bds-boards.n ex-northern extension ofs ex-southern exension of
bet-between.ns-north side.
(col)-colored.nw-north west.sw-south west.
cor-corner.res-resides and residence.w-west of.
e-east of.n-north side.
es-east east.s-south of.
  se-south east.

W Surnames

Wachlin Daniel, laborer; res Seventh es 5 s Kentucky.
Wachs Heinrich, laborer; res se cor Fourth and Cherry.
Wachtel Jacob, sr., laborer; res 101 Kentucky ns 2 w Eighth.
Wachtel Jacob, jr., blacksmith, 129 Maine; res 101 Ken. ns 2 w 8th.
Wachter Wilhelm, firm of Meier & W.; res Washington ss 5 w Sixth.
Waggoner Andrew D., laborer; res Sixth es n State, in rear.
Waggoner Henry, laborer; res Sixth es n State, in rear.
Waggoner John, laborer; res Sixth es n State, in rear.
WAGNER AUGUSTUS 6 saloon, Front es 3 s Vermont; res 28 Vermont ss 1 e Second.
Wagner Caroline, widow of Christian ; res 114 Vermont ss 2 w 7th.
Wagner Johann, laborer; res Payson avenue ss 2 w Fourth.
Wakeman Ann, widow of George; res 73 Fifth ws 1 s York.
Wakeman Miss Cornelia A., teacher, Ver. ns e Fifth; res 73 Fifth.
Wakeman Miss Georgie, teacher, Fifth es s York; res 73 Fifth.
Waker Jacob, carpenter; res Seventh ws 8 n Jersey.
Walby Hannora, widow of Benjamin; res 113 York ns 3 e Sixth.
Wald Abraham, tailor, 234 Maine ss 2 w Ninth.
WALDHAUS GEORGE F., mayor, court house, and proprietor cooper shop; res sw cor Sixth and Washington, shop in rear.
Waldhaus Henry W., cooper, sw cor Sixth and Washington; res Fifth ws 2 n Washington.
Waldhaus Jacob; res 127 Maine. Waldhaus Johann, laborer; res 104 Kentucky ss 4 w Eighth.
Waldin Reinhold, watches, 100 Hamp.; res 103 Third ws 2 n Ken.
Wales Ralph H., express messenger, 43 Fourth; bds 86 Maine.
Walkenhaus Heinrich, laborer; res Ohio ns 2 w Eighth.
Walker Adam, (col) Co. F, 29 U. S. C. Inf. ; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Walker Charles, (col) laborer; res n ex Front.
Walker Harmon, grocery and res 21 Fourth ws 9 n Hampshire.
WALKER HUSE, sw cor Third and Vermont; Joseph Walker, proprietor.
WALKER JOSEPH, proprietor Walker House, sw cor Third and Vermont.
Walker Joseph J., clerk, Metropolitan Hotel; res sw cor 3d and Ver.
WALKER & JENNINGS, (R. W. & J. M. J.), importers and dealers in crockery and glass ware, China, table cutlery, plated ware, lamps, &c., 132 Hampshire sw cor Sixth.
Walker Robert, firm of W. & Jennings; res 18 Sixth es 2 s Ver.
WALKER LUCIUS E., coal agent; res York ns 4 e Fifth.
Walker Mary, widow of Andrew A.; res Third ws 2 s Broadway..
Walker William G., dog power manufactory, nw cor Thirteenth and Maine; res 17 Sixth ws 4 s Vermont.
WALL EDMUND; res 113 York ns 3 e Sixth.
Wallenbrock Heinrich, laborer; res sw cor Tenth and Elm.
Waller Daniel J., street broker; res 188 Hampshire e Eighth.
Waller Edwin R., dealer in produce, 188 Hampshire; res same.
Walsh Michael, T. W. & W. engine wiper; bds Third ws 5 a Ver.
Walter August; res Seventh ws 1 n Maine.
Walter Eugene, dry goods clerk, 46 Fourth; bds Fifth ws 8 s York.
Walter Joseph,, teamster; res Tenth ws 2 s Jersey.
Walther Thekla, widow of Rev. John L.; res Sixth es 2 s Jersey.
Walzer Joseph, carpenter; res 89 Vermont ns 2 w Fifth, in rear.
Wamsley William G., clerk, China, 130 Hamp.; res 6th es 2 s Ver.
Wanning Ernst, carpenter; res Payson avenue ss 2 e Ninth.
Wansing Gerhart, laborer; res Eleventh es 3 n Broadway.
Ward George W., plasterer; res ne cor Third and Ohio.
Ward John, porter; res Eighth es 7 a Maine.
Ward Lewis B., laborer; res Milner’s alley ss 1 e Third.
Ward Lewis L.; res 77 Fifth es 2 s Elm.
Ward Maria, widow of Thomas; res Milner’s alley ss 1 e Third.
Ward Mary E., widow of Joshua; res Twelfth es 7 s Hampshire,
Ward Michael, shoemaker; bds Union House, 68 Maine.
Ware Clark M., shoemaker, 137, bds 134 Hampshire.
Ware Elias M., shoemaker, 137, bds 134 Hampshire.
Ware John, laborer; res 214 Hampshire ss 3 e Ninth.
Warmker Carl H., stone-mason; res ne cor Fourth and Washington.
Warmker Franz, laborer; res Madison ss 4 w Seventh.
WARNER ASEL MONROE, proprietor Adams House, 151 Hampshire.
Warner William, (col) laborer; res Twenty-fifth ws 2 n. Maine,
Warning Johann G.; res Tenth ws 1 n Oak.
Warning Johann H., laborer; res Tenth ws 1 n Oak.
Warren Ansel, farmer; res Broadway ss 2 e Two Mile House.
WARREN WHEAT, (C. A. W. A. E. W.), attorneys at law, 32 Fifth.
Warren Calvin A., firm of W. Wheat, and U. S. Commissioner, 32 Fifth; bds Tremont House.
Warren Henry L., firm of Wheat W.; res Oak ss 3 e Ninth.
Warrey Barbara A., widow of George; res Ohio ss 4 w Fourth.
Warrington Elizabeth, widow of William; res 168 Ver. ss 2 e 10th.
Warrington Samuel S., wagon shop, Tenth cor Broadway; res Vermont ss 2 e Tenth.
Warwick De Witt C., T. W. W. ticket agent; res Jer. ss 2 6 3d.
Warwick Lucretia, widow of John; res nw cor Fourth and York.
Washburn Cornelius C., painter, Fifth n Hampshire; res 95 Fifth.
Washburn Vincent R., machinist, 67, res 95 Fifth nw cor Kentucky.
Washburn William H., teamster; res Ninth es 4 s Maine.
Washington George, (col) laborer; res York ns 4 e Seventh.
Washington George, (col) laborer; res Broad. e 24th n woolen factory.
Wasmuth Joseph, bar-tender, 126 Hampshire; rooms same.
Wasmuth William, bar-tender, 126 Hampshire; res 7th ws 2 s Oak.
WATERS JAMES, physician and surgeon; office and res sw cor Second and Maine.
Waters Richard G., dry goods clerk, 105 Maine; res Jer. ns 1 w 7th.
Waters Terrence, laborer; res nw cor Sixth and Elm.
Watkins Albert G., dealer baled bay and feed, Front es n Spring.
Watson Miss Emma S., teacher, Payson avenue ns e Eighth; res sw cor Fifth and State.
Watson George D., policeman, court house; res sw cor 5th and State.
Watson George W., clerk boots, 32 Fifth; res sw cor 5th and State.
WATSON LOUIS, physician and surgeon, nw cor Fourth and Maine; rooms same.
Watson Maria, widow of Benj. F.; res 228 Maine e Eighth.
Watts Edmund, (col) laborer; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Wayne Abraham, res se cor Twenty-first and Vine.
Wayne Alexander, carriage painter; res se cor 21st and Vine.
Wayne Frances, widow of Jacob S.; res se cor 21st and Vine.
Wayne Jacob S., painter; res se cor Twenty-first and Vine.
Wayne John B., painter, 30 Sixth ; res se cor 21st and Vine.
Wayne Simon P., painter; res se cor Twenty-first and Vine.
Wayne Starrick, carriage-maker; res se cor 21st and Vine.
Wayne William J., carriage-painter; res se cor 21st and Vine.
Weber Anna, widow of Charles H.; res 86 Sixth es 4 s Jersey.
Weber Charles F., dry goods clerk, 95 Hamp.; res 86 6th es 4 s Jer.
Weber Christopher, firm of Sellner & W.; res 66 State ns 2 e 5th.
Weber Conrad, carpenter; res Payson avenue ss 6 w Seventh.
Weber Friederich, sr., teamster; res Fifth ws 2 n Washington.
Weber Friederich, jr., teamster; res Fifth ws 2 n Washington.
Weber George, salesman; bds Maine ns 5 e Eighth.
WEBER & FULL, (J. W. & J. M. E.), wholesale and retail dealers in boots and shoes, 84 Hampshire.
Weber Jacob, firm of W. & FULL, bds Tremont House.
Weber Philipp; shoe-shop and res 140 Kentucky sw cor Ninth.
Weber Theodor, stone-mason; res 85 Seventh ws 10 s York.
WEBER WENDELIN, builder, contractor and dealer in Chicago and Joliet stone, Hampshire ss e Front; res 217 Maine ns 9 e Eighth.
Webering Christina, widow of Bernhart; res Spring ns 3 w Seventh.
Webster John, clerk bank, 104 Hamp.; res York ss 3 w Fifth.
Webster John K.; res York ss 3 w Fifth.
Weeks Frederick J., elk. H. & St. Jo. office; bds 3d es 2 s Jersey,
Wehkamp Bernhard H., cab. maker, 164 Hamp.; bds Ken. ss e 10th.
Wehmeyer Peter, carp.; res 104 Payson av. ns 2 w 6th, shop near.
Wehmhoner Johann F., laborer; res Payson av. ss 1 w Fifth.
Wehrmann Peter, employee C. B. & Q. R. R.; res Jeff. ss 2 w 8th.
Weibering Bernhart, teamster; res Oak ns 2 w Nineteenth.
Weibering Wilhelm, laborer; res Oak ns 2 w Nineteenth.
Weidenhammer George; res Sixth es 1 s Sycamore.
Weidenhammer Nancy, widow of Charles H.; res Oak -ss 2 e Ninth.
Weidner Ludwig, gardener; res ne cor Twelfth and Harrison.
Weier John, laborer; res ne cor Seventh and Jackson.
Weigle Edward, car. trimmer; res 183 State ss 2 e Tenth.
Weiken Jacob, laborer, 232 Hampshire, sw cor Tenth; res same.
Weiler Gottlieb, harness-maker, 97 Hamp.; bds Broadway House.
Weiler John, wagon-maker, 129 Maine; bds 173 Jersey ns 5 w 10th.
Weisbrod Maria, widow of Friederich; res ne cor 4th and Wash.
Weisel George A., teacher, 7th es 4 n Ken.; res 87 7th ws 5 n Ken.
Weisenborn Johann, cooper; res 167 Spring ss 2 e Eleventh.
Weisenburger Anna Maria, widow of Daniel; res State ss 10 e 6th.
Weisenburger Bernhard, wag. shop 8th cor State; res 6th es 2 n 6th.
Weisenburger Daniel, teamster; res 33 State ss 3 w Fourth.
Weisenburger George, at Hamp. ne cor 9th; res Adams ss 2 w 7th.
Weisenburger George, boatman ; bds State ss 10 e Sixth.
Weisenburger Valentin, wagon-maker; bds State ss 10 e Sixth.
Weiss John M., furniture fin., 36 5th; res 46 Maid. L. ss 3. w Fifth.
WEISSENBORN & MIDDENDORF, (C. W. & H. A. M.), saloon, ne cor Sixth and Maine.
Weissenborn Conrad, firm of W. & Middendorf, ne cor 6th and Maine.
Weissenburger Friedrich, blacksmith; res sw cor 13th and Vermont.
Weisszenborn Martin, cooper, Hampshire ns 4 w 12th, in rear; res, Spring ss bet Eleventh and Twelfth
Weiszenborn George, laborer; res Maine ns 2 w Eleventh.
Weitemeier Carl, brewer; res 96 State ns 4 e Sixth.
Welch Andrew, carpenter; res Spring ns 2 w Sixth.
Welch Ebenezer S., teacher, 8th cor Vine; bds 8th ws 5 n Oak.
Welch Miss Elizabeth, teach., Maine cor 12th; res Hamp. nw cor 10th.
Welch Helen, widow of John; res 241 Hampshire ns 1 e Tenth.
Welch James, saddler, 75 Hampshire; res Eighth es 1 s Elm.
Welch John, marble-cutter, 7th ws 4 s Maine; bds Virginia House.
Welch Mary, widow of Edward; res nw cor Tenth and Hampshire.
Welchert Anton, laborer; res 260 Hampshire ss 4 w Eleventh.
Wellenreiter Louis, wag. shop 10th n Jersey; res Maine ne cor 10th.
Wellenreiter Wendelin, laborer.; res York ss 7 e Sixth.
Wellenreiter Wendelin, laborer; res 85 Sixth ws 5 s Jersey.
Welles William D., C. B. & Q. freight elk.; res 9th es 2 s Spring.
Wellman Frank, chair-maker, Ver. cor 9th; res Broad. ss 2 w 11th.
Wellman Friederich, painter; res Chestnut ss 2 w Twenty-second.
Wellman Wilhelm, farmer; res sw cor Twenty-second and Chestnut.
Wellmann William, har. mkr, 109 Hamp.; bds 9th se cor Hamp.
Wells Charles, carriage maker; res Seventh es 2 n Kentucky.
WELLS EDWARD, pork-packer; res 65 Jersey ns 2 w Sixth.
Wells George; res 65 Jersey ns 2 w Sixth.
Wells Wilhelm, shoe shop and res 102 Sixth es 3 n Kentucky.
Wells William, cooper; res 102 Sixth es 3 n Kentucky.
Welsh John, local mail agent; bds 64 Fourth s Maine.
Welsh Joseph, carpenter; res Oak ns 3 e Eleventh.
Welsh Patrick, laborer; res ss alley s Jersey e Sixth.
Welsh Philip; res 48 Seventh es 3 n Jersey, in rear.
Welsh Robert W., fireman, C. B. & Q. R. R.; bds Metropolitan Hotel.
Welte Mathaus; res Eighth ws 1 n Kentucky.
Weltin Catharine, widow of Michael; res Jersey ns 3 w Sixth.
Weltin John, dry goods clerk, 39 Fifth; res Jersey ns 3 w Sixth.
Weltin Joseph Adam, collar-maker; res 248 Maine ss 6 e Ninth.
Weltin Michael, clerk, post-office, 150 Maine; res Jersey ns 3 w 6th.
WELTIN & WILHELM, (T. W. & A. B. W.), saddle and harness manufacturers, 117 Hampshire.
Weltin Theodore, firm of W. & Wilhelm; res 231 Maine ns 5 e 9th.
Wenzel J. P. & Co., (J. V. Ulrich), blacksmiths, Maine ns 2 e 11th.
Wemhoener William, cigar-maker, 140 Maine; res Ken. ns 4 e 9th.
Wemhoner John F. W., wood-turner; res Payson avenue ss e Fourth.
Weneker Friederich W., sr.; res Madison ns 2 w Eighth.
Weneker Friederich W., jr., teamster; res Madison ns 2 w Eighth.
Wensing Wilhelm, laborer; res 274 Hampshire ss 5 e Eleventh.
WENTWORTH BENNING B., attorney at law, ne cor Fifth and Maine.
Wenzel John P., firm of J. P. W. & Co.; res 114 Ver. ss 2 w 7th.
Werlier John, laborer; res se cor Second and Chestnut.
Wermker Frank, wood-turner, 95 Jer.; res se cor 7th and Madison.
Wermker Karl, laborer; res Adams e Sixth.
Werner Francis, dealer in dry goods, 124 Maine; res same.
Werner Gerhart, laborer; res Tenth nw cor alley n Elm.
Werner John, saddler, 109 Hampshire; res Maine e Eighth.
Werner Joseph, brakesman, C. B. & Q. R. R.; res 124 Maine.
Werner Maria, widow of Lehnhard; res 84 Fifth es 4 s York.
WERNETH P. & BROTHER, (Siegmund), meat market, 140 Hampshire.
Werneth Pantaleon, firm of P. W. & Brother; res 140 Hampshire.
Werneth Siegmund, firm of P. W. & Brother; res 140 Hampshire.
Wescott Frederic E., painter; res 80 Third es 3 s Jersey.
Weskens Hermann H., cooper shop and res nw cor 7th and Jackson.
Wesley James, fruit dealer; bds Missouri Home.
Wesley Joseph, dealer in fruit, e bds Missouri Home.
West Joel, C. B. &. Q. master mechanic; res Broadway ss 6 e Ninth
West Robert H., dry goods clerk, 105 Maine; res 3d ws 4 s Maine.
WEST QUINCY HOTEL, West Quincy, opposite ferry landing; Elijah Renfrow, proprietor.
West William, porter, Missouri Home; bds same.
Westenfeld Friederich, laborer; res Jackson ns 1 w Ninth.
Westerbeck Johann Wilhelm, teamster; res Ninth ws 1 s Ohio.
Westerbeke Albert, carp., 9th es s York; bds ne cor 9th and York.
Westerholt Joseph, collar-mkr., 97 Hamp.; res Maine ss 3 w Ninth.
Westermann Friederich, chair-maker; res 175 Kentucky ns 3 w 11th.
Westermann Wilhelm, laborer; res Monroe ns 2 e Seventh.
Westgate George W., brickmason; res York ss 1 w Fifth.
Westhaus Gerhart Heinrich, laborer; res Fourth es 3 s Cherry.
Westhaus Gerdrud, widow of Bernhart H.; res Fourth es 3 s Cherry.
Wetzel Andrew, grocer, 153 Hampshire; res Broad. ss 4 w Seventh.
Wever Elizabeth A., widow of Monroe; res York ns 4 w Fifth.
Wewer Gerhard, clerk, dry goods, &c., 208 Maine; bds same.
Wewering Elisabeth, widow of Anton; res Hamp. ss 5 w Thirteenth.
Weivering John, rope manuf., Vine ns 2, res 3 w Twenty-first.
Wewers Bernhard, brick-layer; res Kentucky ns 2 w Seventh.
Wewers Johann H. J.; laborer; res Broadway ss 1 e Eighth.
Wewers Joseph, wood-turner; res Jersey ss 4 e Eleventh.
Whalen James, laborer; res Keyes’ alley ns 3 e Sixth, in rear.
Whalen Michael, employee, Q. & P. R. R.; res Jersey ns 1 w Ninth.
Whalen Walter, teamster; res 83 York ns 3 e Fifth.
Whalen William, teamster; bds 139 Jersey ns 6 e Eighth.
Whaylan John, teamster; res York ss 3 e Seventh.
Wheat Alexander E., firm of Warren & W.; res Eighth ws 2 n Ver.
WHEAT & WARREN, (A. W. & H. L. W.), attorneys at law, sw cor Fifth and Maine.
Wheat Almeron, firm of W. & Warren; res Eighth e’s 2 s Broad.
Wheat Almeron, jr., law student, 117 Maine; res 8th es 2 s Broad.
Wheeler George E.; res 75 Vermont ns 2 e Fourth.
Wheeler John, firm of H. S. Osborn & Co; res 75 Ver. ns 2 e 4th.
Wheeler John, rope-maker, 12th n Jer.; res Maine ns 6 e Eleventh.
Wheeler John F. ; res 75 Vermont ns 2 e Fourth.
Wheeler John M., blacksmith; res Keyes’ alley ns 1 w Sixth.
WHEELER & PEARSON, (J. B. W. & A P.), bakers and dealers in confectionery, 144 Hampshire.
Wheeler Joseph B., firm of W. & Pearson; res 144 Hampshire.
Wheeler Lewis, (col) teamster; res Chestnut ss 3 w Eighth.
WHEELER LORING P., dealer in staple and fancy dry goods and notions, 40 Fourth; res Fourth ws 3 n Broadway.
Wheeler Richard, plasterer; res ne cor Tenth and Spring.
Wheeler Thomas, (col) laborer; res Spruce ss 2 w Third.
Whippenocker William H., moulder; bds Seventh es n Jersey.
Whitaker Lucinda, seamstress; res 36 State ns e Third.
Whitbread Elizabeth, widow of John, sr.; res Fifth ws 3 s Spring.
Whitbread James, grocer’s clerk, 153 Hamp. ; res Broad. ss 3 w 7th.
Whitbread John, cattle dealer; res Spring ss 1 w Fourth.
Whitbread William, butcher; res Fifth ws 3 s Spring.
White George W., machinist, Front es s Broad.; bds Adams House.
WHITE JAMES C., secretary Illinois Soldiers’ Monument Association, 104 Hampshire; rooms same.
WHITE JOHN A., proprietor Farmers’ House, 19 Fifth n Hampshire.
WHITE LEWIS D., dealer in stoves and tin ware, and manufacturer of tin, sheet iron and copper work, 157 Hampshire; res Walnut alley ns 3 w Sixth.
White Nicholas, tobacco worker; res 77 Ohio ns 2 w Sixth.
White Rose, (col) widow; res Elm ns 5 e Thirteenth.
White Syrel B. ; res 12 State ns 1 e Front.
WHITE THOMAS, proprietor of the Quincy Stove Foundry, manufacturer of stoves and hollow ware, Fifth ws s Jersey; res Broadway ss 3 e Eighteenth.
White William J., clerk, Farmers’ House; res same.
Whitmore Charles Edward, firm of H. Whitmore & Co.; res Eighth ws 4 n Broadway.
WHITMORE H. & CO., (C. E. Whitmore, I. Morgan), proprietors City Mills, and merchant millers, Front ws foot Delaware.
Whitmore Henry, firm of H. W. & Co.; res St. Louis, Mo.
Whitney Cephas N., firm of Hubbard & W.; res Sixth es n Sycamore.
Whitney Charles J., carpenter; res sw cor Fifth and Vermont.
Whitney Frank, watch-maker, 38 Fifth; res sw cor Fifth and Ver.
Whitney John C., laborer; res Seventh ws 3 n Spring.
Whitney Joseph I., carpenter; res sw cor Fifth and Vermont.
Whitney Merrill; bds Adams House.
Whitt John, school teacher; bds Virginia House.
Whittemore Nancy, widow of Richard; res Broadway ss 2 e Sixth.
Whyres Joseph, watchman, ferry boat; res nw cor Third and Ohio.
Whyres Joseph E., miller; bds 15 State ss 4 w Third.
Whyres William, miller, Front n Del.; res nw cor Third and Ohio.
Wibel John, cooper, Olive cor Vine; res Third ws 2 s Elm.
Wich John, vinegar maker, Olive es n Oak; res same.
Wicher Anton, baker, 175 Hampshire; bds 173 Jersey ns e Ninth.
WICHMANN , BERNBROCK & CO., (A. W., F. B. & M. Heckle), proprietors of Western Brewery, se cor Seventh and York.
Wichmann Anton, firm of W., Bernbrock & Co.; res se cor Seventh and York.
Wichmann Heinrich Anton, brewer; res se cor Seventh and York.
Wichmann Hermann, paint shop, 8th s State; res Pay. av. ss 4 w 7th, Wickham John, carpenter; res Fifth ws 4 n Oak.
Wickham Joshua, carpenter; res 186 Vermont ss 2 e Eleventh.
Wickham Nathaniel, carpenter; res Twelfth ws 4 s Vermont.
WIDENBAUR TON XAVERIUS, manufacturer of matches; res Jersey ns 3 e Tenth; factory alley in rear.
Wiegmann Heinrich, laborer; res 131 Jersey ns 3 e Eighth.
Wielage Heinrich G., cooper; res 102 Sixth es 3 n Kentucky.
Wienboker Simon, laborer; res 146 Ohio ss 2 w Ninth.
Wiesemann Christian, tailor, Fifth es 2 n Hampshire;. res Kentucky ns 2 e Ninth.
Wiesemann Heinrich, laborer; res 10 Adams ss 3 e Seventh.
Wiesemann Wilhelm, laborer; res 161 State ss 4 w Tenth.
Wiewer Rev. Aloysius, pastor of St. Francis Church, German Roman Catholic; res Franciscan Convent, Vine e Eighteenth.
Wightman David H., clerk, hardware, 111 Maine; res Hampshire ss 1 w Thirteenth.
Wilcox Charles 0.; res 174 Maine.
Wilcox George W., cooper; res 12 Fourth es 3 n Vermont.
Wilcox Luman H., physician; office and res 174 Maine.
Wilcox Mrs. Mary A., dress maker; res 12 Fourth es 3 n Vermont.
Wild Edward, firm of Moser & W. res Chicago, Ill.
Wilde Catharina, widow of John; res Ninth es 2 s Maine-, in rear.
Wilhelm Adam, carpenter; res Jefferson ss 1 e 7th, shop in rear.
Wilhelm Adam B., firm of Weltin & W.; res Fifth ws 4 n Broadway.
Wilhelm Barbara, widow of Adam, sr.; res Jefferson ss 1 e Seventh.
Wilhelm Jacob, miller; res 124 Fifth es 3 n State.
Wilhermsdorfer Gustavus, cigar-maker; res 43 Seventh ws s Maine.
Wilke William, firm of Stork & W.; res nw cor Seventh and State.
Wille Dietrich, laborer; res Monroe ss 3 e Eighth.
WILLERS GEORGE, saloon and res ne cor Front and Spring.
Williams Abial H., painter; res Third ws 3 n Delaware.
Williams Benjamin, teamster; res Twelfth ws 2 s Vermont.
Williams Benjamin F.; res Olive es 4 n Oak. Williams Cyrus, fireman, C. B. & Q. R. R.; bds 3d ws 5 s Vermont.
Williams David, (col) whitewasher; res nw cor 10th and Broadway.
Williams David E.; bds Quincy House. Williams David G., book-keeper, Herald office; res 23 Third.
Williams Edward W., eclectic physician; office and res 23 Third.
Williams Elisabeth, widow of John; bds 177 Hampshire.
Williams Ellen, widow of Archibald; res Sixth es 3 s Vermont.
Williams Francis, engineer, Fourth ws 3, res 5 n Hampshire.
Williams Frank, miller, Front n Hampshire; res 104 Hampshire.
Williams George, cooper; res Twelfth es 8 s Hampshire.
Williams Henry C., student; res sw cor Sixth and Spruce.
Williams Horatio Seymour, C. B. & Q. clerk; bds Quincy [louse.
WILLIAMS JOHN, boiler maker, sheet iron worker and coppersmith, cor Second and Broadway; bds Maiden Lane ns 5 w Fourth.
Williams John, laborer; res 36 Maiden Lane ss 4 e Fourth.
Williams John H., firm of Grimshaw & W.; res sw cor Sixth and Spruce.
Williams John H., iron-moulder; res nw cor Seventh and Ohio.
Williams Kadro, (col) laborer; res ne cor Front and State.
Williams Lewis, (col) laborer; bds nw cor Spring and Olive.
Williams Miss Martha, school, Fourth cor Jersey; res sw cor Sixth and Spruce.
Williams Melinda, (col) widow; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Williams Newell, Co. G, 58 Ill. Inf.; res Ninth es 3 s Spring.
Williams Pleny B., clerk, mill, Front cor Jer.; res 18th es s Jersey.
Williams Thomas, (col) laborer; res Chestnut ss 3 w Tenth.
Williams Thomas H., engineer; res nw cor 7th and Payson avenue.
Williams Washington, (col), Co. A, 29 U. S. Inf.; res Fifth es 2 s Maiden. Lane.
Williamson George S., dry goods clerk, 105 Maine; res 92 York ss 6 w Sixth.
Williamson Henry A., dealer in coal oil; res 249 Hamp. ns 2 w 10th.
Williamson John, harness-maker, 97 Hamp.; bds Broadway House.
WILLIAMSON & JONES, (W. A. W. & J. P. J.), carpenters and builders, alley s Maine e Fifth.
Williamson Washington A., firm of W. & Jones; res State ss e 4th.
Williamson William P.; res 249 Hampshire ns 2 w Tenth.
Willing Frank, saloon and boarding house, 238 Maine.
Willing John E., cabinet-maker, 95 Jer.; res Broad. ns 3 e 11th.
Willing Mary, widow of John, sr.; res 168 Broadway 3 e Eleventh.
Willis Rev. Martin W.; res Jersey ss 3 w Sixth.
Willyoung Jacob, harness-mkr., 75 Hamp.; res Maid. L. ns 6 w 5th.
Wilms Frederick, book-keeper, 84 Hamp.; res 7th es 2 n Kentucky.
Wilms John H., cabinet-maker; res Seventh es 2 n Kentucky.
Wilms William, government clerk; res Seventh es 2 n Kentucky.
Wilpers Hermann, cooper; res Walnut al. ss 2 e Fifth, shop near.
Wilson Albert, col) laborer; res Jersey ss 1 w Thirteenth.
Wilson Daniel; bds Ninth ws 1 n Hampshire.
Wilson Hermon C., at livery, 149 Hampshire; bds Farmers’ House.
Wilson Isaac T., physician, 113 Maine; bds Tremont House.
Wilson Jane, (col) widow of Gilbert; res Twelfth es 4 n Vine.
Wilson James, (col) laborer; res 126 Third es 1 n Delaware.
Wilson James; res Maiden Lane ns 5 w Fourth.
WILSON JAMES M., farmer; res se cor Eighth and Harrison.
WILSON JOHN J. S., superintendent east divison Illinois and Mississippi telegraph lines; res Third ws 3 n Ohio.
Wilson Perry, (col) laborer; res Vermont ss e Fifth.
Wilson William, carpenter; res Fourth es 2 n Broadway.
Wilson William G., engineer; res sw cor Sixth and State.
Wilson William R., laborer; bds sw cor Sixth and State.
Winchester James, rope-maker, 12th es n Jer.; bds Jer. ns 6 e 10th
Windau George Heinrich, laborer; res 129 State ss 3 w 8th, in rear.
Winde Christian L., painter, 30 Sixth; bds Adams House.
Windmayer Joseph, cabinet-maker; res Maiden Lane ns 1 e Fourth.
Winfree Thomas V., book-keeper, 127 Hamp.; bds 8th ws 1 n Hamp.
Wing John H., farmer; bds 34 State ns e Third.
Winkamp Joseph, cooper; res Elm ss 3 a Sixth.
Winkeljohann August, firm of H. Moenning, Bro. & Co.; res Ver. mont ss 3 e Eighth.
WINKELMANN A BEHRENSMEIER, (W. W. & A. B.), carpenters and builders, ne cor Ninth and Kentucky.
Winkelmann William, firm of W. & Behrensmeier; res ne cor 9th and Kentucky.
Winking Bernhart, cooper; res Spring ss 1 e Sixth.
Winking Bernhart, cooper; res Fourth es 3 s Cherry, in rear.
Winking Johann, cooper, Fourth es n Chestnut; res in rear.
Winn Charles H., firm of Collins, Comstock & Co.; res 37 Fifth.
Winn Charles L., grocer’s clerk, 127 Hamp.; res 7th es 7 n Spring.
Winn John B., dry goods clerk, 95 Hamp.; bds 112 Ken. e Seventh.
Winters Thomas, carpenter; res Third es 2 s Jer., shop alley in rear.
Winters Thomas D., Q. & P. clerk; res Third es 2 s Jersey.
Winters & Steren, (W. H. W. & H.S.), painters, 6th ws 1 n Jersey,
Winters William H., firm of W. & Steren, res Third es 2 s Jersey.
Wirmer Bernard, tinner, 157 Hampshire; res Elm ss 5 e Sixth.
Wirth Gottlieb, stone-cutter; res 114 Ohio ss 4 e Seventh.
Wise Christ, dry goods clerk, nw cor Twelfth and Broad.; bds same.
Wissing Antonio, cooper; res Walnut alley ss 3 e Sixth.
Wissing Theodor, cooper; res Walnut alley ss 2 e Sixth.
Wissing Wilhelm, porter, 105 Maine; res Walnut alley ss 3 e Sixth.
Wismann Caspar; res 258 Hampshire ss 5 w Eleventh.
Wismann Ludwig, farmer, Jefferson ss e Tenth; bds same.
Wismann Reynold, blacksmith; res 300 Hampshire ss 3 w 13th.
Witchen Heinrich, laborer; res 245 Hampshire ns 2 e Tenth.
Witfeldt Elizabeth, widow of Johann H.; res Chestnut as 1 w 8th.
Witland Friederich W., sexton; res Fifth es 2 s Jefferson.
Witland Johann Friederich, laborer; res Fifth es 1 s Jefferson.
Witler Friederich, stone-mason; res Jefferson ss 1 w Sixth.
Wittland Casper H., laborer; res Monroe ss 2 w Seventh.
Wittmann George, shoe shop and res 48 Fifth es s Maine.
Wittmeier Wilhelm, stone-cutter ; res Fourth es 3 n State.
Woessner Ottomar, stone-mason; bds 134 Hampshire.
Woillard John, cooper-shop and res Second es 1 n Hampshire.
Woing Bernhart, cabinet-maker; res 121 Jersey ns 2 w Eighth.
Wolbrink Caspar H., laborer; res 156 State ns 4 w Ninth, in rear.
Wolcott George, civil engineer; res 13 Seventh ws 2 s Spring.
Wolf Friedrich, laborer; res 155 Kentucky ns 2 e Tenth.
Wolf George, sausage factory and res sw cor Spring and Olive.
Wolf Heinrich, quarrier, s ex Front; res Sixth ws s Payson.
Wolf Isaac, teacher; res 168 Vermont ss 2 e Tenth.
Wolf James J., shoemaker, 112 Hampshire; bds Hamp. ss e Third.
Wolf Philipp Conrad; res Sixth ws 2 s Payson avenue.
Wolf William, laborer; res Payson avenue ns 2 e Sixth.
Wolfe Nathaniel, firm of W. & Bro.; bds 157 Hampshire.
WOLFE & BROTHER, (W. V. & N.), auction and commission merchants, 129 Hampshire.
Wolfe William V., firm of W. & Bro.; bds 157 Hampshire.
Wolke Angella widow of Hermann; res nw cor Sixth and Ohio.
Wolke George H.; grocery and res nw cor Sixth and Ohio.
WOLFSON & PATE, (R. W. & J. T. P.), manufacturers of plug to bacco, se cor Fifth and Jersey, and smoking tobacco, nw cor Eleventh and Maine.
Wolfson Rudolph, firm of W. & Pate; bds 124 Hampshire.
Wollbring Casper, laborer; res Jefferson ns e Eighth.
Wollbrink Friederich August, laborer; res 27 Monroe ns 7 e 7th.
Wolleber Henry, farrier; res nw cor Eighth and York.
Wolleber Joseph, tobacco worker; res nw cor Eighth and York.
Wolleber Reuben, tobacco worker; res nw cor Eighth and York.
Wollet Frederick, firm of Menn, Miller & Co. * res 99 Ken. ns 3 w 8th.
Wollet Friedrich, city express; res 99 Kentucky ns 3 w Eighth.
Wolter Bernhart, cooper; res Spring ns 3 w Seventh.
Woltermann Elisabetha, widow of Wilhelm; res nw cor Seventh and Spring.
Woltmann Heinrich, shoe-shop and res 246 Hampshire ss 6 e Tenth.
Womelsdorf Christian, cooper, 124 State; res Sixth ws 4 n Jersey.
Womelsdorf Friedrich, shoemaker, 210 Hampshire se cor Ninth.
Womelsdorf Louis, laborer; bds State ns 2 w Seventh.
Womelsdorf Ludwig, cooper, 124 State; res Sixth ws 4 n Jersey.
Wood Andrew; res 96 York ss 4 w Sixth.
Wood Benjamin 0., clerk, drugs, &c, 110 Maine; res 70 Maine.
WOOD BROTHERS, (C. I. & W. W.) wholesale and retail dealers in fur and wool hats, and manufacturers of caps, ladies’ and gouts’ furs, &c., 45 Fourth.
Wood, Charles I., firm of W. Brothers; bds sw cor Fourth and York.
Wood Cyrus, farmer; res lane ws 2 n Broadway.
Wood Daniel; res State ns 1 e Twelfth.
Wood Edward M., dry goods clerk, 79 Hampshire; bds Tremont H.
Wood Henry C., clerk, clothing, 112 Maine; res 96 York ss 4 w 6th.
Wood Harry, (col); res Twelfth es 3 n Elm.
Wood John, jr., firm of Bagby & Wood; res se cor Fifth and Cedar.
WOOD JOHN, Ex-Governor; res State ns e Eleventh.
Wood John D., laborer; res Spring ss 3 e Fourth. –
Wood Joshua S., firm of Barlow, W. & Co.; res Broad. ns 6 w Fifth.
Wood Malinda, (col) widow of Jackson; res 42 Maid. L. ss 4 w 5th.
Wood Rodman R., cooper; res av. ss 3 n Vermont e Twelfth.
Wood Samuel, moulder, Fifth s Jersey; res 92 State ns 3 e Sixth.
Wood William W., firm of W. Brothers; bds Quincy House.
WOODRUFF ISAAC 0.9 agent Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co., 96 Hampshire; res 13 Eighth sw cor Vermont.
Woodruff James; res Broadway ns 2 e Eighth.
WOODRUFF THOMAS T., banking and exchange office 96 Hampshire; res 13 Eighth sw cor Vermont.
WOODRUFF & PFEIFFER, (T. D. W. & G. It. P.), wholesale and retail dealers in photogaphic and ambrotype materials, books, stationery, pianos, melodeons, sheet music, Musical instruments, fancy goods, frames, &c., 96 Hampshire.
Woodruff Timothy Dewey, firm of W. & Pfeiffer; res 8th sw cor Ver. Woodsides James, harness-maker, 120 Hamp.; res Maine ss 4 w 8th. Woodward Irene, (col) widow of Henry; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Woodworth Charles B., teamster; res Fifth es 2 n Jefferson.
Woodworth Miss Elizabeth D., teacher, nw cor Eighth and Vine.
Wooters Edward M., bar. mkr. , 109 [lamp.; res 171 Ver. ns 4 w 11 th.
Wooters Edward R., carp. -. res 171 Vermont ns 4 w 11th, in rear.
Worden Horace, chaplain 18 U. S. col. inf.; res 35 Ken. ns 3 w 4th.
Worden Newell; bds 122 Vermont ss 5 e Seventh.
Worlehan Edward, laborer; res 54 Seventh ns 4 s Jersey.
Worley Elizabeth, widow of Jacob; res Sixth es 1 s Sycamore.
Wormann Wilhem; res Ninth ws 1 n Washington.
WORRELL, SYLVESTER & CO., (31. E. W., J. A. S. & H. Klostermann), manufacturers of steam engines, steam pumps, mill gearing, &c., Front es n Hampshire.
Worrell Milton E., firm of W., Sylvester & Co.; res Spring 2 w 3d.
Wort Heinrich, laborer; res Elm ss 3 w Eleventh.c,
Worth Christ, moulder, Front s Del.; res nw cor Third and State.
WOERTH GEORGE, tailor, shop 44 Fifth es s Maine; res nw cor Third and State.
Wortmann Carl F., teacher, 7th cor Jersey; res e Twelfth n Vermont.
Wortmann Heinrich, farmer; res Chestnut ns e Twentieth.
Wray Lucretia, widow of Samuel; res Elm ns 1 w Tenth.
Wright John, laborer; res Ninth es 5 s Maine, in rear.
Wright Merritt H., carriage trimmer; bds Third ws 5 s Vermont.
Wright Woodard B., firm of Gallaway & W.; res 5th ws 1 n Spring
Wubbels Wilhelm, quarrier; res s ex Front.
Wulfmeier Hermann, quarrier; res Jefferson ss e Eighth.
WULFMEYER HENRY J., merchant tailor, Fifth es 2 n Hampshire; res Ninth ws 1 s Payson avenue.
Wurz Frank J., firm of Schneider & W.; res Vermont ss 1 w Fourth.
Wust Veranda widow of Joseph; res ns alley s Maine 1 w Tenth,
WYCKOFF SIMON B., editor and publisher Quincy Commercial Advertiser, quarterly newspaper, se cor Fourth and Maine; res Vermont ns 2 e Tenth.
Wynk Bernhart J., cabinet-maker, 95 Jer.; res Jersey ns e Seventh.