G. A. R. – John Wood Post, Quincy

John Wood Post No. 96, Quincy.

Adams, J. E., A 137 Ill. Inf.
Adamson, J. N., A 130 Ind. Inf.
Bachmann, A. D., D 50 Ill Inf.
Bissel, W., C 58 Ill. Inf.
Boggess, J., B 14 Ill. Inf.
Bornmann, H., H 43 Ill. Inf.
Brewer, W. T., B 49 Ill. Inf.
Brown, H. S., U. S. Str. Nahant. A. S.
Brown, J. M., B 91 Ohio Inf.
Brooker, O. W., A 138 Ill. Inf.
Burner, J. K., H 21 Mo. Inf.
Burke, L., B 78 Ill. Inf.
Caddick, T. C., B 7 Pa. Cav.
Cashman, M., C 21 Mo. Inf.
Chatten, E. R., D 137 Ill. Inf.
Child, S. M., C 51 Ohio Inf. and H 5 U. S. Lgt. Art.
Cook, R., A 10 Ill. Inf. and Cap. 15 Wis. Inf.
Cross, H. H., A 119 Ill. Inf.
Darry, J., H 43 Ill. Inf.
Davis, J. H., H 39 Mo. Inf.
De Bord, T., B 3 Mo. Cav.
Dickhut, C. G., H 118 Ill. Inf.
Distin, W. L., C 17 Ia. Inf.
Earel, S. G., Lt. F 78 Ill. Inf.
Easley, M., K 21 Mo. Inf.
Easterday, C. V., A 137 Ill. Inf.
Epmeyer, E., L 1 Mass. H. Art.
Finley, G. M., Lt. C 10 Mo. Inf.
Fuerhoff, J. H., K 21 Mo. Inf.
Gay, W. H., 1 Ia. Bat. Lgt. Art.
Glass, G. H., B 7 Mo. Cav. and K 34 Inf.
Goodapple, G., D 148 Ill. Inf.
Graham, A. R., A 11 Mo. Cav. and Cap. 2 Mo. Cav.
Greer, B. H., C 1 Mo. Engrs.
Grenmann, C., G 4 Mo. Inf.
Guth, C., Mus. 2 Brig. 3rd Div. A. C.
Hase, H., K 21 Mo. Inf.
Heitland, J. H., D 148 Ill. Inf.
Henrich, H., B 41 Mo. Inf.
Henry, J. V., H 195 Ill. Inf. and Q. M. 17 Ill. Cav.
Henry, W. D., A 137 Ill. Inf.
Herr, D. B., E 7 Pa. Cav.
Hickman, C. S., C 67 Ill. Inf. Gun’ U. S.
Hild, A., B 1 Mo. Inf. and 1 Art. Co. H.
Hoener, J., H 43 Ill. Inf.
Homan, W. A., A 137 Ill. Inf.
Hubert, C. F., Adjt. 50 Ill. Inf.
Hughes, J. P., E 84 Ill. Inf.
Hughes, M. W., D 13 Mo. Inf. and Co. I, 3 Mo. Cav.
Janes, G. M., Lt., A 32 Mo. Inf.
Jellison, J. S., C 137 Ill. Inf. and Co. C, 151 Ill. Inf.
Joseph, T. J., Cap. H 151 Ill. Inf.
Kley, A., B 10 Ill. Inf.
Krueger, H., D 148 Ill. Inf.
Koehrer, J. J., A 21 Mo. Inf.
Lafler, E., II C 3 Mo. Cav.
Luthin, F., I 108 Ohio Inf
Lusk, J. J., D 7 Ill. Inf. Later Mt. Inf.
McCready, W. A., F 119 Ill. Inf.
McCubbins, J. A., F 37 Ky. Inf.
Martin, G. W., A 3 Mo. Cav.
Meise, A., A 27 Ill. Inf. and Co. K 9 Ill. Inf.
Meise, H., B 1 La. Cav.
Messendike, F., F 50 Ill. Inf.
Mester, F. P., H 2 Ill. Lt. Art.
Meyer, F., H 43 Ill. Inf.
Meyer, J., D 148 Ill. Inf.
Mikesell, J. P., Cap. K 18 Mo. Inf.
Miller, E. T., U. S. Str. Conemaugh, M. S.
Montgomery, J. F., K 1 Mo. Eng.
Mullens, W. W., E 41 Mo. Inf.
Newby, J. E., C 10 Ill. Inf.
Newcomb, W. L., F 2 Ohio Inf. and Co. E 28 Ill. Inf.
Nichols, T. H., K 78 Ill. Inf.
Ode, J., H 43 Ill. Inf.
Orr, M. S., F 47 Ind. Inf.
Osborn, E. H., H 87 N. Y. Inf. and H 40 N. Y. Inf.
Osgood, S. P., B 1 Mo. Cav.
Parker, C. W., F 1 N. H. H. Art.
Petrie, G. W., E 16 Ill. Inf.
Pettett, G. H., E 8 Ia. Inf.
Phillips, V. A., A 65 Ill. Inf.
Piggott, M., Cap. F 66 Ill. Inf.
Poling, T. C., E 71 Ill. Inf. and Co. C 137.
Quest, F., A 27 Ill. Inf.
Reed, J. D., D 7 Ill. Cav.
Riley, M. F., E 50 Ill. Inf.
Robbins, D. E., D 7 Ill. Cav.
Robison, O. P., D 144 Ohio N. G. Inf.
Rose, M. O., F 98 Ill. Inf. and Co. H 61 Ill. Inf.
Schild, H., A 27 Ill. Inf.
Slack, A. B., C 10 Ill. Inf. and H 151.
Slack, A., F 151 Ill. Inf.
Smith, H. G., G 21 Mo. Inf. M. M. B.
Smith, J. S., B 9 Ill. Cav.
Spencer, C. H., A 10 N. Y. Cav.
Stansbery, T. D., K 8 Mo. Inf.
Stephens, J. J., K 6 Ia. Cav.
Stobie, W. H., H 51 Ill. Inf.
Stockhecker, H. H., H 43 Ill. Inf.
Stormer, G., G 10 Ill. Inf.
Struck, H., I 30 Ill. Inf.
Thomas, P., D 10 Ill. Cav.
Tillson, W. H., E 84 Ill. Inf.
Turner, H. C, K 12 N. J. Inf.
Uecke, W. J. P., F 3 N. J. Cav.
Underwood, B. F., H 15 Mass. Inf. and Adj. 5 R. I. Inf.
Van Alstine, W. A., I 32 Wis. Inf.
Vance, D. L., G 119 Ill. Inf.
Veach, H., D 26 Mo. Inf. and A & B 1 Mo. Eng.
Waibel, B., B 2 Cav. Bat. M. S. M.
Warfield, W. S., A 170 Ohio Inf.
Washburn, C. C., A 3 Mo. Cav.
Weingartner, W., C 103 N. Y. Inf.
Welch, J. M., D 16 Ill. Inf.
Wells, H. S., K 27 N. Y. Inf. and K 4 Mich Inf.
Wemhoener, J. W., C 10 Ill. Inf.
Wessels, B. J., B 137 Ill. Inf.
Wessels, J. J., C 3 Mo. Cav.
Whray, T. S., B 137 Ill. Inf.
Winget, W. C., D 25 Ohio Inf. and I 73.

Additional Comments:

JANUARY, 1ST 1913.

Source: Illustrated Roster of the Department of Illinois Grand Army of the Republic. Headquarters: G. A. R. Memorial Hall, Chicago, Ill. [1914].