The newsworthy events of 1846 were recorded in the Quincy Whig, published every Wednesday in Quincy, Illinois. I hope you’ll enjoy these tidbits gleaned from these very old newspapers, all on microfilm and available to read at Quincy Public Library.

From the Quincy Whig, Wednesday, October 7, 1846

Married near Mendon, September 24th, Mr. Joseph M. Willing to Miss Frances A. Mosely.

Married in Quincy, September 29th, Mr. Jonathan J. Robertson to Miss Elizabeth Nash of Hancock County.

Married in Quincy, September 30th, Mr. Charles Steinagel to Mrs. Sarah Ijams.

Married near Clayton, on the 1st Instant (October 1st), Mr. James T. Bell to Miss Caroline C. Hill.

1846 Postal Service

The newspapers of 1846 often carried lists of area residents who had mail waiting to be picked up.

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Liberty, Adams, Ills., which, if not taken out within three months, will be sent to the General Post Office as Dead Letters.

  • Clevenger, Amos
  • Clendening, Mr.
  • Chatman, Elonzo
  • Cross, Thomas
  • Dean, James
  • Evans, J
  • Grubb, Ephraim
  • Glenn, Oliver
  • Gridley, Timothy
  • Hooker, Wm.
  • Ingram, Rosanna
  • Laheman, J M
  • Millikan, Alexr
  • Messick, J D
  • Moorman, Jas L
  • Sexton, Chas
  • Moods, Mr. or J Logan
  • Ward, Bernard
  • Wright, Wm H

From the Quincy Whig, Wednesday, October 14, 1846

German Letters held for pick-up at the Quincy Post Office

  • Deffenbach, Dr. J F
  • Meyer, H G & Co
  • Einhaus (shoemaker)
  • Steinbeck, Fred
  • Muller, A F
  • Merker, Jos
  • Joseph, Casper
  • Frank, Jacob
  • Dear Henry
  • Lampe, Antoine
  • Katurer, Christian
  • Krishaus, F W
  • Wolterman, G N
  • Sunderman, Gerrard
  • Shroeder, H
  • Patter, Bernard
  • Pilcher, Ferdinand
  • Keilter, Julian Geo
  • Muller, C
  • Ruppoecht, Martin
  • Konantz, Paul
  • Schrage, Timothy
  • Steinard, Geo
  • Koch, Christian
  • Glass, Jno Bernard
  • Bangert, Jno
  • Johanning, Herman
  • Glass, Jno L
  • Focek, Gerrard
  • Foceke, Dietrich

Persons calling for any of the above letters will please say they are advertised, or they may not get them. S. W. Rogers, P. M.

From the Quincy Whig, Wednesday, October 21, 1846

It is enjoined as a rule on the Cunard line of steamers, that none other than the Church of England service shall be used on board of them. When there is no Episcopal minister to officiate, the Captain generally reads the service and some published sermon.

The Daily Quincy Herald was the major newspaper of Adams County in 1871. Here are a few items from that time that might be of interest to genealogists.

From The Quincy Daily Herald, Sunday, October 1, 1871

The Late Fire–Death of Mrs. Urquhart–Mrs. Henry Urquhart, the unfortunate victim of Friday night’s fire, died yesterday morning between nine and ten o’clock, after suffering the most intense agony. We learn that at the time the fire originated Mrs. Urquhart was engaged in weaving. The coal oil lamp which she was using overturned and exploded as it struck the floor, scattering the oil over her body. One of her daughters, about 15 years of age, was badly burned on the hand while attempting to put out the flames. The funeral services will take place this morning (October 1, 1871) at the Vermont Street M. E. Church at 10:30. The services will be conducted by Rev. G. W. Gray, president of Quincy College. The friends of the family are invited to attend.

From The Quincy Daily Herald, October 3, 1871

Yesterday morning between seven and eight o’clock, Mrs. Bathsheba Hobson, wife of Marshall Hobson, living at 410 Maiden Lane in Quincy, died under circumstances that aroused suspicions in so strong a manner as to call for the arrest of Dr. Parkes on the charge of causing her death by producing an abortion.

From The Quincy Daily Herald, October 7, 1871

John G. Brose, the well-known contractor met with a serious accident which came near proving fatal. He was crossing a bridge near Mendon on a wagon loaded with stone, when it gave way, precipitating him, with wagon and horses into the creek below. He received severe injuries but was reported doing well under medical care last evening.

FromThe Quincy Daily Herald, October 17, 1871

Insane–In the Court yesterday Joseph Hood of Payson was found by a jury to be insane and unfit to have the care and custody of his property. The Court appointed Jacob Hinkle, conservator.

From The Quincy Daily Herald, October 18, 1871

Warning to Boys–By order of the City Council, the Police force are instructed to arrest all boys found on the street shooting birds or other objects with “rubber shooters,” or throwing stones or missiles at quails or other birds on the streets or public parks of the city. This order will be strictly enforced from and after this date. John C. McGraw

From The Quincy Daily Herald October 24, 1871

Death of Mrs. Shepherd–Only a few weeks ago, the Herald contained the painful intelligence of the death, at Urbanna, Ills., of Hiram Shepherd, formerly known as a T.W. & W. conductor. We are now called upon to record the death of Mrs. Shepherd, who is remembered by most of our citizens as a daughter of John H. Hicks, who as late as 1862 was identified with many enterprises in Quincy. Mrs. Shepherd, nee Miss Lizzie Hicks, was an accomplished, amiable and estimable lady, whose death will thrill with profound regret all who knew her years ago as a happy, vivacious and desirable member of Quincy society.

From The Quincy Morning Whig, October 1, 1896

Licensed to Wed

  • William R. Young of Quincy and Sallie Buckner of Quincy
  • Otto Kuchmann of Quincy and Emma M. Luxton of Quincy
  • William T. Lambert of Quincy and Nancy L. Shepherd of Quincy
  • Ernest Muks of Blue Island, Ills., and Emma Huseman of Quincy
  • Charles Grimmer of Quincy and Amanda Miller of Quincy
  • Herschel E. Johnson of Beverly and Anna Highland of Beverly

From The Quincy Morning Whig, October 6, 1896

Will of Mary V. Williams– The will of the late Mary V. Williams of Plainville was probated yesterday. She gives $500 to her brother, John B. Vining, of New Mexico, Missouri and $500 to her sister, Mrs. J. G. McKinney, of Barry. The rest of the estate, she gives to her sister, Mrs. Susan A. Kerrick, of Plainville, for her use for life and at her death, it is to go to her daughter, the niece of testatrix, Mrs. Grant Irwin of this city. Dr. J. G. McKinney and Dr. Grant Irwin are executors.

From The Quincy Morning Whig, October 7, 1896

Death of Mrs. G. S. Curry– Mrs. G. S. Curry, of Clayton, Ills., died Saturday evening of paralysis after a lingering illness of over two years. The funeral took place from the family residence Monday at 2 o’clock in the presence of an unusually large concourse of people who gathered to show respect to the memory of this excellent woman. The services were conducted by Rev. G. A. Hendrickson, pastor of the Christian church, of which deceased was a member for many years, assisted by G. W. Knight.

Licensed to Wed

  • A. William Witt of Big Neck and Celia M. Andrews of Loraine
  • Adolph Popper of Versailles, Missouri, and Sophia Kingsbaker of Quincy
  • John A. Feld of Quincy and Elizabeth Meinken of Quincy
  • Simon August Pott of Quincy and Carrie Flomma of Quincy
  • Christian Klein of Quincy and May Hemphill of Quincy
  • From The Quincy Morning Whig, October 11, 1896

Death of Mrs. King Mrs. Anna M. King died at her home, 1208 Sixth Avenue North on Friday about 10:30 o’clock, aged 32 years. Deceased had been sick with consumption for some time. She was born in Louisville, Ills. She leaves a husband and one son. The funeral will take place this afternoon at 3:30 o’clock from St. Rose Catholic Church.

From The Quincy Morning Whig, October 14, 1896

Licensed to Wed

  • Bernard Wavering of Quincy and Anna Siebers of Quincy
  • Bernard O’Donnell of Quincy and Honora O’Brien of Quincy
  • Daniel C. Moellring of Quincy and Savilla M. Xanders of Liberty
  • William H. Buxmann of Quincy and Ella E. Martin of Quincy

From The Quincy Morning Whig, October 15, 1896

Licensed to Wed

  • Charles T. Sterne of Quincy and Alicce Burroughs of Quincy
  • John Eichorn of Ursa and Mary E. Bechtel of Quincy
  • William H. Kessel of St. Louis and Mary E. Koch of Quincy
  • Fred J. Fleer of Quincy and Amanda Rankohl of Quincy
  • John K. Reticker of Quincy and Mary E. Crow of Quincy
  • William H. C. Kocks of St. Louis and Odelia S. Steinbach of Quincy