This Regiment was organized at Quincy, Ill., and mustered into the United States service, February 23, 1865, and was composed of companies from various parts of the state, recruited under the call of December 19, 1864.

From Quincy, it proceeded by rail, to Springfield, Ill., where the field and staff officers were mustered in February 25, 1865. The Regiment received its arms and accoutrements and was then ordered to proceed to Nashville, Tenn., via Louisville, Ky. Thence, on March 7, marched to Murfreesboro, and proceeded by rail, to Chattanooga, Tenn., and reported to Major General James B. Steadman, commanding the district, who at once ordered the Regiment to report to Colonel Stickles, at Dalton, Ga., where it arrived February 13, 1865. There the Regiment remained, drilling, and engaged in picket and guard duty, and scouting.

The One Hundred and Fifty-First Illinois, One Hundred and Forty-Seventh Illinois, One Hundred and Forty-Fifth Indiana, and the One Hundred and Eighty-Seventh Ohio, were brigaded and became the First Brigade, Second Separate Division Army of the Cumberland.

April 23, Colonel Woodall was detailed to proceed, under flag of truce, to Macon, Ga., via Atlanta, to communicate with Major General Wilson, and carry, also terms offered to the rebel General Warford for his surrender, together with that of his command. This mission he executed with credit and dispatch, and was complimented by his commanding officer, Brigadier General H. M. Judah, who had relieved Colonel Sickles, and was at that time, in command of the Brigade.

May 2, ordered to proceed to Resaca, Georgia, where, after a few days was ordered to Calhoun, and thence to Kingston, Ga., where the Regiment arrived May 12, after a most toilsome march. The Regiment marched into this town with the precision of regulars, as it was here they were to receive the surrender of the rebel General Warford and his command, which was done on the 13th, 14th and 15th of May, 1865. 10,400 rebels paroled in all.

Colonel Woodall was left in command of the post of Kingston. Company D, Captain David, was sent to garrison Adairsville, and Company F, Captain Hair, was sent to garrison Rome, while the Lieutenant Colonel was left in command of the Regiment. The garrison was chiefly engaged in securing good order, and guarding government property.

July 24, Lieutenant Colonel Snow was ordered to proceed, with three companies, to Carterville, and Major Battey, sent to Rome, to relieve Captain Hair. Captain Slaughter in command of the Regiment, and Captain Goble detailed as Provost Marshal.

July 28, Regiment ordered to proceed to Columbus, Ga., where it arrived July 31, 1865.

Colonel Woodall was assigned to the command of a district of six counties, and Lieutenant Colonel Snow to the command of the Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel Snow subsequently detailed as Agent of Freedmen’s Bureau; then Provost Marshal General of the State of Georgia on General Steadman’s staff, where he remained until the office was abolished by order of the War Department. Detailed again as Judge Advocate of a Military Commission, until relieved and ordered to join his Regiment for muster-out.

This Regiment saw no fighting, but guerrilla skirmishes.

It was mustered out at Columbus, Ga., January 24, 1866, and ordered to Springfield, Ill., where it received final payment and discharge, February 8, 1866. [1]History from the Adjutant General’s Report.

Name and Rank – Residence – Date of Rank or Enlistment – Remarks:
*MO means Mustered Out

Casimir P. JacksonLafayetteFeb. 24, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
First Lieutenants:
James MontoothElmiraFeb. 24, 1865Resigned June 20, 1865
Andrew GallbrethToulonJuly 18, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Second Lieutenants:
Andrew GallbrethToulonFeb. 24, 1865Promoted
George FezlerGalvaJuly 18, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
First Sergeant:
Fayette LacyLafayetteFeb. 4, 1865Promoted Sergeant Major
George DuganToulonFeb. 7, 1865MO Aug. 25, 1865 as 1st Sgt.
George R. FezlerGalvaFeb. 7, 1865Commissioned 2d Lieut.
George W. McDanielsLafayetteFeb. 4, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Samuel KeysToulonFeb. 7, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
John M. CrabbGalvaFeb. 7, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Rufus S. JonesLafayetteFeb. 4, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Samuel DixonWyomingFeb. 16, 1865Died at Michigan City, Ind., May 31, 1865
Thomas HomerToulonFeb. 7, 1865MO Jan 24, 1865
James F. ThompsonLafayetteFeb. 4, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
John S. RoofToulonFeb. 7, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Murnan HerrodToulonFeb. 7, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Ellis BuchananBlandinsvilleFeb. 16, 1865Deserted Feb. 24, 1865
Thomas S. CraigGoshenFeb. 6, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Charles W. OrrToulonFeb. 7, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Jonathan RoundsGoshenFeb. 4, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Brown, JosephFloydFeb. 16, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Bacon, DanielBlandinsvilleFeb. 16, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Bucklin, WarrenHoustonFeb. 17, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Cochran, Asbury C.Walnut GroveFeb. 14, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Coe, AtkinsonToulonFeb. 17, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Lovitt, ThomasWalnut GroveFeb. 14, 1865Deceased Feb. 24, 1865
McQueen, NormanFarmer’sFeb. 10, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Melvin, James J.LeeFeb. 14, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Mitchell, Charles A.AstoriaFeb. 13, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Merrill, Charles C.?Feb. 13, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866 as Sgt.
McCoy, John D.SuezFeb. 16, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Nichols, George F.LeeFeb. 7, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
O’Neal, DanielLittletonFeb. 10, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
O’Brien, JohnWalnut GroveFeb. 14, 1865Deserted Feb. 24, 1865
Pauly, William M.ClaytonFeb. 14, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Parvin, Zimri M.ScotlandFeb. 18, 1865Pro. Com. Sergeant
Pike, JohnEmmettFeb. 15, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Phillips, WilliamAstoriaFeb. 13, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Roberts, J.SciotoFeb. 16, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Roberts, CharlesLittletonFeb. 16, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Randall, JohnLocust GroveFeb. 15, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Spangler, Levi O.LeeFeb. 7, 1865Died at Quincy, Ill.
Swan, AmosBuena VistaFeb. 7, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Spear, BowlinLittletonFeb. 10, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Severns, IsaacAstoriaFeb. 13, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Sipes, Amos W.LeeFeb. 7, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Sites, HenryLittletonFeb. 16, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Shoup, SolomonYoung HickoryFeb. 14, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Toner, JohnWalnut GroveFeb. 14, 1865Deserted Feb. 24, 1865
Upton, Charles W.Walnut GroveFeb. 14, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Van Cleve, EliasCamdenFeb. 7, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Vogle, JacobAstoriaFeb. 15, 1865MO Sept. 21, 1865
Winters, James B.LittletonFeb. 10, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Wallace, BenjaminEmmettFeb. 15, 1865Deserted Feb. 24, 1865
Woods, Marion B.Buena VistaFeb. 17, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Wood, AugustusFarmer’sFeb. 16, 1865Deserted Feb. 24, 1865
White, ThomasEmmettFeb. 17, 1865Deserted Feb. 24, 1865
Wise, RichardGreenvilleFeb. 18, 1865MO Jan. 24, 1866
Welch, PatrickClarionFeb. 17, 1865Died Jan. 18, 1866, Columbus, GA



1History from the Adjutant General’s Report.