bds-boards. n ex-northern extension of s ex-southern exension of
bet-between. ns-north side. ss-south side.
(col)-colored. nw-north west. sw-south west.
cor-corner. res-resides and residence. w-west of.
e-east of. n-north of. ws-west side.
es-east side. ne-north east. s-south of.
    se-south east.

N Surnames

Nabell Frederick, clerk, bakery, sw cor Third and Maine; res same.
Naber Frank, teamster; res Maine ss 7 e Eleventh.
Naber Henry, laborer; res Maine ss 7 c Eleventh.
Naber William, rope-maker, Twelfth es bet Maine and Jersey; bds Maine ss 7 c Eleventh.
Nachilis Anton, teamster; res ne cor Front and Jersey.
Naderhoff Louis, porter, 104 Maine; bds Third ws 1 s Spring.
Naeter George, cigar manufacturer, 128 Hampshire; res 192 Maine.
Naeter Mrs. Mary A., milliner, 192 Maine; res same.
Nagel Ernst L., cabinet-mkr., 206 Maine; res Tenth es 7 n Maine.
Nagel Henry, carpenter; res nw cor Thirteenth and Hampshire.
Nance Clement; res se cor Eighteenth and Oak.
Nance Richard W., firm of C. R. Richardson & Co.; res se cor Eighteenth and Oak.
Nash Emma, widow of Abraham; res Broadway ns 1 c Eighteenth.
Nash Thomas, painter; res Ohio ss 3 e Ninth.
Nauert Peter, brick-layer; res Sixth ws 5 s State.
Naylor James W., cutter, saddles, 97, res 200 Hamp. ss 6 w Ninth.
Naylor John Q., express messenger, 43 Fourth; bds 124 Hampshire.
Naylor Rebeca, widow of William; res sw cor Eighteenth and Maine.
Nagle Richard, machinist, Front es s Broad.; bds Hamp. ns 3 w 3d.
Neal Rebecca, widow of Thomas; res Broad. ns 1 c woolen factory.
NEAL T. S. A W. E., manufacturers of cloths, cassimeres, satinets, check and plain flannels, jeans, blankets, yarns, &c., Broadway a Twenty-fourth, East Quincy.
Neal Thomas S., firm of T. S, & W, E. N. ; res 25th es 5 s Broad.
Neal William E., firm of T. S. & W. E. N.; res Broadway us 1 c woolen factory, East Quincy.
Nebe Johann B. C., cabinet-mkr., 95 Jersey; res Pay. av. ss 3 e 7th.
Needham Henry, (col) laborer;. res 25th ws 2 n Maine, East Quincy.
Neel Jane A., wide* of John; res 58 Seventh es 7 s Jersey.
Neel George, blacksmith; res 58 Seventh es 7 s Jersey.
Neel John G., blacksmith; res nw cor Tenth and Hampshire.
Neistadt Jacob, laborer, 5th ws s Jersey; res Washington ns 2 c 3d.
Nelke Ferdinand, firm of Joseph & N.; res Sixth ws 2 s Jersey.
NELKE I. D. & CO., (W. Joseph), wholesale and retail dealers in dry and fancy goods, 44 Fourth.
Nelke Isidor D., firm of I. D. N. & Co.; res Fourth es 2 s Spring.
Nelson John S., land agent; res ne cor Seventh and Kentucky.
Nelson Stephen H., express delivering clerk; res Third es 2 s Spring.
Nelson William, express driver; res Third 3 s Broadway.
Neuer Mathias, cooper, 39 Ninth; res Tenth ws 3 n Jersey.
Neumann Adam, laborer; res nw cor Twentieth and Linn.
Neumann Catharina, widow of Pompeus; res Kentucky ss 5 w Fifth.
Neumann Gustav, stone-cutter; res Fourth es 3 s State.
Neumann Johann, quarrier, s ex Front; res Adams ss 1 c Fifth.
Neumann Xaver, harness manufacturer, 169 Hampshire; res same.
Newbanks Elias, steamboat steward; res 105 Sixth ws 4 s York.
Newbanks George; res 105 Sixth ws 4 s York.
Newbanks John, laborer; res 105 Sixth ws 4 s York.
Newbanks Mary, widow of John; res 105 Sixth ws 4 s York.
Newbold Newton W., saddler, 75 Hamp.; res Fifth es 2 n Spring.
Newby Edward W.; res Chestnut ss 1 w Twenty-first.
Newby William, clerk, cor 8th and Hamp.; res Chestnut ss 1 w 21st.
Newhall Henry M., conductor, H. & S. J. R. ; bds York ss 4 c Fifth.
Newhall Samuel D., conductor, H. & S. J. R.; res nw cor Ninth and Kentucky.
Newhard Mrs. Elizabeth, cloak making, stitching and stamping, 102 Hampshire; res same.
Newhard George A., printer; res 102 Hampshire.
Newland James, laborer; res Keyes’ alley ns 3 e Fourth.
Newton John W., laborer; res 34 Eighth es 4 s Maine.
Nichol Alexander, rope-maker, 12th n Jersey; res Maine ns 5 e 11th.
NICHOLS ADAMS. physician and surgeon; office and res 120 Vermont ss 4 e Seventh.
Nichols Henry W., clerk, hardware, 111, res 172 Maine e Sixth.
Nichols Joe H., clerk, C. B. & Q. freight house; rooms 104 Hamp.
Nichols John F., firm of Morehead & N.; bds sw cor 7th and Hamp.
Nicholson John, plasterer; res Jackson ns 3 w Seventh.
Nickols David E., carpenter; res Fifth ws 4 n Oak.
Nicol William, mach., Front es n Hampshire; res Oak ss 1 w Sixth.
Niederpennig Heinrich, laborer; res Oak ss 8 e Eleventh.
Niehaus Diedrich, laborer; res sw cor Thirteenth and Hampshire.
Niehaus Friederich, watchman, ne cor Fifth and Ohio; res Tenth es 2 s State.
Niehaus Friedrich, tailor; res 166 State us 4 e Ninth.
Niehaus Theodor, at lumber, cor 6th and Maine; res cor 13th and Ver.
Niehoff Christian, laborer; res Ohio ns 2 e Eighth. .
Niekamp Conrad H., laborer; res 108 Kentucky se cor Tenth.
Niekamp Friederich W., teamster; res 131 Washington ns 5 w 7th.
Niekamp Johann H., Co. H. 43 Ill. Inf.; res sw cor 7th and Jefferson.
Nieman Ferdinand, iron-moulder; res Maiden Lane ns 10 w Fifth.
Nieman Heinrich, blacksmith, C. B. & Q. shop; res 5th ws 2 n Oak.
Niemann Casper H., farmer; res Jefferson. ss bet 10th and 11th.
Niemann Clemens; res 260 Hampshire ss 4 w Eleventh.
Niemann Henry, wagon shop and res nw cor 11th and Hampshire.
Niemeier August, stone-mason; res 143 Washington ns 2 e Seventh.
Niemeier Fritz, laborer; res 87 Fifth ws 5 n Kentucky.
Niemeier Heinrich, laborer; res Kentacky ss 3 w Fifth.
Niemeyer Arnold, cab. mkr. 164 Hampshire; res 10th ws 2 s Oak.
Niemeyer Charles H., carpenter; res 251 Maine ne cor Tenth.
Niemeyer Christian, stone-mason ; res State ss 3 e Seventh.
Niermann Friederich W., shoe shop, 157 State ss 2 e Ninth; res same.
Niesenhoner August F., teamster; res Kentucky ns 7 e Ninth.
Nieste Heinrich W., carpenter; res Vine ss 1 w Eleventh.
NILES ADDISON, physician and surgeon; office and res Vermont ss 1 e Fifth.
Nixson Josiah T., 151 111. Inf.; res Vermont ns 2 e Seventh.
Noble Philo, eng., Fifth ws s Jersey; res 92 State ns 3 e Sixth.
Nohles Charles, musician; res se cor Twelfth and Hampshire.
Nohles Jacob, musician; res se cor Twelfth and Hampshire.
Nohles John P., grocery and res se cor Twelfth and Hampshire.
Nohles Joseph, 7th U. S. regulars; res se cor Twelfth and Hampshire.
Nolan John C., laborer; res 34 Maiden Lane ss 3 e Fourth.
Nold Henry, peddler hides and furs; res 188 Hamp. ss 2 e Eighth.
Noll Heinrich, coop., shop Spring. ss 2 e 4th; res Keyes al. ns 2 e 4th.
Noll Jacob, cooper, Spring, ss 2 e 4th; res Seventh ws 9 s York.
Nolsch John P., sr., brewer, sw cor Sixth and Jefferson; res same.
NOELCH JOHN P., Jr., proprietor Jefferson brewery, sw cor Sixth and Jefferson; res same.
Nolte Wilhelm, laborer; res 31 Monroe ns 3 w Eighth.
Noonan Timothy, teamster; res Kentucky ns e Seventh.
Norris Robert H., carp., al. e 5th s Maine; res Pay. av. 3 w Seventh.
Northorp Ruth, widow of Isaac; res Maiden Lane ns 3 e Third.
Northup Henry, coppersmith C. B. & Q. shop; res 4th es I s Maple.
Northup Lucy, widow of Claudius; res Fourth es 1 s Maple.
Northup Thomas S., clerk, steamboat; res 4th es I s Maple.
Northup William C., coppersm., C. B. Q. shop; res 4th es 1 s Maple.
Norton Harrison, teamster; res 65 York ns 2 e Fourth.
Norton Margaret A., widow of James; res Washington ns 2 w 7th.
NOTH GEORGE, proprietor Union Farmers’ Home, cor-Ninth and Hampshire.
Noth John; res se cor Ninth and Hampshire.
Notter Johann George; res Fifth es 1 s Payson avenue.
Notter Johann Michael, brick-layer; res Fifth es 1 s Payson avenue.
Nugent Thomas, laborer, Front s Jersey; res Seventh ws s Jersey.
Nuttell George, fruit-dealer; res alley bet 6th and 7th 1 n Spruce.
Nutting Benjamin B., farmer; res Tenth es 4 n Spring.
Nutting Charles, laborer; res Fifth ws 5 n Oak.
Nutting Charles B., farmer; res Tenth es 4 n Spring.
Nutting Joseph B., farmer; res Tenth es 4 n Spring.