Captain Pierce’s Company, Enrolled April 20, 1832


Earl Pierce
Captain Martin
David Crowe

First Lieutenant:

Christopher Howard

Second Lieutenant:

Elizah Gillard


John Crawford
George Campbell
John Battell
James Crawford


Daniel Harty
Coleman Talbert
John Fletcher
Jeremiah Stone


Beatty, Robert
Campbell, Clayborn
Campbell, Joseph
Crow, Isaac
Dulay, David
Edwards, Andrew
Harty, Abram
Hillory, Alexander
Hines, William
Hutton, James
Lang, John
Lewis, John
McCoy, Joseph
McCoy Rob.
Payne, Stephen O.
Points, John
Riddle, Ebenezer
Ruddle, John
Shepherd, John
Smith, Elisha
Smith, Stedman
Southward, William
Williams, Benjamin
Worrell, Arwell

Source: Record of the services of Illinois Soldiers in the Black Hawk War 1831-32 and in the Mexican War 1846-48: containing a complete roster of commissioned officers and enlisted men of both wars, taken from the official rolls on file in the War Department, Washington, D. C. With an appendix giving record of the services of the Illinois Militia, rangers and riflemen, in protecting the frontier from the ravages of the Indians from 1810 to 1813. Prepared and published by authority of the thirty-second General Assembly by Isaac H. Elliott, Adjutant-General of the State of Illinois. Springfield, Ill: Journal Company, printers and binders, 1902.