1855 School Roll
South School – Quincy, Illinois
Quincy, ILL., April 7, 1855

Mr. Editor,

As you have manifested considerable interest in the welfare of our Public Schools, I hand you for publication a memorandum from the rolls of the Boys’ Department, (South School) under the charge of Wm. M. Kirkpatrick as principal, and Mrs. E. H. Eastland as assistant. This account is for the session of forty-two days which closed with April 1st. Scholarship is denoted by numbers from one to ten. An account is kept of each recitation and an average made at the close of each term, which, together with the attendance for the term, is sent for the inspection of the parents upon blanks furnished to the teachers for the purpose. By publishing the accompanying list, you may excite a spirit of emulation among the scholars, and lend a helping hand to the cause in which we all ought to feel a greater interest.

J. Murphy
Sup’t Public Schools

NamesDays In AttendancePerfect LessonsImperfect LessonsScholarship
Moses Roberts39262010
Samuel K. Baughman37230010
Theodore Smith39222010
Orlando King41212010
John C. King41211010
George Nailor41208010
Josiah Brown38198010
George Wisenberger41170010
John Ertel41181010
Wilson Lane28159010
Virgil Peek30140010
William Heirs36132010
George Kate40131010
Richard Nance2194010
Samuel Stobie3280010
William Conyers3774010
Ira Dodd3367010
William Apsley3110949.73
John Samples224639.68
Frederic Beek4016399.63
Edward Goddard3912569.6
Charles Petitt3613889.62
G. W. Fletcher39138139.6
William Schrader41181149.53
Henry Baughman39183199.53
Hubert Peek205959.6
Voltine Cowder40140149.45
Arthur Gibson41139149.46
Henry Harrison315649.6
Thomas Lumley3213369.68
John McDade3111969.77
Volentine Pfirman41138209.24
Charles McVay35111179.28
George Bond39112209.12
Charles Lee289089.46
George Maxwell3810479.36
James Fell40134199.38
James T. Hall217398.6
George Lee3891148.45
Henry Goodapple3079278.58
Henry Wagner41123328.68
Joseph Cass39151488.51
William Conner2989208.13


Source: Quincy Weekly Herald, April 16, 1855.