bds-boards.n ex-northern extension ofs ex-southern exension of
bet-between.ns-north side.
(col)-colored.nw-north west.sw-south west.
cor-corner.res-resides and residence.w-west of.
e-east of.n-north side.
es-east east.s-south of.
  se-south east.

P Surnames

Pace Daniel, (col) teamster; res Elm ss 2 e Tenth.
Pace William, (col) laborer; res Twentieth ws 2 n Oak.
Pa Delford John M., veterinary surgeon; office and res 245 Hamp.
Padgett George, farmer; res Hampshire ns 1 w Fourteenth.
Page Ether C., stage carpenter, 77 Maine; res Keyes’ al. ns 1 w 6th.
Pahner John C.; res 116 Broadway nw cor Eighth.
Palmer Levi, insurance agent; bds Vermont ns 4 e Twelfth.
Palmer Moses G., attorney at law; bds Third ws 5 s York.
Palmer William H., wood-turner; bds Third ws 5 s Vermont.
Palmer William R., painter, 30 Sixth; bds Third ws 5 s Vermont.
Pankoke Charles, tailor, 141 Hampshire; res se cor 6th and Wash.
Panter Anton, butcher, 179 Hampshire; res Tenth es 5 s Maine.
Pape Ludwig laborer; res Kentucky ns 5 e Seventh.
Pape Nicolaus, laborer; res nw cor Fifth and Maiden Lane.
PAPPENFORT OTTO, grocery, beer and eating house, and boot and shoe shop, ne cor Front and Broadway.
PARISH JOSEPH B., manufacturer of tin, copper and sheet iron ware, and dealer in stoves and tinners’ stock, and agent Stewart’s cooking and heating stoves, 30 Fourth n Hampshire; res York ns 3 w Third.
Park David, moulder, 10 Front; res Ohio ns 3 w Fourth.
PARK GEORGE, physician and surgeon; office and res Twelfth es 1 n Vermont.
Park Robert A., tobacco-roller; res Ohio ns 3 w Fourth.
Park Silas W.; res Twelfth es 1 n Vermont.
Parker Albert Henry, book-keeper, 85 Hamp.; bds Jersey ns 2 w 7th.
PARKER EDWARD A., ticket agent C.B. & Q. and H. & St. J.R.’ R.’s., C.B. & Q. R.R. depot; bds Sixth es 3 n York.
Parker Edward J., teller M. & F. National Bank; bds Ver. ss 4 e 7th.
PARKER JAMES A., merchant tailor, and dealer in gents’ furnishing goods, 98 Maine sw cor Fourth; res Broadway ns 3 e Ninth.
PARKER LEANDER D., manager I. & M. telegraph office, 102 Maine; res Eighth ws 5 n Oak.
Parker Oran Montgomery, machinist; res Third ws 4 s Maine.
Parks Sarah, widow of William; res nw cor Fifth and Oak.
Parr William, carpenter; bds se cor Ninth and Hampshire.
Parsons Peter, (col) farmer; res Twenty-fifth ws 2 n Maine, East.
PASTORIUS & MUELLER, (F. P. & L. M.), saloon, 34 Fifth.
Pastorius Frank, firm of P. & Muller; res 34 Fifth n Maine.
Pate John T., firm of Wolfson & P.; res Seventh ws s Jersey.
Pater Johann B., laborer;, res 60 Kentucky ss 4 w Fifth.
Path Carl, laborer; res ne cor Sixth and Jefferson.
Patrick & Berry, (Misses B. F. P. & C. C. B.), school, 160 Maine.
Patrick Miss Bess F., Misses P. & Berry; res 160 Maine.
Patten Mrs. Zelinda, cloak maker, 24 Fourth; bds sw cor Tenith and Chestnut.
Patterson Jane, (col) widow of Major; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Patterson William, porter, ex. office 43 Fourth; res 20th es 1 s Chest.
PATTISON JOHN W, dealer in groceries, provisions and fruit, 50 Fifth es s Maine; res same.
Patton John M., route agent; res Third ws 4 n Ohio.
Paul Henry, shoemaker, 51 Fourth; res Elm ns 1 w Tenth.
Paullin Daniel, dealer in land and real estate, sw cor Fifth and Maine ; res ne cor Sixteenth and Maine.
Payne Robert, (col) laborer, Broad. ns 3 e 10th ; res Maine ns 2 w 10th.
Payton Francis M., cooper; res 163 Hampshire.
Peabody Albert B., dealer in dry goods, 173, res 175 Hampshire.
PEACOCK AMOS, proprietor Virginia Honse, nw cor Third and Hampshire.
Pearson Aven, firm of Wheeler & P.; bds 144 Hampshire.
PEARSONS NATHANIEL G., ladies’ hair dressing, manufacturer and dealer in hair jewelry, wigs, toupees, ladies’ braids, switches, curls, ornamental hair goods, toilet and fancy goods, &c., 11 8 Maine se cor Fifth; bds se cor Seventh and Vermont.
Pease Guy P., painter; res Payson avenue ss 1 w Tenth.
Pease John C., painter; res Payson avenue ss 1 w Tenth.
Peck Rev. Samuel, Hebrew Church; res 6 Sixth 3 n Vermont.
Peiffer Johann, cooper; res Fourth es 2 s Elm.
PEINE CARL, billiards, shooting gallery and saloon, 126 Hampshire; res Seventh ;vs 2 s Oak.
Pelper Diedrich, cupola tender, 5th s Jer.; res 7th es 2 s Monroe.
Peirce Mary A., widow of Ira; res Maine ns 4 e Seventh.
Peirce Orlando, omnibus driver, Virginia House; bds same.
Peirce Orlando M., tobacco-roller; res Maine ns 4 e Seventh.
Peirce Roland E., tobacco-roller; res Maine ns 4 e Seventh.
Peitzmann Henry, at livery, 149 Hamp.; bds 98 Ver. ss 4 e Sixth.
Pellenwessel Henry, shoe shop, cor 6th and York; res State ss 4 e 7th.
PENFIELD URI S., firms of James Arthur & Co., Van Doorn, Brother & Co., and cashier First National Bank, ne cor Fourth and Hampshire; res Hampshire ns e Thirteenth.
Penhale John, carpenter, 5th s Jersey; bds Kentucky s 3 e Seventh.
Penn William, laborer; res sw cor Sixth and State.
Penney Samuel H., engineer, C. B. & Q. R.; res ne cor 6th and Elm.
Pennock John H., C. B. & Q. ex. messenger; bds 124 Hampshire.
Pennsylvania House, 131 Hampshire, J. Fitzpatrick, proprietor.
Pepmiller Johann H., laborer; res Monroe ss 3 w Ninth.
Pepper Edmond, (col) Co. A, 56 La. Inf.; res 25th es 4 n Maine.
Percival William H.,; bds Tremont Rouse.
Perkins Edward H., res Broadway ns 4 w Seventh.
Perkins Edwin R., wheat buyer, cor Front and Broadway; res Second ws 3 n Broadway.
Perry Joshua, plasterer; res Broadway ss 5 e 24th, East Quincy.
Peter Jacob, wagon-maker, cor Twelfth and Broadway; bds 238 Maine ss 2 e Ninth.
Peterman William O., broom-maker, Seventh ws 1 s Hampshire; res Seventh es 6 s Kentucky.
Peters Elias, (col) farmer; res Chestnut ss 3 w Eighth.
Peters John, at livery, 83 Maine; bds Union House.
Peterschmidt Conrad, laborer; res Jackson ss 2 e Eighth.
Peterschmidt Frans Heinrich, at 7th ws 2 s Hamp.; res Adams e 6th.
Peth Carl, laborer, Front ws s Delaware; res sw cor 6th and Jefferson.
Petite Julia, widow of Alphro S., boarding house, 167 Maine.
Petram Charles, clerk, stoves, &c., 30 Fourth n Hampshire; res se cor Ninth and Maine.
Petrau Charles, blacksmith, 129 Maine; res Pay. av. ss 4 e Seventh.
Petrau John, painter; res Payson avenue ss 4 e Seventh.
PETRI CHARLES, county survevor, court house, and publisher Quincy Tribune, German daily and weekly newspaper, and The Arch Druid, German monthly magazine, sw cor Sixth and Hampshire; res 58 Kentucky ss 5 w Fifth.
Petrie John, blacksmith, 11th n Hamp.; res Vermont ss 8 e Twelfth.
PETRY ALEXENDRE, French boot maker, and manufacturer fancy work, 75 Hampshire; res 136 Hampshire.
Petz Joseph, stone-mason; res Jackson ns 1 e Seventh.
Peukert Johann Joseph, tailor shop, Eighth ws 3 s State; res same.
Peverley Samuel C.; res 153 Maine.
Pfahl Julius Leopold, dry goods clerk, 44 Fourth; res 95 Hampshire.
Pfannschmidt Eva E., widow of Gottfried; res Jersey ns 5 e Fifth.
PFAU JOHN LOUIS, dealer in stoves, and tin, copper and sheet iron worker, 127 State ss 5 w Eighth; res 125 State.
Pfeifer Mathias, cabinet-mkr., 95 Jersey e 6th; res Ver. ss 6 w 13th.
Pfeiffer Charles, assistant general agent AEtna Life Insurance Co., Fifth es cor Maine; res 66 Fifth es 7 s Jersey.
Pfeiffer George R., firm of Woodruff & P.; rooms 96 Hampshire.
Pfeiffer Heinrich, iron-moulder, Front s Del.; res 5th es 7 s Jersey.
Pfirmann Conrad, basket-maker, shop and res Seventh es 1 s State.
Pfirmann Daniel, policeman, court house; res Seventh ws 6 n York.
Pfirsching Franz, boatman; res 28 Vermont ss 1 e Second, in rear.
Phelan Johanna, widow of Richard; res York ss 3 e Seventh.
Phelan John, quarrier, s ex Front; bds Hampshire ns w Third.
Phelps Joseph, ship carpenter; res Ohio ns 2 e Third.
Phelps Mark, ship carpenter; res 69 Hampshire w Fourth.
Phelps Roderick W., painter; res se cor 25th and Broad., E. Quincy.
Phillips Andrew, laborer; res Eighth es 1 n York.
Phillips Lawson, teamster; bds Depot Hotel.
Phillips Maria, widow of Churchill; res Maine ns 4 e Eleventh.
Phillips Silas, farmer; res 171 Hampshire.
Phillips Theresia, widow of Benidict; res Sixth es 1 n Kentucky.
Picher Hermann, tailor, 98 Maine; res Washington ns e Seventh.
Pickard James, saloon, 149 Hampshire; res Vermont ss 1 w Sixteenth.
Pickering Miss Cornelia; res ne cor Thirteenth and Maine.
Picket Washington, (col) porter, 150 Hamp.; res Spring ns 2 w 10th.
Pickler George, proprietor Vermont House, 42 Maine.
Pieper Barnhard H., dlr. dry goods, se cor 7th and Pay. av.; res same.
Pieper Charles, porter, Tremont House; bds same.
Pieper Diederich, cupola tender, 5th s Jersey; res 7th es 2 s Monroe.
Pieper Eliza, widow of Gerhart; res 151 State ss 3 w Ninth.
Pieper Ferdinand, laborer; bds 173 Jersey ns 5 w Tenth.
Pieper John Henry, bar-tender, 146 Hampshire; bds same.
Pieper Simon H., cabinet-maker, 95 Jersey; res State ns 4 w Tenth.
Pieper Wilhelm, cooper, 4th es n Cherry; res Tenth es 1 s Linn.
Pierce Franklin, clerk, clothing, 112 Maine; bds 48 Ken. ss 2 w 4th.
PIGGOTT MICHAEL, agent for buying and selling real estate, also general collector, 144 Maine; res 190 Vermont ss 3 e Eleventh.
Pigot John, at H. & St. Jo. depot; bds Sixth ws n Oak.
Pilger Johann, clerk; res Maine ns 2 w Eleventh.
Pinkham Betsey, widow of Nathan; res 344 Maine se cor Thirteenth.
Pinkham Nathan, proprietor Pinkham Halls; res 334 Maine.
Piot Fridrich, porter, 98 Hampshire; res Broadway ss 3 e 18th.
Piper Rev. James A., Pres. Ch., (0. S.); res Hamp. ns 3 w Tenth.
PIPER & HILD, (J. P. & A. H.), barbers, 106 Hampshire.
Piper John, firm of P. & Hild; res 89 Vermont ns 2 w Fifth.
Pipesman Henry, laborer, 98 Vermont ss 4 e Sixth; bds same.
Pitman James M.; res 89 Jersey ns 6 e Sixth.
Pitney Keziah, widow of Loui; res Maine ns 9 e Twelfth.
Pitney Albert L., sign paint., 30 6th n Hamp.; res Maine ns 9 e 12th.
Pitney Ora L., merchant; res Maine ns 9 e Twelfth.
Pitney Warren F., clerk; res Maine ns 9 e Twelfth.
Pittman Lemon, teamster; res Eleventh ws 4 n Broadway.
Pleasant Andrew, (col) tobac. rol.; res Eleventh ws 2 n Broadway.
Plymann Franz, laborer; res Olive es 4 n Oak.
Pobel Philip A., cooper, alley s Ken. e Eighth; res York ss 6 e 6th.
Pohl Louis, ins. sol., 5th es cor Maine; res Pay. av. ss 3 e Eighth.
Pohlmann George H., laborer; res 22 Tenth es 6 n Maine.
Poillon Francis A., bar-tender; res Fourth ws 1 s Maiden Lane.
Poling Clarence D., carp., nw cor Fifth and Vermont; bds Broadway ns 3 e Twenty-first.
POMROY C. M. & CO., (J. D. Morgan & G. Bond), pork-packers, cor Hampshire and Commercial alley.
PONROY CALEB M., firm of C. M. P. & Co., and President First National Bank, ne cor Fourth and Hampshire; res 51 Jersey ss 2 w Fourth.
Pool Charles W., car. paint., 6th ws s Maine; res 149 Ver. ns 2 e 9th.
Pool Erastus P., car. paint., 6th ws s Maine; res 149 Ver. ns 2 e 9th.
Pool Samuel L., merch. tailor, 141 Hamp.; res 149 Ver. ns 2 e 9th.
Pool William W., res 149 Vermont ns 2 e Ninth.
Pope Anna, widow of Reuben; res Third ws 1 s Maine.
POPE & BALDWIN., ( T. P. & E. G. B.), agents for and dealers in reapers, mowers, threshers, plows, cultivators, agricultural and other machinery, &c., 77, 79, 81 and 111 Maine.
Pope Thomas, firm of P. & Baldwin; res Eighth ws 4 n Vermont.
Popping Henry, cooper; res Eleventh es 2 s Oak, shop in rear.
Porter John, watchman, distil., s ex Front; res 60 Ken. ss e Fourth.
Porter Robert, Capt. Co. A., 29 U. S.; res sw cor Eighth and Ken.
Porter William D.; res 108 York ss 2 e Sixth.
Post Joseph, laborer; res se cor Ninth and Kentucky.
Pott Hermann H., laborer; res Madison ns 2 w Seventh.
POTTER AMOS H., general agent Soldiers’ Orphans’ School Gift Enterprise, 134 Hampshire; bds Adams House.
POTTER JOHN, manufacturer of pressed pork plugs, barrel bungs, half bushel and smaller measures, barrel linings, &c., Front es a Washington; res 38 Kentucky ss 5 e Third.
Powel Albanus S., homoeopathic medical student 175 Maine; res 94 Jersey ss 3 e, Sixth.
Powell Alva R., saddler; res 133 York ns 5 e Seventh.
Powell Sarah, widow of James, dress mkr., 100 Hamp.; res same.
Powell Simon J., farmer; res 133 York ns 5 e Seventh.
Power Michael, quarrier; res Jersey ss 4 w Eighth.
Powers Andrew, laborer; res Spring ns 2 w Seventh.
Powers James, laborer; res Elm ns 3 e Tenth.
Powers James, laborer; res ss alley n Spring 1 e Fifth.
Powers Margaret, widow of Thomas; res Elm ns 3 e Tenth.
Powers Patrick, boiler mkr., cor 2d and Broad.; res Elm ns 3 e 10th.
POWERS & FINLAY, (W.B.P. & M.B.F.), merchant tailors, and dealers in clothing, cloths, cassimeres and gents’ furnishing goods, 52 Fourth nw cor Maine.
Powers William B., firm of P. & Finlay; res nw cor Fifth and Elm.
Powers William C., clerk, 89 Hamp.; res nw cor 5th and Elm.
Pracht Benjamin Gottfried, cooper; res Eleventh ws 2 s Broadway.
Pracht Friederich, cooper; res Eleventh ws 2 s Broadway.
Prante Carl, brick-yard, Jeff. e 6th; res ne cor Seventh and Pay. av.
Prante Heinrich, brick-layer; bds Eighth ws 2 n Washington.
Pratt George W., firm of Mellen, P. & Co.; res 4th es 4 s York.
Pratt Warner; res nw cor Twelfth and Maine.
Prentice Harvey P., farmer; res n Maine 2 e 25th, East Quincy.
PRENTISS BENJAMIN M., attorney at law, court house; res se cor Fifth and Elm.
Prentiss Guy C. A., rope mkr. cor Twenty-first and Vine; res se cor Fifth and Elm.
Prentiss Henry Clay, rope manufacturer, cor Twenty-first and Vine; res Hampshire ss 2 e Ninth.
Prentiss Tyler H.; res se cor Fifth and Elm.
Prescott Davis B., C. B. & Q. freight clerk ; res se cor 3d and Spring
Prescott William W., printer, 138 Maine; res Sixth ws 5 n Oak.
Preston Matilda, widow of Reuben; res Fourth ws 2 n Ohio.
PREVOST A. J. FREDERICK, pork-packer and provision dealer, Foster’s pork house, Hampshire ss w Third; bds Quincy House.
Preston William; res Fourth ws 2 n Ohio.
Pribble Barnett, laborer; res Keyes alley ss 1 w Third.
Price George W., mach., C. B. & Q. shop; res 6tb ws 3 s Wash.
Price William, book-keeper; res Broadway ns 4 w Eleventh.
Prichard William H., book-keeper, 116 Maine; bds Quincy House.
Priest William L., bricklayer; res alley n Hampshire 1 e Fourth.
Pritchet William R., teamster; res 131 York ns 4 e 7th, in rear.
Proctor Elizabeth J., widow of John M.; res Second es 2 n Ver.
Proctor George T., saddler, 117 Hampshire; bds Adams House.
Prumer Theodor, carpenter; res Elm ss 3 e Tenth.
Pryer Washington, (col) laborer; res Ninth ne cor alley n Elm.
Pues Ferdinand, cabinet-mkr., 164 Hampshire; res 8th ws 3 n Oak.
Pullins Joseph, (col) laborer; res ne cor Front and Delaware.
Pullom Lucy Jane, (col); res nw cor Third and Delaware.
Pulman Joseph H., dry goods clk, 33 Fifth; bds 79 5th ws 3 s York.
Pulte Charles P., clerk, hard., 115 Maine; res Keyes al. ss 4 e 3d.
PULTE HERMAN A., dealer in fancy and staple dry goods and notions, 39 Fifth; res 49 Jersey ne cor Third.
Punch Booker, (col) Co. A, 29 Ill. Inf.; res Ohio ns 4 e Fourth.
Purce Perry, carpenter, cor 6th and Jer.; res Wash. ns 2 w Seventh.
Purcell Richard, mach. C. B. & Q. shop; bds Third ws n Vine.
Purcell Henry; bds Farmers’ Home.
Purnell Eliza, (col) widow, 137 Maine.
PURNELL JAMES, dealer in groceries and provisions, &c., Market Square e Third n Hampshire; res same.
Purnell Riley, (col) porter, 150 Hampshire.
Purvis Ellenor M., widow of Robert; res 240 Hampshire ss 4 e 10th.
Pyne Anna, widow of Joseph; res Ohio ss 2 w Third.
PYNE WILLIAM H., proprietor eating-house, C. B. & Q. R. R. depot, also Sherman House, cor Front and Vermont.