bds-boards. n ex-northern extension of s ex-southern exension of
bet-between. ns-north side. ss-south side.
(col)-colored. nw-north west. sw-south west.
cor-corner. res-resides and residence. w-west of.
e-east of. n-north of. ws-west side.
es-east side. ne-north east. s-south of.
    se-south east.

S Surnames

Saathoff Johann, teamster; res 108 Kentucky ss se cor Tenth.
Saddle Anton, cigar-maker, 147 Hampshire; bds Missouri Home.
Sage Henry; res 88 Hampshire.
Sahland Edward, clerk, drugs, &c., 110 Maine; res 12th n city lim.
Salmon Isaiah H., printer, 38 4th; res se cor 4th and Sycamore.
Sammis Ebenezer, engineer, C. B. & Q. R. R.; res Broad. ns 5 w 5th.
Samples John W., Co. F, 3 Ill. Cav.; res Sixth es 4 n Jefferson.
Samples Nancy M., widow of James T.; res 6th es 4 n Jefferson.
Samuel Isaac, firm of J. S. & Bro.; res 34 Fourth n Maine.
Samuel J. & Brother, (Isaac), dealers dry goods, &c., 34 Fourth.
Samuel Julius, firm of J. S. & Brother; res 34 Fourth n Maine.
Samuel Reuben T., saddler, 75 Hampshire; res 8 es 3 n Maine.
Sanborn William H., cab. maker, 118 Hamp.; bds Penn. House.
Sander Heinrich, laborer; res 152 Washington ss 4 w Eighth.
Sanders Austin, (col) laborer; res Chstnut ss 3 e Eighth.
Sanders Haman, (col) laborer; res Chestnut ss 8 w Tenth.
Sanders Jeremiah, (col) laborer; bds Third ws 4 s Broadway.
Sanders Squire, (col); res 37 Fourth n Maine.
Sanftleben John; res Payson avenue ss 8 e Sixth.
SANNER JOHN, stone-mason, contractor and builder, stone yard and quarry, cor Front and Kentucky; res 12 State ns 2 e Front.
Sargent Charles R.; res 108 Fourth es 3 s Kentucky.
Sartle Carrie, widow of Rasselas, milliner, 87 Hampshire; res same.
Sartle Mrs. Clara, dress-maker, 73 Sixth, ws s Maine.
Sartle Sylvanus, blacksmith; res 112 Broadway ns 3 w Eighth.
Sartori Joseph, stone-mason; bds Kentucky ns 1 w Sixth.
Sao Johann, teamster; res 131 Payson avenue ss 5 w Seventh.
SAVAGE ALEXANDER E., firm of C. A. & A. E. S., assistant U. S. assessor 1st division 4th district, and notary public, sw cor Fifth and Maine; res 82 Broadway ns 2 w Sixth.
Savage Annora, widow of Maurice; res 139 Hampshire.
SAVAGE U. A. A. E,, dealers in land and real estate, sw cor Fifth and Maine.
Savage Charles A., firm of C. A. & A. E. S.; res Broad. nw cor 6th.
Savage Priscilla, widow of Alexander; res 82 Broad. ns 2 w Sixth.
Sawyer & Mikesell, (J. T. S. & J. P. M.), pork-packers, 3d s Hamp.
Sawyer James T., firm of S. & Mikesell; bds Quincy House.
Sayle Erdley 0., book-keeper; res Third ws 3 s York.
Scanel Michael, carpenter; res Jersey ss 5 e Eighth, in rear.
Schaap Heinrich, laborer; res Linn ss 2 w Eleventh.
Schaberg Henry, wagon-maker, 45 Sixth; res State ns 2 e Ninth.
Schaehtsieck Gottlieb, lab., Ohio cor 5th; res Wash. ns 8 e Sixth.
Schachtsieck Hermann, sawyer, Ohio cor 5th; res Wash ns 8 e Sixth.
Schachtsieck Wilhelm, cooper, 8th ws 1 s Wash.; res Wash. ns 8 e 6th.
Schade Johann, cabinet-maker, 164 Hampshire; res same.
SCHAEFERMEYER HERMANN, pastor of St. Boniface Church, German Roman Catholic; res Seventh ws 1 n Maine.
Schafer Friederich, butcher; res sw cor Tenth and Linn.
Schafer George, cooper, 124 State; res State ns 2 w Seventh.
Schafer George, eng., 95 Jersey; res Seventh es 7 n York.
Schafer George E., firm of W. & G. E. S.; res 95 Pay. av. ss 1 e 5th.
Schafer Gerhard, laborer; res Eleventh es 3 s Oak.
Schafer Hermann, boiler-maker; bds 173 Jersey ns 5 w Tenth.
Schafer Johannes, blacksmith, 45 6th; res 216 Vermont ss 7 e 12th.
Schafer Wendel, blacksmith; res 95 Payson avenue ss 1 e Fifth.
Schafer Wilhelm, butcher; res Olive es 2 n Oak. .
Schafer W. & G. E., blacksmiths, se cor Tenth and State.
Schafer William, firm of W. & G. E. S.; res Tenth es 2 s State.
Schafersmann Gottlieb, laborer, C. B. &, Q. depot; res Ohio ns 6 e 8th.
Schaffer Wilhelm, cigar-maker, 52 Hamp.; res Ken. ns 3 w 10th.
Schaffner Jacob, blacksmith, 10 Front; res 68 Spring ns 3 e Fifth.
Schalk Johann G., cab. mkr., 95 Jersey; res 204 Maine A 6 e 7th.
Schanahan John M. ‘ fireman, C. B. & Q. R. R.; res Olive es 2 s Elm.
Schanahan William; bds Tremont House.
Schansz Henriette, widow of Philip; res 195 State ss 2 w Eleventh.
Schapers Gerhard A., laborer; res Vermont ss 3 w Thirteenth.
SCHARDON GEORGE, dealer in dry goods, groceries and provisions, and saloon, sw cor Fifth and Kentucky; res same.
Scharlach George, laborer; res Tenth es 2 n Maine.
Scharnhorst Fritz, cabinet-maker; res 200 Maine is 4 e Seventh.
Scharnhorst Ferdinand, cab. mkr.,; res nw cor Eighth and York.
Schath Heinrich W., brush-maker; bds 54 Hampshire.
Schaub Lewis, machinist, 67 Fifth; res Olive es 2 n Vine.
Schaub Margaretha, widow of Johann; res Olive es 2 n Vine.
Schauf Heinrich, carpenter; res 47 Seventh ws 4 n Jersey.
Schauf John G., blacksmith, Jersey ss 3 e 5th; res 7th ws 4 n Jer.
SCHAUSTEN NICOLAUS, saloon 5 Front es 4 n Vermont.
Scheafer Friedrich, iron-moulder; res Spruce ss 2 w Fifth.
Scheer Hermann, carpenter, Jersey cor 6th; res Oak ns 3 e Tenth.
Scheffer Casper H., cabinet-maker, 95 Jersey; res 8th es 2 n Mon.
Scheffer Heinrich, laborer; res Eighth ws 2 s Washington.
Scheffer Heinrich, Co. H, Ill. Inf.; res Payson avenue ns 2 e Ninth.
Scheffer Heinrich, carpenter; res Payson avenue ns 2 e Ninth.
Scheffer Peter, cooper, 8th ws 1 s Wash.; res Wash. e Fifth.
Scheffer Wilhelm, wood-turner, 95 Jersey; res 8th es 2 n Monroe.
Scheider Joseph, carpenter; res Adams ns 1 w Seventh.
SCHEINEMANN AUGUST, proprietor Prairie Garden and saloon, Twelfth ws 2 n Broadway; res same.
Scheiner George, porter, 37 Fifth; res Kentucky ss e Second.
Scheipring & Meyer, (H. S. & F. M.), dlrs. in stoves, &c., 131 Hamp.
Scheipring Henry, firm of S. & Meyer; res 60 Hampshire.
Scheirtle Gottlieb, laborer; res nw cor Sixth and Ohio.
Schell Barbara, widow of Johann; res Ill Sixth ws 1 n Kentucky.
Schell George, driver; res State ss 2 w Fifth.
Schell John, jr.; res Eighth es 3 s Broadway.
Schell Sophia, widow of Peter; res Ill Sixth ws 1 n Kentucky.
Schepers Wilhelm, chair-mkr., Broad. cor 10th; bds 10th es 2 n Broad.
Schermerhorn Ami C., wid. of John V. R.; res se cor 9th and Spring.
SCHERMERHORN & BROTHER, (F. D. & J. H.) forwarding, commission and produce merchants, agents for Q. & P. R. R., Merchants’ Despatch fast freight line, and for the sale of threshers, mowers, reapers, &c., 43 and 44 Front.
Schermerhorn Francis D., firm of S. & Bro.; res se cor 9th and Spring.
Schermerhorn John H., firm of S. & Bro.; res Ver. ss 1 e 12th.
SCHERMERHORN NICHOLAS V., broom manufacturer, Seventh ws 1 a Hampshire; res, 98 Seventh es 6 a Kentucky.
Schieders Theresa, widow of Hienrich; res 155 Eighth es 6 s Maine.
Schild Anna, widow of Heinrich; res 155 Washington ns 1 w 8th.
Schild Heinrich, mold., Front s Del.; res 155 Wash. ns 1 w 8th.
Schill Xaver, brewer, York ss e 9th; res nw cor Ninth and Ken.
Schilling Hermann, Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res 121 Ohio ns 5 w Eighth.
Schilling Wilhelm, cooper, Adams as 7 w Seventh; res same.
Schilp Peter, carpenter; res nw cor Ninth and Madison.
Schirmann Friederich Wilhelm, laborer; res Ohio ss 2 w Eighth.
Schirmberg Heinrich, painter; res Kentucky ns 3 e Fourth.
Schlag Elisabeth, widow of John; res Jersey ss 3 e Eleventh.
Schlangen Bernhard , laborer ; res 133 Jersey ns 4 e Eighth.
Schlangen Helena , widow of Hermann B.; ; res 133 Jer. ns 4 e 8th.
Schleich Wilhemine, widow of Julius; res 88 State ns 2 e Sixth.
Schlephorst Ludwig, laborer, C. B. & Q. dep.; res Wash ss 10 e 6th.
Schlipmann Heinrich , laborer; res 159 State ss 5 w Tenth.
Schlittes Bernhard H., laborer; res Tenth ws 1 s Vine.
Schlopmann Friederich, Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res Madison ss 1 w 9th.
Schlotmann Bernhard, teamster; res Jersey ss 1 w Eleventh.
Schlotmann Johann B., laborer; res Vine ns 3 e Fifth.
Schluder Hermann, sawyer, Ohio ne cor 5th; res Monroe ss 4 e 8th.
Schluder Hermann H., cab. mkr., 97 Jer.; res Monroe ss 4 e 8th.
Schmalzhaf Maria, widow of Philip; res ne cor Fourth and Wash.
Schmens Bernhart, laborer, 95 Jersey; res Tenth es 3 n Spring.
Schmer Theresia, widow of Franz J.; res Vine ns 1 e 22d.
Schmid Bassil, brick and stone-mason; res ne cor Ninth and Maine.
Schmid Meinrad, bar-keeper, 24 Front. Schmidt Felix, dry goods clerk, 33 Fifth; bds 124 Hampshire.
Schmidt Franz Peter, laborer; res Adams ss 5 w Seventh.
Schmidt George, stone-cutter, Front n Ken.; bds Jer. ns 5 w 10th.
Schmidt George, blacksmith; res 175 Broadway ss 4 e Eleventh.
Schmidt Gerhard; res 22 Tenth es 7 n Maine, in rear.
Schmidt Heinrich, butcher; res Broadway ss 4 e Eighteenth.
SCHMIDT JOHN, homeopathic physician and surgeon; office and res Jersey ss 1 w Sixth.
Schmidt Wilhelm A., clerk 1 130 Maine; bds 40 7th es 3 s Maine.
Schmiedeskamp Friedrich, at foundry, Front s Delaware; res Payson avenue ss e Ninth.
Schmiedeskamp, Friederich A., stone-mason; res Ohio ns 4 w 8th.
Schmiedeskamp Frederick William, moulder; res 5th es 1 s Ohio.
Schmiedeskamp Wilhelm, stone-mason; res Fifth es 1 s Ohio.
Schmieding Rev. August H., German Evangelical Lutheran Church; res 106 Jersey ss 2 w Seventh.
Schmit Joseph, teamster, Front a Jer.; res Hamp. ns 2 e 12th.
Schmitt Adam, porter, 116 Maine; res Maine ns 2 e Tenth.
Schmitt Adam; res 94 Hampshire.
Schmitt Alois, shoe shop, Maine cor Ninth; res Ninth ws 2 s Maine.
Schmitt Anna B., widow of Adam; res 19 Third ws 3 n Vermont.
SCHMITT ANTON, meat market, 179 Hampshire nw cor Seventh; res Tenth es 5 s Maine.
Schmitt George Leonhart, bar-tender; res 105 Hampshire.
Schmitt Johann George, boiler maker., C. B. & Q. shop; res Broadway ss e Eleventh.
Schmitt Johann Joseph, blacksmith; res Thirteenth ws 2 s Hamp.
Schmitt Joseph; bds Farmers’ Home.
Schmitt Leonard, sr., cab. maker; res 188 Hamp. ss 2 e 8th, in rear.
Schmitt Leonard, jr.; drug clerk, 88, res 188 Hampshire ss 2 e 8th.
Schmitt Leonhard, firm of Benhof & S.; res ne cor 5th and Maid. L.
Schmitt William A., U. !S. inspec. dis. spir., 94 Maine; res 94 Hamp,
Schmuck Ferdinand, tailor; res Fifth es 1 s Ohio.
Schnarr Johann, laborer; res Ohio ns 5 e Eighth.
SCHNEIDER & WUERZ, (A. S. & F. J. W.), barbers, nw cor Fourth and Hampshire.
Schneider Amand, firm of S. & Wurtz; res se cor Second and Ver.
Schneider Andrew, baker; res Broadway ns 5 e Twenty-first.
Schneider Carl, laborer, res nw cor Eighth and York.
Schneider Mrs. Catharina, midwife; res nw cor Eighth and York.
Schneider Frank, laborer, T. W. & W. yard; res Vine ns e Fifth.
Schneider Friedrich, laborer; res Fourth es 2 s State.
SCHNEIDER JACOB, saloon, restaurant and res 42 Front.
Schneider John A., metal spinner, 70 Fourth es 3 n Jersey; res same.
Schneider Joseph, carpenter, Sixth cor York; res Adams ns e Sixth.
Schneider Moritz, teamster; res Adams ns 3 e Eighth.
Schneider Scharlotte, widow of Andreas; res Broad. ns 5 e 21st,
Schneider William, cigar maker; res 70 Fourth es 3 n Jersey.
Schnellbacher Johann Wendel; res Madison ns 3 w Ninth.
Schnellbercher Henry, firm of John Bickelhaupt A Co.; bds so cor Fourth and Maiden Lane.
Schnelle Heinrich, laborer; res Jackson ss 5 w Eighth.
Schnieders Clemens, laborer; res 133 Jersey ns 4 e Eighth.
Schnieders Herman, laborer; res State ns 4 e Front.
Schnitker Heinrich, bricklayer; res Ohio ns 5 w Seventh.
SCHOFIELD E. H. A CO., (J. A. Eastin), wholesale and retail dealers in groceries and liquors, 61 Hampshire.
Schofield Ellis H., firm of E. H. S. & Co.; res ne cor 7th and Broad.
Scholes David A., painter, 30 Sixth es 4 n Hamp.; bds 167 Maine.
Schoneberg Heinrich, laborer; res Chestnut ss 2 e Twentieth.
Schonemann Doretha, widow of Johann C., sr.; res 258 Maine.
Schonemann Johann C., farmer; res 258 Maine ss 2 w Tenth.
Schonz Phillip, ins. clerk, Fifth es cor Maine; res 195 State.
Schonz Henrietta, widow of Phillip; res 195 State.
Schorman Henry, at mill, Front cor Del.; res Payson av. ss 2 w 5th.
Schorr Peter, porter, 91 Hampshire; res 123 Hampshire ns.
Scohtger Wilhelm F., teamster; res 172 State ns 5 e Ninth.
SCHOTT & BROTHER, (J. B. & J. J.), manufacturers leather, ne cor Sixth and State, and dealers in leather and shoe findings, 145 Hampshire.
Schott John B., firm of S. & Brother; res 88 State ns 2 e Sixth.
Schott John J., firm of S. & Brother; res ne cor Sixth and State.
Schott Joseph S., clerk, leather store, 145 Hamp.; bds Mo. Home.
Schottler Gottlieb; res nw cor Sixth and Ohio.
Schraag George W., laborer; res 175 State ss 3 w Tenth.
Schraag Louis, painter, 5th es n Hamp.; res 42 State ns 1 e Fourth.
Schrader Jacob, blacksmith, C. B. & Q. shop; res 4th es n Vine.
Schrage Friedrich A., tailor; res Tenth ws 1 s Kentucky.
Schrage Henry, carpenter, Jer. cor 6th; res se cor Tenth and Elm.
Schrage Margretha, widow of Theodore; res Broadway ss 2 e 13th.
Schreck Rev. Wilhelm, Columbus Cir. M. E. Church; res 168 Maine.
Schreiber Friederich Wilhelm, sr., team.; res nw cor 6th and Wash.
Schreiber Friederich Wilhelm, jr., team.; res nw cor 6th and Wash.
Schridde Heinrich F., sr., cooper; res Washington ns 3 e Seventh.
Schridde Heinrich F., jr., cooper; res Washington ns 3 e Seventh.
Schroder Andreas Christian, teamster; res 121 Ohio ns 5 w Eighth.
Schroder August, teamster; res Fourth es 4 n Vine.
Schroder Christian L., teamster; res 121 Ohio ns 5 w Eighth.
Schroder Franz, laborer ; res Elm ss 5 e Tenth.
Schroder Friederich Wilhelm, carp.; res Ohio ns w 11th ‘ shop in rear.
Schroder Johann, cooper, 70 Fifth; res Elm ss 5 e Tenth.
SCHROEDER ALBERT H., merchant tailor and dealer in gents’ furnishing goods, 114 Hampshire; res Jersey ss 2 w Eighth.
Schroeder & Homberg, (H. S. & L. P. H.), saloon, 25 Front.
Schroeder Henry, firm of S. & Homberg; res 25 Front,
Schroeder Henry H., dry goods clerk, 33 5th; bds 124 Hampshire.
Schroeder Herman, drug clerk, 99 Maine; bds 55 Jersey.
Schroeder John C., dry goods clerk, 130 Maine; bds 212 Maine.
SCHROER HERMANN, dealer in groceries and provisions, se cor Fifth and York; res same.
Schror Heinrich, carp., sw cor Tenth and Elm; bds 5th n Cedar.
Shruber Henry A., teamster; bds nw cor Sixth and Washington.
Schuaus Anna D., widow of George; res 227 Maine ns.
Schucking Bernhard, sr., laborer; res 166 Vermont ss 1 e Tenth.
Schucking Bernhard, jr., turner, 164 Hamp.; res Ver. ss 1 e 10th.
Schucking Hermann, farmer; res Fifth es 3 n Vine.
Schuchman Heinrich, cabinet-maker; res 79 8th ws 2 n State.
Schuchmann Henry, cabinet-maker, 95 Jer.; bds nw cor 8th and State.
Schuer Herman, firm of Schulte & S.; res Fourth es 4 s State.
Schukraft Jacob, laborer, C. B. & Q. shop; res Oak ns e Sixth.
Schukraft Johann, mach., C. B . & Q. shop; res Vine ns 5 w Tenth.
Schulian Baltas, carp., Hamp. cor 9th; res 205 Jersey ns 2 e 11th.
Schulian Inocens, eng., 67 Fifth; res Hampshire ns e Eleventh.
Schulian. Xaver, hackler; res 205 Jersey ns 2 e Eleventh.
Schulian Ulrich; res 205 Jersey ns 2 e Eleventh.
SCHULTE & SCHAUER, (A. S. & H. S.), dealers in dry goods, groceries and provisions, se cor Fourth and State.
Schulte Anton, firm of S. & Schuer; bds Maiden Lane ns 2 e 4th.
Schulte John William, printer, 138 Maine; res nw cor 11th and Ken.
Schulte Fritz, laborer; res Maiden Lane ns 2 e Fourth.
Schulten Heinrich, engineer, C. B. & Q. shop; res 9th ws 6 n Maine.
Schultheis Christian, clerk, shoes, 90 Hamp.; res Ver. ns 3 e Sixth.
SCHULTHEIS GEORGE, sr., wholesale and retail dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers, 90 Hampshire; res Vermont ns 3 e Sixth.
Schultheis George, jr., clerk, shoes, &c., 90 Hampshire; res Fourth es 5 n Broadway.
Schultheis Mathew, cooper; res 106 Ver. ss 3 w 7th, shop in rear.
Schultheisz Martin, shoe-shop and res n Hampshire 1 e Third.
Schumacher Bernhart, firm of Brinckhoff & S.; res 5th ws 3 n Cedar.
Schuhmacher Gottfried, cabinet-maker; bds York ss 6 e Seventh.
Schuhmacher Philipp, engineer; bds State ns 2 e Fifth.
Schumacher Friederich, quarrier, Front s Jef. ; res Ohio ns 3 e 8th.
Schumacher Jobst Heinrich, brick-moulder; res Jackson ns 1 e 8th.
Schumacher Joseph, shoe shop and res 278 Hampshire ss 8 e 11th.
Schumann Joseph, baker, 125 Hampshire; bds same.
Schup Benedict, tinner; res 271 Hampshire ns 4 e Eleventh.
Schup Julianne, widow of Fridolin; res 271 Hampshire ns 4 e 11th
Schurfeld Hinrich, laborer; res Adams ss 2 w Eighth.
Schurfeld Peter H., cooper; res Ninth ws 2 s Madison.
Schurhoff Joseph, tailor shop, 34 Maiden Lane 3 e Fourth; res same
Schuring Gerhard, laborer; res Kentucky ns 4 e Tenth.
Schurmann Adolph, brewer, Seventh es s York; res same.
Schurmann Peter, laborer; res Jackson ns 6 e Eighth.
Schurr Philipp, cooper; res 105 Fifth ws 2 n Maiden Lane.
Schuter Hermann H., cabinet-maker, 95 Jer.; res Monroe s e 8th.
Schtute Friedrich A., carpenter, 9th es s York; res 8th ws s Monroe.
Schutte Heinrich, cabinet-maker, 134 Maine; res Jackson ss 2 w 8th.
Schwab Friedrich, firm of J. & F. S.; res Maine ss 5 w Eleventh.
Schwab J. & F., meat market, Maine ss 5 w Eleventh.
Schwab John, firm of J. & F. S.; res Maine ss 5 w Eleventh.
Schwab Kaspar, meat market, Maine ns 2 e 7th; res Maine ss 9 e 9th.
Schwable George J., moulder, Front s Del.; bds Kentucky ss e 3d.
Schwagmeier Casper Henry, tailor; res Payson avenue ss 3 w Sixth.
Schwallenberg Friederich; bds Eighth ws 1 n Madison.
Schwartz Charles, firm of D. Schwartz & Bro.; res New York.
SCHWARTZ D. & BROTHER, (Charles), dealers in- clothing and gents’ furnishing goods, 36 Fourth, and ne cor Front and Vermont.
Schwartz David, firm of D. S. & Bro. ; res 36 Fourth.
Schwartz Friederich, laborer; res Payson avenue ss 3 w Eighth.
Schwartz Hermann G., blacksmith, cor Ninth and Broadway; res Thirteenth es n Maine.
Schwartz Johann, laborer; res Eighth ws 1 s Jersey.
Schwarz Joseph, cooper; res Vine ns 2 e Fourth.
Schwarzburg Heinrich G., cabinet-maker; res Kentucky ns 3 w 6th.
Schwarzweller Michael, cabinet-maker, 164, bds 134 Hampshire.
Schwebel Edward, blacksmith, 80, res 82 Jersey ss e Fifth.
Schwebel George, iron-moulder; bds 34 Kentucky ss 4 e Third.
Schwebel Phillip, blacksmith shop, 80, res 82 Jersey ss e Fifth.
Schwebel William, machinist, 80, res 82 Jersey ss e Fifth.
Schweittering Bernard, lard drawer, n ex Front; res 7th ws 3 s Ken.
Schweitzer Heinrich, grocery and res Broadway ns 4 e Fourth.
Schweitzer Wendelin, carpenter shop and res Elm ss 6 e Tenth.
Schwendemann Benedick, turner, Broadway cor Tenth; res Broadway ns 4 e Tenth.
Shwendemann George, laborer; res Broadway ns 4 e Tenth.
Schweppe Friedrich, moldr, Front s Del.; res nw cor 7th and Madison.
Schwering Joseph, carpenter, 9th s York; res Kentucky ss 2 e Fifth.
Schwieters Anton, blacksmith shop and res Seventh ws 4 n Spring.
Schwindler Charles F., painter; res Spring ns 5 e 9th, shop in rear,
Scoggan Walter, law student, 117 Maine; bds Hampshire ns 4 w 3d.
Scott Marcus L., writing teacher; bds Hampshire ns 4 w Third. Ott
Scott Maria, widow of Walter; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Scott James W., confectioner; bds 163 Hampshire.
Scott Samuel, (col) Co. A, 29 Ill. Inf.; res Chestnut ss 3 w Eighth.
Scott Thomas, fisherman; res Oak ns 1 e Third.
Scott William G., stone-mason; bds Twelfth es 1 n Hampshire.
Seaman Henry, tinner, 30 Fourth es n Hamp.; bds Ballard House.
Seaman John; res ne cor Thirteenth and Maine.
Seaman Joseph W.; res ne cor Thirteenth and Maine.
Seatani John, stone-mason; bds 217 Maine ns 9 e Eighth.
Seaton Joseph, shoemaker, 67 Fourth; res 86 Fifth es 4 s York.
Seavey William, firm of Taylor & S.; res Canton, Ill.
Sebastian William L., carpenter, 76 Fourth; res Maine ns 6 e 11th.
SEEGER & ROTSCHKA, (C. S. & C. R.), wholesale and retail dealers in books and stationery, pianos, music and musical instruments, artists’ materials, engravings, gilt moldings, looking glasses, fancy articles, &c., and pictures framed to order, 138 Maine.
Seeger Charles, firm of S. & Rotschka; res Vermont ns e Fifteenth.
SEGER SAMUEL E., wholesale grocer, and dealer in wines and liquors, and agent Sands’ X X X Cream Ale and Dupont Powder Co., 127 Hampshire; res Locust ns 1 e Sixth.
Seeks Bernard, employee C. B. & Q. R. R.; res Second ws 2 n Ver.
Seidel Rev. Jacob, Ger. Ev. L. Ch.; res Seventh es 3 n Kentucky.
Sele Wilhelm, laborer; res 133 York, in rear.
Selleck E. Charles, H. & St. Jo. cashier; res 74 Fifth es 2 n York.
Sellner Albert, firm of Kespohl & S.; res 158 Hampshire.
SELLNER CHARLES, dealer in leather, hides and shoe findings, 158 Hampshire; res 83 Fourth ws 3 s York.
SELLNER & WEBER, (W. F. S. & C. W.), apothecaries and chemists, 103 Hampshire.
Sellner William F., firm of S. & Weber; res 136 Maine.
Sengen Lorenz, bar-tender, 124 Hampshire; res same.
SENGEN PETER, wholesale and retail dealer in wines, liquors and Havana cigars, and saloon and restaurant, 124 Hampshire; res same.
SENGER FREDERICK# manufacturer and dealer in furniture, 134 Maine; res Elm ss 2 w Tenth.
Senter William; res 159 Jersey ns 3 e Ninth.
Senter William H.; res sw cor Thirteenth and Hampshire.
Sewing Friederich, blacksmith, 45 Sixth; res Jefferson sw cor Eighth.
Shanahan James, laborer; res 230 Maine ss 5 w Ninth.
Shanahan James J., carpenter; res 143 Jersey ns 7 e Eighth.
Shanahan John, contractor; res 143 Jersey ns 7 e Eighth.
Shanahan Patrick, contractor; res ne cor Ninth and Jersey.
Shanahan Thomas, teamster; res Ninth ws 2 n Jersey.
Shannon Dock, (col) farmer; res Twenty-fifth ws 2 n Maine.
Shay Jeremiah, teamster; res 286 Hampshire ss 3 e Twelfth.
Sheehan Batt, employee C. B. & Q. R. R.; res Second ws 4 n Hampshire, in rear.
Sheehan Michael, laborer; res nw cor Sixth and Chestnut.
Sheehan Thomas, laborer; res Vine ns 3 w Sixth.
Sheldes Dock (col) laborer; res Spring ns 2 e Tenth.
Shelton John: blacksmith; bds Missouri Home.
Shelton Laurena, (col) widow of Hampton , res 42 Fourth n Maine.
Shepherd Jacob, clerk, H. & St. Jo. office; bds Broadway House.
Shepherd Thomas J., farmer; res ss avenue 1 n Vermont e Twelfth.
Shepherd William G., dealer in wood; bds 157 Hampshire.
Sheridan John, at T. W. & W. yard; res Ohio ns 4 e Third.
Sheridan Mary, widow of Andrew; res Ohio ns 5 e Third.
Sheridan Susan, widow of Michael; res Delaware ns 5 w Fourth.
Sheridan Thomas, laborer; res ss alley s York 2 w Third.
SHERMAN HOUSE, cor Front and Vermont, W. H. Pyne, proprietor.
Sherman Seth C., firm of Moore & S.; res 24th ws 1 n Chestnut.
Sherwood Elizabeth, widow of John; res 125 Maine.
Shields David, carpenter; res Broadway ss 2 e Twelfth.
Shiner Francis L., foreman harness, 97, res 198 Hamp. ss 7 w Ninth.
Shiner John, bar-tender, Quincy House; res Kentucky ss 1 w Third.
Shiner William H. bar-tender, 34 Fifth; res Kentucky ss 1 w Third.
Shinn Charles W., moulder, 5th s Jersey; res 88 York ss 8 w Sixth.
Shinn Isaac, attorney at law; res 90 Fourth es 8 n Kentucky.
Shinn Solomon, moulder, Fifth s Jersey; res 88 York 8 w Sixth.
SHINN, BERT & HILL, (V. B. S., J. L. B. & F. T. H.), wholesale and retail dealers in foreign and domestic dry goods, velvet, brussels and ingrain carpets, oil cloth, &c., 93 Hampshire.
Shinn Van Buren, firm of S., Bert& Hill; res 98 Jersey ss 6 w 7th.
Shinn Wesley, moulder, Fifth s Jersey; res 88 York ss 8 w Sixth.
Shinn William H., moulder, Fifth s Jersey; res 88 York ss 8 w 6th.
Shnouder Andrew Alexander, confectioner; res Broadway ns e 21st.
Shoemaker Hiram, teamster; res 87 Fifth ws 5 n Kentucky.
Shoemaker John, boatman; res Hampshire ns 2 w Second. S
hoemaker Nancy, widow of Jacob; res 87 Fifth ws 5 n Kentucky.
Sholtell William, laborer, 49 York ns 2 e Third; bds same.
Shontz Absalom S., moulder, Fifth s Jersey; res Third ws 4 s Ohio.
Shontz Isaac S., engineer, Fifth s Jersey; res Third ws 4 s Ohio.
Short James, lieut. police, court house; res 52 Kentucky. ss 2 e 4th.
Shupp Benjamin M., carpenter; res Twelfth ws 5 s Spring.
Shurtell William, porter, 37 Fifth; bds 49 York ns 2 e Third.
Sibbing Anton, laborer; res Oak ns 3 e Ninth.
SIBLEY JOSEPH, Judge Fifteenth Judicial Circuit; res Eighth ws bet Cedar and Spruce.
Sibresse Wilhelm, farmer; res Twelfth es s Jefferson.
Sickles William F., har. mkr., 5th es 4 n Hamp.; res 7th ws s Jersey.
Sides Jane, (col) widow; res Third es 2 s Hampshire.
Sides Peyton R., saloon keeper; res Thirteenth ws 2 11 Maine.
Sidner Hester A., (col) widow of Charles; res Chestnut ss 5 w 10th.
Siebers Theodor; res York ns 4 e Sixth. ‘
Siebert Casper, wagon-maker; res Third ws 1 n Broadway, in rear.
Sick Carl, stone-mason; res Ninth es 2 s Payson avenue.
Sick William, moulder, Front s Delaware; res 9th es s Payson av.
Sicker Johann, A., shoemaker, Maine ns 4 e Seventh; bds ne cor Eleventh and Hampshire.
Siekmann Heinrich, laborer; res Jackson ns 4 e Eighth.
Sien Carl, core-maker, Front es s Broad.; res Oak ns 5 w Eleventh.
Sien Charles E., tinner, 60 Hampshire; res Oak ns e Tenth.
Sien Ernst, brass foundry, 68 Fourth es s Maine; res same,
Sien Louis, pattern-maker, 10 Front n Broadway.
Siepker Clemens, laborer; res 173 Spring ss 4 e Eleventh.
Siepker Joseph, laborer; res Vermont ns 2 w Eleventh.
Siever Anna, widow of Heinrich; res Tenth ws 6 n Maine,
Siginger August, laborer; res Ninth es 2 n Jersey.
Sikmann Wilhelm, teamster; res Jefferson ss 2 w Ninth.
Silk Susan, widow of John; res 149 Jersey ns 1 w Ninth.
Silvers John, tobacco worker; bds Maiden Lane ss 5 c Fourth.
Simanon Johnson, laborer; bds Missouri Home.
Simmons Charles, (col) laborer; bds Third ws 4 s Broadway.
Simmons Charles M., carp., sw cor 11th and Oak; res Hamp. ss c 9th.
Simmons Henry L., carpenter; shop and res sw cor 11th and Oak.
Simmons James M., clerk, St. Charles Hotel; bds same.
Simmons James P., carpenter; sw cor 11th and Oak; res same.
Simmons Jason D., agent Pa. Cen. R. R.; res 69 Ver. ns 2 w 4th.
SIMON BERNHART, dealer in produce, &c.; res sw cor Ninth and Maine, ware-house Ninth, in rear.
Simon BERNHART, blksm., Front es s Broad.; res sw cor 9th and Maine.
Simon George, meat market, 159 Hamp.; res York ss 5 w Seventh.
Simon Henry, porter, C. B. & Q. baggage; res ne cor 3d and M. L.
Simon John, cigar-maker, 140 Maine; res Mil. al. ss 1 c Third.
SIMON JOHN, cupping, bleeding, leeching and barber shop, 35 Fifth; res 128 York ss 6 w Seventh.
Simon John, laborer; res ne cor Third and Maiden Lane.
Simon Mary, widow of Henry; res ne cor Third and Maiden Lane.
Simons Joseph, photograper, 112 Maine; res 57 Jersey ns 2 w 4th.
Simpson Robert G.; res 12 Third ws 2 s State, shop in rear.
Sims Rev. Aquila H., Christian Church; res 12th es 6 n Hamp.
Sinclair William H., laborer;* res 100 York ss 2 c Sixth.
Sink John; bds Third n Vermont. Sinn Jacob, ensign U. S. Navy; bds Pennsylvania House.
Sisters of Notre Dame; res nw cor Seventh and Maine.
Skidmore George W., book-keeper, 105 Maine; rooms same.
Skinner Augustus C., firm of Lane & S.; res Vermont ns 2 c 11th.
Skinner John W., printer, 38 Fourth; bds 70 Sixth es s Maine.
SKINNER JOSEPH R., bookseller and stationer, 109 Maine; res 86 1 Broadway ns 2 c Sixth.
Skinner Mary H., widow of William; res Broadway us 2 c Sixth.
SKINNER & MARSH, (O. C. S. & W. MO, attorneys at law, se cor Fifth and Maine.
Skinner Onias C., firm of S. & Marsh; bds Quincy House.
Slack Albin D., Co. F, 157 111. Inf.; res 32 Seventh es 2 n Maine.
SLACK CHARLES C., blacksmith and horse-shoeing shop 15 Fifth n Hampshire; res sw cor Sixth and Oak.
Slack Lewis; res 32 Seventh es 2 a Maine.
Slaight Israel L., carpenter; bds Third es 2 s Vermont.
Slaughter Sarah, (col) widow of Elijah; res 12th es 2 n Elm.
Sleumer Franz, cigar maker, 113 Hampshire.
Sliney Dennis, mach., Front es n Hamp.; res Chestnut ns 2 e 8th.
Sliney John, boiler-maker, cor 2d and Broad.; res 7th es n Oak.
Sliney John, laborer; res Chestnut ns 2 c Eighth.
Slingerland Henry V., elk., drugs, 88 Hamp.; bds 4th ws 2 n Broad.
Smeigh Oliver H., painter, 30 Sixth; bds Farmers’ House.
Smith Adoniram, box fac. Broad. c 10th; res Spring ss 3 w 11th.
Smith Alexander H., clerk, shoes &c., 90 Hamp; res York ss 6 w 3d.
Smith Alfred K., firm of Craig & S.; res 8th ws 2 s Hampshire.
Smith Andrew, laborer; bds Maine ns 6 c Eleventh.
Smith Barney, laborer; bds Maine ns 6 c Eleventh.
Smith Betsey, widow of J. H.; res hospital s ex Fifth.
Smith Bridget, widow of Hugh; res Walnut al. ns 6 c 6th, in rear.
Smith Calvin T., clerk, hats, &c., 155 Hamp.; res 8th ws 2 s Hamp.
Smith Charles, eng., n ex Front; res Third ws 2 s Kentucky.
Smith Charles, laborer; bds Maine ns 6 c Eleventh.
Smith Cylon, fore. found., 10 Front; res nw cor Sixth and Oak.
Smith David, team., Front ne cor Maine; bds nw cor 10th and Hamp.
Smith Don C.; bds 209 Vermont ns 3 c Twelfth.
Smith Edward P., mach., Front s Broad.; res Maine ss 4 w 12th.
Smith Elias M., carpenter; bds 48 Seventh es 5 s Maine.
Smith Ellen, widow of Patrick; res Maine ss 4 w Twelfth.
Smith Francis M., laborer; res Fifth ws 4 n Oak.
Smith Frederick L.; res Payson road, c of city limits.
Smith Gustavus M., firm of S. & Son; res Eighth ws 2 s Hamp.
Smith Henry, clerk, hardware, 62 Hamp.; bds Broad. ns 7 w Fifth.
Smith Henry A., carriage-maker; bds 30 Maid. Lane ns 3 c Third.
SMITH & SON, (11. B. & G. M.), manufacturers furs and caps, and dealers in hats, caps, furs, trunks, and gents’ furnishing goods, 155 Hampshire.
Smith Henry B., firm of S. & Son; res Eighth ws 2 s Hampshire.
Smith Harmon E., moulder; res nw cor Seventh and Ohio.
SMITH HORATIO U., boarding-house, 35 Third ws 2 s Vermont.
Smith Jacob M., firm of Jasper & S.; res 61 Hampshire.
Smith James H,, har. mkr., 97 Hamp.; res Seventh es 3 s Spring.
Smith John, baker, Hampshire ns 5 c Seventh.
Smith John, fruit, &c., Fourth ws I s Maiden Lane; res game.
Smith John, blacksmith, cor Tenth and Maine; bds 54 Hampshire.
Smith John, contractor; res ne cor Ninth and York.
Smith John, gardener; res se cor Eighteenth and Broadway.
Smith John, laborer, distillery, s ex Front; res near same.
Smith Alm, A.; res ne cor Ninth and York.
Smith Joseph, teamster; res ss alley s State a Third.
Smith Leonard, blacksmith; shop and res ne cor Fifth and Maiden L.
Smith Obey, cooper; bds 25 Front es 5 n Hampshire.
Smith Owen, horse collar shop and res Fourth ws 6 n Hampshire.
Smith Owen A., collar maker, 97 Hampshire; res Maine ss 4 w 12th.
Smith Peter, civil engineer, 35 Fifth; res 47 State ss c Fourth.
Smith Porter; res Jersey as 4 c Sixth.
SMITH ROBERT T., proprietor St. Charles Hotel, se cor Front and Vermont.
Smith Sarah, (col) widow of Henry; res Second es 2 n Elm.
Smith Sebastian; shoe shop and res Third ws n Maine.
Smith Terrence, laborer, gas-works; res Ohio ns 5 e Third.
Smith Thomas, laborer; bds Maine us 6 c Eleventh,
SMITH, GARTH & CO., (W. A. S., S. A. G. & W. H. Smith), wholesale grocers, rectifiers and importers of wine, liquors and cigars, 144 Maine.
Smith Warren A., firm of S., Garth & Co.; res Jersey ns 1 w 7th.
Smith William, T. W. & W. conductor; bds Metropolitan Hotel.
Smith William, tailor; bds 163 Hampshire.
Smith William C., T. W. & W. eng.; res nw cor Third and Spring.
Smith William H., firm of S., Garth & Co.; res 115 Jer. ns 5 c 7th.
Smith William J., freight agent; res ne cor Ninth and York.
Smoot Samuel C., clerk, grocery, 69 Hamp; bds 86 Jer. ss 4 w 6th.
Smyth Charles A., harness maker, 97 Hamp.; res Vine ss I c 11th.
Smyth Hugh, contractor; res Fifth ws 3, n Spring.
SNITJER DRIKUS, agent Singer’s Sewing Machines, 102 Hampshire; res State ns 3 w Third.
Snitjer Michael A., tailor; res 82 Fifth ws 11 s York.
Snow Lucy K., widow of Henry; res 51 York ns 3 c Third.
Snow Willard, trader in produce, &c.; res nw. cor 4th and Maid. L.
Snyder George W., firm of Spencer & Co.; res Broadway ns 3 w 7th.
Sobbing Gerhard H., cooper; shop and res Third es 1 s York.
Sobbing Heinrich; bds Eleventh es 3 n Broadway.
Sohm Anton, laborer; res Eighth ws 1 s Jersey, in rear.
Sohm Edward, clerk, crockery, Ill Hamp.; res nw cor 3d and York.
Sohm Pantaleon, grocery, nw cor Third and York; res same.
Sohn Charles, stone-cutter; res ne cor Fourth and Ohio.
Sohn Charles, stone-cutter; res sw cor Fifth and Maiden Lane.
Sohn Ferdinand, stone-cutter; res 89 State ss 4 e Sixth.
Sohn Frank X.; res 89 State ss 4 e Sixth.
Sohn John, cooper; res Ohio ns 2 c Fourth.
SOHN JOSEPH, musician and teacher of instrumental music; res ne cor Fourth and Ohio.
Sohn Joseph F., machinist, 10 Front.; res ne cor Fourth and Ohio.
Somers Lyman, dry goods clerk, 39 Fifth; bds Tremont House.
SOMMER & METZ, (A. S. & W. M.), wholesale and retail dealers in drugs, medicines, liquors, perfumery, oils, paints, &c., and importers of fancy goods, notions, toys, &c., 120 Maine.
Sommer Aldo, firms of S. & Metz, and Hargis & S.; res Jersey ss 4 w Fifth.
Sommer Henry L., fancy goods, 90 Sixth ws s York; res same.
Sommer John H., laborer, C. B. & Q. shop; res Second es n Oak.
Sommer Joseph, laborer, C. B. & Q. round-house; res 2d ws n Oak.
Sommer Joseph, sr., laborer; res Olive es 4 n Oak.
Sommer Joseph, jr., wool-spinner; res Olive es 4 n Oak.
Sommers William ‘ carpenter, 3d es 2 n Maine; res Ver. ns 5 w 11th.
Sonntag Andreas, saddler; res Ohio ns 3 c Ninth.
Sonntag Frederick, candle-maker, 68 Sixth; res Tenth ws 2 s Oak.
SOULE PROF. MOSES, principal Quincy Academy, nw cor Eighth and Vine; res Eighth ws 5 n Oak.
South Charles, (col); res 241 Maine us 9 e Ninth.
Sparks William, dealer in pictures; bds Fifth ws 5 s Vermont.
Sparks William H. H. ; res Fifth ws 5 s Vermont.
Spear Emeline, widow of William; res se cor Eleventh and Maine.
Speas Johann, saloon and res 100 State us 5 e Sixth.
Specht Friederich, cooper, Spring ss 2 e 4th; res Spring ns e Third.
Specht Louis, carpenter, Hamp. ns 3 e 9th; bds Ninth ws s Hamp.
Speckmann Gottlieb D., Co. 11, 43 111. Inf.; res ne cor Eleventh and Payson avenue.
Speckmann Phillip, laborer; res Jefferson ns e Eighth.
Spellmeier Fritz, laborer, s ex Front; res Kentucky ns 3 e Ninth.
Spencer George A., farmer; res se cor Fourth and Vermont.
Spencer Albert; res Sixth ws 7 s Vermont.
Spencer Clara, widow of William; res Maiden Lane ns 3 w Fourth.
Spencer Eunice, widow of William; res State ns 4 e Front.
SPENCER & CO., (G. W. Snyder), meat market, and dealers in cattle, 187 Hampshire.
Spencer Frank R., firm of S. & Co.; res ss avenue e 12th 1 n Ver.
Spencer Horace C., firm of’ Morris & S., sw cor Front and Broadway.
Spencer Joseph D., Co. e 59 111. Inf. ; res State us 4 e Front.
Spencer Richard B., mason; res Ohio ss 2 w Third.
Spencer William R., engineer, Front 2 n Del. ; res 6th es 3 s Ken.
Spencer William S., mason; res Ohio ss 2 w Third..
Spengler Alexis, clerk, liquors, 116 Hampshire; bds Adams House.
Spielbuhler Johann Gottfried, stone-cutter ; res Seventh ws 2 n Ohio.
Spilker Adolph, teamster; bds ne cor Seventh and Payson avenue.
Spilker Carolina, widow of Adolph; res Payson av. ss 3 w Tenth.
Spilker Friedrich, laborer; res Ninth es 5 s Maine, in rear.
Spilker Frederick W. C., iron-moulder; res Seventh ws 3 s Wash.
Spilker Wilhelm, laborer; res Ninth 5 s Maine, in rear.
Spilker Wilhelm, laborer; res Jackson ns 5 e Eighth.
Spindler Johann, laborer; res 79 Fifth ws 7 s York.
Spindler Michael, shoe-shop, 114 Hampshire; res same.
Sprague William B., marble-cutter, Maine cor 3d; bds 3d ws 2 s Ver.
Sprehn Frederick, miller, Front cor Broad.; res Second es 1 s Oak.
Spremberg Robert, cigar-maker, 113 Hamp.; bds Missouri Home.
Sprick Gottlieb, stone-mason; res se cor Eighth and Jefferson.
Spuhler Hermann, laborer; res ne cor Seventh and Oak.
Staab Johanna, widow of George; res Twelfth ws 2 s Maine.
Staats Peter T., law student, 32 Fifth; bds Hamp. ns 4 w Third.
Stabler George M., clerk, 134 Hamp.; bds 79 Fifth ws 3 s York.
Stachelbeck Friederich, laborer; res Adams ns 6 w Ninth.
Stachelberg Heinrich, laborer; res 167 Vermont ns 7 e Tenth.
Stackler John, iron-moulder; bds 54 Hampshire.
Stafford Elias C., machinist, C. B. & Q. shop; res 7th ws 7 n Spring
Stahl Daniel, physician and surgeon; res 82 Maine ss w Fourth.
Stahlhut Christian, laborer; res 177 State, ss 2 w Tenth.
Stahlhut Ferdenand, basket-maker, 154 Hamp.; bds Ver. ns 3 w 13th.
Stallings Calphurnia, widow of James C. ; res York ns 2 w Eighth.
Stangel Theophiles, house-mover; res 241 Maine ns 9 e Ninth.
Starck Louis, laborer; res Ninth ws 1 n Linn.
Starckelbech Johann F., laborer; res Ninth ws 1 s Madison.
Stark Anselm, laborer; res Broadway ns 4 e Eighteenth.
Stark Bonevats, laborer; res Elm ns 2 e Eighteenth.
Starkey Abner W., principal high school; rooms 104 Hampshire,
Starnes William E., cooper; bds 163 Hampshire.
Stautermann Henry B., laborer; res Washington ss 8 e Sixth.
Stautermann Johann A., laborer; res Washington ss 8 e Sixth.
ST. CHARLES HOTEL, se cor Front and Vermont; H. T. Smith, proprietor.
Steel Rosilius, carpenter; res Union House, 68 Maine.
Steel William, (col) Co. G, 56 Mo. Inf.; res Linn ss 1 w Second.
Steffen Caspar, stone-cutter; res 71 Seventh es 3 n Washington.
Steffen Friedrich, laborer; res Ohio ss 3 w Seventh.
Steffen Ludwig, Co. H, 43 111. Inf. ; res Jefferson ns e Eighth.
Steffener Friederich, laborer; res Ninth es 2 n Washington,
Steffener Johann Heinrich, laborer; res Madison ss 4 w Ninth.
Stegeman Adolph, cooper; res Walnut alley ns 3 w Seventh.
Stegemann Andreas H., chair-maker; bds Vermont ss 2 w Sixteenth.
Stegemann Heinrich, gardener; re& Vermont ss 2 w Sixteenth.
Stegemann Johann, cooper; res Walnut alley ns 4 e Sixth.
Stegmiller Valentine; res 112 Broadway us 3 w Eighth.
Stegmiller Zirill, shoemaker, 68 Hampshire; res 112 Broadway.
Stegmuller Ludwig, watch-maker, 38 Fifth; res 112 Broadway.
Stein & Hanauer, (H. S. & S. H.), dealers in dry goods, 35 Fourth.
Stein Henry, firm of S. & Hanauer; res Sixth es 2 n York.
STEINAGEL JOHN, dealer in wines and cider, 40 Seventh es 3 s Maine; res same.
Steigmeier Kathrine, widow of Xaver; res se cor Ninth and York.
Steinbach John A., brick-mason ; res 96 -State ns 4 c Sixth.
Steinbach Philipp S., firm of Blomer, S. & Co.; res State us 4 e 6th.
Steinbrecher Kathrine, widow of Heinrich; res Ken. ns 4 w Ninth.
Steinbrecher Joseph, shoemaker; res Vine ns 3 w Twenty-first.
Steinhart & Lesem; (J. S. & A. L.), dlrs. dry goods, &c., 36 Fourth.
Steinhart Joseph, firm of S. & Lesem; res 36 Fourth.
Steinkamp, Bernhart, chair-maker, Vermont cor Ninth; res Vine ns 3 w Eleventh.
STEINKAMP HENRY, saddle and harness manufacturer, and dealer in hides, State us 2 w Ninth; res 123 Broadway ss 4 e Tenth.
Steinkamp Henry, engineer, cor 9th and Ver.; res Broad. ns e 11th.
Steinkamp Heinrich, laborer; res Kentucky ns 5 w Ninth.
Steinkamp Heinrich J., laborer; res Vine ns 3 w Eleventh.
Steinkamp Joseph, laborer; res Kentucky ns 4 w Eleventh.
Steinmetz Jacob, laborer; res Sixth es 4 n Kentucky.
Steinpas Johann, cooper; res 74 Fifth ws 4 s Elm, shop in rear.
Steinwedell William, firm of Bertschinger & S.; res nw cor Ninth and Vermont.
Stekle Edward, porter, liquors, sw cor Eleventh and Maine; bds same.
Steller Charles G., piano-maker; res Washington ns 2 w Sixth.
Stephens Henry, (col) laborer; res nw cor Spring and Olive.
Stephens Mary, widow of Henry; res Spring ns 2 w Third.
Stepp Franz, laborer; res 14 Eighth es 1 n Ohio.
Steren Clemans, cabinet-maker; res Hampshire us 2 w 11th, in rear.
Steren Henry, firm of Winters & S.; res 294 Hamp. ss 6 w 13th.
Sterleng John Conrad, house-mover; res 241 Maine ns 9 e Ninth.
Stern Angela, widow of Clemens; res 155 Ohio ns 2 e Ninth.
Stern Johann H., cooper, 11th n Broad.; res Vine ss 2 e Eleventh.
Steutermann Heinrich, flour-packer, 29 Fourth; res 10th ws 2 n Ken.
Stevens Charles Joseph, cabinet shop and res I-lamp. us 3 w Eleventh.
Stevenson Nathan, foreman express stables ; res 74 Maine.
STEWART ABRAHAM M., salesman pork-house, Third es s Hampshire; res Delaware ns 2 e Third.
Stewart Alexander,. (col) laborer; res Vermont ss c Fifth, in rear.
Stewart Ann, widow of Robert; res Broadway ns 3 e Seventh.
Stewart Benjamin, (col) laborer; res Vermont ss c Fifth, in rear.
Stewart David, watchman, Metropolitan Hotel; bds same.
Stewart Edmond H., transfer baggage agent; bds Front foot Vermont.
Stewart Horace, C. B. & Q. engineer; res se cor Fifth and Oak.
Stewart James B., Co. E., Mo. Cav.; res Sixth es 1 s Kentucky.
Stewart Laura S., widow; res nw cor Fifth and Washington.
Stewart Lewis H.; res ne cor Fifth and Vine.
Stewart Milton, (col) laborer; res Twenty-fifth ws 2 n Maine.
STEWART R. & CO., (J. Jarrett), dealers in groceries, provisions and ice, cor Front and Maine
Stewart Robert, firm. of R. S. & Co.; res cor Second and Maine.
Stieghorst Bernhart, laborer; res s ex Fifth.
Stieghorst Heinrich A., cooper; res State ns 3 e Ninth.
Stiegman Johann, chair-maker, Maine w Third; res York ss 7 e 6th.
Stille Christian, cooper; res Ninth ws 1 n Washington, shop near.
Stilley Samuel, basket-maker; res 108 York ss 2 e Sixth.
Stine Jay, machinist, C. B. & Q. shop; res sw cor 7th and Maine.
Stunson Hanna M., widow of Simon; res 118 Vermont ss 2 e 7th.
Stobie Alexander, firm of Van Doorn, Brother & Co.; res 67 Fifth es 2 n Vine.
Stobie James; res 94 York ss 5 w Sixth.
Stock Bernhart Heinrich; res 82 Ohio ss 3 c Sixth.
Stockheke Anna C., widow of Jobst H.; res se cor Eighth and State.
Stockheke Friederich W., laborer; res Ohio ss 4 w Seventh.
Stockle Johan, shoemaker; res 121 State ss 5 e Seventh.
Stocksick Frederick, firm of Dinstuhl & S.; bds Maine ss 4 e Ninth,
STOCKWELL & DAVIS, (D. G. S. & G. H. D.), dealers in stock, and proprietors Bank Exchange restaurant and saloon, ne cor Fourth and Hampshire.
Stockwell David, firm of S. & Davis; res s ex Twenty-fourth.
Stockwell William W., carpenter; res 45 State ss e Fourth.
Stoetzel Heinrich, blacksmith, 45 Sixth; res 143 State.
Stofel Wilhelm, gun-smith shop, Maine ss 2 w Twelfth; res same.
Stohr Fritz, laborer, n ex Front; res sw cor Thirteenth and Ver.
Stokle Gustav, shoe-shop, 170 Maine; res same.
Stoll John, carpenter, 3d es 2 n Maine; res Spring ns 3 e Sixth.
Stone Elbridge K. ; res York ss 2 e Fourth.
STONE THOMAS L., proprietor of Missouri Home, 145 and 147 Hampshire.
Stoner Albert H., telegraph op., 102 Maine; bds Spring ns 2 e 6th.
STOPPE JOSEPH boot and shoe manufacturer and dealer, 159 Broadway ss 3 e Tenth; res same.
Storck Catharine, widow of George; res 123 Vermont ns 2 w 8th.
Storer Gottlieb, at C. B. & Q. R. R. frt. house, Front foot Spring.
Storhans Johann, laborer; res Fifth ws 2 s Cedar.
Stork Catharine, widow of John; res ne cor Fourth and Broadway.
Stork Fredric, carpenter, 9th s York; bds ne cor 7th and Wash.
Stork & Wilke, (H. S. & W. W.), furniture manuf. 7th s Kentucky.
Stork Henry, firm of S. & Wilke; res State ne cor Seventh.
Stork Joseph, laborer; res se cor Eighth and Monroe.
Stork Ludwig, teamster; res se cor Eighth and Adams.
Stormer Gottlieb, laborer; res Madison ns 4 e Eighth.
Stormer Heinrich, laborer; res ne cor Eighth and Monroe.
Stormer Wilhelm, laborer; res 13 Madison ns 3 e Seventh.
Storrs John Henry, teamster, Fifth es 1 s Ver.; bds Mo. Home.
Story & Bittleston, (C. S. & G. B.), carpenters, rear 19 Fifth.
Story Caleb, firm of S. & Bittleston; res State ss 2 w Third.
Stott James H., upholsterer; res Linn ss 3 w Tenth.
Stotts Mary C., widow of Joseph; res Kentucky ss 2 e Third.
Stotzel George, tailor, Maine ss 10 e Tenth; res Oak ns 2 w Tenth.
Stotzel Heinrich, blacksmith; res 143 State ss e Eighth. .
Stowell Barna T., R. R. excav. shop and res ne cor 4th and York.
Strakeliahn Herman, laborer; res Eighth ws 2 n Monroe.
Straley Joseph, Co. H, 151111. Inf.; res Kentucky ns 2 w Fifth.
Straly Marianne, widow of Benedict; res Kentucky ns 2 w Fifth.
Stranckhoner Herman, baker; bds se cor Eighth and Jefferson.
Strassenburg Clementine, widow of Henry; res 115 5th ws 2 s M. L.
Strat Clemens, laborer ~, res Oak ss 5 w Tenth.
Strathman Margaretha, widow of Heinrich; res 136 Ken. ss 9 e 8th.
Strathman Wilhelm, baker; bds Fourth es 4 n Vine.
Stratmann Friedrich, carpenter; res nw cor Eighth and Payson av.
Stratton Henry D., firm of Bryant, S. & Bell; res New York.
Straws Isaac, (col) laborer; res Third ws 3 s Broadway.
Streeter Elijah S., excavator mkr.; bds Fourth es 4 s York.
Streight Howard A., port. paint., 96 Hamp.; res Spring nw cor Olive.
Stremme Wilhelm, cooper; res Kentucky ss 4 e Eighth, shop rear.
Strenger Heinrich, laborer; res Washington ss 2 e Eighth.
Strenger Peter, laborer; res Jefferson ss 3 e Seventh.
Strickler Amanda M., widow of Joseph; res 7th es 1 n Maine.
Strickler Jane, widow of Isaac; res Seventh es 1 n Maine.
Strode Cajuy, widow of John; res 92 Vermont 2 w Sixth.
Strotman Maria, widow of Bernhard; res Kentucky ns 5 w 11th.
Strouse Henry, dealer dry goods, 94 Hamp.; res 111 Jer. ns 3 e 7th.
Strouse Levi, liquor merchant; res Sixth ws 2 n Maine.
Strub Joseph, stone-mason; res 138 Kentucky ss 4 w Ninth.
Struck Johann, laborer; res 62 Fifth es 5 s Jersey.
Strunk Peter, well-digger; res Tenth es 3 n Maine.
Stubbs Nathaniel, (col) laborer; res 171 Hampshire,
Stucke Hermann, laborer; res sw cor Twentieth and Oak.
Stuckenberg Heinrich, laborer; res 165 Vermont ns 4 e Tenth.
Stuckmann Henry, carpenter; res 11th ws 2 n Payson avenue.
Stuckmann John, brick-maker; res Elm ss 2 w Tenth.
Stuckmann Theodore, teacher parish school, Vine e 18th; res same.
Stuntz John, laborer; res Spring ins e Third.
Sturbaum Anna M., widow of Gerhart H.; res Elm ss 3 e Sixth.
Sturgiss Margret, widow of Thomas;’ res se cor Sixth-and Broadway.
Sturgiss Samuel M., dentist, 99 Hamp.; res se cor Sixth and Broad.
Sturhahn Ernst, blacksmith; shop and res Pay. av. ns 1 e Tenth.
Sturhahn Friedrich P., laborer; res Washington ss 6 w Eighth.
Sturhan Ernst Friederich, laborer; res sw cor 13th and Vermont.
Sturmer Wilhelm, Co. H, 43 111. Inf.; res Madison ns 2 e Sixth.
Sturr William; res 52 Kentucky ss 2 e Fourth.
Sullivan Daniel, laborer,; res Eighth es 2 s Elm.
Sullivan Fantine, widow of Timothy; res 24 Eighth es 3 s Hamp.
Sullivan Florence, tinner; res 44 Seventh es 4 n Jersey.
SULLIVAN HENRY V. & CO., (Tom J. Heirs and John H. Russell), book and job printers.
Sullivan Henry V., firm of Henry V. S. &. Co.; res ne cor Seventh and Spring.
Summers Esther L., widow of George; res ne cor Ninth and Ver.
Sundermann John G., brick yard and res ne cor Sixth and Ohio.
Surge Joseph, (col) laborer; res Tenth ws 3 s Chestnut.
Surlage Charles, harness-maker, 97 Hamp.; bds 7th ws 2 n Ohio.
Surlage Franz, foreman Tribune; bds Seventh ws 2 n Ohio.
Surmeier Henry, lime-kiln, Front s Jersey; res Broad. ss I e Tenth.
Surmeyer Barbara, widow Hermann; res sw cor Seventh and Ver.
Surmeyer Johann H.; res Eighth ws 2 s Hampshire.
Swarthout William H., clerk, Q. & P. office; res 5th ne cor York.
Swartwout Alonzo M.; res 142 Vermont se cor Ninth.
Swartwout Cornelius J.; res 142 Vermont se cor Ninth.
Sweet Alanson L., express messenger; res Third ws 1 s Maine.
Sweet Don A., C. B. & Q. telegraph operator; res 3d ws 1 s Maine.
Sweittering Joseph, laborer; res 105 Kentucky nw cor Eighth.
Sweney Daniel, horse-shoer, shop 7th n Me.; res Hamp. ss 2 e 8th.
Sweney James G., horse-shoer, 7th n Maine; res Hamp. ss 2 e 8th.
Swetering John, moulder, Front s Broad.; res Maine ss 3 w Ninth.
Swimmer Harris, dlr. hides, 59 Hampshire; res 62 Fifth es s Jersey.
SWIMMER ISAACS, dealer in second hand clothing and household goods, 62 Fifth es 5 Jersey; res same.
Swinney Elijah A., carpenter, shop Broadway ns 5, res 6 w 11th.
Sylvester John A., firm of Worrell, S. & Co.; res Chest. ns 3 e 5th.