Adams County was formed in 1825.  In 1829 the first German immigrant settled in Adams County. That first settler was Michael Mast.  Following Michael’s arrival many other German settlers made their way to the area.  Many of those settlers are listed here.

Early German Families in Adams County, Illinois

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Lists of Adams County Families

Additional Lists providing genealogical facts on Adams County Families

Family Infomation

The Family Information, below, links to Family Group Sheets, Bios, Letters, and other documentation relative to specific people or families. You can scroll through this list, or use our search tool. Also see specific Township pages for more information on some residents. Email contact information has been removed (spam prevention) as have references to living people to maintain their privacy.

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Adams, John Family Group Sheet
Adamy, Joseph Famiy Group Sheet
Alexander, George W. Biography
Amen, Francis Obituary
Amen, Lawrence Obituary
Amen, Phillip Biography
Amen, Phillip Descendants
Anderson, John Family Bible Information
Asher, Thomas Family Group Sheet
Bacon, William Biography
Baker, Martin Estate Lawsuit
Bakerbower, Anna Biography
Barnard, William Biography
Bartell, Gebke Renstina Obituary
Bartholomew, Edna to HD Pearce Letter
Bastert Family Information
Becker, Carl Biography
Bell, Samuel Family Group Sheet
Bennett, Thomas Family Group Sheet
Bernheimer, Caroline Obituary
Berrian, George W v Rowley, Reuben Lawsuit
Berrian, George W. Biography
Blackwell, William Obituary
Blain, John v Harrison, Jane Lawsuit
Blakeny, GW Obituary
Blentlinger, Andrew Eugean Obituary
Bloomer, James v Denman, Matthias B Lawsuit
Bloomer, James v Denman, Matthias Lawsuit
Boekhaus, Frederick W Family Group Sheet
Boekhaus, Gottleib Family Group Sheet
Boling Family Photos
Borstadt, Peter Family Group Sheet
Boyd, Edmund Family Album
Broady, John Calvin Family Group Sheet
Browning, Orville Biography
Bryant, William Family Group Sheet
Buss, John Will
Buss, John Obituary
Buss, Nellie H Young Obituary
Campbell, George Biography
Campbell, James Biography
Carter, Marion Biography
Cavanaugh, Michael Obituary
Chestnutt, Helen Death Certificate Transcript
Cobb, John Family Group Sheet
Coffman, Leonard Descendants
Collier-Cox Family
Conner, William Biography
Cook, Samuel Biography
Corbin to Zoph 2 Deed
Corbin to Zoph Deed
Craig, James Henry Biography
Craig, John Indictment
Cramm, Christian Family Group Sheet
Crowley, Robert Family Group Sheet
Crum, Mrs. Arthur Obituary
Curl, Rev John Family Group Sheet
Curtis, John Family Group Sheet
Cuzzins Family History
Davis Family with Photo and Biography
Davis, Greenleaf H Biography
Davis, Julia Obituary
Davis, Nancy Chipman Obituary
Dazey, William T v Gallimore, William W Lawsuit
Deming, Joseph Family Group Sheet
Deming, Oliver Family Group Sheet
Deming, Oliver Rebecca Family Group Sheet
Deming, Rufus Love Family Group Sheet
Deming, Rufus Magnum Family Group Sheet
Deming, Rufus Perry Family Group Sheet
Deming, Rufus Tibbets Family Group Sheet
Deming, William Family Group Sheet
Dempsey, Mark and Edward Portrait
Denman, Matthias B v Bloomer, James Lawsuit
Denman, Matthias v Bloomer, James Lawsuit
Dickhut, William v Durrell, Thomas Lawsuit
Dines, Henry Biography
Dines, Henry Family Group Sheet
Downing, Albert Family Group Sheet
Downing, John Family Group Sheet
Downing, Joseph Family Group Sheet
Downing, Rezin Family Group Sheet
Duncan, William B. Biography
Dunlap Family Information
Durrell, Thomas v Dickhut, William Lawsuit
Emery, Walter Biography
Ertel, Valentin Descendants
Ertle, Frederick Family Group Sheet
Ertle, Johann Family Group Sheet
Factor, Dallas Harold Obituary
Farlow, Samuel v Town of Camp Point Lawsuit
Felt, Lulu May Biography
Fingerlin Family
Finley, Frisby S. Biography
Flesner, George J. Biography
Fletcher, Bible Birth Records
Foote, Thomas Whiteside Biography
Frame, John Descendants
Friday, Simon Obituary
Fultz, John Mann Descendants
Funk, Hannah Kelly Obituary
Funk, James, Jacob S and William Family Information
Gallimore, William W v Dazey, William T Lawsuit
Gaunt, Josiah Family Group Sheet
Gaunt, Smith Family Group Sheet
Giffei, Frederick Family Group Sheet
Gillhouse, Carl Edward Biography
Gleason, William Family Group Sheet
Gould, Zirelda Biography
Haley, Mortimer Biography
Hans, Rudolph Funeral Card
Harkness, Samuel Biography
Harrison, Jane v Blain, John Lawsuit
Heimlich, Xavier Funeral Card
Hendry, William Obituary
Hering, Herman Obituary
Herleman Log Cabin History
Herrick, Andrew Family Group Sheet
Herring, Josephine Obituary
Herron, ST Biography
Hetrick Family Bible Entries
Hickerson, Joseph Family Group Sheet
Hickerson, William Family Group Sheet
Hickson, Lydia Ann Death Certificate Transcript
Hoffmeister, Conrad Family Group Sheet
Hofmeister, John Biography
Holthaus, Frank Family Group Sheet
Holthaus, Henry Family Group Sheet
Holthaus, Herman Family Group Sheet
Hrudicka, Peter Descendants
Hudson, William Biography
Huffman, Frank Lawrence Family Group Sheet
Huffman, William Family Group Sheet
Hughes, Nathan Family Group Sheet
Humphrey, Cornelius Biography
Jacbos, James H Family Group Sheet
Jackson, Alonzo Family Group Sheet
Jacobs, George Milton Family Group Sheet
Jacobs, Price Family Group Sheet
Jenkins, William Family Group Sheet
Jimison Family Obituaries
Johnson, James Guthrie Biography
Johnston, Fred G. Biography
Jones, Benjamin Obituary
Jones, Pauline Buss Obituary
Judy, William Henry Biography
Jurgens, Dr Jenry Joseph Obituary
Jurgens, Jendrik Joseph, Surgeon Biography
Kaempen, E W Charles Biography
Kaiser, Fred Christian Biography
Karns to Zopf Deed
Keil, Adam Biography
Kelly, Daniel Brewster Bio
Kelly, Daniel Brewster Family Group Sheet
Kelly, Family Obituaries
Kelly, Maurice Obituary and Interview
Keyes, Willard Biography
Kleemeyer, Rudolph and Giffei Family Group Sheet
Kleemeyer, Rudolph Family Group Sheet
Krogman, Alfred Family Group Sheet
Langsford JH Biography
Langsford, JW Biography
Laughlin, John Robert Biography
Lee, Andrew Family Group Sheet
Lewis, John Adams Obituary
Lewis, Mrs Obituary
Lierly, Zachariah Family History
Long Family Bible Records
Longcor, George, Family Group Sheet
Maier-Ebert, Casper Descendants
Mayfield, Henry C Family Group Sheet
Mayfield, Uriah Family Group Sheet
McAnulty, SR Biography
McBeaney, Thomas Lawsuit
McCrory, Seymour Biography
McCune, Hugh and son Obituary
McGartland, Unknown Descendants
McGinley, Joseph Biography
McMeins, John and Carter Family Group Sheet
McMeins, John and Dopp Family Group Sheet
Mecker, Balthaser Meckes Obituary
Meier-Ebert, Caspar Descendants
Meints, Johann Family Group Sheet
Melbern, Charles Wilber Family Group Sheet
Meyer, Conrad Family Group Sheet
Meyer, John Family Group Sheet
Meyer, John Family Group Sheet
Miller, Eleanor Obituary
Miller, Nathan Obituary
Moores, Linus Family Group Sheet
Morton, Zalmunna Biography
Myers, John and Mary Wills
Neilhaus, Catherine Obituary
Noel, Eliza Ann Obituary
Oberling, George Descendants
Oberling, George Descendants
Oenning, Elizabeth Funeral Card
Ostermiller, Family Obituaries
Owings, James Rush Family Group Sheet
Pape, John Family Group Sheet
Pearce, Albert Obituary
Pearce, George Biography
Pearce, George Obituary
Pearce, HD from Bartholomew, Edna Letter
Pearce, Henry Davis Letters
Pearce, Henry Davis Memoirs
Pearce, Henry Davis Obituary
Pearce, William Will
Perigo, Justis I Deed
Perry, Cicero F. Biography
Perry, Josiah J. Biography
Petry, Alexander Obituary
Poling, Theodore Biography
Potter, Weaver Family Group Sheet
Ralston, James Henry History
Riley, James W Family Group Sheet
Ritter, John Biography
Robbins, Roy Obituary
Robertson, George A Family Group Sheet
Robertson, James T Family Group Sheet
Robertson, John Family Group Sheet
Rowley, Reuben v Berrian, George W Lawsuit
Schmitt, Valentine Biography
Schroer, PA Duke Biography
Schullian, Baltas Funeral Card
Schullian, Crescence Funeral Card
Seals, Christopher Biography
Seals, Nellie Woodson Biography
Shepherd, Dr Maximilian Biography
Shepherd, Earl Family Group Sheet
Shepherd, Henry Milton Family Group Sheet
Shepherd, Max Family Group Sheet
Shepherd, Roert Family Group Sheet
Shields, William Family Group Sheet
Shinn, Max Biography
Simmer, Prosper Funeral Card
Simpson, Obed Family Group Sheet
Slattery, John v Stout, Ira Lawsuit
Stevens, Hon John Dee Biography
Stoffel, Anna Funeral Card
Stoll, John Obituary
Stout, Ira v Slattery, John Lawsuit
Stout, Ira v Whitney, Edson Lawsuit
Strickler, David Family Group Sheet
Strickler, Thomas Family Group Sheet
Sykes, James Family Group Sheet
Sykes, James Jr Family Group Sheet
Sykes, James, James Jr, John, Joseph and WIlliam
Tansman, Henry Sr Obituary
Theisen, Hubert Funeral Card
Timmerwilke, Josephus Descendants
Toomay, Inez Crawford Obituary
Tout, Asbury Biography
Turner, Francis Family Group Sheet
Tyrer, Asa Biography
Tyrer, Asa Lawsuit
Tyrer, Asa Obituary
Tyrer, George Letter
VanDruff, Ennis Sherman Obituary
Varnier, Mason Biography
Vasen, Gerson Family Group Sheet
Venvertloh, Celia Funeral Card
Venvertloh, Heinrich Funeral Card
Venvertloh, Maria Funeral Card
Vogel, Louis (Ludwig) Descendants
Vonderheide, Joseph Funeral Card
Wade, Edward Family Group Sheet
Wagner, Hon Rolland Biography
Waldhaus, George Frederick Biography
Ward, Charles Family Group Sheet
Wartick, Simon Descendants
Waters, Abraham Family Group Sheet
Waters, Abraham Family Group Sheet
Waters, Archie Lee Family Group Sheet
Waters, Joseph Family Group Sheet
Waters, Nathan Family Group Sheet
Waters, Zacharia Family Group Sheet
Weems, Jesse Biography
Wells, Charles Biography
Wells, Edward Biography
Wells, George Biography
Wheat, Almeron Biography
Whitney, Edson v Stout, Ira Lawsuit
Whitney, Fred Biography
Wich, John Family Group Sheet
Wilkes, Sarah Hamrick Biography
Winget, Abraham Family Group Sheet
Wolkitt, Charles Family Group Sheet
Wolkitt, George W and Horton Family Group Sheet
Wood, Gov John Biography
Wood, Mary Obituary
Wood, William Henry Biography
Woodruff, Isaac Ogden and Arethusa H – Biography
Woods, John Family Group Sheet
Young, Roscoe Obituary
Young, Sarah Angelina Hawkins Obituary
Zahn, Rev Louis Obituary
Zopf from Karns Deed
Zopf, Adams Descendants
Zoph from Corbin 2 Deed
Zoph from Corbin Deed