Cornelius Humphrey (1824-1900), my gg grandfather, was born in Adams County, Illinois in 1824. Little is now known of his family and early life, but it is probable that he had a brother. Humphrey was in the Quincy Rifles from 1843-1846 and participated in the MORMON War. I do not know if Cornelius had a middle name, but it was probably him that appears on the roster of the Quincy Rifles in 1846-1847 as “C.W. Humphrey” during the War with Mexico.

In 1844, Cornelius married Jane Carter (1826-1848), and they had two children -Sarah R. Humphrey (Aug 15,1846-Oct 25, 1891), and Thomas Jefferson Humphrey (Mar 15,1848-1896). When their mother died shortly after Thomas was born, Cornelius adopted the children out to John and Lizzie Ausman. I believe that Lizzie may have been Cornelius sister.

When the children grew up, they married into the same family, a son and daughter of Phillip Amen (1808-Dec 9, 1886), and Lan Hagen (21 Apr 1809-8 Aug 1885). Sarah married Henry Amen (1840-1874) and they had four children – William C. (30 Aug 1866-1954); Oliver A. (23 Oct 1868-29 July 1954); Edward S. (17 Aug 1871-1901); and Alber H. (22 Apr 1874-1960?). Thomas married Katherine Amen (Feb 2, 1849-Feb 2, 1943) in 1864. They were my g grandparents.

Thomas and Katherine (Amen) Humphrey had a total of eight children. The first five were born in Adams County, and the last five were born in Lamar county, Texas. The family spent about 12 years in Texas from the early 1880s until the “Run” for land in Oklahoma in 1893. The children, and their children were as follows:

  1. – John Cornelius (b. April 17, 1868). Married Molly Carver. Eight children – Maude, Arthur, Nellie, Woodson, Dudley, Pearl, Lillie, and Willie.
  2. – Clara Elizabeth (b. Mar 25, 1870). Married Ellis Wheeler. Seven children – Orin, Degell, Herman, Doyle, Porter, Alwilda, and Oddie.
  3. – Oddie (May 3, 1872-1873)
  4. – Charles Francis (Mar 7, 1874-1968). Never married.
  5. – Lana Mary (1877-1928). Married Charlie Ingram. six children -Wiola, Lee, Alva, Floyd, Goldie, and Hattie.
  6. – Rose Bell (Nov 16, 1881) Married Robert Lee O’Kelley in 1897. Ten children – Clara Francis, James Cecil, Naomi Ruth, Thomas Earl, Mary Lillian, Dovey Ethel, Marcus Howard, Audna Maxine, Robert Lee, and Gordon Stewart.
  7. – Katherine (June 12, 1885) my grandmother. Married Walter E. Kelley on 15 April 1906. Five children – Cora (my mother), Lawrence, Naomi, Naona, and James Thomas.
  8. – Ethel willie (Oct 13, 1888). Married Mark Trussel in 1907. Three children – Katherine, Alwilda, and Boyd.

The rest of the Humphrey story as far as my line goes takes place in Oklahoma.

File contributed by: Ted Sanford