bds-boards. n ex-northern extension of s ex-southern exension of
bet-between. ns-north side. ss-south side.
(col)-colored. nw-north west. sw-south west.
cor-corner. res-resides and residence. w-west of.
e-east of. n-north of. ws-west side.
es-east side. ne-north east. s-south of.
    se-south east.

T Surnames

TACKE ANTON CONRAD, dealer in groceries and provisions, and private boarding house, 54 Hampshire e Third. Tacke Wilhelm, porter, 111 Hampshire; res 17 Fourth ws 1 n Ohio. Tafel Frank, wagon-maker, 6th cor Pay. av.; res 5th es s Jefferson. Taft Norton, ex. mes., H. & St. Jo. R. R.; bds 124 Hampshire. TAIT MISS LUCETTA, dress and cloak maker, 25 Fourth ws 7 n Hampshire; res same. Talbert Isaiah, carriage-maker, 45 Sixth; bds Adams House. TALLCOTT JOSEPH B., homeopathic physician and surgeon; office and res 175 Maine. Tallcott William G., student; res 175 Maine. Talton Peter, (col); res Ohio ns 4 e Fourth, in rear. Tansey Vurlin G., shoemkr., Jer. nw cor 6th; res 70 Ken. ss 2 e 5th. Tapha Conrad; res Spring ss e Eleventh, cor alley. Tarr John W., medical student, 39 Fifth. Tatman James, farmer; res 143 Hampshire. TAYLOR & SEAVEY, (A. 11. T. & W. S.), photographers, 96 Hampshire. Taylor Alfred H., firm of T. & Seavey; bds Quincy House. Taylor 4 Angly, (col) laborer; res Elm ns 6 e Thirteenth. TAYLOR BURRELL B., editor Herald; bds Quincy House. Taylor Edward, (col) laborer; res ne cor Front and Delaware. Taylor Elizabeth, widow of William; res Vine ns 4 w Sixth. Taylor Ithamer S., clerk; res se cor Twelfth and Jefferson. Taylor James, shoemaker; res se cor Fifth and Kentucky. Taylor James, (col) laborer; res Olive es 2 n Elm, in rear. Taylor James B.; res Seventh es 2 n Spring. Taylor John, ferry office 104 Hampshire; res se cor Third and Ver. Taylor John W.; res Seventh es 2 n Spring. TAYLOR SHUBAEL L., firm of J. Bradford & Co., and tanner and currier, Kentucky us e Sixth; res 81 Kentucky us 4 w Seventh. Taylor Shubael 0., currier, 97 Hamp.; res sw cor Eighth and Ken. Taylor William H., carp., Hamp. nw cor 9th; bds 9th *s 1 s Ver. Tearney Martin, at C. B. & Q. depot; bds 147 Jersey ns 9 e 8th. Teas Nancy, widow of Moses; res 190 Hampshire ss e Eig th. Teigler Joseph, bricklayer; res ne cor Eleventh and Oak. oh TELEGRAPH OFFICE, ILL. & MISS., 102 Maine. Tellbuscher Friederich, wood-turner, 95 Jer.; res Wash. ss 1 e 8th.. Teller Pierre; res nw cor Fifth and Oak. Tempelman Bernhard, laborer; res Kentucky ns 4 e Tenth. Tempelmann Johann H., plasterer; res 79 Eighth ws 1 n State. Tenk Henry, rope mkr., 12th n Jersey; res Elm ss e Tenth. TENK H. & J. R., dealers in foreign and American hardware and cutlery, agricultural implements, &c.; 134 Maine. Tenk Henry, firm of H. & J. H. T.; res 72 Fifth es 4 n York. Tenk John H., firm of H. & J. H. T.; res 72 Fifth es 4 n York. Teppe Henry, chairmaker, Seventh es 7 s Kentucky. Tepe Johann Wilhelm, tailor, 234 Maine ss 2 w Ninth; bds same. Terdenge John George, porter, 120 Maine; res 10th es 3 n Jersey. Terford Wilhelm, teamster; res Twelfth ws 1 s Oak. Terfort Heinrich, teamster; res nw cor Eighth and Oak. Terlishner George, newspaper carrier, sw cor Fourth and Maine. Terlisner Bernhart, laborer; res 123 Broadway ss 3 e Eighth. Terlisner Gerhard, laborer; res 123 Broadway ss 3 e Eighth. Terry John, harness-maker, 97 I-lamp.; res Eighth es 1 n Jersey. Terry Maria T., widow of John; res Eighth es 1 n Jersey. Terwiesche Franziska, widow of Theodor; res 154 Hamp., in rear. Terwirsche Henry, saddle cutter, 75, res 154 Hampshire, in rear. Terwiesche Henry. Louis T., porter, 75, res 154 Hampshire. Thale Henry, teamster; res Eighth ws 1 s Payson avenue. Thale Hermann H., laborer; res Ohio ss 1 e Eleventh. Thayer Elizabeth C., widow of Lynas; res Eighth ws 3 n Broadway. Thehuff John, carpenter; bds Union House, 68 Maine. Thenhausen Henry, early-; 9th s York; res Monroe ss 2 e Eighth. Therman Samuel, (col) laborer; bds nw cor Spring and Olive. Thiehoff John H., carpenter; bds 64 Fourth es s Maine. Thiemann Bernard, harness-maker, 97 Hamp.; res Oak ns e Sixth. Thier Bernhard, shoemaker, 114 Hamp.; res 134 York ss 4 e 7th. Thies Gustav, agent; res se cor Fifth and Maiden Lane. Thole Bernhard, blacksmith; res 55 Seventh ws 5 n York, shop near. Thom Owen, eng., Front es n Hamp.; res Keyes’ al. ns 2 e 4th. Thomas Kinsey, (col) laborer; res Tenth ws 4 n Spring. Thomas Christian, ins. sol.; res 52 Kentucky ss 2 e Fourth. Thomas John, firm of G. W. Moulton & Co.; res Augusta, Illinois. Thomas Philip, firm of John Lee & Co. ; res State ns 2 e Fourteenth. Thompson Daniel A. L.; bds Missouri Home. Thompson Elizabeth, widow of James; res se cor Twentieth and Oak Thompson Henry, (col) at livery, Fourth ws 4 s Maine. Thompson James, machinist, 10 Front; res Second ws n Spring. Thompson John T., insurance solicitor; bds 90 Third es 2 s York. Thompson Julia A., widow of Lewis E.; res Third ws 5 n Maine. Thompson Salathiel W., merchant; res 62 Broadway ns 3 c Fourth. Thomson Susan L.; res 108 York ss 2 c Sixth. Thomson William W., confectioner, Hampshire ns 5 e Seventh. Thorn Edgar, physician; office and res 46 Sixth es 8 n Maine. Thorn William J., student; res 46 Sixth es 8 n Maine. THORNE WILLIAM H., photographer, 97 Hampshire nw cor Fifth; bds ne cor Fourth and Hampshire. Thrasher Gabriel A., shoemaker, 67 Fourth; res Kentucky ss 2 e 7th. Thrasher Williaim, laborer; res Kentucky ss 2 e Seventh. Thuns Elisabeth, widow of Joseph; res Seventh ws 3 s Maine. Thuryman Perry, (col) laborer; res lane s Broadway 2 c 25th as. Tibbits Frank H., clerk, Q. & P. office; bds Third ws 5 s Vermont. Tichner Legrand, (col) laborer; bds Chestnut ss 2 e Eighth. Tidmarsh John W., printer; res sw cor 8th and Jersey. Tieben George, cooper shop and res ne cor Eleventh and Oak. Tiemann Anna Margretha, widow of Peter; res se cor 7th and Mad. Tiemann Friederich, laborer; res Tenth ne cor alley n Elm. Tiemann Friederich, teamster; res 175 Kentucky ns 2 w Tenth. Tiemann Heinrich, stone-cutter; res nw cor Ninth and Monroe. Tiemann Johann F., teamster; res Eighteenth ws 1 n State. Tiemann Johann W., firm of F. W. Menke & Co.; res nw cor Ninth and Monroe. Tiemeier Wilhelm, at C. B. & Q. shop; res Washington ss 1 w 9th. Tienken Christian, baker; res 110 Kentucky ss 9 e Seventh. Tigges Heinrich, laborer; res nw cor Fifth and Oak. Tillotson John W., shoe-shop, 69 Fourth; res 34 State ns c Third. Tillson John, Col. 17 U. S. Inf.; res State ns c Eleventh. Tillson Robert, office 93 Maine; res 72 Jersey sw cor Fifth. Tillson William H., book-keeper; res 72 Jersey sw cor Fifth. Tilton James B., plumber, 6th ws 3 n Jer.; res York ss 2 w Third. Timmer George, carpenter; res Tenth Ws 5 n Oak. Timmer Maria, widow of Joseph; res Broadway ss 9 c Eighth. Timmerman Dorothia Elizabeth, widow of Diedrich; res 184 Vermont ss 1 c Eleventh. Timmerman J. 11. & Bro., (W. F.), cabinet-mkrs., Ver. se cor 11th. Timmerman John H., firm of J. H. T. & Bro.; res 222 Vermont ss 10 e Twelfth. Timmerman William F., firm of J. H. T. & Bro.; res 184 Vermont ss 1 e Eleventh. Timmers Johann, laborer; res Maine ss 5 e Eleventh. Timpe Joseph, teamster; res nw cor Tenth and Vine. Timpe Theodor; res Vine us 2 w Tenth. Tobben Antone, at C. B. & Q. depot; res 12th es 5 s Hampshire. Tobias Francis, gun-smith shop, 139 Hamp.; res 6th es 2 s Jersey. TOBIN EDWARD B., dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry, musical instruments, &c., 113 Maine; res 157 Hampshire. Todd Edson H., clerk, carriage manufactory, Sixth ws s Maine. Todd Isabella, (col) widow of Henry; res Twelfth es 1 n Vine. Todd Mary, (col) widow of Henry; res Eighth ws n Linn. Tofall Anton, laborer; res Twelfth es 4 n Hampshire. Tofall Conrad, carpenter; res 155 Spring ss 7 w Eleventh. TOLEDO WABASH & WESTERN RAILWAY; ticket office and depot Front foot Spring; general office Maine under Quincy House; machine shop and round-house Front foot Oak. Toles James, (col) carpenter; res Maine ns 2 w Thirteenth. Tomlin Jeremiah J. T. res sw cor Thirteenth and Maine. Tomlinson James B., carpenter shop and res sw cor 10th and Chest. Tonsman August, teamster; res 173 State ns 3 c Eighth. Tonsman Heinrich; res 173 State ns 3 c Eighth. Tonsman Wilhelm, teamster; res 173 State ns 3 c Eighth. Tool Alexander, laborer; bds Third n Vine. Tope Frank, painter, 5th n Hampshire; res nw cor Fifth and Vine. Torney William, carpenter; res Fourth es 2 s Maple. TORRENCE JOHN, eclectic physician, 35 Fifth; res Sixth es 3 a Broadway. TORRENCE – WILLIAM P., eclectic physician, 123 Maine; res Fifth ws 3 n Kentucky. Torrey Joseph T., architect and builder ; res Eighth es s Maine. Tottem Abram M., clerk, 160 Hamp.; res 12th ws 2 s Broadway. Town Moses D., eng., C. B. & Q. R.; res 55 Vermont ns 7 c Third. Trapp Joseph, tailor shop and res 256 Maine ss 3 w Tenth. Travilla & Benneson, (J. T. & T. C. B.), carpenters cor 5th and Vine. Travilla Jonathan, firm of T. & Benneson; res ne cor 4th and Syc. Travis Absalom, blacksmith; res 36 State ns e Third. Travis Edward E., engineer; bds Vermont ns 3 w Second. Traynor James, teamster; res 146 Kentucky ss 1 e Ninth. Treaster Anna M., widow of Jacob; res York us 3 w Eighth, in rear. Treaster James G., laborer; res York ns 3 w Eighth, in rear. TREAT & CO., (E. W. Treat), proprietors of American coffee and spice mills, manufacturers of ground coffee and spices, 67 Fifth ws s Jersey. Treat Adna, firm of A. T. & Co.; res Twelfth ws 3 n Vermont. Treat Edward W., firm of A. T. & Co.; res Sixth ws 2 a Spruce. Tremelin Balthasar B., teacher, Jer. ss 6 w 6th; bds Broad. House. TREMONT HOUSE, 113 and 115 Hampshire; Oehmen & Miller, proprietors. Trickett Edward, firm of J. T. & Son; res 88 Kentucky ss 3 w 7th. TRICKETT J. & SON, (Edward), mill-wrights, carpenters and builders, Fifth es 3 s Jersey. Trickett John, firm of J. T. & Son; res 58 Fifth es 2 s Jersey. Trimble Josiah C., leather clerk, 97 Hamp.; res Sixth ws 1 s Vine. Trimble Nancy, (col) widow of James W.; res 25th es 4 n Maine. Tromm Oswald; res 43 Seventh ws 6 n Jersey. Trowbridge Charles H., firm of T. & Son; res Fourth es 2 s York. TROWBRIDGE & SON, (W. & C. H.), manufacturers and dealers in stove wood for fuel, Maine us bet Second and Third. Trowbridge Watson, firm of T. & Son; res Fourth es 2 s York. Trowbridge Watson, engineer, Maine ns 2 w 3d; res 4th es 2 s York. Troy Edward, at C. B. & Q. shop; res Tenth es 4 s Maine. Troy James, laborer; res 145 Jersey ns 8 e Eighth. Truax Emily, widow of Jacob; res Third ws 1 n Broadway. Truax Henry, produce dealer; res Ninth es 5 s Maine. Truelock Edward, blacksmith, Sixth cor Vermont; bds sw cor Twelfth and Hampshire. Tubbesseng Barbara, widow of Frank, bakery and res State ns e 8th. Tucker Fanny, (col) widow of William; res Eighth ws n Linn. Tucker Harrison, (col) fireman; res Twelfth ws 2 n Jersey. Tucker Hibbird A., firm of Lafler & T.; res cor Seventh and Ver. Tucker John, wagon-maker, 10th cor Broad.; bds 4th ws 1 s Maid. L. Tuchmann Max, tailor shop and res 64 Seventh es 4 e York. Turey John, teamster; res Maine ns e Tenth. TURNER, VAN HORN & CO., (E. H. T., W. M., W. J. & A. M. Van H. & E. C. Murray), tobacco manufacturers, sw cor Front and Delaware. Turner Edwin H., firm of T. Van Horn & Co.; res Jer. sw cor 4th. Turner Edward S., firm of Dennis & T.; rooms 161 Hampshire. Turner Enoch; bds 225 Maine nw cor Ninth. Turner Franklin; res 44 Fourth ws a Maine. TURNER MRS. F., dress and cloak maker, milliner, and dealer in millinery goods, 44 Fourth; res same. Turner Rodolphus R., land dealer; bds York ss 3 e Fourth. Turre Wilhelm, cooper, Eighth es s State; bds se cor 8th and State. Tushaus John Henry, dealer in dry goods, nw cor Eleventh and Broadway; res same. Tuttle Eunice, widow of George C.; res Tenth es 2 s Maine. Twiehaus Anton, laborer; res Jackson ns 1 e Seventh. Twiehaus Heinrich, laborer; res Ohio ns 4 w Seventh. TWO MILE HOUSE, Broadway ss 8 e Twenty-fourth, East Quincy; J. A. Helmboldt, proprietor. Tyler Roswell B., foreman paper mill, foot Wash.; res foot State. TYLER STEPHEN G., engineer and machinist, 10 Front es n Broadway; res 111 Third sw cor Maiden Lane. Tyra George, laborer; res Maiden Lane ss 2 e Second. TYRER EARL P., treasurer Illinois Soldiers’ Monument Association, and attorney at law, 35 Fifth; res Third ws 4 s York.