Read the 1873 Brennan Letter written by Mary Brennan in Ireland to her aunt, Jane Brennan, in Adams County.

Don’t miss the Dunlap Letters!  Susan Ferguson has shared two Dunlap family letters written in 1841.  Both letters are from Rachel Dunlap to her son, Ephraim, who lived in Adams County.  The letters are very moving and provide a rare glimpse of what life was like 160 years ago.

The John Hupert Letter, written in 1849, mentions the cholera epidemic in Quincy.

Read the Cuzzins Family Letters written between 1850 and 1875.

The Potter Bimson Clarke Letters From America To Preston, England are now available online!  Many of the letters, dated from the 1850s to 1887,  were written by Bimson and Clarke family members in Adams county to their loved ones in England.  They contain interesting information about living conditions and events in Adams county during those early years.  The letters are a delight to read.  We are grateful to Alan Potter for sharing his family letters.

An interesting letter from Ida Morris to her father I. N. Morris is now online. Click here to read it.

A Letter published in a Kewaunee, Wisconsin, newspaper regarding the death of William H. Blackwell. Click here to read it.