Obituary of Edward Jimison

Edward Jimison died suddenly, age 82. [1]Obituary from Clayton Enterprise Newspaper; Adams County, Ill. 18 Dec 1890.

South Side Cemetery Records; Clayton, Ill. show: E. Jimison, aged 82 years, born Ireland 1803, died 10 Dec 1885. Section A Row 3, S to N.

Obituary of John Jimison

SUPERINTENDENT JIMISON IS DEAD: The County Supt. of Schools passes away last Saturday evening in Liberty, this county, after a short illness. The funeral at Clayton tomorrow morning at 10:00 under the auspices of the I.O.O.F. The Masons attending. The deceased was serving his 3rd term. The county board fills the vacancy, probably July 10th.

John Jimison, county superintendent of the public schools of Adams County, died at the Breckenridge house in Liberty this county, last Saturday evening, at 6:00 from a complication of bowel and bladder troubles, the attack being of a malarial character. Though previously a man apprently of splendid health, as well as of a magnificent physique, Mr. Jimison has been ailing off and on for a year or so and he could not withstand sickness well. A week ago last Saturday evening he attended a festival in Liberty and appeared to be in his usual health when he returned to the hotel. The next morning he was taken sick, grew worse steadily and had been confined to his bed ever since. Four doctors waited on him, namely, Drs. Spence and Enlow, of Liberty, Dr. Parker, of Clayton, and Dr. Crocker of Payson, but their combined efforts proved unavailing. He was delirious much of the time and the end came at the time stated. The remains were taken to Clayton today. The funeral will take place at Clayton tomorrow morning at 10:00 under the auspices of the I.O.O.F., the Masons participating. The deceased was a member of both orders, belonging to Clayton lodges. He was a member of the Encampment and of the Cantonia of Odd Fellows. He entered the Odd Fellows before he did the Masons, hence the former order will have charge of the funeral. There will be services at the Clayton Christian church, of which deceased was a member. The burial will be in the cemetery close to Clayton. Mr. J.R. Rice, and intimate friend of Mr. Jimison, said this forenoon that he would see if he could not get a special Wabash train up and back from Quincy. At this writing the result can’t be stated.

A SKETCH OF THE DECEASED: John Jimison was born in Liberty, this county. He was about 48 years of age at his death. He was never married. He received a school teacher’s certificate when he was 18 years old and taught until 1882, when he was elected county superintendent of schools. He succeeded in that position Dr. S.S. Nesbit of Burton, who had served one year by appointment of the board of supervisors. That year served by Nesbit was to fill out a vacancy of Supt. Black. Supt. Jimison was elected to the office for three successive terms of four years each. His last term would have expired one year from the first Monday in next December. At a banquet tendered the Teachers’ association in Mendon early last month, Supt. Jimison spoke with feeling and satisfaction of the results of his 21 years work in the public schools of Adams county and he pointed out his line of work for the immediate future. His great aim was to add incentive to pupil and parent regarding the country school. One method by which he hoped to effect this was to grade the district schools, and have graduation exercises in all of the town schools in the county. He had the hearty cooperation of the teachers in his work, to which he showed deep attachment and close attention. To his intimate friends, Mr. Jimison said frequently that he would not be a candidate again for the position of superintendent; that his private business affaris were such as would occupy his entire attention after this term; that it was with this retirement in view that he had appointed Asst. Seehorn, the most competent man in Mr. Jimison’s judgment, to succeed him. During some eight years past Mr. Jimison has been in partnership in a drugstore at Clayton, with Mr. David A. Davis, whose wife is a sister of the deceased. The firm were burned out some time back but they rebuilt. The deceased leaves proprty probably worth $10,000 to $15,000. Besides his interests in Clayton, he owns some property in Kansas, where he has a married sister, Mrs. Lierlie, and a brother, Edward Jimison. He also has an unmarried sister, Angeline Jimison. It was with this sister and with Mrs. Davis, that the deceased made his home in Clayton. Angeline is visiting in Kansas, but she and her brother will be here to attend the funeral. The parents of the deceased are dead.

John Jimison was born in Liberty township within a few miles of where he died. His father had a farm halfway between Liberty and Kingston which he worked a great many years or until his death.

Relatives of Prof. Jimison who attended the obsequies; Mrs. Decie Wilber, Oklahoma City; W.E. Jimison, Seely, KS.; Sister Angie Jimison, Oklahoma City, OK.; John Featheringill and wife of Kellerville, IL.; James Scott and wife, Liberty, IL.; and Wm. Jimison, Quincy, IL. Buried South Side Cemetery, Clayton. [2]Obituary from the Quincy Daily Journal, Monday 5 Jun 1893; page 4, col. 2-3

Obituary of Mrs. Mary Jimison

Mrs. Mary Jimison – mother of Supt. Jimison, died at her home in Adams county 5 Nov 1879. Mrs. Mary Jimison, wife of Edward Jimison in her 68th year of age. Her husband and six children survive her. Was a member of Kingston Baptist church. [3]From Clayton Enterprise Newspaper, Clayton, Adams, Ill. on 20 Nov 1879

Obituary of Mrs. Sarah Jimison Davis

Mrs. Sarah Jimison Davis, mother of Hayden Davis of the new Quincy hotel, died early Thursday morning in Clayton after an illness of several days. Mrs. Davis was stricken with paralysis last Monday. She had been in declining health for a year or more. Mrs. Davis v was born near Kingston, 4 April 1848 and was married to David A. Davis of Clayton, 26 Dec 1883. Mr. Davis was then and for many years following, engaged in the drug business in Clayton. One son, Hayden Davis, was born to the union who, together with the husband and two step-daughters, Mrs. E.E. McDowell and Mrs. E. Gore, both of Clayton, survive. Mrs. Davis was a sister of John Jimison, for 15 years superintendent of Adams county schools, who died in 1893, and was herself a school teacher for many years in the Clayton schools. She enjoyed a wide circle of acquaintance in Adams county. The funeral will be held at the home in Clayton, at 2:30, Saturday with burial in South Side cemetery there. (Obituary appearing in Quincy Herald-Whig on 15 Aug 1930; p.14 col. 1))

Special thanks to Debra Liening for sharing the Jimison obituaries.



1Obituary from Clayton Enterprise Newspaper; Adams County, Ill. 18 Dec 1890.
2Obituary from the Quincy Daily Journal, Monday 5 Jun 1893; page 4, col. 2-3
3From Clayton Enterprise Newspaper, Clayton, Adams, Ill. on 20 Nov 1879