The Eighty-fourth Infantry was organized at Quincy in August, 1862, by Colonel L. H. Waters, of Macomb, Ill., and was mustered into the service of the United States September 1, 1862, with 939 men and officers.

The Regiment was ordered to Louisville, Ky., September 23, and was assigned to the Tenth Brigade of the Fourth Division, which had formerly been commanded by General Nelson.

On the organization of the Army of the Cumberland the Regiment was one of five composing the Third Brigade of the First Division of the Twenty-first Army Corps. General John M. Palmer commanded the Division, and General Thomas L. Crittenden, of Kentucky, the Corps.

After the battle of Chickamauga the Army was reorganized, and the Fourth and Fourteenth Corps were formed of the old Army of the Cumberland, while the Tenth and Twelfth Corps were combined and formed the Twentieth. The Eighty-fourth was one of nine regiments composing the Third Brigade of the First Division of the Fourth Corps. The Division was commanded by the gallant Major General Stanley, who was soon after assigned to the command of the Corps. The Regiment shared the fortunes of the Army of the Cumberland and was with it in every march and in every battle until the close of the war.

It was at the battle of Perryville and on the march with Buel through Kentucky in the pursuit of the Confederate army under Bragg.

When the famous “Kentucky Campaign” closed the Regiment went to Nashville, Tenn., via Mt. Vernon, Somerset, Columbia, Glasgow and Gallatin.

In the march from Buch Creek to Somerset, a distance of 12 miles, some 90 of the men were compelled to wade through snow, slush and mud the entire distance without shoes.

The Regiment participated in the battle of Stone River, where it lost 228 men and officers killed and wounded out of a total of 350 engaged.

It was in the Tullahoma Campaign and at the battle of Chickamauga. In Chattanooga during what was called the “Siege” and with Hooker at Lookout Mountain in “the fight above the clouds.” It participated in the “Atlanta Campaign” and the battle of Franklin and Nashville under Thomas.

The Regiment was entitled to inscribe upon its battle flag the names of Perryville, Stone River, Woodbury, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Ringgold, Dalton, Buzzard Roost, Resaca, Burnt Hickory, Kenesaw Mountain, Smyrna, Jonesboro, Lovejoy Station, Franklin and Nashville.

The total casualties in battle were….558
Killed by accident………………………..7
Died of disease…………………………124
Total casualties…………………………689

But three of the Regiment were taken prisoners, namely Lieutenant Colonel Morton, Corporal Chowning and Private Herbert of Company C. Colonel Morton was exchanged after having been nine months in Libby; Corporal Chowning escaped from Andersonville after having been a prisoner for more than one year, and rejoined his command during the Atlanta Campaign. Private Herbert, who had lost a leg at Chickamauga, was shot by a sentinel at Andersonville for having crossed the “Dead Line.” His grave is numbered 1136. [1]History from the Adjutant General’s Report.

Alexander, D. M.North East Aug. 5, 1862 Promoted 2d Lt.

Name and RankResidenceDate of Rank
or Enlistment
Albert J. GriffithClaytonSept. 1, 1862Resigned Feb. 1, 1863
Andrew S. McDowellClaytonFeb. 2, 1863MO June 8, 1865
First Lieutenants:
William ScottClaytonSept. 1, 1863Resigned Feb. 15, 1863
John S. LogueClaytonFeb. 15, 1863Resigned Dec. 31, 1863
David M. AlexanderNorth EastJan. 8, 1864MO June 8, 1865
Second Lieutenants:
Thomas F. KendrickClaytonSept. 1, 1862Died Nov. 17, 1862
Andrew S. McDowellClaytonNov. 27, 1862Promoted
John S. LogueClaytonFeb. 2, 1863
David M. AlexanderClaytonFeb. 15, 1863
Samuel CainClaytonJune 6, 1865MO June 8, 1865 as Sgt.
First Sergeant:
M.P. EdwardsClaytonJuly 23, 1862Disch. Dec.,1862 as Pvt., Disability
William StevensLeeAug. 5, 1862Disch. Jan. 14, 1863, Disability
J. W. WhitesideClaytonMO June 8, 1865 as Pvt.
John DaughertyClaytonMO June 8, 1865
William MillsMcKeeDied Nashville, Dec. 3, 1862
J. C. LogueClaytonAug. 5, 1862Promoted 2d Lt.
D.A. AlexanderNorth EastDied Nashville, Jan. 20, 1863, wounds
J. B. MorrisConcordDisch. Nov. 15, 1864, Disability
James B. ManloveNorth EastMO June 8, 1865 as Sgt.
Samuel CainClaytonMO June 8, 1865 as 1st Sgt.
Joseph StevensMcKeeMO June 8, 1865
Henry CromwellClaytonMO June 8, 1865 as Sgt.
Edward DavisPea RidgeMO June 8, 1865
Alexander, W. L.North EastMO June 8, 1865 as Cpl.
Backman, A. C.ClaytonAug. 1, 1862Died Quincy, Oct. 22, 1864
Bates, Francis H.ClaytonAug. 5, 1862Disch. Jan. 14, 1863, Disability
Binkley, N. A.HuntsvilleJuly 29, 1862MO June 8, 1865
Bolls, JohnBrown CountyAug. 5, 1862MO June 8, 1865, wounded
Brown, I. M.ConcordMO June 8, 1865
Brady, HughMcKeeJuly 26, 1862Tr. to VRC Oct. 29, 1864, wounded
Brothers, WilsonMcKeeJuly 30, 1862Drowned May 5, 1863
Brothers, SamuelMcKeeDied Liberty, IL, Mar. 27, 1864
Bowker, ClarkHuntsvilleAug. 8, 1862Disch. Jan. 17, 1863, Disability
Brown, Thomas N.ConcordAug. 9, 1862MO June 8, 1865 as Cpl.
Barnart, CalvinMcKeeAug. 8, 1862Died Murfreesboro,TN, Mar. 24, 1863
Bobbitt, Hardy G.Pea RidgeJuly 28, 1862MO June 8, 1865
Butler, W. J.McKeeAug. 3, 1862
Bowman, John H.LeeAug. 18, 1862Died Nashville, Dec. 25, 1862
Cain, NelsonClaytonAug. 5, 1862Died Nashville, Feb. 7, 1863, wounds
Cain, LabanClaytonAug. 4, 1862MO June 8, 1865
Crawford, W. D.McKeeAug. 3, 1862Died Murfreesboro,TN., Jan. 10, 1863, wounds
Carter, John B.ClaytonAug. 14, 1862MO June 8, 1865 as Cpl.
Clark, ArchibaldBrown CountyAug. 5, 1862Killed Stone River, Dec. 31, 1863
Derry, BasilHuntsvilleAug. 22, 1862Disch. Jan. 4, 1863, Disability
Daugherty, ThomasClaytonAug. 5, 1862MO June 8, 1865
Davis, W. H.HuntsvilleJuly 20, 1862
Doyle, SamuelClaytonJuly 15, 1862Dropped as deserter, Oct. 1, 1864
Fritzon, Fred J.Brown CountyAug. 11, 1862MO June 8, 1865
Groves, Samuel W.McKeeAug. 3, 1862
Giddings, G. H.Pea RidgeAug. 5, 1862Disch. Feb. 7, 1863, Disability
Gallaway, T. G.ConcordAug. 9, 1862Killed Stone River, Dec. 31, 1862
Henlon, William B.North EastAug. 8, 1862Tr. to Inv Corps, Aug. 31, 1863
Henry, William E.ClaytonAug. 3, 1862Disch. Dec. 24, 1862, Disability
Hall, AtlasMcKeeAug. 5, 1862MO June 8, 1865
Horney, A. S.North EastDied Murfreesboro,TN., Jan. 24, 1863, wounds
Heigley, HarlowConcordAug. 22, 1862Died Nashville, Jan. 29, 1863, wounds
Handley, Wm. H.McKeeAug. 3, 1862MO June 8, 1865
Hamilton, Lemuel B.Canton, MOAug. 5, 1862Tr. to Brigade Band, May 20, 1863
Inman, AaronMcKeeAug. 8, 1862MO June 8, 1865
Johnson, Francis M.BuckhornAug. 5, 1862Died Bowling Green, KY., Dec. 1, 1862
Johnson, CyreneBuckhornAug. 13, 1862Tr. to VRC Nov. 1, 1864, wounded
Kimry, John J.HuntsvilleAug. 20, 1862Killed Kenesaw Mt., June 24, 1864
Laughlin, F.ClaytonAug. 6, 1862MO June 8, 1865
Long, R. D.ClaytonAug. 5, 1862Disch. Mar. 17, 1864, Disability
Lathrop, J. W.McKeeAug. 8, 1862Died Nashville, Dec. 28, 1862
Lambert, SimeonPea RidgeAug. 5, 1862Disch. Feb. 18, 1863, Disability
Myers, Thomas T.BuckhornTr. to VRC Jan. 15, 1864
Myers, William H.BuckhornDied Louisville, KY., Jan. 26, 1863, wounds
Miller, DirkLaPrairieKilled Stone River, Dec. 31, 1862
Marshall, ElishaClaytonMO June 8, 1865
Manlove, David R.LaPrairieAug. 8, 1862Died Nashville, Mar.  29,  1863, wounds
Martin, David H.BeverlyAug. 5, 1862Died Nashville, Dec. 14, 1862
Martin, ThomasConcordAug. 9, 1862MO June 8, 1865
Mason, PeterMcKeeAug. 5, 1862Disch. Dec. 1862, wounds
McCurdy, DanielPea RidgeJuly 13, 1862MO June 8, 1865, wounded
McDowell, A. S.ClaytonJuly 6, 1862Promoted Q.M. Sgt.
McCowan, J. D.ClaytonJuly 9, 1862MO June 8, 1865, wounded
Pevehouse, Wm. W.ClaytonAug. 22, 1862MO June 8, 1865 as Sgt.
Patterson, W. S.LeeJuly 15, 1862Killed Kenesaw Mt., June 24, 1864
Pevehouse, J. B.ClaytonJuly 5, 1862MO June 8, 1865
Stevens, George M.ConcordAug. 5, 1862Died Nashville, Feb. 16, 1863, wounds
Shehony, William W.McKeeAug. 8, 1862Died Louisville, Dec. 9, 1862
Scott, CrawfordClaytonAug. 3, 1862Killed Stone River, Dec. 31, 1862
Stinson, JamesBuckhornAug. 11, 1862MO June 8, 1865
Stevens, RobertConcordAug. 12, 1862MO June 8, 1865, wounded
Slagle, D. N.McKeeAug. 5, 1862MO June 8, 1865 as Cpl.
Shehony, DuddleyMcKeeDied Murfreesboro,TN, Apr.23,1863
Slagle, John F.McKeeAug. 3, 1862MO June 8, 1865
Tatman, Charles L.McKeeAug. 8, 1862
Thomas, Warren O.Pea RidgeAug. 4, 1862
Taylor, Ithamar S.QuincyAug. 5, 1862Tr. to Brigade Band, May 20, 1863
Wright, John G.LeeDisch. Mar. 19, 1863, Disability
Worley, ElihuMcKeeDied Louisville, July 18, 1863
Wright, Alonzo O.HuntsvilleTr to VRC July 26, 1864
Widenhammer, J. L.HuntsvilleAug. 13, 1862Disch. Apr. 25, 1863, Disability
Wear, D. C.McKeeAug. 11, 1862MO June 8, 1865 as Cpl.
Webb, William H.McKeeDisch. June 6, 1864, wounds
Bell, James?Aug. 20, 1862Died Nashville, Dec. 15, 1862
Brady, Charles M.BuckhornMar. 14, 1864Tr to Co F, 21st IL Inf.
Hawk, David?Aug. 8, 1862Died Bowling Green, KY., Dec. 5, 1862
Myers, George T.BuckhornMar. 14, 1864Tr to Co F, 21st IL Inf.
Myers, Gilbert K.Buckhorn
Thomas, Curtis E.ClaytonMar. 6, 1865
Turner, Abram?Aug. 5, 1862Died Stone River, Dec. 31, 1862, wounds
Whitlock, Ervin?Aug. 15, 1862Tr to VRC Sept. 30, 1863



1History from the Adjutant General’s Report.
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