Quincy, ILL. July 8, 1904

Mr. H. D. Pearce
Ballinger, Texas

Dear Cousins:

We received your most welcome letter of the 30th and were glad to her from you. We are very glad you think of visiting us this fall and hope you will not change your minds as you have done heretofore.

You will find our uncle Geo. W. Pearce on the same old farm but living in a new house. You would not recognize the old place. The Barnard’s who married our aunts Susan and Elizabeth are also living on their old places but the young folks are all scattered. Some of them live in Missouri, one in Oregon and Charles Barnard is among the missing. Charles mother, our aunt Lizzie has been dead several years. Our cousin Mary Adams lives in Shelbina. Mr. Frank Scott lives on a farm in Co. Mo. He is keeping house with his 12 year old son, his wife having died little over a year ago.

I am going to write the folks that you and Alviria are coming so they can arrange to have family gatherings and a general good time while you are here.

Mother and I were speaking of poor old Sillman a few weeks ago and wondering if he had seen you. I told him to tell you I had married one of the best men in the world, and I still think the same. I hope he, Sillman, has a better living out there than he did here.

You did not tell us anything about your families, why then would not be more than just you two come up etc. Write again and tell us all about the folks and when we may expect you up.

We have not been to the fair yet and expect it will be very late before we can get off to go. Mr. Bartholomew asks me everytime he comes in the house if I have written to you yet. He is very anxious to have you visit us.

I will close for this time, hoping to hear from you real soon. I am very truly your cousin

Mrs. Edward B. Bartholomew
435 North 6th St.