing Anton, cooper, 11th es 2 n Broad.; res 11th es 1 n Spring.
Hilborn Cyrus W., firm of Brown, Dimock , Co.; res Jer. so 3 w 5th.
Hild Adam, firm of Piper , H.; bds 108 Hampshire.
Hild George, barber, 106 Hampshire; bds 108 Hampshire.
Hildebrand Jacob; res 212 Vermont ss 5 e we fth.
Hildebrand Joseph, teamster, brewery, York ss e Ninth; res same.
Hildebrand Theodore, farmer; res Twenty-fourth es 1 n Broadway.
Hilferink Henry, carpenter; res 110 Kentucky ss 9 e Seventh.
Hilgenbrink Heinrich, cooper; res 53 Kentucky ns 4 w Fifth.
Hilgenbrink Joseph, carpenter; res 100 State ns 5 e Sixth.
Hill Frederick T., firm of Shinn, Bert , H.; bds Quincy House.
Hill Valentine, plasterer; res Sixth es 2 n Jefferson.
Hiltz Alexander, cigar-maker, 140 Maine; res Ken. ss 4 e Ninth.
HILTZ MICHAEL, cigar manufacturer and wholesale and retail dealer in tobacco, cigars, pipes, &c., *140 Maine; res se cor Eighth and Kentucky.
Hinchman James R. W.; res 109 Jersey ns 2 e Seventh.
Hindman Jane, widow of John; res Oak ss 2 w Twentieth.
Hindman John; res Oak ss 2 w Twentieth.
Hinrichs Christoph, cabinet-maker; res Seventh ws 3 s State.
Hintz Johann, quarrier, Front s Jefferson; res Monroe ss 4 e 7th.
Hipp Joseph, peddler; res Linn ss 1 w Twentieth.
Hipp Wilhelm, cabinet-maker, 95 Jersey; res 208 Maine e Seventh.
Hipsley Edward J., blacksmith; res Maine ss 6 e Eleventh.
Hirsch Hermann, firm of J. Jonas , Co.; res 199 Maine ns e 7th.
Hirsch Joseph; res 77 York ns 1 e Fifth.
Hirsch Morris; res 29 Eighth ws n Maine.
Hirsch Simon; res 77 York ns 1 e Fifth.
HIRSCH ZACHARIAS, dealer in hides, furs, wool, copper, brass, bees wax, &c., 46 Hampshirese cor Third; res 29 Eighth ws 3 s Hampshire.
Hirsch Zacharias, clerk, hides, 150 Hamp.; res 199 Maine ns e 7th.
Hitch James P., butcher, 84 Maine; res ne cor Eleventh and Maine
HITCH JOSEPH, meat market, 84 Maine; res ne cor Eleventh and Maine.
Hitch Joseph, plasterer; res Twelfth es 1 n Vermont.
Hitchcock Henry S.; res Eighth ws 5 n Vermont.
Hitzmann Friederich; res 187 State ss 3 e Tenth.
Hoar Benjamin F., clerk, saddles, 97 Hamp.; res nw cor 6th and Spruce.
Hobold Hermann H., laborer; res Linn ss 2 w Tenth.
Hobrecker John, engraver, shop and res 67 York ns 3 e Fourth.
Hobrecker Theodore; res city hospital s ex Fifth.
Hochgreve Andreas, laborer; res Vermont ss 3 w Twelfth.
Hock Charles, laborer, works nw cor Fifth and Broadway; bds same.
Hodinghaus Heinrich, shoemaker, 193 Maine; res Ohio ns 2 e 9th.
Hodinghaus Heinrich G., laborer; res 155 Ohio ns 2 e Ninth.
Hodge Dillerd, (col) soldier; res Elm ns 3 e Thirteenth.
Hoefer George E., teacher, Fourth ws 12 n Hampshire; bds sw cor Eighth and State.
Hoehn Josephine, widow of Philip; res 167 Jersey ns 7 w Tenth.
Hoene Frank H., firm of Leifhelm , H.; res Oak ss 1 w Eighth.
Hoeng Franz J., teamster, York ss e Ninth; res se cor 9th and York
Hoeing Joseph, teamster, York ss e Ninth; res se cor Ninth and York.
Hoering Leonhard, saloon and res 152 Hampshire.
Hofflin Johann George, cabinet-maker; res Maine ns 3 w Tenth.
Hoffman Charles B., carpenter, C. B. , Q. shop; res Spring ss 1 e 6th.
Hoffman Egbert F.; res York ss 2 w Fifth.
Hoffman Elizabeth, widow of Henry; res 109 Jersey ns 2 e Seventh.
Hoffman Frederick W., cigar-maker, 147 Hamp. , res State ns 3 e 4th.
HOFFMAN HENRY H., agent, wholesale and retail dealer in drugs, medicines, paints, oils, wines, liquors, &c., 99 Maine sw cor Public Square; res York ss 2 w Fifth.
Hoffman Richard S., omnibus agent, 85 Maine; res 74 Maine.
Hoffman William B.; res 232 Hampshire sw cor Tenth.
Hoffmann Lambert, cooper; res 7th ws 3 s Maine, shop in rear.
Hoffmann Nicholaus, cooper; res Madison ns 6 w Seventh.
Hoffmann Otto, laborer; res nw cor Fifth and Oak.
Hoffmeister Heinrich, carpenter; res Broadway ss 5 e Eighteenth.
Hofling Frederick, watch-maker, shop 112 Hampshire; res same.
Hogan James, laborer; res Sixth es 2 s York.
Hohn Jacob, porter, 97 Hampshire; bds 134 Hampshire ss e Sixth.
Hohn Philip, harness-maker, 97 Hamp.; bds Ninth ws n Maine.
Hohnadel Frank, clerk, hats, &c., 45 Fourth; res 92 Fourth es s York.
Hohnadel George, stone-cutter; res 92 Fourth es s York.
Hokamp Casper H., cooper; res State ns 6 e Ninth.
Hokamp Wilhelm, teamster; res Madison ns 2 w Ninth.
Holander Franz, cooper; res Walnut alley ns 8 e Sixth.
Holker Eliza, widow of George, at Quincy House.
Hollan Regina, widow of Hugo; res ne cor Front and Jersey.
Holland Heinrich, laborer; res Madison ss 4 e Seventh.
Holland Henry, confectioner, Hamp. ns 5 e 7th; res Ken. ss e Fifth.
Hollenstein William, dealer in dry goods, &c., Wash. e 6th; res same.
Hollensteiner August, laborer; res Ninth ws 2 s Harrison.
Hollensteiner Heinrich, tailor, shop Ninth ws 2 s Ohio; res same.
Hollensteiner Heinrich, laborer; res 191 State ss 7 e Tenth.
Hollowbush Jacob R., commission merchant; bds Quincy House.
Holly George A.; bds ne cor Fourth and Kentucky.
Holm Gustav, painter; bds 173 Jersey ns 5 w Tenth.
Holmes Martin V. B.; res Maine ss bet Sixteenth and Seventeenth.
HOLMES SAMUEL, provision dealer; res Maine ss bet Sixteenth and Seventeenth.
Holscher Heinrich, laborer; res Elm ss 6 e Sixth.’
Holske Wilhelm, laborer; res Front es s Washington.
Holt Charles, firm of Langdon & H.; res Third ws 6 s York.
Holt George W., pilot, ferry-boat; res Olive es 1 n Spring.
Holthaus Hermann, carpenter; res nw cor Seventh and State.
HOLTKAMP THEODOR, merchant tailor and dealer in clothing, 234 Maine ss 2 w Ninth; res same.
Holtmann Anton, laborer; res Eleventh ws 2 n Vermont.
Holtmann Heinrich, laborer; res Eleventh es 1 n Hampshire.
Holtmann Hermann, quarrier, s ex Front; res Ninth ws 2 n Monroe.
Holtmannn Hermann H., brick-moulder; res nw cor 9th and Monroe.
Holtmann Johann, bricklayer; res Eleventh es 2 n Hampshire.
Holtmann Johann Heinrich, team. 144 Maine; res Jack. ss 5 e 8th.
Holtmann Joseph, 43 Ill. Inf.; res Eleventh es 1 n Hampshire.
HOLTON JOHN H., police magistrate and conveyancer, court house; res York ns 2 w Fifth.
Holzgrafe Herman, tailor; res 73 Seventh es 2 n Washington.
Homan William A., book-keep, 52 Fourth; bds sw cor 4th and York.
Homberg Franz H., horse doctor; office and res 122 Ken. ss 5 e 8th.
Homberg Lute P., firm of Schroeder & H.; res 25 Front.
Hommert Dieterich, cabinet-maker, 164 Hampshire; res nw cor Eleventh and Vermont.
Honekamp Wilhelm H., laborer; res Payson avenue ss 5 w Sixth.
Honer Casper, plainer, cor Fifth and Ohio; res se cor 8th and Mon.
Honer Gottlieb D., quarrier, s ex Front; res Jefferson ss 3 Eighth.
Honer Hermann, eng. cor 4th and Ohio; res cor 7th and Monroe.
Honer Heinrich, laborer; res nw cor Eighth and Adams.
Honer Jobst H., Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res nw cor Eighth and Adams.
Honer Johann Gottlieb, cooper; res 148 Washington ss 4 e Seventh.
Honer Johann Heinrich, brick-moulder; res ne cor 8th and Adams.
Honer John H., works at ne cor 5th and Ohio; res Pay. av. 5 e 5th.
Honer Phillip, laborer; res Jefferson ss 5 e Eighth.
Hoobler Sarah, widow of Jacob; res Sixth es 1 s Sycamore.
Hoover Mrs. Julia A.; res se cor Second and Maiden Lane.
Hoover Washington, tobac. worker; res se cor 2d and Maid. Lane.
Hope Edward W., drug clerk, 99 Maine; res 46 5th es s Maine.
Horing Bernhard H., cigar-maker; res 100 York ss 3 w Sixth.
Horner Johann, cooper; res ne cor Fourth and Vine.
Hornung Charles, barber, 70, res 58 Hampshire w Fourth.
Hornung Henry J., barber, shop 56 Fourth; res 58 Hampshire.
Horst Casper, laborer; res Ohio ss e Sixth.
Horstmann Lucy, widow; res se cor Seventh and Jersey.
Houck William H., carriage-maker, 6th s Maine; res 6th ws 2 n Vine.
Houghteling Miss Catharine; res Jefferson ss 2 e Twelfth.
HOUP HENRY W., physician and surgeon; office and res 138 Hampshire.
House Charlotte, (col) widow of Bazil; res 25th ws 2 n Maine, E. Q.
House Mary, widow of Thomas; res York ss 6 e Sixth, in rear.
Houston Mary, widow of J.; res hospital 5th ws 1 s cemetery.
Hoverton Edward, sen., (retired); res Seventh es 4 s Spring.
Hoverton Edward, jr., harness-maker, 97 Hamp.; res 7th es 4 s Spring.
Hoverton Margaret, widow of John; res 44 Seventh es 4 n Jersey.
Howard Charles, (col) laborer; res Ver. ss e Fifth, rear church.
Howard Charles, (col) laborer ; res Ohio ss 4 w Third.
Howard George, engineer, T. W. & W. R’y.; bds Metrop. Hotel.
Howard George M., conductor T. W. & W. R’y.; bds Tremont House,
Howard Joseph, (col) laborer; res 9th nw cor alley n Elm.
Howard Louisa, (col) widow of George; res Chestnut ss 2 e 8th.
Howard Wilber F., eng., C. B. & Q. R. R.; res se cor Oak and Olive.
Howard William G., painter, 30 Sixth; res Jersey ss 4 e Seventh.
HOWE DAVID E., house and sign painter, grainer, glazier, marbler and paper-hanger, 159 Maine; res 19 Eighth ws 1 s Oak.
Howland Charles; res sw cor Fourth and York.
Howser Clarenda A., widow of Daniel; res 53 Seventh ws 7 n York.
Howser Eliza, widow of John; res 34 State ns w Fourth.
Howser John, laborer; bds 53 Seventh ws 7 n York.
Howsler John, (col) 29 Tenn.; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Hubbard Sarah, (col) widow of Milton; res Twelfth es 2 n Vine.
Hubbard Socrates, dentist, 478 Sixth; res Ninth es 2 s Oak.
Hubbard Stephen B., tobacco-roller; res Front es, s Delaware.
Huber Gustav, butcher, cor Third and Hamp.; bds Maine ss 4 e 11 th.
Hubert Friedrich, Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res Van Buren ns 2 w Eighth.
Huchtemann Casper H., carpenter ; res Madison ns 6 e Eighth.
Hudson Edwin 0., clerk H. & St. Jo. R. R. office; bds 98 Fourth.
Huestis William E., barber, 70 Hampshire; bds 58 Hampshire.
Huey Alexander G., gardener; res State ss 3 e Seventh.
Hufendick Friedrich W., cooper; res Eighth es 3 n Ohio
Hufendieck Heinrich, cooper, 9th ws s Pay. av.; bds 9th ws 1 n Wash.
Hufendieck Peter, cooper, 9th ws s Pay. av.; bds 9th ws 1 n Wash.
Hufendieck Peter, at mill, Front es n Hamp.; res Ohio ns 2 e Eighth.
Hufendieck Peter H.,r, Front s Jeff.; res Ohio ns 2 e 8th.
Huffman Hanna, (col)= of William; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Huffman Isaac G, ‘forem. news room Herald office; res 2d es s Jer.
Huffman James M., T. W. & W. bag. mas.; res Front es 2 s Spring.
Huffman John, blacksmith, 15 Fifth; res Broad. ss 5 e Eighth.
Huffman Mathias, clerk, jewelry 118 Maine; bds Tremont House.
Hufker Wilhelm; res 13 Adams ns 5 w Eighth.
Hufmeier Hermann H., laborer; res 95 Jefferson ss 2 e Eighth.
HUG JOHN F., barber, shop 155 Maine; res Ninth es 3 n Jersey.
Hughes Arthur, laborer; res 26 Eighth es 4 s Hampshire.
Hughes Edward, blacksmith, Seventh ws 2 n Maine; bds 177 Hamp.
Huhne Wilhelm, laborer; res 110 Kentucky ss 9 e Seventh.
Hull Otis, carpenter, Fifth ws s Jersey; res Sixth ws 2 s Vermont.
Hulse Richard; res Oak ns 1 e Fourth.
Hulszebrink Heinrich, laborer; res 172 Broadway ns 9 e Eleventh.
Hulsebring Johann Heinrich, cab. mkr.; res 172 Broad. ns e 11th.
HULSMAN HENRY, watchmaker and jeweler, 148 Maine; res sw cor Seventh and York.
Humert John A., brick-yard, nw cor Fifth and Linn; res se cor Fifth and Linn.
Humke Louis, cigar-manufacturer, Oak ss 6 e 11th; bds same.
Hummel Johann, cabinet-maker, 95 Jersey; res Ninth ws 4 s Hamp.
Humphrey Abner V., clerk, grocery, 116 Maine; res Jer. ns 1 w 34.
Humphrey Hanora, widow of Nicholas; res 149 Jersey n s 1 w 9th.
Humphrey John, laborer ; res 147 Jersey ns 9 e Eighth.
Humphrey Marshal M., farmer; res 92 Vermont ss 2 w Sixth.
Humphrey Taylor, farmer; res 92 Vermont ss 2 w Sixth.
Humphrey William V., sheriff, court house; res in jail.
Hunsaker Columbus, cooper, shop York w 3d; res 19 4th ws n Hamp.
Hunsaker Fernando, cooper, York ss 2 w 3d; res 4th es 3 n State.
Hunt George A., firm of Asbury & H.; res ne cor Fifth and Cedar.
Hunter David, (col) laborer; res 25th ws 2 n Maine, East Quincy.
Hunting Rev. Sylvan S., pastor Unitarian church; res se cor 4th and Spring.
Huntoon Mary E., widow of Frank J.; res Eighth ws 1 s Vine.
Hupp Anderson, cash. C. B. & Q. freight office; bds Metrop. Hotel.
Hupp Franklin P., fireman, C. B. & Q. R. R.; bds Metrop. Hotel.
Hupp William., fireman, C. B. & Q. R. R.; bds Metropolitan Hotel.
Huppe Gustav, shoemaker, 114, res 200 Hamp. ss 6 w Ninth.
Hurlbert William E., mas. mech., Q. & P. shop; res Spring ns 3 e 6th.
Hurley John, laborer; res 34 Eighth 4 s Maine.
HURTER DAVID, saloon, 39 Front; res Second ws 2 n Hampshire.
Hurter John, clerk, grocery, 133 Hampshire; res 155 Spring e 10th.
Husemann Casper, cooper; res 135 Pay. av. ss 3 w 7th, shop in rear.
Husemann Friedrich Wilhelm, mach.; res 135 Pay. av. ss 3 w 7th.
Husemann Friederich W., sr.; res se cor Seventh and Ohio.
Husemann Friederich W., jr., teamster; res se cor Seventh and Ohio.
Husemann Heinrich, laborer; res 29 Eighth ws 4 s Ohio.
Husemann Hermann H., laborer ~ bds 135 Pay. av. ss 3 w Seventh,
Husemann John F., tailor, 98 Maine; res Adams ss 2 e Fifth.
Hutmacher Anton; res Broadway ss 2 w Twelfth.
Hutmacher August, tinner, 157 Hamp.; res Broad. ss 2 w Twelfth.
Hutmacher Edward, soap grease factory; res Broad. ss 2 w Twelfth.
Hutmacher Gustav, painter; res Broad. ss 2 w Twelfth.
HUTMACHER RUDOLPH, steam renderer, and dealer in lard, tallow, grease, hair, bristles, &c., n ex Front; res Twelfth ws 3 n Oak.
Huttenhaus Herman, teamster; res 220 Hampshire ss 6 e Ninth.
Hutton Henry, engineer; res sw cor Third and Broadway.
HUTTON JOHN, marble dealer, 62 Maine; res 209 Vermont ns 4 e Twelfth.
Huxall Conrad, gardener; res Eighth ws bet Spruce and Sycamore.
Huxall Herman F., firm of Metz & H.; res Eighth ws 2 n Spruce.
HYATT HARRISON’S., Prof. of Mathematics, and teacher in Commercial Calculation Department of Bryant, Stratton & Bell’s Business College; res Spring ss 2 e Third.