The Pearce Hotel
H. D. Pearce, Prop.
Ballinger, Texas, Oct 18th 1904

Mrs Ethel A. Hayley
Bronte, Texas

Dear Daughter

You wrote asking me about the Fair. I had wrote up my trip for the
Banner Leader at quite a lenth one half of which was published last
week and the other half will be this week and there is more than I can
tel in a long letter as it took 13 pages of fools cup paper to write it
however, I think you would enjoy the visit and if you can I would be
glad for you to go and if you have as much as a 15 or 30 day tickett
you would enjoy a visit up into Ill and see our kinn folks they would
treet you royaly. Aunt Sarah Ellen Bacon, and her Daughter Emma Edna
Barthalomew live in Quincy at 425 North 6th St. It costs 4.00 to go up
the river on the Diamond Jo Line to Quincy or $7.00 for the round trip
and it takes a day and nite you get a state room and three meals on the
trip and it is good fare. Or if you are in a hurry you can go on the
Wabash R.R. and it only takes a few houers it is 162 ms to Quincy and
when you get there if you want to go out to Uncle George W. Pearces 23
as you can go in the mail hack for one dollar and you will first come
to Uncle William Barnards one mile before you get to Uncle George’s and
they will treet you nice and they are prepared to do so and they will
take you to see the other kinn folks Uncle William Barnard keeps the
Post Office name Barnard, Ill. and I realy think should you go to the
Fair you should go to see them, if you even do not get to stay much at
the fair. Also you should take your warm clothing along as it is
likely to be cool or cold wether possibely it may be plesent Uncle
George lives on the old Pearce Homested and the famly burrying ground
is there whare our father is burried If you think of visiting them you
art to write them and they will be looking far you and I would go as
soon as cold well get off as it is getting late in the fall I went up
on the Quincy steemer, and if I was you I would go up on the boat but I
would come back on the cars as something mite interfeer in coming back
on the steemer it only makes one dollars difference. Hoping that you
may see your way clear to make the trip I am your with best of wishes.

H. D. Pearce


The Pearce Hotel
H. D. Pearce, Prop.

Ballinger, Texas, Oct 22nt 1904

Illinois Relations

Mrs Sarah Ellen Bacon – Fathers half Sister
Adress 425 North 6th Stre
Quincy Ill

Mrs. Ednia E. Bartholamu
Daughter of Mrs. S. E. Bacon
Adress 425 North 6th Stre Quincy Ill

Wm Barnard Married Aunt Mary Pearce his son Henry Barnard and daugher
Permila Barnard live with him 23 miles east of Quincy in Liberty
Township P. O. Barnard

George W. Pearce fathers brother lives one mile from Barnard’s P. O.

If you want to go on stemer enquire for Dimond Joe Line at Warf boat at
of Olive St, St Louis Mo

Rooming Place
510 West End Place A place about half way between Union Depot & Fair


The Pearce Hotel
H. D. Pearce, Prop.
Ballinger, Texas, April 13th 1906

Ethel Hayley
Bronte, Texas

We are all well I received a phone message from Ceder Hill this
evening that Mrs Mary Smith was very sick and that eather her sister
or my sister was there and for me to come. I expect to start to Ceder
Hill tomorrow eather at 12 n or 4 pm The train that will get me ther
first I got the mesage 6:30 pm this evening when I get there will
ather phone or telegraph to your mother at Ballinger how she is expect
to get there Sunday between morning and noon.

H. D. Pearce