bds-boards.n ex-northern extension ofs ex-southern exension of
bet-between.ns-north side.
(col)-colored.nw-north west.sw-south west.
cor-corner.res-resides and residence.w-west of.
e-east of.n-north side.
es-east east.s-south of.
  se-south east.

Z Surnames

Zander Christian, laborer; res 114 Ohio ss 4 e Seventh.
Zander Louis C., moulder; res 114 Ohio es 4 e Seventh.
Zang Frederick, clerk, bakery, 125 Hamp. ; res 815th ws 9 s York.
Zeiger Gottlieb, carpenter; res Payson avenue ss 3w Fifth.
Zeiger Louis, dry goods clerk, nw cor 11th and Broadway;bds same.
Zenck Heinrich, laborer; res Monroe ns 6 e Eighth.
Zick Franz, shoemaker, 193 Maine; res 62 Seventh es6 n York.
Ziener Leonhard, tinner, State e Seventh; res Ken.ns 4 w Eighth.
ZIMMERMAN HERMAN, upholsterer, paper hanger, manufacturer Venitian awnings, and dealer in upholstery goods, paper hangings, shades, curtains, &c., 122 Maine; res Broadway ns 3 e Sixth.
Zimmerman Johann, cabinet-maker; res 81 Fifth ws 9s York.
Zimmerman Johann, shoe-shop and res sw cor 22d andVine.
Zimmerman William, machinist; res Linn ss 2 w 2d,shop near.
Zimmermann Anton, barber shop, 70 Hamp.; res Fifthws 9 s York.
Zimmermann Carolina; res 147 State ss e Eighth.
Zimmermann Charles A. W., medical student; res Statess e Eighth.
ZIMMERMANN CHARLES A. W., physician and surgeon, 123Maine; res 141 State ss e Eighth.
Zimmermann Heinrich, blacksmith; res Jackson ss 3w Eighth.
Zimmermann Joseph; res 81 Fifth ws 9 s York.
Zimmermann Joseph, barber, 35 Fifth; res 81 Fifthws 9 s York.
Zimmermann Michael, lime kiln, Fronts Jer.; res 2 w Sixth.
Zimmermann Philipp, blacksmith; res Jackson ss 4 wEighth.
Zimmermann Wilhelmina, widow; res 147 State ss e Eighth.
ZIMMERMANN WILLIAM, physician and surgeon, 123 Maine;res 141 State ss e Eighth.
Zink John, laborer: res 170 Ohio ns 1 e Tenth.
Zink John, tinner, 30 Fourth; bds Third ws 3 n Vermont.
Zipf Matthies. lime kiln, Front s Washington; rescor 10th and State.
Ziph George Henry, firm of Oerter, Michelmann &Co.; res State ss 1 e Seventh.
ZOLLE PETER, boot and shoe manufacturer, 68 Hampshire;res same.
Zoller Valentin, tobacco worker; res Madison ns 3w Seventh.
Zurheide Johann H., cooper shop, ne cor 20th and Linn;res same.

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