Narcissa “Nairy” Dunlap Langsford

Narcissa is mentioned in the Dunlap letters on this website.   Narcissa has fallen off a horse and been bled.  Emily and James Andrew (Tomlinson) are also mentioned at the bottom of the second Dunlap letter.  They are the children of Narcissa’s sister, Lucretia Dunlap Tomlinson Collier and James Tomlinson who was mentioned in the first letter as having died.  Emily married Abijah Mann.  After the death of her husband, James Tomlinson, Lucretia married Perry Colyer in 1846.  She had two more daughters and a son, Lucy J. Collier, Rachel Colyer and Perry Collier.  (It is not know why the spelling differed for the family name Colyer/Collier).  Rachel married Pike Wilcoxen and their daughter, Carrie, had a son named James Pike Cox.   Narcissa married Harvey Langsford and, from the census, it appears their only son, Edward, did not survive infancy.  They were, however, guardians to Jane and Lizzie Rice.   The connection between the Langsfords and the Rice children is unknown but  there is a letter that Abijah Mann wrote to Harvey Langsford, a scathing letter that talks about how Harvey  took advantage of the orphan children, Lizzie and Jane.  Read letter.

James Carnachan Dunlap

James Carnachan Dunlap was born abt 1783 in County Antrim, No. Ireland.  M. Jane Wills.

He immigrated to America before the Revolutionary War. He was a barber and supposedly served in George Washington’s regiment. James lost an eye in the war.

Moved from Botetourt Co., VA to Montgomery Co., KY. in 1785.  He died in DeKalb Co., MO at the age of 104 on June 24, 1844.  James Carnachan Dunlap was the father of Andrew Dunlap.  Andrew’s wife, Rachel,was the mother of Lucretia Dunlap Tomlinson Collier.

Thank you Janet Cox for the information on this page.