The Eightieth Infantry Illinois Volunteers was organized at Centralia, Ill., in August, 1862, by Colonel T. G. Allen, and mustered into United States’ service August 25, 1862.

Ordered to Louisville, September 4, and was assigned to the Thirty-third Brigade, Tenth Division, Army of the Ohio, Brigadier General Terrell commanding Brigade; Brigadier General Jackson commanding Division , and Brigadier General McCook commanding Corps.

October 1, under General Buell, marched in pursuit of Bragg, and, passing through Taylorville, Bloomfield and Mackville, was engaged in the battle of Perryville, October 8, losing 14 killed and 58 wounded, including Lieutenant Von Kemmel killed, Lieutenant Andrews mortally wounded, and Lieutenant Colonel Rodgers and Lieutenant Pace severely wounded. Generals Jackson and Terrell were also killed.

October 12, moved through Danville, Lebanon and New Market to Mumfordsville. October 31 and November 26, made two marches to Cave City and returned. November 30, moved, via Glasgow and Hartsville, to Bledsoe Creek. December 26, started in pursuit of John Morgan, marching via Scottsville and Glasgow, to Bear Wallow, arriving December 31.

January 2, 1863, having discontinued the pursuit of John Morgan, marched to Cave City, Bowling Green and Nashville, Tenn., January 8, and Murfreesboro, January 10.

Was assigned to the Fourteenth Army Corps, General J. J. Reynolds Division.

March 20, the Brigade of 1,500 men and two pieces of artillery, while on a scout, was attacked by John Morgan and 5,000 of the enemy; but they were repulsed with heavy loss.

April 7, moved to Nashville, and was assigned to Brigade of Colonel A. D. Straight, Fifty-first Indiana Volunteers. Brigade consisting of Fifty-first and Seventy-third Indiana, Third Ohio, Eightieth Illinois, and two companies of Tennessee cavalry, with two mountain howitzers, embarked, moving down the Cumberland and up the Tennessee rivers, and landed at Eastport, Miss., April 19.

Marched to Tuscumbia, where the Regiment was mounted. April 26, moved from Tuscumbia. Were attacked at Dug’s Gap and Sand Mountain, but on both occasions repulsed the enemy, and, at Sand Mountain captured a battery of two guns. Loss in the regiment, two killed and sixteen wounded. Captain E. R. Jones killed, Adjutant J.C. Jones mortally wounded, and Lieutenant Pavey severely wounded.

At Blunt’s farm, May 2, again, defeated the enemy, and, May 3, was surrendered to a vastly superior force, under General Forrest, who, contrary to stipulation, stole its blankets, watches and money. We were taken to Rome, and paroled and sent in coal cars to Atlanta. From this place the officers were sent to Libby prison. The enlisted men were sent, via Knoxville, Tenn., and Lynchville, Va., to Richmond, arriving May 13, and thence to City Point, arriving at Annapolis May 17. On the 18th, moved to Camp Chase, O.

On June 28, having been declared exchanged, moved to St. Louis.  On 29th, moved to Nashville, Tenn., Lieutenant Herman Steinecke taking command of the regiment, Colonel T. G. Allen having resigned and Lieutenant Colonel A. F. Rodgers and Major E. N. Bates being prisoners of war.

September 8, moved to Stevenson, Ala., Captain Cunningham taking command. October 16, moved to Battle Creek, Tenn. 23d, marched to Bridgeport and reported to General Howard, commanding Eleventh Army Corps. Was assigned to Third Brigade, Colonel Hecker, Third Division, General Carl Shura. On 27th, moved to Lookout Valley, and was present at the battle of Wauhatchie.

November 24 and 25, was engaged in the battle of Mission Ridge.

On the 29th, commenced march to Knoxville, Tenn., reaching Louisville, 14 miles from Knoxville, December 5. Longstreet having retreated, the command returned, arriving at Lookout Valley December 17. This march was made without wagons, tents or baggage, and rations were foraged from the country. The command suffered from want of clothing and shoes.

On the 24th of December, was assigned to Third Brigade, Colonel William Grose, Thirty-sixth Indiana; First Division, General D. S. Stanley; Fourth Corps, Major General Gordon Granger commanding.

January 27, 1864, moved from Whiteside, via Chattanooga and Cleveland, to Charleston, Tenn., and thence to Blue Springs.

May 3, 1864, commenced the Atlanta Campaign. Participated in the battles of Dalton, Resaca, Adirsville, Cassville, Dallas, Pine Mountain, Kenesaw Mountain, Marietta, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Jonesboro and Lovejoy Station. During the campaign, the regiment captured about 150 prisoners, and lost 25 killed and 60 wounded.

Camped at Atlanta, September 9. Marched October 3, in pursuit of Hood, to Allatoona, and via Kingston, to Rome; thence to Galesville, Ala.; thence, via Alpine, Fayette and Rossville to Chattanooga, arriving October 30. Moved to Athens, Ala., and to Pulaski, Tenn. 22d of November, commenced falling back to Nashville, and captured a three gun battery and 100 prisoners. January 5, arrived at Huntsville, Ala. 7th, Major E. N. Bates, having returned, assumed command.

March 12, moved to Knoxville, Tenn.; thence to Bull’s Gap and Shield’s Mill, March 28. Moved to Greenville, April 1, and from thence returned to Nashville.

June 10, 1865, mustered out of service and proceeded to Camp Butler, Ill., for final pay and discharge.

Only four of the captured officers ever returned to the regiment. The remainder being held as prisoners until March 1, 1865, when they were paroled for exchange.

The Eightieth has traveled over 6,000 miles and been in over twenty battles. [1]History from the Adjutant General’s Report.

Name and RankResidenceDate of Rank
or Enlistment
James L. MannLibertyAug. 25, 1862Resigned Mar. 13, 1863
Samuel T. JonesLibertyMar. 14, 1863Disch. May 15, 1865
Harvey ClendeninLibertyDied July 17, 1864, wounds
Goodwin ScudmoreLibertyJuly 10, 1864MO June 10, 1864 as 1st Lt.
First Lieutenants:
Samuel T. JonesLibertyAug. 25, 1862Promoted
Goodwin ScudmoreLibertyMar. 14, 186 3Promoted
James L. BrownSteele’s MillsMay 15, 1865MO June 10, 1865 as Sgt.
Second Lieutenants:
Goodwin ScudmoreLibertyAug. 25, 1862Promoted
Harvey ClendeninLibertyMar. 14, 1863Promoted
John CrileyLibertyMay 15, 1865MO June 10, 1865 as Sgt.
First Sergeant:
Harvey ClendeninLibertyJuly 28, 1862Promoted 2d Lt.
James D. ManskerLibertyJuly 28, 1862Reduced, Died New Albany, IN
May 5, 1863
Ellis ThurstonLibertyReduced, Wounded, Resaca, GA
MO June 10, 1865
Thomas TudorRandolph CountyDisch. Aug. 9, 1863, Disability
John CrileyLibertyMO June 10, 1865 as Sgt.
John A. HustJackson CountyJuly 28, 1862Disch. Jan. 23, 1863, Disability
Cornelius DuncanJackson CountyReduced at own request,
MO June 10, 1865
Harvey BelderbackJackson CountyDisch. Mar. 12, 1863, Disability
Oliver F. PennyRandolph CountyPvt. Died Gallatin, TN, Jan. 26, 1863
John T. SteeleRandolph CountyDisch. Jan. 23, 1863, Disability
Victor Glodo, Jr.Jackson CountyDeserted June 26, 1863
Samuel CarterRandolph CountyMO June 10, 1865 as Sgt.
James McKinnaLibertyDied Murfreesboro, TN, Apr. 6, 1863
John ThomasonSteele’s MillsJuly 28, 1862Disch. May 13, 1863, Disability
James J. ClarkJackson CountyReduced at own request, MO June 10, 1865
James BrownSteele’s MillsJuly 28, 1862Died Murfreesboro, TN, Feb. 2, 1863
Asburey, Charles M.Jackson CountyJuly 28, 1862MO June 10, 1865
Asher, Alvin B.Jackson County
Bradshaw, ElishaJackson CountyDisch. May 1, 1863, Disability
Bradshaw, Josiah D.Jackson CountyAbsent sick at MO of Reg.
Bottom, JamesSteele’s MillsWounded, absent at MO of Reg.
Brown, Isaac A.Steele’s MillsMO June 10, 1865
Brown, James L.Steele’s MillsMO June 10, 1865 as 1st Sgt.
Briant, JamesJefferson CountyDeserted Oct. 30, 1862
Briant, ThomasJefferson County
Burk, John H.Randolph CountyDisch. Jan. 28, 1865 as Cpl., Disability
Brees, JohnJackson CountyDisch Nov. 5, 1862, Disability
Boone, WilliamJackson CountyDied July 4, 1864, wounds
Boren, James R.Jackson CountyDisch. May 20, 1863, Disability
Barber, Philip D.Randolph CountyMO June 10, 1865
Beckett, John F.Randolph CountyDisch. Nov. 24, 1862, Disability
Clevenger, SamuelJackson CountyMO June 10, 1865
Criley, CyrusRandolph County
Cross, McHenryJackson CountyDied Gallatin, TN, Mar. 4, 1863
Curless, John M.Jackson CountyDisch. Jan. 25, 1863, Disability
Cross, Francis W.Jackson CountyKilled Chaplin Hills, KY, Oct. 8, 1862
Clendenin, Moses W.Randolph CountyTr. to N.C.S. Sept. 1, 1863
Childers, Samuel W.Randolph CountyDied Chattanooga, TN, May 30, 1864
Conant, James H.Randolph CountyWounded, absent at MO of Reg.
Duncan, John D.Jackson CountyDied Mumfordsville, KY, Nov. 17, 1862
Doggett, Asa J.Jackson CountyDied Centralia, IL, Sept. 3, 1862
Eaton, DanielLibertyDied Murfreesboro, TN, Feb. 16, 1863
Franklin, Samuel B.Jackson CountyTr. to 38th IL Inf.
Fletcher, James A.Randolph CountyDied Mumfordsville, KY, Nov. 15, 1862
Glodo, Victor, Sr.Jackson CountyDisch. Nov. 24, 1862, Disability
Gray, Thomas B.Jackson CountyMO June 10, 1865
Hobbs, ThomasRandolph CountyDied Chattanooga, TN, Feb. 21, 1864
Hamilton, Samuel L.Jackson CountyMO June 10, 1865 as Cpl.
Hillin, EmanuelJackson CountyDied Paducah, KY, May 25, 1863
Hardy, William P.Jackson CountyDisch. Jan. 8, 1864, Disability
Hill, JamesSteele’s MillsMO June 10, 1865
Holloman, Francis M.Randolph CountyMO June 10, 1865 as Cpl.
Isom, James H.Jackson CountyMO June 10, 1865
Jenkin, Walter?Died Louisville, KY, July 1, 1863
Jernigan, HenryRandolph CountyAbsent, sick at MO of Reg.
Johnston, Richard M.Jackson CountyMO June 10, 1865
Johnson, JohnJackson CountyDied Murfreesboro, TN, Apr. 4, 1863
Johnston, JoelRandolph CountyMO June 10, 1865
Jernigan, AllenRandolph CountyMO June 10, 1865 as Cpl.
Jenkins, James H.Steele’s MillsMO June 10, 1865
Keeler, Samuel B.CentraliaDied Chattanooga, TN, July 8, 1864
Keeton, James W.Randolph CountyDied Mumfordsville, KY, Dec. 15, 1862
Landes, James E.Randolph CountyMO June 10, 1865
Lee, Hiram B.Jackson County
Low, James A.Randolph County
Miller, JohnRandolph County
Miller, MathiasRandolph CountyDied Munfordsville, KY, Nov. 3, 1862
McKinna, HughRandolph CountyKilled Lovejoy Station, GA, Sept. 2, 1864
McDonald, JacobRandolph CountyDied Cave City, KY, Nov. 22, 1862
McCormack, Wm. C.Jackson CountyMO June 10, 1865 as Cpl., wounded
McLaughlin, RobertJackson CountyDied Mumfordsville, KY, Nov. 2, 1862
Mann, Jonathan B.Randolph CountyMO June 10, 1865 as Sgt.
McMillen, John W.Randolph CountyWounded, absent at MO of Reg.
Morris, WesleyRandolph CountyMO June 10, 1865
McConnell, MosesJackson CountyDisch. Jan. 3, 1863, Disability
Parres, VincentLibertyMO June 10, 1865
Pitman, LinzyJackson CountyDied Cave City, KY, Oct. 1862
Pointer, HenryJackson CountyDied Murfreesboro, TN, Mar. 7, 1863
Redburn, CaseyCentraliaDied Mumfordsville, KY, Nov. 22, 1862
Ross, William D.Randolph CountyTr. to V. R. C., Feb. 23, 1865
Simons, EdwardRandolph CountyMO June 10, 1865 as Cpl.
Spinner, JosephRandolph CountyMO June 10, 1865
Snell, John H.Jackson CountyDied Mumfordsville, KY, Nov. 24, 1862
Simpson, James G.Randolph CountyMO June 10, 1865 as Cpl.
Snell, James C.Jackson CountyDied Mumfordsville, KY, Dec. 4, 1862
Schnetts, Charles A.Randolph CountyDied Reedyville, TN, Mar. 10, 1863
Stone, John H.Jackson CountyTr. to V. R. C., Sept. 2, 1863
Thomas, Henry K.Randolph CountyDied Murfreesboro, TN, Mar. 16, 1863
Thomas, ThurstonSteele’s MillsMO June 10, 1865
Underhill, JonathanJackson CountyTr. to V. R. C., Sept. 2, 1863
VanBrunt, Isaac S.Randolph CountyMO June 10, 1865 as Sgt.
Wood, John M.Randolph CountyMO June 10, 1865 as Cpl.
Wilson, JohnstonRandolph County
Wilkinson, WilliamJackson CountyDied New Albany, IN, Oct. 20, 1862
Wells, James H.Randolph CountyDied Murfreesboro, TN, Apr. 4, 1863
Whitehouse, JosephRandolph CountyDied Murfreesboro, TN, May 22, 1863
Wilson, HarveyRandolph CountyMO June 10, 1865
Childers, John B.Randolph CountySept. 3, 1862MO June 10, 1865
Jones, Robert C.?Sept. 7, 1862Died Murfreesboro, TN, Feb. 9, 1863
Johnson, WilliamMackinawJuly 11, 1862Tr. to 38th IL Inf.
Nelson, John J.?July 1, 1863Tr. to 38th IL Inf.



1History from the Adjutant General’s Report.