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Sentto Jane Brennan (Our Great Great Grandmother) from her Loving NieceMary Brennan.

Dated18th of June, 1873

SaddlestownEstate, Parish Stamullin, County Meath, Ireland

My Dear Aunt Jane,

You must think usboth unkind and forgetful for not having answered your very welcomeletter, which contained the photographs of you all. We were delightedto get them. I would have written to you long since, but I was stillwaiting expecting a letter from Uncle Peter as I wrote to him a fewdays before I got your letter.

I sincerely hope youare all quite well. I showed your likeness to everyone about here,they all say you are greatly changed. Miss Quinn (I think thename says Quinn) says she would not know you, but you have got avery fine lot of children. Miss Quinn is living at the Cross (Crass?)still, she has got an enormous size dreadful shawl (Not sureabout the word “shawl either…looks like it could be“stand” too.). She and I are great friends.

I must tell you nowabout Aunt Lizzie. She is in Grier(sp?) Hall living but she is in abad state of health for the last six years. She had to undergo anoperation to get one eye taken out, of course you are aware she haddelicate eyes, she was not able to go out, not even to Mass.

Aunt McGrath andfamily are are all quite well, we go see them very often. I have gota pony and I can drive myself. Aunt McGrath is greatly disappointed,Ned’s wife having no children. I think you ought to send himone. When I showed him the childrens likeness’s I said to him“Well Ned if you had one like theirs you would be very proud”

Nearly all thepeople in Greenanstown are gone to America that you knew. Old MattieKelly (sp?) expects to go soon, she has her three daughters outthere. Mrs. Griffin of **linen (Can’t make out the name)got her youngest daughter married last week. Nannie and I were at thewedding. There were 50 persons at it, we danced all night, they wereall Protestants but us. They were married in Duleek Church, Mrs.Griffin has no children now but one son. All the others are inAmerica. They come home nearly every summer to see her.

Richard Arnolddesires to be remembered to you. He came to see your likeness when heheard we had it home, and told me how he went to school with you. Heis not married, living an old bachelor with his two sisters Ally andMrs. Grace.

I must tell you nowthere is a bad promise of crops in this country at present. New andearly meadows are very thin, oats all eaten by worms. Tilling over orgiven up and every one turn grarysirs (sp?). Cattle never sold sohigh as at present and working people so scarce it is impossible tofarm. Servant girls are also very scarce and wages enormous, theyhave at present from 7 to 10 pounds per year.

The Mellowstown(sp?) Mares (sp?) will (unknown word) place the 22ndand 23rd of July. I dare say by this time Norah isconfirmed.

Give my love touncle Peter and Aunt. Tell us all about your children in your nextletter as I love to hear about them.

I must now sayfarewell hoping soon to hear from you and joined by each here inlove. (two words follow which I can’t make out)

Your loving nieceMary Brennan

Letter submitted by Scott Reed