bds-boards. n ex-northern extension of s ex-southern exension of
bet-between. ns-north side. ss-south side.
(col)-colored. nw-north west. sw-south west.
cor-corner. res-resides and residence. w-west of.
e-east of. n-north of. ws-west side.
es-east side. ne-north east. s-south of.
    se-south east.

R Surnames

Rabe Friedrich, watchman res 156 State ns 4 w Ninth, in rear.
Racke Heinrich; res 258 Maine ss 2 w Eighth.
Ragen James, laborer; res Vine ss 2 w Tenth.
Raich Friedrich, stone-mason; res 156 State ws e Eighth.
Raich William, printer, cor 6th and Hamp.; res 156 State ws e 8th.
Raldon Michael, laborer; res Waluut alley ns 2 e Sixth.
RALPH FREDERICK, restaurant and saloon, 108 Maine; res same.
Ralph James, fireman, ferry boat; res Fourth es 1 n State.
RALSTON & KENDALL, (J. N. H. & H. W. K.), physicians and surgeons, 80 Maine.
Ralston Joseph N., firm of R. & Kendall; res 82 Maine ss w Fourth.
Ramey Miss Lucy E., dressmaker; res sw cor Second and Maine.
Ramey Sandford; res sw cor Second and Maine.
Ramm Heinrich, chair-maker; res 70 Kentucky ss 2 e Fifth.
Randall Joseph, T. W. & W. yard master; res Second ws 1 n Spring.
Randall Theodore, cigar-maker, 147 Hampshire; bds Adams house.
Randolph Joseph C. P., gardener; res alley n Vermont e Third.
Rapp Ludwig, laborer; res 163 Ohio ns 7 e Ninth.
Rasche Carl, tailor, 135 Maine; res Seventh ws 3 s State.
Rasman Joseph, moulder, Front s Del.; bds nw cor Twelfth and Ver.
Rassmaun Anna, widow of Adam C.; res Oak ss 2 w Tenth.
Rau Isaac, firm of H. & Bro.; rooms 82 Hampshire.
RAU & BROTIIER, (L. I. & M), wholesale and retail dealers in men and boys’ clothing, and gents’ furnishing goods, trunks, valises, carpet bags, &c., 82 Hampshire.
Rau Lewis, firm of R. & Bro.; res Jersey ss 2 e Third.
Rau Max, firm of R. & Bro.; res Chicago, Ill.
Raukohl Heinrich, laborer; bds sw cor Sixth and Payson avenue.
Raukohl Heinrich, laborer; res Adams ss 1 e Eighth.
Rawland John C., gardener; res se cor Ninth and Kentucky.
RAWLINS & REDMAN, (J. M. R. & W. T. R.), pork and beef packers, Front n R. R. depots.
Rawlins James M., firm of R. & Redman; bds Quincy House.
Raymond Mary, widow of Victor; res sw cor Eleventh and Vermont.
Reader Leonidus L., clerk, restaurant, Front es 2 n Hamp.; bds same.
Reaisch John, tinner, 37 Fifth; res 129 State 4 w Eighth.
Reardon Michael, laborer, C. B. & Q. shop; res Jersey ns e Eighth.
Reckers Bernhard, shoemaker; res alley e Tenth n Maine.
Reckmeyer Johann F., carpenter; res State ns 5 e Eighth.
Reckmeyer Wilhelm, furniture, store and res State ns 5 e Eighth.
Recksiek Jobst H., tailor; res 14 Adams ss 3 w Eighth.
Redman Rev. Andrew; res Vermont ns 1 w Thirteenth.
Redman William T., firm of Rawlins & R.; res Vermont ns 1 w 13th.
Redmond James J., machinists Front es s Broad.; bds Missouri Home.
Redmond John, omnibus driver. 85 Maine; res ne cor 7th and Oak.
Redmond John, carpenter, cor Fifth and Ver.; bds Missouri Home.
Redmond Michael, laborer; bds 132 Jersey ss 3 e Eighth.
Redmond Michael, carpenter, cor 5th and Ver.; bds Jer. ns 7 e 8th.
Redmond Patrick, student; res ne cor Eleventh and Jersey.
Redmond Thomas, farmer; res ne cor Eleventh and Jersey.
Redmond William, drayman; bds 132 Jersey ss 3 e Eighth.
Redner George, drives express wagon; res Maine ss 3 e Tenth.
Rednour Mary, widow of Noah; res 50 Fifth es s Maine.
Reed Candace M., widow of Warren A.; res 106 Broad. ns 6 e 7th.
REED MRS. W. A., photographer, 81 Hampshire; res 106 Broadway ns 6 e Seventh.
Reed Elnor, widow of Elijah; res 157 Hampshire.
Reed Ferdinand O., student; res Broadway ns 6 e Seventh.
Reed Johnston, plasterer; res Vermont ns 2 w Sixteenth.
Reed Wellington, machinists C. B. & Q. shop; res Broad. ss 1 e 2d.
Reed Valentine, carpenter, Hamp. ns 3 e 9th; res State ns e Seventh.
Reen Wilhelm, basket-maker res 159 Kentucky ns 3 e Tenth.
Rees Caspar, quarrier; res 116 Fifth 1 s Maiden Lane.
Reeves William E., route agent; res 103 Third ws 1 n Kentucky.
Regnier Oscar, firm of Moser & Wild; res 75 Jersey ns e Fifth.
Regnier Otto, firm of Moser & Wild; res Chicago, Ill.
Rehl Bernhart, at mill, Front es n Hampshire; res 10th ws s Jersey.
Reich Conrad, blacksmith, 11th ws n Hamp. bds sw cor 13th and Ver.
Reich Friederich, blacksmith, 101 State; res State ns 3 w Seventh.
Reich Friederich J., stone-cutter; res Sixth es 1 s Ohio.
Reichenbauer Friederich, laborer; bds Broadway House.
Reichert Michael, laborer; bds 159 State ss 5 w Tenth.
Reichl Edmund, firm of Duker & R.; res 97 Pay. av. ss 2 e Fifth.
Reimann George, clerk, drugs, &e., 120 Maine; res Jer. ns 2 w 10th.
REINECKER FREDERICK J., carpenter and builder, ne cor Sixth and York; res nw cor Eighth and Jersey.
Reis Emil, dealer clothing, 87 Hamp.; res 71 Sixth ws s Maine.
Reis Emil. barber, 56 Fourth; bds 58 Hampshire.
Reis Frank A., cigar-maker, 140 Maine; res 55 Ken. bet 4th and 5th.
Reis Franz, cooper; res Kentucky ns 3 w Fifth.
Reis George, carpenter, 56 Fifth; bds Jersey ss e Seventh.
Reis Jacob, harness-maker, 109 Hampshire; bds Jersey ss e Seventh.
Reis Louis, clerk, clothing, 87 Hampshire; res 71 Sixth ws s Maine.
Reiser Louis; res se cor Ninth and Kentucky.
Relfe Sarah B., widow of William; res 57 York ns 1 w Fourth.
Remington Rev. Frank, Ver. St. Bap. Ch.; res Vermont ss 1 e 12th.
Remington James J., moulder, 10 Front; res Fifth ws 2 s Spruce.
Rendall Henry, bell hanger; res nw cor Twelfth and Vermont.
RENFROW ELIJAH, proprietor West Quincy Hotel, West Quincy.
RENFROW JEFFERSON, city marshal, court house; res 34 Olive es 4 n Spring.
Renfrow John W., carpenter; res 34 Kentucky ss 4 e Third.
Renfrow Joseph; res Third es 3 s Hampshire.
Renfrow Joseph W., river pilot; res York ss 7 w Third.
Rengstorff Henry, carpenter; res 102 Kentucky ss 5 w Eighth.
Rennart Nicolaus, painter; res Payson av. ss 9 e 6th, shop al. in rear.
Renouf Philipp, bar-tender, 55 Hampshire e Third; bds same.
RENSCH HENRY, dealer in stoves, and tin, copper and sheet iron worker, State ns bet Seventh and Eighth; res same.
Rentz Friederika, widow of Gottlieb; res Monroe ss 3 w Seventh.
Retemeyer & Jansen, (C. R. & T. H. J.). dry goods, 153 State.
Retemeyer Charles, firm of R. & Jansen; res Payson av. ns e Fifth.
Retemeyer Charles, collar-maker, Fifth ws 2 n Hampshire; res Payson avenue ns e Fifth.
Rethemeyer August, harness-maker; res se cor 7th and Hampshire.
Rethemeyer Hermann, harness-maker; res se cor 7th and Hampshire.
Rethemeyer Minna, widow of Friederich; res se cor 7th and Hamp.
Rettig Johann, teamster; res sw cor Tenth and State.
Reusch Mrs. Helena; res 187 Jersey ns 5 e Tenth.
Reuter David, cooper; res 79 Eighth ws 2 n State.
Reuter Henry F., marble-cutter, cor 3d and Maine; bds Broad. House.
Reynolds Elmer B.; bds Union House.
Reynolds Henry, saddler, 75 Hamp.; res 133 York ns 4 e Seventh.
Reynolds Thomas, drives express; res Jersey ss 2 e Eleventh.
Rheudy Gottfried, physician; office and res Jersey ss 3 e Seventh.
Rheudy Mrs. Christina, midwife; res Jersey ss 3 e Seventh.
Rhodes Jeremiah, firm of Foss, R. & Co.; res 24th s Jefferson.
Rice James M., Brevet Major; res sw cor Eighteenth and Maine.
RICE JOEL; res sw cor Eighteenth and Maine.
Rice John H., brass-moulder; bds Sixth ws 3 s Washington.
Richard Caroline, widow of Louis; res 271 Hampshire ns 4 e 11th.
Richard William, laborer; res se cor Eighth and Jersey.
Rickard William S., plasterer; res 25th ws 3 n Maine, East Quincy.
RICHARDSON C. R. & CO., (W. E. Avise & R. W. Nance), wholesale grocers, rectifiers and dealers in foreign and domestic liquors, se cor Sixth and Hampshire.
Richardson Charles R., firm of C. R. R. & Co.; res Maine n s 8 e 12th.
Richardson Henry, mach., C. B. & Q. shop; res Sixth ws 3 n Oak.
Richardson James H., firm of Arntzen & R.; res 1 6th es 2 s Broad.
Richardson Joseph, (col); res 241 Maine ns 9 e Ninth.
RICHARDSON JUSTIN W., local editor Whig & Republican, 38 Fourth; rooms 86 York ss e Fifth.
RICHARDSON WILLIAM A., Ex. U. S. Senator; res sw cor Fourth and Broadway.
Richardson William D., (col) laborer; res 1 n Two Mile House Broadway, East Quincy.
Richmond George J., laborer; res ne cor Front and Delaware.
Richmond Stephen, mill-wright; res foot State.
Richter Anna, widow of Hermann; res Ohio ss 4 w Seventh.
Richter Albert, laborer; bds Payson avenue ss 7 e Sixth.
Richter Heinrich, wood-turner; res 147 Kentucky ns 3 w Tenth.
Richter Heinrich, printer, cor 6th and Hamp.; res Ohio ss 4 w 7th.
Richter Hermann, Co. H 43 Ill. Inf.; res Ohio ss 4 w Seventh.
Richter Peter H., cabinet-maker, 95 Jer.; res Adams ns 4 w Ninth.
Rickenberg Sophia, widow of Heinrich; res Hampshire ns 1 w 13th.
Ricker Bernhard, laborer; res 140 Kentucky ss 2 w Ninth.
Ricker Bernard Henry, harness-maker; res 140 Ken. ss 2 w Ninth.
RICKER HENRY F. JOSEPH, banker, 104 Hampshire; res York ns 2 e Sixth.
Ricks James A., engineer; res Front es 4 s Spring.
Ridder Clemens A., clerk, crockery, 111 Hamp.; res Jer. ss 1 e 11th.
RIDDER HENRY, importer, wholesale and retail dealer in china, glass and queensware, silver-plated ware, table cutlery, looking glasses, &c., 111 Hampshire; res Jersey ss 1 e Eleventh.
Ridder & Ruth, (J. R. & E. R.), blacksmiths, cor 12th and Broad.
Ridder John, firm of R. & Rnth; res sw cor 9th and Broadway.
Rider Michael, bar-tender, 108 Hamp.; res nw cor 10th and Hamp.
Riede Wilhelm C., laborer; res 10 Eighth es 2 n Ohio.
Riedinger Adam, foreman, lumber, Hamp. ns 1, res 2 e Ninth.
Riepe Friederich Wilhelm, carpenter; res Pay. av. ss 6 e Sixth.
Riggs John H., tobacco roller; res 100 Fourth es 3 n Kentucky.
Riggs Rebecca A., widow of Washington; res 100 4th es 3 n Ken.
Riley Barney, laborer; res alley ns s York 2 w Third.
Riley Edward, laborer; res ns alley s York 2 w Third.
Riley John, harness maker; bds Missouri Home.
Riley Margaret, widow of Michael; res ns alley s York 2 w Third.
Riley Owen, teamster; res alley s York 2 w Third ns.
Riley Patrick, laborer; res alley s York 3 w Third ns.
Riney Joseph, teamster; res 163 Hampshire.
RINNEBERG SAMUEL GOTTFRIED, boot and shoe manufacturer, 85 Maine; res Fifth es 4 s Jersey.
Rippey Joseph H., C. B. & Q. freight clerk; res Spring ns 2 w 3d.
Rischmiller Wilhelm, carp., cor 6th and Jer.; res Adams ss 3 e 8th.
Riter Friedrich, teamster, 165 Hamp.; res Madison e Seventh.
Rittemeyer Charles, laborer; res Payson avenue ns 3 e Fifth.
Ritter Adam, laborer; res Kentucky ns 3 w Fifth.
Ritter Johann, laborer; res 85 Seventh ws 10 s York.
RITTER LAMBERT, painter, glazier and paper-hanger; shop and res 42 State ns 1 e Fourth.
Ritter Peter, tailor; shop and res Seventh ws 4 n State, in rear.
RITTLER FRIEDRICH WM. JOHANNES, eclectic physician and surgeon; office and res 218 Maine.
Ritz August, carp., shop 8th s Pay. av.; res Pay. av. ns 3 e Ninth.
Roach David, laborer; res 187 Jersey ns 5 e Tenth.
Robb Thomas W. E., saddler, Fifth ws 2 n Hampshire; res Fifth es n Spruce.
Robbers John, porter, 77 Maine; res l59 State ss 3 e Ninth.
Robbins Edward K., cutter and tailor, 98 Maine; bds se cor Third an Spring.
Robbins Joseph, firm of Bissett & R.; bds Quincy House.
Robbins Miss Louisa M., teacher high school; res East Quincy.
Robechaud Francis, carpenter; res 89 Vermont ns 2 w Fifth.
Roberts Anderson, (col) laborer; res ss lane s Broadway 2 e 25th.
Roberts Francis W., painter; res 102 Fourth ne cor Kentucky.
ROBERTS GEO. ANT., dealer in Sligo and Tyrone iron, steel, springs, felloes, &c., ne cor Front and Hampshire; res Vermont ns 2 w Third.
Roberts Hugh; res 168 Hampshire.
ROBERTS J. B. & CO., (G. & J. Adams), slaughterers and steam renderers, Fronts Washington, and pork-packers, Third es s Hampshire.
ROBERTS JAMES B., firm of J. B. R. & Co., and forwarding and commission merchant, and agent Great Western Dispatch, fast freight line, ne cor Front and Maine; res Vermont ss 4 e Twelfth.
Roberts John C.; cooper shop and res 54 Vermont.
Roberts Myron B., cooper, 54 Vermont; res 45 Third ws 6 s Ver.
Roberts Perry, farmer; res Fifth ws 5 n Oak.
Robertson David, pat. draw. and painter; res se cor 18th and Broad.
Robertson Eliza widow of Josiah; res 204 Hampshire ss 4 w 9th.
Robertson George, mol., Front es s Broad.; res nw cor 4th and Ohio.
Robertson George G., iron-moulder; res se cor Fourth and State.
Robertson George W., carpenter, Sixth ws 1 n Maine; res Broadway ss 2 e Tenth.
Robertson John, firm of Gardner & R.; res Ohio ns 3 w Fourth.
Robertson John M., firm of Anderson & R.; res 204 Hampshire.
Robertson Milton, (col) laborer; res 5 Eighth ws n Linn.
Robertson Thomas, pattern maker; res Ohio ns 4 w Fourth.
Robertson William M., mar. dlr., Maine cor 3d; res Maine ss 2 e 11th.
Robins John P., farmer; res Twenty fourth ns 1 s Jersey.
Robinson Joseph D., mach., 67 Fifth; res Washington ns 4 e Sixth.
Robinson Miss Minnie, teach., Maine cor 12th; res Hamp. ns 2 w 10th.
Robinson Preastley, laborer; res Kentucky ss 2 w Tenth.
Rockwell Olive, widow of Thomas; res Twelfth es 1 n Vermont.
Rodeck Carl; res Twenty-fifth es 1 n Maine, East Quincy.
Rodefeld Herman, laborer; res 18 Adams ns 2 w Eighth.
Roder Leonhart, shoe shop, 111 State ss 2 w Seventh; res same.
Roder Peter, laborer; res Broadway ss 2 e Eighth.
Rodolf Henry K., harness maker, 97 Hamp.; res 204 Maine.
Roe Elisha, auctioneer, 118 Hampshire; bds Adams House.
ROESCHLAUB MICHAEL J., physician and surgeon; office and res ne cor Sixth and Jersey.
ROESCHLAUB ROBERT S., dealer in newspapers, periodicals, magazines, stationery, fancy articles, &c., 150 Maine, post-office building; res ne cor Sixth and Jersey.
Roewer Joseph B., turner, Broad. cor 10th; res Broad. ss 5 e Tenth.
Roewer Tobias, cab. mkr., Broad. cor 10th; res Broad. ss 5 e 10th.
Rogers Edward A., firm of W. T. & E. A. R.; bds Adams House.
Rogers Hiram, Vice Pres. First Nat. Bank; res 4th ws 2 s Broad.
ROGERS & MALONE, (H. A. R. & C. P. M.) wholesale and retail druggists, and dealers in paints, oils, liquors, perfumery, &c., 88 Hampshire.
Rogers Hiram Austin, firm of R. & Malone; res 4th ws 2 n Broad.
Rogers John, iron-moulder; bds Front foot Vermont.
Rogers Joseph, laborer; bds Fourth es 1 n State.
Rogers Julia A., widow of John; res York ns 5 w Third.
Rogers Pennel; res Fourth ws 2 n Broadway.
ROGERS THADDEUS M., attorney at law, 134 Hampshire, cor Sixth; res cor Twenty-second and Spring.
Rogers Samuel W., Pres. Gas Co.; res cor Twelfth and Jefferson.
Rogers Timothy; bds Adams House.
ROGERS W. T. & E. A., wagon and plow manufacturers, Sixth bet Maine and Hampshire.
Rogers William T., firm of W. T. & E. A. R.; res 6th es 4 n Maine.
Rohl Bernhart, laborer; res 10th ws 1 s Jersey.
Rohland David P., runner, Quincy House; bds same.
Roland John Wellington, telegraph operator; res 92 Hampshire.
Roland Mary M., widow of John W.; res 92 Hampshire.
Rolf August, teamster; res 69 Seventh ws 2 s York.
Roling Bernhard, cooper; res Jefferson ns 2 e Fifth.
ROLLER JOHN C., baker and manufacturer confectionery, 125 Hampshire; res same.
Rollins Elizabeth V., widow of William; res Broad. ns 4 e 24th.
Rollins Peyton (col) laborer; res Chesnut ss 3 w Eighth.
Rommeni Conrad, carpenter; res Spring ns 5 e Tenth.
Rommeni John, carpenter; res Spring ns 4 e Tenth.
Root Amizia C., wag. shop, Broad. cor 10th; res Jersey ns 2 e 5th.
Root Henry, merchant; res 80 Broadway ns 2 e Fifth.
Root Herbert, dry goods clerk, 93 Hampshire; res Broad. ns 2 e 5th.
ROOT OMI EARL, compiler and publisher of Root’s Quincy City Directory; bds sw cor Fourth and York.
Rosbach Adam, butcher, Hamp. cor 3d; res nw cor 6th and Wash.
Rose Richard Dimock. dry goods clerk, 40 Fifth; bds sw cor Fourth and York.
Rose Margaret R., widow of Jeremiah; res nw cor 5th and Wash.
Rosenberg Isador, clothing clerk, 39 Fourth; res Ver. ns 4 e Fourth.
Rosenberg Joseph, dry goods clerk, 38 Fourth; res Ver. ns 4 e 4th.
Rosenberg Marcus, firm of Goldberg & R.; res Vermont ns 4 e 4th.
Rosenbush Andrew, leader Quincy band; res 17 Fifth ws n Hamp.
Rosenkotter August, Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res sw cor 8th and Jackson.
Rosenkotter Casper Heinrich, Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res Van Buren ns w 1 Eighth.
Rosenthal Joseph S., watch-maker, 38 Fifth; bds sw cor 4th and York.
Roskenpleck Johann, chair-maker. Maine ss 2 e Second; bds Vermont ss e Twelfth.
Ross David, (col); res 9 Eighth ws n Linn.
Ross George, dealer in stock; res Ninth es 3 s Hampshire.
Ross Johann G., laborer; res 156 Kentucky ss 4 w Tenth.
Ross Martha, (col) widow of Winston; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Ross Lorintg T., student; res ne cor Third and Maine.
Ross Sumner F., mill-wright res ne cor Third and Maine.
Rotert Henry, laborer; res 220 Hampshire ss 6 e Ninth.
Roth Anton, butcher, 159 Hampshire; res State ss e Sixth.
Roth Elizabeth, widow of Francis; res State ss e Sixth.
Roth John, carpenter; res 93 State ss 7 e Sixth.
Rothaus Andrew, merchant; res 180 Maine.
Rothaus Mrs. Mary A., dlr. in boots and shoes, 180 Maine; res same.
Rothgeb Gustav, Q. & P. freight agent; res Jersey ns 2 e Eighth.
Rothgeb Henry, sr., dlr. dry goods. 200 Maine; res Jersey ns 2 e 8th.
Rothgeb Henry, jr., dry goods clerk, 200 Maine; res Jer. ns 2 e 8th.
Rothstein Isaac, peddler; res Kentucky ns 7 w Fifth.
Rothweiler George, cooper, alley s Ken. e 8th; res Ken. ss e Seventh.
Rotschka Conrad, firm of Seeger & R.; res se cor 8th and Maine.
Rottman Carl F., laborer; res Jefferson ss 4 e Eighth.
Rottman Heinrich, laborer; res Ninth ws 1 s Jefferson.
Rottman Lui, harness-maker, 162 Maine; bds 162 Maine.
Roux Alexander, carp. shop, alley s Maine e 5th; res 6th es n Oak.
Roux Augustus, clothing clerk, 37 Fourth; res Sixth es n Oak.
Rowe Angust, moulder, Front s Delaware; res sw cor 11th and Ohio.
Rower Wilhelm, carpenter; res 272 Hampshire ss 3 e Eleventh.
Rowland George, moulder, Front s Del.; res se cor Ninth and Ken.
Rowland Joseph G., dealer in land, 92 Maine; res 9th ws 2 n Broad.
Roy John; bds 64 Fourth es s Maine.
Ruckman Jonathan L., carpenter; res 32 State ns 3 e Fourth.
Rudd James, laborer; res 36 State ns e Third.
Rudd William, (col) farmer; res 42 Fourth n Maine.
Ruff Casper, sr., brewer; res se cor Ninth and Payson avenue.
Ruff Casper, jr., brewer; firm of Ruff, Bro. & Co.; res ne cor 12th and Adams.
Ruff Freiderich, laborer, ne cor Seventh and York; bds same.
RUFF & LEV1, (H. R. & M. L. L.), dealers in dry goods, notions, cloths, gents’ furnishing goods, &c., 89 Hampshire.
Ruff Henry, firm of R. & Levi; res 50 Seventh es 2 n Jersey.
Ruff Jacob, dealer in dry goods, ne cor Fifth ,and State; res same.
RUFF, BROTHER & CO., (John & Casper, jr., and F. Fuhrmann), proprietors Union Brewery, ne cor Twelfth Adams.
Ruff John, firm of Ruff. Bro. & Co.; res ne cor Twelfth and Adams.
Rugh Adam, employee C. B. & Q. R. R.; bds Third ws 2 s Vermont.
Rulon John B., fisherman; res sw cor Sixth and Maple.
Runyan Henry S., clerk, F. & M. Ins. Co.; bds Tremont House.
Rupp Heinrich, candle manufacturer, Olive es 2 n Oak; res same.
Ruskamp Adolph, carpenter; bds Ohio ss 1 w Seventh.
Ruskamp Friederich Wilhelm, laborer; res Ohio ss 1 w Seventh.
Russ Benjamin P., second steward, Quincv House; bds same.
Russ Spencer, (col) laborer; res Jersey ss 1 w Thirteenth.
Russell James B., firm of G. B. Dimock & Co.; res Fifth sw cor Ver.
Russell John W., mach., Front s Broadway; bds Fourth es 2 s York.
Russell Newel; res sw cor Twelfth and Hampshire.
Russell Robert S., printer, 38 Fourth; bds Quincy House.
Russell Siberia, (col); res Jersey ss 1 w Thirteenth.
Ruten Louisa, widow of Conrad; res Washington ss 7 e Sixth.
Ruter August, carpenter, Ninth s York; res Ohio ss 3 w Ninth.
Ruter Friederich, teamster; res Madison ss 3 e Seventh.
Ruter Hartwig, laborer; res Ohio ss 3 w Ninth.
Ruth Edmund, firm of Ridder & R.; res Tenth ws 1 n Hampshire.
Rutherford Reuben C.; res Twenty-fourth ws 1 s Jersey.
Rutledge Andrew H., teamster; res 109 Kentucky ss 8 e Seventh.
Rutledge Isaac H., laborer; res sw cor Fifth and Maiden Lane.
Ruve Heinrich, teacher Ger. R. C. school, Eighth s city limits.
Ruver Henrich, laborer; res Adams ns 4 w Eighth.
Ruwe Johann H. C., teamster; res Payson avenue ns 2 e Seventh.
Ruwe Wilhelm, teamster; res Washington ss 1 w Ninth.
Ryan Bernard, moulder, Fifth ws s Jersey; res Third ws 3 n State.
Ryan Bridget, widow of John; res Keyes’ allev ns 3 e Sixth.
Ryan Daniel, laborer; res 147 Jersey ns 9 e Eighth.
Ryan Edward, at C. B. & Q. shop; bds 54 Hampshire.
Ryan Joseph M.; res Fifth ws 2 s Spring.
Ryan Michael, carpenter, C. B. & Q. shop; res 12th es 1 n Ramp.
Ryan Michael, quarrier, Front s York; rem Tenth ws 1 s York.
Ryan Michael, laborer; res Vine ns 3 e Sixth.
Ryan Patrick, collar-maker, 5th ws 2 n Hamp.; res Jer. ns e Eighth.
Ryan Patrick, laborer, se cor Eighteenth and Maine; bds same.