bds-boards.n ex-northern extension ofs ex-southern exension of
bet-between.ns-north side.
(col)-colored.nw-north west.sw-south west.
cor-corner.res-resides and residence.w-west of.
e-east of.n-north side.
es-east east.s-south of.
  se-south east.

J Surnames

Jackson Andrew I (col) laborer; bds Eighth ws n Linn.
Jackson Andrew, (col) laborer; res 25th es 2 s Broad., East Quincy.
Jackson Ann J., widow of William, tailoress; res State ns 3 c 8th.
Jackson Edward, dealer clothing, &c., 92 Hamp.; bds Broad. House.
Jackson Franklin P., tobac. rol.; res 173 State ns 3 c Eighth.
Jackson Goliah, (col) blacksmith; res Delaware ss c Front.
Jackson John, rectifier, 144 Maine; res 63 Vermont ns 7 w Fourth.
Jackson Lewis, (col) teamster; res York ss 1 w Fifth.
Jackson Manheim, dealer clothing, &c., 33 Fourth; res same.
Jackson Mrs. M., milliner, 33 Fourth; res same.
Jackson Morris, clothing merchant; res Fourth sw cor Hamp.
Jackson Oliver, (col) at wood yard, Maine w Third; res Del. ns c 4th.
Jackson Samuel, engineer; bds ne cor Spring and Olive.
Jackson Samuel, jr.; res 82 Third es 1 s Jersey.
Jackson Thomas, laborer; res cor Front and State.
Jackson William, clerk, clothing, 92 Hamp.; bds Broadway House.
Jackson William T., dealer in produce, 162 Hamp.; res same.
Jackson Wyatt, (col) laborer I res cor Delaware and Front.
Jacobs Abraham, clerk, shoes, 86 Hamp.; res 30 8th es 3 n Maine.
Jacobs Margaret C., widow of John; res 109 State ss 3 w Seventh.
JACOBS MOSES, wholesale and retail dealer in clothing, gents’ furnishing goods, hats, caps; trunks, carpet bags , shirts, &c., 83 Hampshire; res same.
Jacobs Robert B., shoe shop, 67 Fourth; res Third ws 7 n Maine.
Jacobs Samuel; res Eighth es 7 s Maine.
Jacobs William F., dry goods clerk, 81 Hamp.; bds 167 Maine.
Jacoby Mary, widow of James; res Eighth ws 1 n York.
Jaeger Jacob; bar-tender, 106 Hampshire; bds some.
Jakle Philipp, peddler; res Eighth es 2 s Harrison.
Jakobsmeier Herman, quarier, s ex Front; res Adams ns 3 w Eighth.
Jakobsmeier Johann H., laborer; res Adams ns 4 c Eighth.
Jameson David T.; res 89 Jersey ns 6 e Sixth.
Janes George M., student; res Sixth es 1 n Spruce.
Janes John L., telegraph operator; res Sixth es 1 n Spruce.
Janes Rev. Lester, M. E. minister; res Sixth es 1 n Spruce.
Janning Hermann, laborer; res 13 Adams ns 5 w Eighth.
Janning Joseph, gardener; res Kentucky ss 7 c Eighth.
Jansen Albert, shoemaker, 193 Maine; res Ver ss 4 w Thirteenth-.
Jansen Charles C., firm of F. W. J. & Son; res Jersey ns 5 c Fifth.
JANSEN F. W. & SON., (C. C.), manufacturers and dealers in all kinds of furniture, 36 Fifth n Maine.
Jansen Frederick W., firm of F. W. J. & Son; res Jersey ns 5 e 5th.
Jansen Heinrich, wagonmaker; bds se cor Tenth and Hampshire.
Jansen Heinrich E., dealer in produce; res Seventh ws 1 n Wash.
Jansen Hermann, sr.; res Vermont ss 4 w Thirteenth.
Jansen Hermann, jr.; res Vermont ss 4 w Thirteenth.
Jansen Johann H., laborer; res 121 State ss 5 c Seventh.
JANSEN MATTHEW, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, sw cor Ninth and State; res same.
Jansen Matthew H., Capt. Co. A, 27 Ill. Inf.; res State ss 2 w 9th.
Jansen Peter J., fur. fin., 36 Fifth; res 44 Maid. L. ss 4 w Fifth.
JANSEN RICHARD, notary public, real estate and claim agent, 35 Fifth; res York ss 9 w Third.
Jansen Theodore H., firm of Retemeyer & J.; res State ss 2 w Ninth.
Jansen Wilhelm, cooper; res 244 Hampshire ss 6 e Eleventh.
Janssen Henry, assistant pastor of St. Boniface Church, German Roman Catholic; res Seventh ws 1 n Maine.
Janssen John, secretary of the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Quincy; res nw cor Eighth and Vermont.
Janssen John Rudolph, tailor, 52 Fourth; res Sixth ws 2 s York.
JAQUESS COL. JAMES F., of Freedmen’s Bureau; res Oak ss bet ighth and Ninth.
Jarand Fritz C., saloon, 101 Hampshire; res same.
Jarrett James, firm of R. Stewart & Co. ; res York ss 3 w Third.
Jarrett Maroni; res Maine ss 2 w Second.
Jarrett William, delivers ice, ne cor Front and Maine; bds cor Second and Maine.
Jasper Frank C., wood-turner, 164 Hampshire; res 166 Hampshire.
Jasper Frank H., furniture manufacturer, 164, res 166 Hampshire.
Jasper George F., clerk, 1st National Bank; res ne cor 6th and Broad.
Jasper Heinrich, saddler ~ bds Vine ss 1 e Eighteenth.
Jasper Heinrich, cutter, 5th ws 2 n Hamp; res Maine ss e Eighth.
Jasper Thomas, miller; res 84 Broadway ne cor Sixth.
Jauriet John F., clerk, C. B. & Q. shop; res Vermont ns 2 w Third.
Jaynes Cyrus R., farmer; bds 41 State ss 2 e Fourth.
JAYNES ROBERT L., billiards and saloon, se cor Fifth and Maine; res State ss 2 e Fourth.
Jelsing Anton, carpenter ; res Spring ss 5 w Eleventh.
Jencks Lemira, widow of Phillip; res Third ws 5 n Maine.
Jenkins David, photographer; res Broadway ss e city limits.
Jenkins John, laborer; bds 108 York ss 2 e Sixth.
Jenkins Isaac, laborer; res ne cor Front and Jersey.
Jenkins Samuel, (col) laborer; res ne cor Front and Jersey.
Jenks William H., laborer; res Third ws 5 n Maine.
Jenner Michael, mason; res 87 Seventh es 6 n Kentucky.
Jennings John M., firm of Walker & J.; res Vermont ss 3 e 12th.
Jochem Jacob, iron-moulder; res ne cor Twenty-second and Broad.
Jochem Johann J., laborer; res ne cor Twenty-second and Broadway.
Jochem Peter, chair-maker; bds ne cor Twenty-second and Broadway.
Jochem, Nicklaus, harness-maker, 135 Hampshire; res ne cor Twenty-second and Broadway.
Johannes Anton, farmer; res Broadway as 2 w Twelfth.
Johannes Bernhart, carpenter, shop 10th s Maine; res 262 Maine.
Johannes Clemens, laborer; res Maine ss 3 w Twelfth,
Johanson Carl Didrick, tanner, cor Sixth and State ; bds 238 Maine.
JOHNSON ALEXANDER; res 177 Hampshire ns e Sixth.
Johnson David 0., carpenter, 10 Front; res Kentucky ns I w Third.
Johnson George, C. B. & Q. yard master; res Fifth ws 2 s Spring.
Johnson James D., marble agent, 62 Maine.
Johnson John, laborer; res Olive es 4 n Oak.
Johnson Pamelia, (col) widow of Willis; res ne cor Front and Del.
JOHNSON SMITH, dealer in groceries and provisions, 170 Hampshire; res 177 Hampshire.
Johnson William H., Q. & P. clerk, Front cor Spring; res Fifth ws 5 s Spring.
Johnson William M., carpenter; res nw cor Sixth and Ohio.
Johnson William M., engineer; res 114 Maiden Lane ss 2 e Fourth.
Johnson William R., book-keeper, Ill Maine; res 5th ws 4 n Broad.
Johnson William T., Quincy and Warsaw stage; bds 134 Hampshire.
Johnston Amanda, (col); res Elm’ ns 2 e Thirteenth.
Johnston Eliza, (col) widow of John S.; res Eighth es 3 s Maine.
JOHNSTON FREDERICK G., ex-county treasurer, office 140 Maine; res York ns w Ninth.
Johnston George, (col) laborer; bds Chestnut ss 5 w Tenth.
Johnston Henry, (col); res Ohio ns 4 e Fourth, in rear.
Johnston Jilts, (col) laborer; res 25th ws 2 n Maine, East Quincy.
Johnston John W., tobacco-roller; res 63 Seventh ws 3 n York.
Johnston Mahala, (col) widow of Porter; res Twenty-fifth ws 2 n Maine, East Quincy.
Johnston Peter, (col) boarding house, Third ws 4 s Broadway.
Johnston Richard, (col) teamster; res Vine ss 1 w Eleventh.
Johnston Scott, (col) laborer; res Eighth es 2 s Chestnut.
Johnston Willis, (col) laborer; bds Chestnut ss 5 w Tenth.
Jolly Robert, general agent; bds Broadway House.
Jolly William, laborer; res Fourth es 2 s Spruce.
Jolly William W., farmer; res avenue e Twelfth 1 n Vermont.
Jonas Miss Anna E., teacher, cor 12th and Maine; bds 53 Jersey.
Jonas Edward, firm of S. & E. J.; res 98 Hampshire sw cor Fifth.
JONAS J. & CO., (H. Hirsch), commission merchants and dealers in hides, furs, wool, rags, &c., 150 Hampshire.
Jonas Julius, firm of J. J. & Co. ; res Chicago, Ill.
JONAS S. & E., dealers in iron and steel, heavy hardware, gas pipe, brass and iron fittings, wagon and carriage timber and trimmings, and wholesale paper warehouse, 98 Hampshire ne cor Public Square.
Jonas Samuel, firm of S. & E. J.; res 98 Hampshire sw cor Fifth.
Jones Ann, widow of Gerrard; res 10 Fourth es 4 n Vermont.
Jones Charles, engineer, 13th Kentucky Art.; res Third ws 5 n Del.
Jones Danum, (col) 51 Ill. Inf.; res Chestnut ss 6 w Tenth.
Jones Edwin A., mills cor Spring and Olive; res 2d es 1 n Vermont.
Jones Eugene, shoemaker; bds Depot Hotel.
Jones Garrard D.; res nw cor Fourth and Vermont.
Jones James E., miller, cor Spring and Olive; res 2d es 1 n Vermont.
Jones James McBride, firm of J. & Bro.; res 86 Jersey ss 4 w Sixth.
Jones James T., marble-cutter, nw cor Third and Maine; bds Walker House.
Jones James W., marble-cutter, nw cor Third and Maine.
Jones Jehu P., firm of Williamson & J.; res Vermont ns 2 e Sixth.
Jones John T., cigar-maker, 147 Hampshire.
JONES ROBERT; bds 70 Sixth es s Maine.
Jones William, iron-moulder; res Jefferson ns 2 w Seventh.
JONES WILLIAM, carpenter and builder, Broadway ns c Twenty-third; res lane s Broadway 3 c Twenty-fifth.
JONES & BROTHER, (W. C. & J. McB.), wholesale and retail dealers in groceries and provisions, 69 Hampshire.
Jones William C., firm of J. & Brother; res 69 Hamp. w Fourth.
Jones William C., ice dealer; res Fifth es 2 n Cherry.
Jones Zebulon, miller, cor Front and Jersey; res 5th ws 5 n Vine.
Jordan Frank, clerk, express office; bds Tremont House.
Joseph Alfred C., harness-maker, 75 Hamp.; res Spring ss 1 w 3d.
Joseph Caspar, teamster, 29 Fourth; res Spring ss 1 w Third.
JOSEPH & NELKE, (M. J. & F. N.), wholesale and retail dealers in dry and fancy goods, carpets, oil cloths, curtains, &c., 95 Hamp.
Joseph Martin, firm of J. & Nelke; res Seventh ws 3 s Spring.
Joseph Stephen, cooper, shop Oak ss 3 w Tenth; res nw cor Twelfth and Vermont.
Joseph Wolf, firm of I. D. Nelke & Co.; res Seventh ws 4 s Spring.
JOSSELYN D. T. & CO., (H. P. Josselyn), dealers in shelf and heavy hardware, farming implements, stoves, &c., tin, copper and sheet iron manufacturers, 62 Hampshire.
Josselyn David T., firm of D. T. J. & Co.; res Fourth es 2 s Ken.
Josselyn Harlan P., firm of D. T, J. & Co.; res 196 Maine ss 2 c 7th.
Jost John, stone-cutter; res Fourth es 2 n Washington.
Josting Heinrich, laborer; res ne cor Tenth and Kentucky.
Jucks Michael, cooper; res Fourth es 4 s Cherry.
Judd Samuel, night clerk, express office; res Vermont ns 3 c 11th.
Judson Burton; res 8 Sixth es 2 n Vermont, in rear.
Judy Washington W.; res 153 Maine.
Julfs John Henry, tailor, cor 7th and State; res Ken ss 9 c Seventh.
JUNCKER RIGHT REV. HENRY DAMIAN, Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Quincy; res nw cor Eighth and Vermont.
Jung Adam, laborer, ne cor Ninth and Broadway.
Jung Valentin, tailor, 135 Maine; bds York ss 6 e Seventh.
JUNKERMANN WILLIAM, boot and shoe manufacturer, nw cor Sixth and Jersey; res 268 Maine ss 5 c Tenth.
Justice Andrew J., laborer; bds Fourth es 1 n State.