John S. Dunlap

John S. Dunlap

Letter from Andrew Dunlap to his son Ephraim. This and a second letter were given to Julian Scott Perry by his grandmother Jennie DuPoy Dunlap. They were in her husband’s (John S. Dunlap) wallet after he died. Julian had them framed between glass in the late 1930’s. His wish was that they be given to the Historical Society of Adams and Quincy County. They are now in the possession of Julian’s daughter, Susan Perry Ferguson, who promised that they would go to the Historical Society.

Letter is written by Rachel Malone Dunlap (mother), Andrew Dunlap (father), Narcissa Dunlap (sister) and other family members to:

Ephraim Dunlap, 2nd child of Rachel Malone and Andrew Dunlap


Lucretia Dunlap, 1st child of Rachel Malone and Andrew Dunlap, sister of Ephraim

(James Tomlison, deceased, husband of Lucretia)

Emily, aka Emlla, daughter of James and Lucretia

James Andrew, son of James and Lucretia

Euphrazina Dunlap, aka Zina, 4th child of Rachel Malone and Andrew Dunlap, sister of Ephraim

Colatinus Dunlap, 5th child of Rachel Malone and Andrew Dunlap, brother of Ephraim


Children referred to and residing with Andrew and Rachael in Ladoga, Ind:


Narcissa Dunlap, aka Narsisa 3rd child of Rachel Malone and Andrew Dunlap, sister of Ephraim

James Dunlap, 6th child of Rachel Malone and Andrew Dunlap, brother of Ephraim

Legrand Dunlap 7th child of Rachel Malone and Andrew Dunlap, brother of Ephraim

Elizabeth Dunlap, 8th child of Rachel Malone and Andrew Dunlap, sister of Ephraim

John M. Dunlap, 9th child of Rachel Malone and Andrew Dunlap, brother of Ephraim


Names of others in Indiana:


Thomas Maloan [correct spelling Malone], referred to as “Uncle Thomas” Rachel Malone’s brother

Nancey Maloan [correct spelling Malone] (referred to as an aunt), wife of Thomas

Evalina, aka Evalin, daughter of Thomas and Nancy

Jonathen Gill, Polly Gill & Emley Gill, children of Samuel Gill & Sarah Malone, Rachel Malone’s sister


Elizabeth Barns

James Pharmour

Mr. Ashley

Caty Hashbarger

Zacrih Maharney

Elick Mcfidil

Sally McCammons

Mr. [or Ms] Lafolet

William Berd

J Giles

Miss Overstreat

Margery Mongamery


Letter #1

Letter #1

Letter #1



Ladoga, In[diana]

Feby 15

Mr Ephraim DunlapAdames Cty

Liberty Illinois

The PM at Liberty Ill will distribute at Vincennes

or mail directly to this office

Ladoga is 44 miles West Indianapolis

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Febuary the 9 1841 india put. Co

Dear Children wee this evning take our pen in hand to writ you a few lines to let you no that wee ar in joying a reasnebal [reasonable] poartion of helth thanks bee to god foar his blessings and wee do [paper torn here] [sincerely] hope when thes lines comes to hand [paper torn here] [that] the [they] will find you all in good helth we receved you leter yesterday evning datied January the 24 which giv us sorrow to the hart to hear that James Tomlison was ded but it was so ordained by our maker that we all must die

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and we must sub mit to his will to bee dun and not hours [ours] but we all ar troubled about you Children much in deed but you must picke up Curreg [courage] and doo the best you Can Children I do hoape the day will roale round when wee all will meat in this world again your aunt nancey maloan was hear last evning when wee receved your leter and Elisabeth Barns and thomas

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maloan and jonathen gill [came] over las night two [too] and the [they] all apiered to bee sorow with us and james pharmour was with us last nigh lucretia and Zina I was glad to hear that you Could git soamthing to do to make something foar your selvs Ephraim do act the part of a father with them Children as the [they] all must look to you foar the [they] hav

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no won els [no one else] to look to but you I charg you Ephraim to take good cear of them until their father Comes to them and I do fell [feel] satisfied that you will lucretia and Euphrazina doant brake your selves doun warkig [working] take your worke gest as you can stand it Colatinus my little soun I want you to bee a good boy and bee good to lucretia in per tickular and bee good to little emla and james andrew Colatinus james is going to school he will soon be at the single rule of thee [?] Emley gill is mared [married] to Mr ashley Caty hashbarger is mare to Zacrih Marney living in Ladoga elick Mcfidil moares [?] is mared and has got all of his children

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at hoam Sally MCClammons is ded shee had something like the hed [head] pluresy joseph lafolet[‘s] oaldes [oldest] son is bin [?] very ill at this time with som thing like the hed pluresy Euphrazina Narsisa is seting in the coarner spining two [?] Elizabeth seting at my rit hand peacing a quilt your papey [pappy] is by the fier talking a iooation [?] to james and legrand Emley bless your little swet [sweet] looks I wish I Could see you wonst moar

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John talks a bout you every day sais he want to see little emley the Children talks a grat deal about you all in dead [indeed]

Back Page

Back Page

begins in the handwriting of Narcissa Dunlap

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Dear Bothers and Sisters

I now take up the pen to wright afew lines to you to let you know that I am not Dead [could be “deaf”] nor mad at present Tho I have nothing of importance to wrigt you but I can tell you I went to meeting on Sunday out to Mr. Lafolets And Evalin Polyjane Gill & [?] William Berd and Raichel were all in the slay [sleigh] they came home with me and tuck diner and I went home with them [unintel.] I hav been to [afers ?] quiltinges one at Harisess One at J. Giles one at Berds one at Barnes [nearl ale?]

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[All?] the youngsters in this negbrhood is a fixing to go to Greencastle a frday to see Tompson hung His funerl is to be preached while on the cart before he is hung tell Colat I have not forgot him but to come over and I can tell him a geadeal [good deal?] more than I can wright Miss Overstreat payd me a visit yestarday I must leave room for father so good night/ Narcissa Dunlap

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[new handwriting, probably Andrew]

you wanted a [re heining?] about the horses as for that [emane] I cant tel weaher [whether] it will do any good or not your uncel [uncle] thomas has tryed [?] it on Sam but it hasent done any good if it woul do good he does not at tend [attend] to it cloas enuf to no any thing about it my horses is in good [plit – unintell] Jabes cunnels [?] is nearly gon I never done any thin for him I have on [no] room to write any more my best A Dunlap

[new handwriting]

Dear Brother and Sister MCL my best Lov and Complements to you I loang to see the time roale round when we shal meat again I hoape tha we will be spared to meat in this world one time moar

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Polly and William I want you to comfoart my Children all you can in ther distresses Ephraim your father wants to no in your nex letter what your prospect is foar raising a crop Euphrazina in all your letters send mee word what you and Lucrecia is adooing and how you ar coming on and hoar [how] little Colatinus is coming on Euph com over sam evning I have [paper is torn here] be par of stockings foar you [paper tear] DEJL[?]

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[Written upside down on the bottom of page 4 in another hand?]

Legrand Dunlap Ephraim dunlap colatn colatinwn Margey Mongamery and famley ar all well