From the Quincy Whig, September 1, 1847

Married – On Thursday, 26th inst., near Bear Creek in this county, by the Rev. Turner, Mr. Alexander Johnson, formerly of Ohio, to Miss Eliza Ann Hampton of Canada. Cake received.

From the Quincy Whig, September 8, 1847

Married – On Saturday, 4th inst., in this city, by Rev. J. J.. Marks, Mr. Ferdinand Flachs to Miss Annette Gray.

Married – On Thursday evening, the 2d inst., by the Rev. Foote, Mr. George Arrowsmith to Miss Ann Eliza Berrian, daughter of William A. Berrian, all of this city.

Married – On the 5th inst., at the St. Boniface Church by the Rev. Bergwede, Mr. G. J. Laage of this city to Miss A. C. Heine of St. Louis.

Married – Near Mendon, Sept. 1st, by Rev. John G. Seger, Mr. John Welling of Quincy to Miss Ann Eliza Barclay, at the former place.

Died – In this city on Sunday evening last, after a short but severe illness, Elizabeth M., consort of George Bond, in her 31st year.

From the Quincy Whig, September 15, 1847

Died – Near this city on the 6th inst., Mrs. Marietta Fox, wife of O. H. Fox, aged 26 years, formerly from Tollend County, Conn., leaving a family of four small children.

From the Quincy Morning Whig, Sept. 4, 1897

Mrs. Ubbing Dead

Death Came To Her Early Yesterday Morning. The death of Mrs. Mary Ubbing occurred early yesterday morning at her home, Eleventh and Hampshire streets, after a long illness. She had been sick since May, and while her death was not unexpected, the news that she has gone will be a sad shock to her wide circle of friends. She was the mother of Messrs. Henry and George Giesing and John Ubbing, and was a kindly, thoughtful woman, who was beloved by all who knew her.  She was 69 years of age, having been born in Ankum, Hanover, Germany, February 2, 1828.  She came to America in 1850 and to Quincy the following Spring, since which time this city has been her home. In 1851 she married Mr. Barney Giesing, who died in 1855. In 1858 she married Mr. Edward Ubbing, who died in 1872. She was a member of St. Boniface Church and was always an earnest, consistent Christian. Notice of funeral later.

From the Quincy Morning Whig, Sept. 5, 1897

Studded With Angels

The world would be studded with angels if each man would act upon the advice he is ready to give others.

Will Be Married To-Morrow

It was announced last evening that Mr. Frank Dayton and Miss Celia Benton will be married to-morrow morning. The wedding will be a very quiet one and will take place at the residence of the father of the bride-elect, Mr. W. W. Benton, three miles from Mendon


Catlin, Miss Eliza G. Catlin, Sept. 5, at 2:50 o’clock p.m., at the residence of Axel Pierson and family, Augusta, Ill., her home for many years since the death of her father, David Catlin.

From the Quincy Morning Whig, Sept. 7, 1897

A Stage Line To Payson

Newt Thompson started a stage line between Payson and Quincy yesterday, and will make the trip on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. He will leave Payson at 6:30 in the morning and will leave Quincy at 3:30 in the afternoon.

From the Quincy Morning Whig, Sept. 8, 1897

A Will Filed

The will of the late Abraham Milslagle, of Richfield, was filed for probate yesterday. He leaves all his personal property to his wife absolutely, and also all his estate for life. At her death the real estate is to go to his son, Andrew Milslagle. The will gives to testator’s son, James, a note for $100; to the  children of his deceased daughter, Margaret Ulrey, a note for $100 executed to their parents; to the son of his deceased daughter, Margaret Williams, $1.00; and to his daughter, Sarah Morrison $200.

From the Quincy Morning Whig, Sept. 15, 1897

A Will Filed

The last will of the late William Hubne was filed for probate yesterday. He leaves all of his estate to his wife for life, and at her death the real estate is divided between his daughter, Amanda, and son, Clarence, they to pay $1000 to his daughter, Bertha, and $500 to his son, William. The real estate is located on the corner of Tenth and Jersey streets. The wife is named executrix.