“Youngest Veteran” of Civil War to Give Memorial Address

Capt. John E. Andrew, former managing officer of the Illinois Soldiers’ Home, the “youngest veteran” of the Civil war in Quincy left Wednesday morning for Moline where he will deliver the  Memorial day address in the national cemetery there, Thursday afternoon.

The Memorial day exercises are sponsored by the ten living members of the Moline G. A. R. post and this will be the  principal Memorial service held  in the quad-cities.  It is planned to have a giant parade precede the ceremonies at the cemetery.

Captain Andrew has in many ways the full right to be called the “youngest veteran” in Quincy if not in the state.  He is 86 years of age and while there are perhaps a few men of that age or a year or so younger in the country, who wore the blue and served in the closing years of the Civil war, it is doubtful if there are any Civil war veterans who have the vigor, the pep and the mental clarity of this old soldier.

He enlisted when he was fifteen years of age.  He marched with Sherman to the sea.  He was wounded in the left leg at the battle of Peach Tree Creek, one of the fiercest struggles of the war.

After the war Capt. Andrew plunged into civic life and into the political arena with the vigor that he has retained in a large measure all his years.  He was sheriff of Piatt county for several terms, and mayor of Monticello four terms.  He was a deputy revenue collector, and, from 1913 to 1920, he was the managing officer of the Soldiers’ Home.  His activity has gone far to keep John Wood Post, G. A.A., a live organization in the last few years.  Capt. and Mrs. John E. Andrew live at 2101 Hampshire street.

Source: Quincy Herald Whig, May 1935.

Provided by Jan Walker