From the Quincy Whig, April 7, 1847

Married–Near Columbus on the 25th, ult. by the Rev. Mr. Matlack, Mr. Thomas Durant of Quincy to Miss Elizabeth Johnson of Highland County.

From the Quincy Whig, April 14, 1847

Married–Near Mendon, March 27th, by Rev. John Segar, Mr. William C. Allen and Miss Laura Wilcox.

From the Quincy Whig, April 28, 1847

Married–In McDonough county, on the 18th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Stewart, Mr. J. W. Blount of this city and Miss Rebecca S. Randolph, of the former place.

Died–Near Newton, 5th inst., Sewell Hale, Sen., aged 55 years, formerly of Meigs county, Ohio.

From the Daily Quincy Herald, April 2, 1872

Sudden Death of Mrs. Robbins–Mrs. J. P. Robbins died suddenly of congestion of the heart and lungs at 9 o’clock Sunday evening, after a very brief illness. The deceased was in her eightieth year and was, with her husband, among the earliest settlers in this community  and was well known in this city and surrounding country. The funeral services will take place this afternoon, at half past two o’clock, at the First Congregational Church.

From the Daily Quincy Herald, April 5, 1872

Sad Death Of An Old Citizen–Cyrus Butler, an old citizen of Payson, aged about 55 years, was found dead in the well near his residence in the town of Payson, about 5 o’clock Wednesday afternoon. No one could be found who remembered seeing him after 12 o’clock that day, and it is supposed that he had been in the well several hours when discovered. It is believed that while drawing water he accidentally fell in. Mr. Butler was well known in this city and county and had a large circle of friends who will regret his sad death.

His funeral takes place today at Payson.

From the Daily Quincy Herald, April 9, 1872

Deserted – Narcissa J. Potter upon proofs of Robey Potter’s – her husband – desertion was granted a decree of divorce. The Potters were married in Adams County, March 14, 1867, and lived together until May 18, the same year. Potter at the time of his marriage had seven children by a former wife and Narcissa, who was a widow, brought with her into the family four more. During the time they lived together Potter contributed little or nothing to the family and Narcissa was compelled to furnish the children with support. The husband left her in May 1867, taking his seven with him and never came back, neither gave her assistance.

From the Daily Quincy Herald, April 17, 1872

Obituary–News was received here yesterday of the death of John Humphrey, a former veteran resident of Adams County, but lately of McDonough County. Deceased was the father of A. V. Humphrey of this city and at the time of his death had passed the ripe age of 77.

From the Daily Quincy Herald, April 23, 1872


If thine enemy wrong thee, buy each of his children a drum.

Why is the letter L in the word military like the nose?
Because it stands between two “i’s.”

Puffing and blowing are often considered synonymous terms. You will discover a difference, however, if, instead of puffing a man up, you should blow him up.

From the Daily Quincy Herald, April 24, 1872

Fire–The alarm of fire at half past seven o’clock last night was caused by an alarm from the basement of Bugbee and Finlay bakery and confectionery on Maine near Sixth. The engines turned out, fortunately their services were not needed.

From the Quincy Weekly Herald, April 2, 1897

Died At Clayton–Death of Mrs. Margaret Ausmus, Member Of A Most Prominent Family

Clayton, Ill., March 26–Mrs. Margaret Ausmus died at her home in this city yesterday afternoon at 4:20, of brain trouble.  She was aged 55 years. Deceased was a daughter of the Hon. H. C. Craig, of this place. Her husband, George Ausmus, preceded her to that

better land some twenty years ago, since which time she had made her home with her only surviving child, George W. Ausmus, at this place. She was a life-long member of the Christian Church of this city and was held in high esteem in her home community. Deceased leaves a father and a mother, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Craig; three sisters, Mrs. John Lester, and Mrs. Joe Davis of this city and Miss Emma Ausmus of Quincy; and a brother, Warren J. of Concord, to mourn her loss. She was a good lady, and her death will be sincerely mourned as that of one tender, loving and true. The funeral will take place from the family residence

Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock, and the remains will be laid to rest in the Ausmus Cemetery, south of town.

From The Quincy Weekly Herald, April 2, 1897


The Third Death In The Bunte Family

In Five Months – Three Children

The 5 month old child of Mr. and Mrs. John Duesterhaus, of Riverside, died at 5 o’clock this morning from pneumonia.

The 2 year old child of Mr. and Mrs. John Duesterhaus, of 708 North Eighth, died at 1:30 this afternoon of typhoid fever. The fathers of these two children are cousins.

Death again visited the home of Gottlieb Bunte, 841 South Fifth, yesterday afternoon. This time his wife, Hannah, was the summoned. She had been sick for eleven months with Bright’s Disease and dropsy. The fact that there has been two deaths in the family within five weeks doubtless hastened her demise. Mrs. Bunte was 47 years old and was born in Germany but has resided in this county thirty-one years.

Besides a husband, six children survive. They are Gottlieb, Jr., Mora, Otto and Baby Elsie Bunte, Mrs. Anna Pankok and Mrs. Mamie Kromer. All the children reside in this city.

The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Steffen, who live on Washington between Eleventh and Twelfth, died at 8 o’clock this morning of membraneous croup. The child was a 3 year old and a bright little fellow for his age. His illness was short, having only been sick a week.

From The Quincy Weekly Herald, April 16, 1897

Was A Swell Wedding

No Marble Hearts at Marblehead, But
Cupid Is Made Welcome

Quite a Wedding Service occurred in Marblehead Sunday. The contracting parties were Miss Anna Seehorn, one of the village belles, and Arthur Sanders, son of Joseph Sanders. The ceremony was performed by Justice Echternkamp at the home of the groom and in the presence of a number of relatives and interested friends. Miss Katie Smith was the bridesmaid and Dr. C. Corrill served the groom as best man. The bride wore a stylish gown of tan cashmere, trimmed with cream lace and silk. A reception followed the wedding and many congratulations were poured on the young couple. The principles belong to prominent and respected families. The groom is in the theatrical business with headquarters in New York. He expects to take his bride to Europe for a wedding tour.

April 1

  • 1895 – Died: Mrs. Catherine Troy, about age 80, in Quincy.  She leaves one brother, Patrick Shannahan.
  • 1903 – Mary Maloan, wife of Stephen Maloan, died at 1:30 A.M. in St. Mary’s Hospital in Quincy.  She was born April 9, 1874 in Paris, Canada.

April 2

  • 1895 – Ed Speckman, the young man who was bound over this morning to await the action of the grand jury on a charge of bastardy, was this afternoon married to Miss Anna Dooley, who was the complainant against Speckman.  Judge McDonnell tied the knot.  Speckman, having married the woman, was released from custody.
  • 1903 – Edith May Kendall, daughter of Harry E. Kendall, died at her home in Quincy.  She was 15 years old.
  • 1998 – Died: Arthur W. Neadeck, 88; Homer Wheeler, 93.

April 3

  • 1954 – Jesse Davis and Shirley Leffringhouse were married in Columbus.
  • 1998 – Died: William H. Tossick, 68; George E. Mason, 85; Mary M. Hinds, 92; Steve Cookson, 47

April 4

  • 1895 – The will of Louisa Selby of Lima was admitted to probate.  To her daughters, Emily F. Wade and Sarah Eleanor Clark, she left equal shares of three-sevenths of her estate.  Her grandson, Paul F. Smith, received the remainder of the estate.
  • 1998 – Died: Angel Phillips, stillborn; Ethel L. Buskirk Glasgow, 84; Virginia Armstrong Cummings, 71; Helen G. Hughes, 86; Anne G. Gineris Palos, 84.

April 5

  • 1879 – Died: George Grimm, Sr., age 54.
  • 1998 – Died: Alpha Mary Hehr Gilbert, 98; Helen M. Creech, 70; Helen L. Kesterson Louden, 81; Rosalie Ellen Crim Smith, 75.

April 6

  • 1843 – The Mississippi River opened for navigation after a difficult winter.
  • 1866 – Peter Hofmeister and Elizabeth Bolt were married.
  • 1998 – Died: Irene H. Brown Arns, 83.

April 7

  • 1845 – Quincy residents voted for additional taxes to be collected for school purposes.
  • 1998 – Died: Milton Eugene Abbey, 45; Thurman E. Akin, 76; Daisy V. Affre, 83.

April 8

  • 1879 – Died: In Liberty, Mrs. Catherine Limbaugh, age 91.  She was born in Pennsylvania.
  • 1998 – Died: Pearl F. Blythe Peterson, 92; Marjorie V. Dace Tourney, 80; John O. Harker, 89; Lorken Hodges, 67.

April 9

  • 1879 – Several divorce cases were heard in Adams County Circuit Court: Wm. J. Devoss vs. Mary E. Devoss, desertion; George W. Hanger vs. Sarah E. Hanger, desertion; Wilhelmina Hulsman vs. Henry Hulsman, cruelty and Lydia A. Albright vs. H. S. Albright, adultery.
  • 1998 – Died: Alva Sparrow, 97.

April 10

April 11

  • 1998 – Died: Mildred I. Hill Booher, 69; Gladys Evelyn Neice Belknap, 78; Elmer Goetz, 74.

April 12

  • 1998 – Died: Katherine Welch, 88.

April 13

  • 1850 – Timothy H. Davis, son of Andrew S. Davis and Rebecca Washburn was born  in Mendon.
  • 1998 – Died: Jean R. Dittmer, 62; Lewis E. Tate, 76.

April 14

  • 1998 – Died: Bettie L. Bartlow, 79; Helen Gertrude Schmits Dierkes Brink, 87.

April 15

  • 1879 – William Holmes, about 60 years of age, jumped from a log raft into the Mississippi River. He left a suicide note requesting that his hat and cane be taken to his wife at 716 Maine Street in Quincy.  Mr. Holmes was employed as a picture frame maker.
  • 1998 – Died: Dorothy Smith, 68; Owen E. Carroll, Sr., 77; Coletta V. ‘Sam’ Lock Phillips, 69.

April 16

  • 1885 – John Hofmeister and Emma Knapheide were married.

April 17

  • 1835 – The first issue of the Illinois Bounty Land Register was published in Quincy.  It was the first newspaper in the area.
  • 1895 – Died: Mrs. Thomas Bailey of Camp Point, age 72.
  • 1998 – Died: Lillie B. Taggart Davis, 76; Robert L. Fisher, 79.

April 18

  • 1839 – Harrison Washburn  married Anna Edwards.
  • 1938 – John Hofmeister died.
  • 1998 – Died: Edna F. Meyer Sibbing, 80; Ruth B. Stewart Blincoe, 78.

April 19

  • 1998 – Died: Joan D. Ellison Pfibsen Gredell, 63.

April 20

  • 1903 – Cora Howdyshell of Mendon, mother of four children, was tried for insanity.
  • 1998 – Died: Eva L. Betts Hillman, 87.

April 21

  • 1861 – Two companies left Quincy for service in the Civil war.
  • 1902 – Fire destroyed the Gem City Saw Mill in Quincy. The loss was estimated at $232,000.
  • 1903 – Henry Holtman died at age 77.
  • 1998 – Died: Randy L. Babcock, 38; Robert E. Miller, 79.

April 22

  • 1852 – Peter Andrew Washburn, son of Harrison Washburn and Anna Edwards was born in Ursa.
  • 1879 – Mary Casey wife of Squire Washburn died in Ursa at the 12th Street crossing.  Horses frightened, ran and upset the wagon killing her and injuring others.
  • 1949 – Laura Lou Kent Donahue was born in Quincy.  She is the daughter of Laurence S. and Mary Lou McFarland Kent.  Laura Kent Donahue has been an Illinois State Senator since 1981.
  • 1959 – Opera star Michele Crider was born in Quincy.
  • 1998 – Died: Matthew Huber, 76; Virgil D. Mason, 76; Willard A. ‘Beans’ Dance, 78.

April 23

  • 1862 – John W Washburn, son of Squire Washburn and Mary Casey was killed in the battle of Brighthill, Richmond, Kentucky.
  • 1862 – James Thomas Washburn, son of Squire Washburn and Mary Casey was killed in the battle of Brighthill, Richmond, Kentucky.
  • 1998 – Died: Alvera C. Kamphaus Laaker, 71; Lucille G. Tushaus, 88; Gennaro ‘Jerry’ Fusco, 51.

April 24

  • 1837 – Rodam High Warden, a 46-year old runaway slave, was arrested and held in Quincy.
  • 1859 – Johanna Washburn daughter of Harrison Washburn and Ann Edwards was born.
  • 1998 – Died: Mary T. Norton, 71; Ruby Belle Ryan Mixer, 93; Josephine Main Atkinson, 86.

April 25

  • 1996 – Died: Ethel Lee Moorman, 68; Roberta M. Wade Hammond, 61; Jubal A. Peterson, 79.
  • 1998 – Died: Rosalia Pellenwessel Waterkotte, 81; L. Katherine Arrowsmith, 90; James W. Baker, 64.

April 26

  • 1894 – Henry Wm. Achelpohl and Caroline Elizabeth Marie Drescher were married.
  • 1998 – Died: William H. Garner, 82; Sharon Y. Elben Jackson, 57; Pearl Jeanette Uhland Myers, 82; George E. Parsons, 82.

April 27

  • 1996 – Died: Nora Lee Thomas Huff, 72; Alma Kathren Heinecke Flesner, 82; 1998 – Died: Robert V. Henry, 94; Florence J. Frese Pfeifer, 95; Robert S. Affre, 81.

April 28

  • 1996 – Died: Harvey Recksieck, 88;
  • 1998 – Died: Edward C. McCue, 84; Bert L. McIntire, 77.

April 29

  • 1903 – President Teddy Roosevelt visited Quincy.
  • 1996 – Died: Velma Childers, 82; Frances V. Sayers Hilbert, 75;
  • 1998 – Died: Georgia Mae Bradshaw Harris Dunker, 90.

April 30

  • 1848 – At Quincy, Adams County, Illinois, Ervin Whitlock married Mary A. Abney.
  • 1863 – David Hofmeister was born.
  • 1998 – Died: John Q. Rose, 92; Howard R. Gist, 63; Rosa Popkea Weerts Buss, 89; Jay S. Lock, 89; Donald Herman Fragel, 71.

Special thanks to John Clayton, Thelma Friedmann and Jim Johnston for their contributions to This Month In Adams County History.