The following are numbers drawn in  Washington last Friday which correspond with the boys’ numbers who will get their mail through Clayton post office. These will be most liable for first call for army service. Some of them will be exempted for reasons coming under the heads of physical disability, industrial pursuits, or having dependents on them for support.

854 Russel Smith
783 Thos. Earl Black
837 James Allen Mason
784 Benj. H. Burnett
775 Dolphia B. Baker
810 Albert Gilbert
1066 Ollie Wear
1014 Martin H. Brick
1045 Fred Rippel
1031 Bert Johnson
797 Floyd C. DeLess
1020 Willie Davis
75 Elmo V. Lewis
772 Orville Ray Adair
786 Jos. Buffington
868 Fred A. Wever
809 John M. Gillis
770 Charles H. Amen
792 Elzara Carpenter
872 Lewis C. WIlliams
1054 Tiebert G. Syrkel
1022 Sam Decker
841 Ira J. Martin
1032 James I. Kinsella
1141 Elmer Parn
1016 Biga R. Baker
1007 Elmer W. Amen
72 Emery Heinecke
1053 John A. Sharp
1067 Otho Wilson
805 Paul S. Green
1057 Robert S. Turner
856 Albert L. Smith
1010 Earl W. Bates
814 Gary Hamilton
848 Rudolph Rottman
822 Amos Kauffman
1064 Edw. Volbracht
858 Kirk Smith
1023 Ivan B. Frankel
840 Clarence Moore
1021 Orville Decker

Thanks to Pamela Smith Clark for sharing this newspaper information.

Source: Clayton Enterprise, 26 July 1917.